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I've got a cute three year old tortoiseshell kitty, and pretty soon I'll be moving cross-country via car. Just me and her, alone in a car for three days. I've heard that it's pretty standard to sedate a cat while traveling, but three days seems a bit long to knock her out for, so I'd like to avoid that. I'm not delusional enough to think she's gonna like it, by any stretch of the imagination, but are there ways I could make it less stressful for her? (By the way, this blog is super awesome!!)

I’d agree that sedation isn’t a great idea. I’d suggest getting her used to hanging out in and traveling in the car for fun trips even before you start packing to move (so she doesn’t associate cars with the stress of change). When you’re actually driving you don’t have to keep her kenneled the entire time if she doesn’t prefer it, but make sure she’s in a harness and tethered so she can’t get into the front seat / in the way of the driver, and make sure the power to the window controls is turned off and the doors are always locked. 

i would have really liked if the gg revival maybe explained or made more overt (if, indeed, it was intentional in the first place) that part of rory falling apart was from losing richard

obviously all the gilmores were super invested in rory’s future and her potential, but what made rory and richard unexpectedly click was that they just seemed to be kindred spirits in that i-want-to-travel-the-world-and-read-great-books-and-achieve-amazing-things way. richard had so much faith in rory that it was almost heartbreaking.

and i could totally see her falling apart at the loss of him, and having this heavy guilt that he had never gotten to see her reach her full potential because she didn’t achieve it in time, and that causing her to struggle and spiral downward even more.

i would have really liked to see that. i think it would have lent a real sense of emotional resonance to what rory was going through, in a way that would have felt like it really had its roots in the original series and the really important relationship she had with her grandpa.

They asked me to write about a time I broke something.  All I could think about was my own heart.

 I remember breaking my own heart to satisfy hers.
Somewhere along the roads we traveled together, I stopped looking at my reflection in the window and started choking over every chance to look at hers.
Her lips always tasted of the salt from her tears,
I always tried to suffocate myself on them.
So when she broke her own heart, I broke mine trying to replace it.

—  ARH // To My Future, Stop breaking your heart for the satisfaction of others
Who you should fight: RVB AI edition

Alpha: What the hell is wrong with you? Alpha has been through enough—being tortured by the Director,  all the shit he went through with the Blues, which includes but is not limited to time travel and dying a fuckton of times. Let him rest. Do not fight Alpha.

Beta: Holy shit man I mean if you think you can survive. Did you see what she did to the Reds?? And literally anyone and everyone who has crossed her??? Girl’s a fuckin badass who could fuck you up if you even tried it. Do not fight Beta.

Delta: Look I know we all love Delta but c’mon. You know you wanna. Go for it. Punch the nerd. Steal his lunch money. Fight Delta.

Epsilon: Epsilon has been through enough my pal. He’s tired and upset and lonely and holy shit leave him alone??? Let him rest?? Do not fight Epsilon.

Eta: Why would you. Want to fight Eta. Eta is Alpha’s joy. Why would you do this. Do not fight Eta.

Iota: Why??? Iota is Alpha’s fear why would you???? Do this????? Do not fight Iota.

Gamma: Honestly like, go for it. I mean, he assisted in torturing Alpha. His knock-knock jokes are awful. Still; go easy on him. He lost Wyoming. Fight Gamma.


Theta: Okay first of all why would you want to fight this cinnamon roll. Look deep into yourself to see if you can find the answer. You can’t, can you? That’s right bc Theta is a sweet child. Even after he killed a bunch of people in a murderdome he looked to North for approval okay leave the purple child alone. Do not fight Theta.

Omega: Oh yea man. Fight this guy. He’s dramatic and kinda scary but he’s actually a huge nerd. Punch him. Fight Omega.

The Last Four Words

so I just watched all the Gilmore Girl revival episodes (square eyes for me) and I have lots of feelings (good and bad), but the thing I keep thinking about is the last four words. And how ASP had them planned for the original ending. Like, can you imagine how heartbreaking they would have been then. 

This is Rory who worked so hard and was so passionate about having a career where she could travel and do all these exciting things. That was what everyone wanted for her. And for her to be straight out of college and having to put everything on hold to become a single parent would be so heartbreaking.

I know her life isn’t great at the minute, but she seemed to have an exciting time in her twenties. She travelled a lot, and wrote pieces for the New Yorker and had websites chasing her. It wasn’t perfect or how she imagined it, but she got that time. I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I’m glad ASP wasn’t around for season 7 to do that to Rory.

Bernie trying to explain to Serena that she’s working in a UNIT which protect humans from aliens and that, no, she’s not having an affair with any of those three weird men and that she totally does not have a crush on that woman who dresses herself like Mary Poppins, because 1) those men are the same person, a Time Lord from outer space call the Doctor and 2) “Mary Poppins” is also a Time Lord called the Master, she’s totally mad and she threw Bernie out of a moving plane but her dead father saved her life so that’s fine.

And then of course…

“Serena are you okay? I know it’s a lot to take in but I wanted to be honest with you and-”
“Really? I just told you about alien life form and time travel and you-”

So, now that we know that Lydia time travels, I thought I’d bring this interesting casting call up again. They released one for Holland as well, so we might get some s1/s2 Stydia flashbacks.

Orrr this could be how we find out that Claudia is dead in the original timeline. Lydia could see young Stiles at her grave and then Fraudia is exposed.


2017 LIFE Update: Week 6

The week where I got Engaged!

I’ve been a bit lacking in the Hobby updates department over the last couple of weeks and for that I apologise, but I promise I have a very good excuse!

I have been planning, in secret, to propose to my girlfriend for a while, and with a weekend break in Budapest, Hungary coming up last weekend, I saw the perfect opportunity to pop the big question!

Cue some seriously paranoid and stressful travelling whilst trying to hide the engagement ring from Rachael and keep it safe at the same time. Thankfully, we got to Budapest without any hiccups and then it was time for me to commence hiding my nerves in a performance worthy of an Oscar nomination!

