I think it’s pretty disgusting that anyone would be making negative comments about Hannah’s decision to put Ollie up for adoption. Not only was it most likely an incredibly difficult decision to make but just because she puts part of her life on YouTube, it doesn’t mean any of us have any right to judge her or the decisions she makes.

I had a dog for 3 years and once I started a new job I had to travel a lot. My dog was constantly being boarded or my friends were watching her. I realized that it wasn’t a stable environment for her and it wasn’t fair. It took me a long time to make the decision to give her to someone else and it broke my heart but I knew that it was better for her. It wasn’t fair to shuffle her around every other week. She started to misbehave and you could tell it was negatively effecting her. It hurt so much to was give her up but it hurt even more seeing how my being in and out of her life was effecting her.

Bottom line, just because Hannah is a public figure it does NOT give anyone the right to judge her or make hurtful comments about a very personal situation. I think what she’s doing for Ollie is amazing and even though I didn’t think it was possible to love or respect Hannah more, it is and I do.

In two weeks time, i am flying overseas for the first time… and i was wondering if people could help me out and answer some questions. I’m travelling with my mother, who has alot of experience flying and I’m kind of embarrassed to ask her these questions, even though she’s a freaking nurse and would understand. I may not be sitting next to her

My flight leaves at 9-ish PM at Sydney Airport

  • Because I am crossing time zones, etc I have no idea when I’ll be fed. I’ve been hearing so much conflicting information. Should I eat before I go to the airport and have dinner?
  • I am taking medication to help me sleep. I still am expecting to still not get alot of sleep. Should I take a nap before I leave? 
  • In flight entertainment. Of course, I’ll be living off this for 20 hrs +. In case if it’s rubbish and has no variety or stuff I like. Is reading hard to do on planes?

Any answers would be appreciated, and if you have any travel advice, it would be greatly appreciated. Any ideas or answers to my questions?

I love stories with historical time travel, but they always make me feel so inadequate.  Claire travels backward 200 years in Outlander, but she’s more or less okay because she’s got history and botany skills which enable her to blend in right away.

I could get sent back 200 years and what, gain favor by setting up computers and VCRs that don’t yet exist?  Talking their ear off about TV and films not yet made?  I’m not even good enough with geography that I could find my way around on my own.  I’d probably be killed off within minutes. 

I love them, but historical time travel stories make me seriously question the usefulness of any of my skills.


Today I spent some happy moments at the Fitzwilliam Museum’s Treasured Possession exhibition. It was the real personal aspect of objects of desire, from Renaissance to the Age of Enlightenment, and of course so much of it reminded me of JSAMN { because everything does, even the lawnmower and my children’s underwear} Photography was not permitted, but Google has some good pics; here’s one of the fans that reminded me of Miss Gray and her fan that was pasted with Jonathan’s pictures; there were gorgeous HUGE watches that were specifically coach clocks - I could completely imagine Childermass checking the time as they travelled from North to South and back again; and yes, that is a pineapple teapot. Pineapple cultivation was all the rage with wealthy gentlemen. A Mr Matthew Decker even commissioned a portrait of his prize pineapple, so proud was he …
And shoes, because … Well … Shoes …!
I wish I could show what was the most GORGEOUS 18th C marquetry table that was painted as a gentleman’s desk, complete with inkwell, quills, knives and a deck of cards. It was Childermassively beautiful …

#treasuredpossessions #jonathanstrangeandmrnorrell #pineapples


I was tagged by tessalivesandbreathesbooks thankyousomuch!

Rules: Answer your given 11 questions then ask 11 questions of your own and tag people to answer them.

1. If you could travel back in time, where would you go and why? Ugh this is a hard question because I would want to go to so many places! I would probably choose late 1800s europe because i’ve read a lot about it and im slightly less likely to die there then some of my other choices.

2. If you could strangle a book character to death, which one would be? I feel like i wouldn’t strangle any of them cause I like them so much even the “villain” types. I guess Umbridge from Harry potter cause I hate her.

3. Which book would you like to be the main character of? I would love to be the main character of a percy jackson book cause of all the greek powers and what not but i would also love to be the main character in tog because even though her life is difficult its still great.( Not to mention Chaol Rowan and Dorian….)

4. What are you afraid of? Heights for sure but I always try to overcome it even if I feel like i’m getting a heart attack! Also for a long time I was afraid of being average compared to the people in my life but I recently got over that fear.