I wanted to do something a little bit different and special to make the moment as memorable as possible, so I created some little message cards and took photos of them whilst Rachael had her back turned to the camera (I told her I would take some ‘atmospheric’ photos that she could use on Instagram and she fell for it!)
Needless to say, my heart rate was increasing tenfold with every message picture I took.

But, to my immense relief and excitement, when I asked Rachael to marry me, she said YES! And made me theee happiest man in he world! I can now count myself incredibly lucky to be on the way to marrying my best friend, my soulmate and I could not be happier! 😀😀😬😬

I know this post doesn’t have anything to do with Hobbying, but I wanted to share this special time in my life with you folks who have been very kind and supportive of my miniature painting over the years, so I hope you don’t mind me sharing with you!


I keep thinking about this line tbh. At first I just assumed he didn’t know Ma Rin properly, and his tears were simply in regards to his own impending death, but it just doesn’t seem like something he’d do. I feel like in any timeline, he’d try and find Ma Rin and stay close to her as to prevent their deaths. 

So now, I feel like in this future, she found out the truth, and as a result of his own carelessness and selfish behaviour - he loses her, and in turn falls into complete despair and depression. Which is why future!So Joon is so completely broken? Maybe no matter how many times he travelled into the future, he could never find her except at this very moment - and so, even if he stays at home - she would still die. 

I mean, future!So Joon is defo hiding something, and my theory will most likely change once we know what that is lols - but for now, i feel like he’d tried everything, and nothing helped. Everything leads back to present!So Joon’s actions towards Ma Rin, and maybe present!So Joon had never previously spoken to future!So Joon at the moment of the accident until this scene, thus why they still end up dead. 

“Never underestimate a girl’s love for her favorite band. Never think even for a minute, that she won’t defend them to her death. Because it’s not just the music that makes that band her favorite. It’s the guys, the gals. It’s the fans. People whom of which she has interacted with thanks to the band. That band might of saved her life, or just made her smile everyday. That band has never broke her heart and has yet to leave her. No wonder she finds such joy in her music.”
Now that I’ve had time to compose myself, I just wanna say thanks to everyone who made the past 5 days the best experience of my life so far. The band, the fans and the shows in general could not have been more wonderful. The lack of sleep, the travelling and the sitting outside in the cold for hours were ultimately worth it to see my favourite band at all 3 of their UK shows, 3 ½ years since they were last over here, and I can’t wait for it to continue in July!


BECAUSE I HAVE SO MANY TIME TRAVEL / PREVIOUS LIFE AU’S GOING ON IN MY HEAD RIGHT NOW and this is so much more interesting than my personal life.

There’s another fic coming, y’all.

Grand Duchess of Austria. Princess of Romania. Granddaughter of an Imperial Grand Diva Duchess. Daughter of an enigmatic queen and her lover. Sister to the queens of Yugoslavia and Greece.

I could go on and on.

Major thanks to @balfyoddlyeager with the Baby Balfe photo assist.
*whispers in the dark* psssst. check it out @bonnie-wee-swordsman

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Would you ever write a BATB Dramione fic? Or like a scene from the movie incorporated into something? I love the idea as Draco being the Beast ❤✨💋

Sad news, Anon: I think technically Beauty and the Beast in its truest HP incarnation would be a Drinny. Think about it - a headstrong girl, specifically a Beauty (which, yes, Emma is, but Hermione is technically not), asks her inventor/merchant (varies) father (that the rest of the town thinks is nutty) for a simple rose from his travels, because she knows he can’t afford to give her much else. If that’s not Ginny Weasley, then I don’t know what to say. And sure, it could feasibly be done with Hermione (and has been many times) but the original story does turn on the concept of beauty, so I personally would not wish to discount the importance of staying true to how physical appearance is a factor.

Of course, it’s possible that I think this because I previously wrote Beauty and the Beast with Ginny (and Voldemort instead of Draco) as a chapter in Nocturnes. But in any case, I don’t think Dramione is the right fit for that particular parallel, and I would never write a Drinny, so there’s a fairly low chance I’d explore it much.

BUT, I have to admit I reaaaaally wanted to write a Dramione the moment I left the theater, so maybe a similar-ish one shot isn’t entirely out of the question? But I would have to give it a unique enough AU to make it interesting, which I haven’t thought up yet.

TL;DR - tbd.

Davina saves Kol

I’ve already posted this but I wanted to change it so I decided to post it again.

New Orleans 2016
Davina Claire is sitting in her boyfriend Kol Mikaelson’s playhouse in Lafayette cemetery looking for away to bring him back. She’s looking in her grimoire and she finds a time travel spell.

She remembers Kol telling her how he died in his vampire body in Mystic Falls 2013 by the hands of Elena and Jeremy Gilbert she asked if he missed his vampire body he told her yes and no he loved being a vampire but as a witch he could help her with spells.

She sees that all you need for the spell is a year and place in mind she will try anything to get her boyfriend back she gets up and chants the spell in Latin.


Mystic falls 2013
Davina lands in a yard and looks around and doesn’t see her grimoire she doesn’t know if she made it to Mystic Falls.

After asking someone to tell her the year and where she was she asked them where Elena lived.

Jeremy and Elena Gilbert are battling Kol Mikaelson in their house. They’re trying to kill Kol to complete Jeremy’s hunter tattoo and Kol is trying to rip off Jeremy’s arms so no one gets to the cure and awake Silas.

Davina runs up to the house and sees the door has been kicked in she walks further into the house and sees her boyfriend Kol as a vampire she has only seen a picture of him from 1914.

He has a butcher knife in his shoulder and his clothes wet. Elena is holding him down while Jeremy has the white oak stake raised and about to put it in Kol’s heart.

Davina holds her hands out and breaks Elena’s neck. Jeremy goes over to his sister then looks behind him and doesn’t know this witch.

Davina does another spell and the white oak stake that Jeremy is still grasping flies to her. Kol doesn’t know what is going on he is just watching this witch who is incredibly beautiful, snap Elena’s neck and make the white oak stake fly to her.

Davina runs over to Kol and to take the butcher knife out of his shoulder but Jeremy tries to stop her she gets the knife out and Kol breaks Jeremy’s arm “ Come on we have to get you out of here.”

Davina and Kol run out of the house and right in to Klaus. “ Who are you?”

Davina looks up she’s not scared of Klaus she just didn’t want to run into him. “ Klaus”

Klaus looks down at the teenager holding his brothers hand coming out of the Gilbert house. “ You know who I am but I don’t know who you are?”

Kol turns to the witch “ Yes I’m wandering that too who are you?”

Davina looks back in the house “ Look the vampire in there isn’t going to stay down for much longer and I want to keep Kol alive so I will give you answers if you get us out of here.”

Klaus and Kol both look at each other when Bonnie comes up the driveway “ Your supposed to be dead.”

Bonnie gives Kol an aneurysm and brakes Klaus leg. Davina stands in front of the originals and chants in Latin and breaks Bonnie’s hand and a ring of fire surrounds Bonnie.

Davina turns around “ We should go looks like they want me dead as such as they want you dead.” Klaus vamps off and Kol grabs Davina and vamps off.


Klaus walks in to his mansion and Kol follows and puts Davina down Klaus looks over at the witch who is looking around his home. “ Answers now witch.”

“ There really isn’t a version of you I like. You want me to talk fine but I’m only talking to Kol.”

Klaus and Kol look at each other Kol smirks “ You heard the beautiful witch Nik go annoy Caroline.”

Davina looks up at him in shock he just called her beautiful. Klaus growls at his brother “ I don’t annoy her she just won’t see what’s in front of her.” Klaus sees how Davina is looking at his brother it’s the way that he looks at Caroline with love.


Bonnie has got the ring of fire to go away and her hand fixed she goes in to the house “ I thought you were killing Kol.”

Elena is feeding her brother some of her blood to heal his broken arm “ Me too but that witch came out of no where and saved him we just need a better plan we need to kill the witch to get to Kol so we can get the cure.”


Klaus walks into the grill and sees his favorite blonde baby vampire at the bar “ Hello love.”

“ Hi.”

Klaus sits down next to her “ Why are here I thought you would be with the young Brutus.”

Caroline looks over at him her eyes are red “ I was with Tyler but I want more than just sex in a relationship. Is it wrong to want more?”

Klaus looks over at the sad drunk blonde he cares for so much. “ No it’s not wrong sweetheart.”

Caroline is drunk it’s hard for a vampire to get drunk but she is. “ Were friends right?”

Klaus smiles he loves that Caroline wanted him to be her friend. “ Yes.”

Caroline pours another drink for herself and one for Klaus when she came in earlier she told Matt to leave the bottle. “ Why do you like me your the first person who has liked me for me and not just wanted to sleep with me or wanted something from me?”

Klaus drinks his vodka Caroline poured for him he’s more of a bourbon or scotch man himself but he wasn’t going to refuse he loves spending time in Caroline’s presence. “ I have been alive for a thousand years and I have never met someone who stood up to me and had the fire you do. Most people when they hear my name they quiver in fear or throw themselves at me. You have fought me at every turn and I like that your honest with me. I don’t just want to sleep with you. If you gave me a chance I would show you that you would be my equal I would treat you a thousand times better than Lockwood you would be treated like the queen you are.”

Caroline smiles up at Klaus “ Thanks Klaus”

Klaus smiles down at her he loves seeing her smile he sees Caroline pouring another shot and stops her. “ Ok sweetheart I think you have had enough I’m taking you home.”

Caroline fights him “ No it’s lonely at my house and I don’t want to go to Tyler’s he will just try to sleep with me with me again.”

Caroline gets real close to Klaus and whispers “ Psst Klaus can you keep a secret I’m avoiding Tyler all he wants is sex and I’m pretty sure he slept with that wereslut Hayley.”

Klaus is trying to get Caroline away from the bar and he already knew Tyler cheated on Caroline he called Tyler out on it. He gets an idea. “ Come with me love.”


Kol gets a drink for him and Davina “ Who are you and why did you save me?”

Davina can’t believe she actually made it and is sitting in front of her boyfriend. “ I’m Davina Claire I know the story of the original family and I know your story.”

“ Darling I can hear your heartbeat I know that’s not the whole truth.”

Davina takes a sip of her drink “ The truth is complicated.”

Kol doesn’t know what to do Nik gets annoyed with them if they get blood on his 200 year old carpets. “Complicated ok how about you tell me why you saved me.”

Davina looks around the room not making eye contact with him. “ That’s also complicated.”

Kol puts his drink down getting frustrated “ Well what can you tell me because your beautiful but if you don’t start talking I will kill you.”

Davina looks a little surprised Kol never acted like this but she understands why he’s acting like this. “ You think I’m beautiful?”

Kol sighs and puts his head in his hands he hasn’t even realize he’s been calling her beautiful all night. “ If I answer your question will you answer mine?”

Davina looks down “ My answer is-”

Kol interrupts “-Complicated I know but tell me or you have two options I could compel it out of you or a slow death.”

Davina gulps “ Fine fine I will tell you the truth but it has to stay between us.”

Kol leans back in the couch “ Now we’re getting somewhere yes I think your beautiful now your turn and remember I can can hear your heartbeat so if this is a lie I will rip your heart out so fast you won’t be able to do any spell.”

Davina gulps again this version of her boyfriend loves to kill people. “ I’m from the future three years in the future actually you were my boyfriend before you died again you were supposed to die tonight. In two years you are brought back to life in another body and we started dating. We would talk anything if you liked being a witch better than being a vampire and you told me about your first death. I was there for your second death we dance in the cemetery then you told me you wanted to be alone but your siblings stopped you. Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah and myself were there with you. I remember the last thing you said to me ‘I’m not scared’ you were holding my hand and looking straight at me and then you -” Davina’s crying she couldn’t finish.

Kol looks at the broken witch and gives her a box of tissues “ Thank you for saving me if you hadn’t my life seems really bad until I get brought back and it took two years for my siblings to bring me back and I’m not even in my own body then I die again.”

Davina wiping her tears shakes her head “ It was Esther who brought you back and herself and Finn.”