5. What are your plans for the future? I plan on doing my Undergraduate in Biochemistry next year and then going to med school and becoming a pediatrician that specializes in emergency medicine and maybe moving to either europe or the states.

6. Is there anything you’d like to change about yourself? Surprisingly no

7. Any book you’d recommend to everyone? And what about a book you’d warn people against reading? I always recommend Throne of Glass and the Darkest Minds to everyone. I book I think people shouldn’t read are john green book because I honestly feel like the writing and plot are mediocre and there are so much better contemporaries to read, but that said i know many people who love john green and anyone can read whatever they want. 

8. Something you’re excited about? My birthday(Oct 15 !), starting my senior year, going to university next year.

9. Are you a pessimist or an optimist? I’m more realistic if anything the world just tends to talk about more pessimistic things I try to be realistic about my goals and hopes based on that knowledge but I’m optimistic that even when things go wrong something will always go right.

10. What’s your favorite book genre? And the one you absolutely hate? Fantasy has always been my absolute favourite, but I like most genres including dystopian, contemporary, mystery and classics. The one I like the least is supernatural I don’t hate it but i don’t like it.

11. Are you a meat or a fish person? Meat over most fish cause I pretty much hate all fish except for Halibut but I don’t actually eat that much meat anyway I mostly love Potatoes.

My Questions

1. What’s your Favourite colour and why?

2. Do you have a plan for your life?

3. First Book your remember loving?

4. Favourite and least favourite book to movie adaptation? 

5. If you could speak any other language what would it be?

6. Dream book boyfriend/girlfriends?

7. Do you have any pets?

8. Do you have any siblings?

9. Favourite quotes?(book or other)

10. Have you ever been to Canada

11. Advice for the world?

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Today, I fucked up... by making an inappropriate joke to my nana...

During the past year, I’ve made a habit of spending Saturday nights with my nana in the assisted living complex where my parents abandoned her. On most of these visits, we watch a movie and then follow it up with an arousing post-film discussion. Accompanying each viewing is rigorous consumption on our part of contraband boxed wine that I sneak in beneath my skirt. It’s a great way to spend time together and I know it’s one of the highlights of her week (other than when her male friend, Roger, scores some Cialis), as well.

So my “fuck up” came last night. The film for this visit was The Theory of Everything. For those that may not have heard of it, it is the story of how Stephen Hawking invented time travel.

The film itself was - at best - slightly better than average. I think it could have been much better. There were no dance numbers or wheelchair chases. No sex whatsoever. And not a single after credits scene. How they plan to tie it into the rest of the Marvel Universe I’ll never know. Oh, well.

The performances, however, were outstanding. Eddie Redmayne - better known for his gangster rap albums - turned in a nearly perfect performance. The way he captured that famous Hawking drool made me forget I was watching a movie. My only issue with his portrayal of the famed scientologist was with the accent he chose to use. In the first and second acts, he sounded nothing like Hawking does in real life, though it must be noted he did rectify this problem towards the end.

During our white zinfandel-fueled post film discussion, nana and I talked about all of this and other things as well. I was after maybe nine Dixie cups of wine that I decided to make what I thought was a perfectly innocent joke. I went down as follows.

“I’m glad we both enjoyed the film, nana. I heard it got reviews.”

“Well, it doesn’t suprise me. Again, the lack of male frontal nudity was my only complaint.”

“Mine, too. But you know who didn’t like the movie?”

“No. Who?”

“Stephen Hawking himself.”


“Yeah. At the world premier, after the credits rolled, he was the only one that didn’t give it a standing ovation.”


I guess her time spent in senior citizen prison has caused her to lose her sense of humor because she did not look happy after I made the joke. There was a palpable chill in the air. And not the one I usually get on account of nana keeping her room at 59F all the time. No, this was a displeased chill. Didn’t even offer my any pudding when I left. I feel our relationship may have been irreparably damaged by my poor attempt at humor.