Kol wasn’t expecting that before he has time to respond Klaus walks threw the front door with a drunk Caroline. “ Why am I here?”

Klaus is holding Caroline so she won’t fall “Your drunk sweetheart you also said your house is lonely and your avoiding your mutt so you can stay here tonight you can sleep in my room.”

Caroline looks up at him and points a finger at him poking him in the chest. “ I’m not sleeping with you.”

Klaus still keeping on hand on Caroline closes the front door. “I know when we do sleep together I want you to be 100% sober. I will sleep in Elijah’s room while you sleep in mine and tomorrow I will make you breakfast.”

Caroline lays her head on Klaus chest “ I’m tired carry me to your bed please.”

Klaus can’t help but smile at that sentence also he thinks it funny that even drunk Caroline remembers her manners. “ Of course love you can borrow one of my shirts to sleep in.”

Caroline nods while Klaus picks her up bridal style Caroline snuggles in to his embrace. “I like you Klaus.”

Klaus smiles at Caroline’s drunken confession “ I like you too love.”

Klaus takes Caroline to his room and takes off her jacket and her shirt. He puts one of his Henley’s over her tank top he takes off her shoes and jeans and tucks her in his bed and kisses her forehead. “ Goodnight love.” He grabs his sweatpants and tank top and goes to Elijah’s room.


Davina and Kol had been watching Klaus and Caroline but for different reasons for Kol it was to teases Klaus later. For Davina she has never seen him act like that with Hayley or Cami. Davina looks over at Kol “ Who was that?”

Kol looks at Davina and sees she has no idea who Caroline is “ That was Caroline Forbes Niks latest obsession he’s been trying to woo her for two years and judging by the look on your face means we move soon and Caroline doesn’t come with us. So please tell me where do we move this time?”

Davina looks at the foyer where they were “ Wow I’ve never seen Klaus act like that.”

Kol finishing his drink “ Yes it’s quite annoying.”


New Orleans 2016
Klaus is watching his daughter sleep when he starts to get new memories of the night his brother Kol died. He clutches his head and goes over to the rocking chair so he doesn’t fall.

He sees himself walking up to the Gilbert house but instead of seeing Kol burning he sees Davina running out of the Gilbert house with Kol. He then sees himself going to the Grill and talking with Caroline and taking her to his mansion and tucking her in to his bed. The next morning they have breakfast.

He uses the wall to steady himself he gets to his room and calls his sister “ Freya get home this an emergency.”

Freya was dancing in a bar with her boyfriend Lucien when she got her brothers call. She walks in to the compound “ What is it Niklaus I was out with Lucien.”

Klaus was having someone give him some blood “I was watching Hope and got new memories of the night of Kol’s first death. I remember how Kol died I watched him burn then threatened his murders that I would burn there house to the ground and when they flee for there life’s I was going to kill them without blinking. Now I have these new memories of when I got to the house Davina ran out with Kol who is alive and other things happened that didn’t happen before.” Klaus didn’t want to mention the Caroline stuff that is personal.

Freya didn’t know how her younger brother died either death “ We need to find Davina.”

Elijah was at St. Anne’s church that has now been turned into the gym. He was working off some anger the mother of his niece is stuck as a werewolf, the woman he loves is dead, and his brother Klaus in general.

When he got a call from said brother telling him to come home it’s about their brother Kol. He walks into the compound and sees his brother and new older sister “ Yes Niklaus.”

Klaus is sitting at the table drinking blood “ What do you remember about the night Kol died in Mystic Falls?”

Elijah gets a confused look on his face his siblings especially Klaus don’t talk about Mystic Falls that town holds a lot of memories for their family. “ I was looking for the cure with Katerina and I got a call from Rebekah saying Kol died.”

Elijah clutches his head as a new memory appears in his head instead of Rebekah calling he takes Katherine to dinner like what he planned before he got the call. “ Elijah what is your new memory?”

Freya helps him sit down “ The night Kol died I was going to take Katerina to dinner but then I got the call and canceled. This new memory I didn’t cancel and went on a date with Katerina.”

Freya looks between her brothers “ What is the cure, who is Katerina, Niklaus you said other things happened in your new memory what things, and what is Mystic Falls?”

Klaus looks up at his older sister and smirks “ Sit down sister it’s going to be a long night.”

Klaus’ phone rings “Yes Rebekah.”

Rebekah is on the side of the road “ What did you do?”

Klaus runs a hand through his hair “ Your going to have to be more specific.”

“ I was driving to see a witch who knows about resurrections to see if she knows the spell we need to bring Kol back when I start to feel light headed and almost crashed the car. I got new memories of the night Kol died instead of Stefan telling me Kol died and he was just distracting me he took me to the decade dance and we had fun and he went home after he dropped me off with no alternative motive.”

Klaus hands the phone to Freya “ We think Davina did a spell to change the past.”


Past 2013
Caroline is eating pancakes and talking with Klaus when a brown haired girl walks into the kitchen she leans next to Klaus and whispers. “ Who is that?”

Klaus whispers back “I have no idea she rescued Kol then told us she is protecting him.”

“So are you going to talk to me today.”

Davina looks over at him from the fridge “ Where’s Kol?”

Klaus gets up to put his and Caroline’s plates in the dishwasher. “ He’s out he said something about fresh blood would clear his head.”

Davina slams the fridge door shut and turns around. “ You let him leave he almost died last night if I wasn’t there those people would have killed him.”

Klaus is back at the table next to Caroline “ Yes about last night how did you know Kol was going to be at the Gilbert house?”

Davina looks down she is backed up against a wall she could come out and say she’s from the future or she could lie but like Kol said last night he could hear her heartbeat and she’s in a room with two vampires. “ Umm I live on that street I heard loud bangs and screams and saw the door hanging open and I went to go find out what was happening.”

Klaus looks at Caroline and goes over to Davina and holds her up by her throat. “ Your lying to me how did you really know?”

Davina gives him an aneurysm and he drops her holding his head Caroline goes over to him. Kol comes Into the room wiping blood off his chin he caught Davina before she hit the floor. “ Nik why did you try to kill my rescuer at least she tried to save me instead of my own family.”

Klaus looks up at his brother “ I was on my way. When I got your call I was babysitting Damon after you hung up I compelled Damon to tell me everything he knew then went to save you.”

Davina sees how Caroline and Klaus are looking each other and interacting with each other it’s the same way her and Kol used to look at each other before he died. “ Klaus remember you had that problem you needed my help with?”

Klaus looks up at Caroline confused. “ What problem?”

Caroline looks down at him and thinks quickly. “ The hunter problem.”

Klaus is not catching on to what Caroline is trying to hint to him. “ I’ll just torture the hunter like i did the last one there problem solved.”

Caroline sighs for someone who is a thousand years old he sucks at hints. Caroline pulling Klaus up “ Come on.”

Klaus allows himself to be pulled up by Caroline and walks out with her.


Davina turns back to Kol “ Are they-”

Kol interrupts “ -Together, married, mated for life, etc no she’s his only friend in this one pony town.”


Caroline pulled Klaus into the living room “ Love what are you doing?”

Caroline turns around “ I have an idea you want to know who Davina is let me talk to her have some girl talk no boys. I will find out the who, what, and why.”

“ I’m not letting you talk to a witch that seems to be powerful enough to bring me down. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

Caroline smiles up at him for not wanting anything to happen to her. “ Thank you, it’s either interrogate the new witch or have Tyler jump on me every time he sees me. Seriously do werewolves have mating seasons where they hump there girlfriend every time they see them and your a werewolf why aren’t you trying to sleep with me last night was a perfect opportunity if you wanted to.”

Klaus rubs the bridge of his nose there were so many things in that sentence he didn’t like. “First it’s called heat, mating is different. I would never take advantage of you when your drunk, had Tyler? Also I have more control of my werewolf plus it’s not mating or heat season.”

Caroline looking up at him he has been an amazing friend to her better than her other friends. “ He does I enter the house and he pins me to the door and kisses me sometimes I just want to go to the grill have a date not just sleep together.”

Klaus sees she’s almost in tears he brings her in to his chest and runs his hands up her back soothing her. “ I’m so sorry this is happening to you love. I will deal with Tyler you can stay here for however long you want.”

Caroline hugging his waist tighter “ Sometimes i think I made a horrible decision dating him but he went through so much so we could be together and what if after I break up with him he bites me.”

Klaus lifts her head up from his chest “ Sweetheart I will always give you my blood and if he so much as touches you I will kill him.”

Caroline wipes her tears “ Thank you Klaus.” Klaus kisses her forehead.


Future 2016
Klaus and Elijah are explaining Mystic Falls, the cure and who Katerina is to Freya. Klaus is avoiding questions that would lead to Caroline. When he gets another new memory this time of him and Caroline talking about her horrible relationship with Tyler. “ Klaus what is what did you see?”

Klaus takes a sip of his blood “ It was nothing.”

“ Klaus, Davina is messing with time and space we can’t save her if we don’t know all the facts. You keep avoiding questions of what your new memories are now tell us.”

Klaus looks down at his blood he doesn’t tell anyone about his relationship with Caroline he’s not ashamed he just doesn’t trust anyone with the Caroline secret it’s to protect her. “ I can’t it’s to important to me.”

Freya slams her hands on the table frustrated with her brother and the situation. “ Fine then I will just have to get them out of your head.”

Klaus stands up and glares at her “ Don’t you dare go into my head.”

Freya glaring back at him “ We have to know what your new memories are about.”

Klaus is silent for a few minutes then speaks “Her name is Caroline Forbes she is my queen the memories were about her. The first one we were drinking at the Grill then I brought her back to our mansion and tucked her in my bed she didn’t want to be alone she was also avoiding her mutt of a boyfriend. The second memory we were having breakfast the next morning. This last memory I was comforting her because her mutt of a boyfriend sleeps with her around the clock and she doesn’t like it I was telling her I would kill him and she was telling me she wanted to talk to Davina figure out why she’s there.”

Klaus is angry he had to reveal his Caroline secret. Freya looks at his face she’s never seen Klaus so protective of anything except Hope like he was about these memories. “ You love her?”

Klaus glares at her and takes a drink he hated that he had to tell his siblings about Caroline the only siblings that knew about his feeling for Caroline are Rebekah and Kol and they only know because they saw it first hand. “Always.”

Elijah looks at his brother he can hear the heartbreak in his voice and see it on his face. “ Niklaus you love this girl she should be here if what your saying is true then she is getting new memories too and doesn’t know what’s going on.”

Shock and worry cover Klaus’ face “ Caroline, I was so caught up in what’s happening here I didn’t even think about this happening to her.” He pulls out his phone and types a number he knows by heart “Pick up, pick up.”


Caroline is helping her friend Enzo find out who he is and where he came from. They just left a restaurant when her head starts hurting she loses her balance Enzo catches her and is holding her up so she doesn’t fall over. People walking past them look at her Enzo tells them she had a bit to much to drink. “ Gorgeous what’s wrong?”

Caroline getting new memories of her and Klaus talking at the grill then him taking her to his mansion and tucking her in his bed. “I don’t know.”

Caroline is leaning into Enzo her head hurts so bad he gets them to there hotel room when her phone rings. “ It’s in my bag.”

Enzo reaches in to Caroline’s small purse and pulls her phone out. “ Caroline’s phone Enzo’s speaking.”

Klaus getting angry at this Enzo guy how dare he answer her phone. “ Where’s Caroline?”

Enzo looks over at Caroline who is laying on the bed on her side clutching her head. “Laying on the bed clutching her head. Who is this?”

Klaus hates that this is hurting Caroline and that this Enzo guy is in her room. “Put Caroline on the phone or I will hunt you down and kill you.”

Enzo hands the phone to Caroline weakly. “ Hello”

Klaus lets out a little smile when he hears her voice. “ Hello love.”

Caroline smiles a little she hasn’t heard that voice in a while. “ Klaus what the hell is going on?”

Klaus can hear the pain in her voice “ Love I need you to get on a plane and get to New Orleans as quick as you can I will explain.”