My only hope is she gets over it by next Saturday. That’s when I bring over a copy of 50 Shades of Gray, which I chose specifically because that’s how many shades of gray there are in nana’s wig.

by _vargas_

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Hello, I'm currently heart broken by a relationship setback. Wondering if you could draw me something 'cause i'm in great need of a pick-me-up and your art never fails to cheer me up. Thank you. I totally understand if you don't feel like drawing anything.

god i’m so sorry this reply is so late..;; I don’t know if you like gravity falls but here’s mabel with her glittery juice! I hope you’re feeling better anon!!;;


I could have made a cute happy AU post for the pearlmethyst bomb day 6 but NoooOoo

I just really like the bad pearl / lost universe AU - where , in short explanation, the events of “steven and the stevens” lead to an alternative time line where steven disappears. the gems think he just ran away from home and Pearl goes on a journey to find him, swearing to not come back home without him. along her journey she learns more about humans and humanity and so on. the sad thing is, when you think of it, she never gonna find him, he just disappeared out of the timeline… ahhh i’m an angst junkie!

Fic: Poem Without Words (17/?) (M)

Author’s note: Just a twinge of angst, folks. Maybe some surprises? I dunno. I hope you enjoy!

Also posted: FF.net / AO3

Chapter 17

Emma collapsed on her teenage bed, exhausted. She was home after a long day of classes and traveling, fighting her way through the aftermath of the snowstorm. They’d cleared the roads so classes could resume on the final day before the long Thanksgiving weekend, which meant she had one class with Killian after spending two whole days with him. Still, she was happy for the extra time, as she’d only been gone for a few hours and she already missed him. It was like a dull ache in her chest, knowing he was so far away.

Her flight had been one of the first out of town, Killian insisted on dropping her off. She only had one bag; she could have managed by herself, but she had to admit enjoying the lingering, toe curling goodbye kiss. A brief hop to Philadelphia then a change of planes for Boston; it was late by the time Ingrid got her at the airport. She dozed on the drive to their quaint New England home and now all she wanted was sleep. But she promised Killian she’d call when she arrived, safe and sound.

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“In between??” Tempo asked, perplexed. “In between what?”

“Time,” the boy answered simply. “Space. All that kind of stuff. It’s like a resting point. Here, everything stands still. Nothing ages or grows; it’s just here.”

“How do you know so much about it if you don’t live here?”

“I’m a time traveler,” he said. “And I guess you are too, since you ended up here.”

“Yeah. Well, sort of. My stepdad is a time traveler. I thought I could do it by myself, but–” She looked down at her shoes. “I– I couldn’t. I just got lost. Just like he always warned me.” She sighed. “Now I just have to figure out how to get out of here. Do you know how?”

“Well, that’s the thing. This place has always been sort of a mystery to travelers. I’m surprised you’ve never heard of it. Nobody is really sure whether or not this place even exists. But the rumors say that very few people ever manage to get out.”

“Wait, you mean– we’re trapped here?” Tempo cried. “Trapped in a place where time stops? That no one even knows is here?”

About Clara and the Christmas Special. I think she’s still there. It might be about saying goodbye to her. Maybe it’s an episode about reunions and goodbyes to do with Christmas. It’s too bad if she ends up leaving, I’ve grown to love her. I was sad to see the Ponds go, but they had each other. So it felt more easier to let them go. I hope Clara doesn’t have to go alone or maybe she could travel with him until she’s old. That would be great. We’ve not seen that. That would be a bittersweet ending. But I’d love to see that. A companion growing old in the Tardis. Clara has seen all of Doctor’s lives, it would be nice to see her live her days traveling with him in time and space. 

In the New Who era River and the Doctor made sense. Because they’re both Timelords. They were / are ancient beings. She’s lived life almost as much as he has. It was a sad story, but one that made sense in a timey-wimey way.  I warmed up to the idea of Clara and The Doctor though, after finding out that she splintered through time and has seen him in all his forms. She has been to Gallifrey with the faulty Tardis and in a way is as old as him in experience. She’s lived and died as much as he has. It would be great to see her grow old in the Tardis. 

Did I mention Clara, old, in the Tardis, would be great. I did? Okay good.

They were having an actual conversation, and she didn’t want to violently rip his throat out. They were getting along. “So,” she says slowly, “are you hanging around for a bit longer this time? I know that you didn’t get to stay awhile last time, Linda told me.”

A flash of regret passes across his face, “I fly out tonight.”

“Oh,” she says quietly, wondering what exactly he did, and not for the first time. Linda had given her a vague explanation of security consulting, but she wondered what he could possibly do in security consulting to warrant so much travel.