Enzo hands Caroline a blood bag “ What is happening to me?”

Klaus needs her to get here “ Your memories are changing I will explain I will sent a plane to Mystic Falls for you right away.”

Caroline takes a sip of her blood “ I’m in England.”

Klaus wasn’t expecting that “ Ok I will sent the plane there and tell the pilot to fly as fast as the plane will go to get you here.”


Past 2013
After Caroline make sure it’s not obvious she was just crying over her terrible relationship with Tyler. She goes to the kitchen and sees Kol and Davina haven’t moved from the floor. “ Can I have a moment alone with your rescuer.”

Kol looks up at his brothers blonde friend “ Nik sent you in here.”

Caroline kneels down “ No it was my idea.”

Kol looks at Davina who nods her head he leaves Caroline looks over at the witch and sits on the floor where Kol was. “ I’m Caroline Forbes.”

Davina shakes Caroline’s outstretched hand. “ Davina Claire.”

Caroline looks at the witch she needs answers plus she had an impatient hybrid in the living room. “Where are you from?”

Davina sitting against the island in the middle of the kitchen wasn’t expecting to be hit with that question right off the back by Caroline who she just met. “ Um it’s kind of complicated.”

“ It’s ok I’ll go first ask me a question?”

Davina can’t believe this happy bubbly girl is friends with Klaus. “ How long have you been friends with Klaus and how can you be friends with him?”

Caroline laughs “ We have had a back and forth flirtation for two years but we have been actual friends for one year and I see the good in him his saved my life countless times and I am his muse.”

“ So why are you here do you live here?”

“ No I have my own home but I’m hiding from my boyfriend he is just to much and I need a break. Klaus told me I could stay here. Nobody except maybe the Salvatore’s would look here for me.”

Davina’s never heard the name Salvatore’s before “ Who are the Salvatore’s?”

Caroline sighs “Your not from around here are you? Damon and Stefan Salvatore where do I begin well it depends on who you ask Kol hates Damon and Klaus is frenemies with Damon and old friends with Stefan. Me personally Stefan is my best friend and Damon is my frenemy.”

Caroline looks over at the teenage witch “ So now that you know a little about me can I get to know you?”

Davina fidgets with her fingers “ It’s complicated and won’t make any sense.”

Caroline laughs “ Seriously I’m a vampire who is hiding from my hybrid boyfriend in the original hybrids mansion who happens to be my friend talking to a witch on the kitchen floor of the first vampires ever created mansion.”

Davina laughs she can see why Klaus keeps this girl around. “ Ok I’m from the future 2016 to be exact to save my boyfriend.”

Caroline looks at the witch surprised but is putting the pieces together. “ Save your boyfriend but that means Kol’s your boyfriend in the future wasn’t he supposed to die yesterday?”

“ He was he gets brought back in another body then he died again. I found a spell and came to save him before he died.”

Caroline smiles she likes this new witch “ That’s so romantic I wish I had someone who would go back in time for me. Kol is so lucky to have someone like you in his future.”


Present 2016
Klaus is waiting on the Tarmac when the plane arrives both Caroline and Klaus hold there heads as they get a new memory of Caroline talking to Davina and Klaus and Kol listening from the living room. “ It’s ok love.”

Caroline grunts out “ What is going on make it stop.”

Klaus gets them to the compound “Blood now.”

Freya hands him a cup Klaus helps Caroline drink “ Drink sweetheart blood makes the pain go away.”

Caroline feels a little better “ Someone better tell me what is going on right now or I will throw a Mikaelson size tantrum I’m close friends with Klaus I know how it’s done.”

Klaus smiles at her and explains everything they know then tells Freya their new memory of what Davina said. “ Now we just need to get Davina back here before she messes up the space time continuum more.”

Caroline is leaning on Enzo who has his arms around her much to Klaus’ dislike. This is effecting her more because she’s just a regular vampire unlike the originals. “ What do we do?”

Freya looks up from her grimoire “ I don’t know we could sent someone back to get Davina but that person can not be seen by their past self, or change anymore memories.”

Klaus looks at Caroline she’s weak and has her head on Enzo’s shoulder and occasionally taking sips of blood. “ I’ll go.”

Freya looks at her brother “ Niklaus these memories are taking place at your mansion so your there. There can’t be two of you.”

“ Then what do you suggest sister.”

Freya looks around at the vampires “ I’ll go get Davina and bring her back.”

Both brothers look at there older sister “ We never met you in Mystic Falls we met you six months ago.”

Freya looking in her grimoire “ I am aware of that and I will glamour myself as Rebekah get in get Davina and get back.”

Klaus trying to get Caroline to drink some more blood “ Great plan one flaw Rebekah at the time is on an Island about two hundred miles off the Nova Scotia mainland looking for the cure with the rest of the Mystic Falls gang. The only ones left in Mystic Falls is myself Caroline and now Kol and Davina.”

“ That might not be true of all the information we have from what happened in the past to what Davina changed is Rebekah went to this island after Kol died but Kol never died so they couldn’t go to this island and get the cure.”

Caroline lifts her head off Enzo’s shoulder “ So that means.”

Freya looks at the blonde who her brother is in love with. “ Who ever goes to get Davina can’t be seen by there past self or anyone in town.”


Past 2013
Kol walks into the kitchen “ So darling want to get out of here?”

Davina takes Kol’s hand and gets up “ Where would we go?”

Kol shrugs “ There’s not many places to see in this one horse town we could go to the local bar play some pool you could tell me about our relationship.”

Davina smiles up at him “ Are you asking me on a date?”

Kol laugh and smiles down at her “ It appears I am. So what do you say darling want to walk on the dangerous side I can’t grantee someone won’t try to kill you but between you and me I think we could take who ever went up against us.”

“ I’ve taken on a pack of werewolves and your family I think I can handle this town.”

Kol looks impressed “ I’m started to see why I date you in the future were kindred souls.”

Davina blushes at that “ You told me that on our first date.”

Kol walking out the door “ We go on a dates?”

Davina didn’t see the outside of the mansion last its so beautiful. “ We went on one date then were interrupted by a pack of werewolves that tried to kill us.”


They decided to walk to the Grill so Davina could see the town. Kol leads them into the grill. “ So tell me about my new body is it as handsome as my original body.”

Davina blushes a little and looks at him “ This body is more handsome than the body I met you in.”

Kol smiles at that “ Good I would hate to disappoint my future girlfriend.”

Davina laughs while Kol brings them over to the pool table. Matt is behind the bar he texts Elena that Kol is at the grill.

Kol is teaching Davina how to play pool and asking her questions. “ You said that I died in this new body how did I die?”

Davina gulps even though Kol’s death was almost a year ago it’s still hard to think about it. “ Can we please not talk about it it’s still a sore subject for me.”

Kol looks at her she’s trying to hold back tears. “ Were we in love?”

Davina looks up at him her eyes red with unshed tears. “ No but we were falling in love at least I was.”

Kol pushes a hair behind her ear and gets an idea. “ If we were falling in love I can assume we kissed.”

“ Our first kiss was Christmas.”

Kol smiles at her “ Well you kissed my new body but you haven’t kissed the original body I grantee it will make you feel better.”

Davina smiles at him and nods. Kol puts there pool cues down and puts his hands on the sides of her face and leans in to kiss her. Davina feels butterflies in her stomach just like she did the first time they kissed. Kol leans back and Davina pulls him towards her again and puts her arms around his neck and kisses him again.


Elena, Bonnie and Jeremy walk into the grill they go to the bar and ask Matt where Kol is Matt points to the bar table. “ They’ve been like that for the last five minutes.” They look at the bar table and see Kol kissing Davina.

Bonnie starts to give Kol an aneurysm as there walking up the stairs to the table. Kol stops kissing Davina and grabs his head. Davina looks at the new comers and gives Elena an aneurysm “ Don’t touch him.”

Bonnie looks at Elena on the ground clutching her head Davina is more powerful because she’s a New Orleans witch. “ Let my sister go.”

Davina looks at Jeremy ” No you tried to kill Kol last night.“

Bonnie glares at the other witch she’s never had to go head to head with another witch. ” I practice expression you can’t beat me.“

Davina steps forward she has gone up witches, werewolves and Klaus and Elijah she can take a single witch. ” I’m a New Orl-“

Kol touches her to stop her before she reveals where she’s really from. ” I’m a new witch looking for a coven and heard stories about Kol and wanted to meet him.“

Bonnie releases Kol a little from his aneurysm. ” If you were looking for a coven why were you kissing him?“

Davina looks over at Kol for help. ” I kissed her took advantage of her sweet nature because I’m just a psychotic maniac.“

Bonnie pulls Davina next to her ” I’ll teach you and Kol won’t be alive much longer anyway.“

Davina panics ” What why, Why do you have to kill him what did he do?“

Elena looks at the new witch ” His death is going to help us my brother finishes the map and I get the cure.“

Davina steps away from them ” You practice dark magic then I guess there’s only one thing left to say run.“ Kol picks Davina up and vamps them back to the Mikaelson mansion.


Freya lands in Mystic falls 2013 and she doesn’t know where her siblings mansions is. She uses her Mikaelson charm on a boy to find out where her siblings live.

Freya runs to the next street and comes the mansion she does a spell so everyone inside will fall asleep so she can go inside undetected and grab Davina and get them back to 2016 with out messing anything up.

Freya goes in the house and sees Klaus asleep next to Caroline and she looks around and there is no sight of Davina or Kol.

As she is just about to leave the mansion Kol and Davina enter. Kol looks at her ” You.“

Freya doesn’t know what to say does he remember her from 1914.

Davina whispers ” I hope you can forgive me.“

She gets ready to snap his neck when Kol turns to her ” What do you mean darling?“

Davina looks at Freya who nods ” I have to go I don’t want to spending this time with you has been amazing but I have to I don’t belong here.“

Kol caress her face ” Then I’ll go with you like you said I was supposed to be dead.“

Davina shakes her head ” No you have to stay here stay alive and when your family moves to New Orleans find me I’ll be living in an attic scared, alone, needing someone be there for me like I was there for you.“

Kol runs his thumb across her cheek ” Being with you yesterday and today have made me feel alive its like I’ve been dead you awoken something in me.“

Davina looks up at him tears in her eyes she has to say goodbye to him again. ” We will see each other again I promise.“

Kol nods and kisses her Davina puts her arms around his neck. They don’t want to let go of each other when they do Kol wipes her tears away ” It’s going to be ok like you said we’re going to see each other again.“

Davina nods and goes over to Freya who holds out her hands both witches start chanting and then disappear.


Present 2016
Both Freya and Davina appear in the Mikaelson house. Davina is crying and Freya sits down and Klaus hands her a shot of tequila she downs it in one shot.

Just then they hear a scream from upstairs and they all go running up the stairs and they see a naked Kol kneeling on the floor holding his head ” What is happening to me?“

Davina grabs a blanket and covers him ” Kol your alive its me.“

Kol looks at her so happy to be alive but he’s in incredible pain ” What is happening?“

Davina hugs him and looks at Freya ” What is happening why is he in so much pain?“

” The resurrection, the change in his memories there all happening at the same time. It didn’t happen with Klaus, Elijah or Caroline because their memories didn’t come in one big go their memories were spaced out.“

Kol looks up at his beautiful witch ” You saved me from getting killed.“

Davina nods ” Yes and I would do it again I love you Kol Mikaelson.“

Kol has never heard those words before he takes a breath and caress her cheek ” I love you Davina claire.“


All three older Mikaelsons share a look and run out of the room. Caroline looks at Enzo and follows the Mikaelsons they find them in a empty room. ” What’s wrong why did you runout?“

The Mikaelsons ran to this room because this is where Hope’s nursery is or was its now empty. ” Kol never died which means the cure was never found which means I never slept with Hayley and got her pregnant.“

Freya catching on ” Hope was never born.“

Klaus nods ” I came here to take the town back from Marcel that’s it.“

Elijah looks at his siblings ” If the cure never was found that means Katerina is alive.“

Just then they hear ” ELIJAH where the bloody hell are you and what is going on?“

They all vamp downstairs and see Rebekah and a naked Katherine. Elijah takes his coat off and puts it around Katherine’s body. ” What is going on and why is Katerina naked in our living room?“

They all look at Freya for answers ” It would appear that because of certain events that were changed the people who died because of those events are now alive.“

Klaus and Elijah share a worried look then relax when they realize that Mikaels death had nothing to Kol’s death at all. ” Looks like you got your big happy family sister.“

Kol and Davina had come down the stairs and joined everyone Rebekah runs over to him. ” Kol I’ve missed you so much.“

Kol hugs his little sister ” Don’t you remember sister I never died.“ Rebekah smiles at him.


Klaus walks over to Caroline ” Would you like to be my queen? Also I would go back in time and save you if something ever happened to you.“

Caroline smiles up at him ” Queen Caroline has a nice ring to it. You were listening to my conversation with Davina in the kitchen.“

Klaus smiles down at her "It certainly does love. I needed to make sure you were safe.”

Caroline pulls him down and kisses him.

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When did you guys first say "I love you" to each other?

Ok I love this story :)
I went to France for a month and stayed with a friend of mine and her family. We spent a whole month traveling the country and saw it all top to bottom. It was the most incredible experiences of my life. However, I did get a little homesick and depression (ugh…) settled in on me for a second and I missed Adam like crazy. So I had nearly run out of the money I had budgeted for my trip and I really wanted some extra time with the family in Tennessee (where I was headed just after my France trip) and so I changed my flight so I could come home a week earlier. There was an option that would let me layover in Detroit and I chose that one hoping that Adam might come meet me even though it’d only be for about twenty minutes tops. And he did! He drove for an hour just to see me for twenty minutes. I had wanted to tell him I loved him before I left on the trip but I thought it might be too soon. We’d only been together for about 3 months. So the whole month-long trip I was dying to tell him but I didn’t want to do it over a crappy Skype connection. So when we met at the airport in Detroit, it was the first thing I said to him and he said it right back and it was wonderful :):)

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I'm going on a plane for the first time in ten years, I'm so nervous. Could I get a hug from someone to help calm down?

[MTK: *hugs* Don’t worry dear, it’ll be ok :3 The best thing to do on a plane is to keep youself busy: either doing something you like (for example, I usually read, draw, or whatever, also listening to music and relax/daydreaming is ok) or you just sleep. If the flight makes you a little sick, sleeping is probably the best solution to kill time.]

Kou: *hugs you* I was on a plane some months ago, while Neko-chan had her exams~ I do travel a lot by plane because of my work, and I think it’s fun! You’ll be ok!

That TVD ending felt rushed AF…

-I was the most upset about Ian’s acting? It was really weak and I felt like Nina did a great job of getting back into character. The whole Delena was so weak, I felt like becoming a Stelena shipper at the end.

-KILLING STEFAN - I will NEVER get over this.

-The last scene when Elena and Damon die (clearly together/at the same time it seems) I wish Stefan was hanging out with her fam so it could be a giant reunion of everyone together and her parents meeting Damon. 

-Bonnie’s epic ending is her TRAVELLING? REALLY? Weakkk.

Victuuri - Madam Lilia's Peep Show - Chapter 1

For those who followed the original Madam Lilia’s Peep Show - we will travel back about ten years or so and see the Victuuri version of this. Also there will be adorable bratty Yurio at the age of ten in this.


“What if I told you, I had something better?”  Lilia said to him.

He raised an eyebrow, getting his own cigarette this time and lit it. “I don’t turn tricks.”

She tilted her head back and laughed, “No no no, stupid boy. Though I am sure you could bring in some good money that way… depending on your… talent. Maybe put a little weight on you first though.” She handed him a card, “Meet me tomorrow for lunch. I am in town picking up my nephew then I leave the next day with him. We will chat. Maybe we can come to an agreement.”

planetarium was the first time i was allowed to go see sufjan live. i had wanted to go to the aoa tour, as a fresh-faced new fan, but i was relatively young and my mother was rather controlling during my teenage years. i still remember looking at tickets for the shows and realizing i wouldn’t be able to go because no one could or would accompany me. i was old enough in 2013 to convince her to go with me so that i could be allowed to travel into the city for it. (i didn’t know anyone who liked sufjan irl). i feel like that was the happiest moment of that spring. freshman year was a little weird all around. i also found friends like dom and melanie and sunet through that show – because i started reaching out and making sufjan friends through tumblr at that point. we’ve been waiting for the recording since those clips of the instrumentals were posted on vimeo, since nico made those cute tweets about suf needing to get ready. and i also personally feel a deep connection to it bc it will sort of be like coming back to revisit who i was in 2013 and seeing how i have grown as a person, how i have cast off former beliefs and gained stronger ones, how i have shed toxic relationships and cultivated more wholesome ones, how i am trying to do what i value despite all the chaos going on in my post grad life. BRING IT, BOYS


Walking Through Details with @marcequevedo

For more fragments from Marcela’s travels, follow @marcequevedo on Instagram. For more stories from around the Spanish-speaking community, follow @instagramES.

(This interview was conducted in Spanish)

“I like things with fading color. I like to see the passing of time because time can tell you good stories,” says Marcela Quevedo (@marcequevedo), an industrial designer from San Luis Potosí, Mexico. Little details are also special to her: “I can go into an ice cream shop and be drawn to its decoration, but I’m not going to capture the entire place, so I focus on a detail that grabs my attention. It could be a messy wall that represents a nice mess.”

Her pictures also act as a way to relive memories. “The love of my life and I broke up, and I like to share things I experienced with him,” she says, adding, “For example, there’s a window with a little piggy somewhere, and for me, that represents a nice day because we ate corn right in front of that window. For me sharing a meal with someone I love is part of my daily life.”

Marcela travels constantly. “Most people go to well-known places, but sometimes I’m just on a road, I see something that catches my eye and I wonder, ‘Where will this little road take me?’ I venture into villages and there I usually find small details I truly like.”