Grant looks uncomfortable for a moment, and thankfully Haley begins to squirm in his hands, blabbering nonsense, but one syllable is constant and Grant looks down at her. “Yeah,” he says to her, “let’s got find your mama.”

As Grant made his way towards the screen door, Jemma felt something stir within her.

“Grant,” she calls, stopping him. “Uh,” she pauses for a moment, as he glances towards her with those impossibly dark eyes. “I just wanted to say that it’s nice to see you again.”

And she actually means it.

He gives her a soft rare smile. “It’s good to see you too, Jemma.”

💙 happy fanfic writers appreciation day weekend [ x ]

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Lmao I don't watch the show anymore and the news about river upset me. Isn't she dead?

i believe so, i think the last time eleven saw her she was a ghost? but, you know, time travel. anything can happen. i think i need to take a look at that graphic of river and the doctor’s timelines that was floating around a couple of years back again. getting their meetings straight in my head takes herculean effort

tbh given that my expectations for doctor who are currently at an all-time low, having only enjoyed about a quarter of last season’s eps, i am more curious than mad about this because, lmao, the only thing moffat could do these days to surprise me/rile me up is invite reinette back for a jaunt

also i think that twelve needs river to give him a swift kick up the arse and be told to buck his ideas up, but alas, with moffat writing, she’ll probably be besotted immediately despite him being a huge dickhead to both her and clara

Charlotte EP 9 *Previews + Theories* [SPOILERS]

Watch the preview here: x

What I want to highlight is 

  • Nao asking Yu/or someone else if he was in a bad dream
  • They found someone with the telepathy ability 

The cover on the eyes + blue hair? 

= the assumed brother of Yu and Ayumi 

  • Sarah (ZHIEND) mentioned that she was gonna play a song and if you recall the EP5, her songs somehow made Yu slowly remember his assumed brother’s existence. 

My theory right now would be that there was no time-travel involved. The whole incident in the preview could have only been a flashback or memory that was removed/erased due to traumatic experience prior escaping the lab. This was then re-triggered by ZHIEND’s song. In the whole chaos, assumed brother only managed to let Yu and Ayumi escape. 

So if I had to phrase it, Ayumi really did die. 

Also, what I thought of was: did Yu’s mom send them to the lab, just like how Nao’s mom did? 

Just my two cents on this theory haha

From Dusk Till Dawn director Robert Rodriguez and Showrunner Carlos Coto talks about Demi

Demi Lovato said that she would be appearing in the finale. Did that come about because she asked you if she could be a part of the show, did because you thought she’d be good for a specific character that you had?

RODRIGUEZ: I knew I wanted to use her. I see her all the time and I’ve known her for awhile. She auditioned for me, way back with Spy Kids 3, when she was little. I’ve known her for a long time and I wanted to make sure it was an episode I directed because I wanted to direct her. She’s terrific. She’s really great. It’s a part that we created for her, with the idea that we could always bring her back, if we wanted. She’s just so busy. It was the same thing with Lady Gaga. They have such crazy traveling and touring schedules that, when she was able to appear, we had something for her.

COTO: She brings such a fun energy to it, and she’s just fantastic. The great thing about Dusk is that it’s crime, western and horror. It’s all these great genres, so all these different kinds of performers can come in, like Briana Evigan and Jeff Fahey, and bring their own flavor to it because its’ this great, literally diverse thing that has all of this life to it.

witchwaytowonderland asked:

Hey, question- sorry I've been stalking your blog, but ever since I was little I've loved fae. My aunt told me she knew how to travel to Faery and even joked that her husband (whom I never met) was fae (she maintains these stories to date). I was just wondering just how high, exactly, the risks are working with fae? I've seen a lot of shit about fairy sicknesses and I don't have any friends who could, logistically, cast a cure spell. Thanks in advance~

It happens. Fairies can sometimes be fickle creatures, so it is best to be wary. That said, not all are cruel. Some are very kind. You just need to be cautious about who you trust.

Give yourself time, and I would suggest reading a bit more. Once you feel more confident in dealing with a worse case scenario sort of thing, you got this! :D 

One thing that I wonder, which has never been made explicitly clear in canon, is just how much Diane knew about what Alex was doing. All of a sudden Alex is travelling all the time and has a ton of money to throw around… she has to know something is going on. I don’t see Alex as the type who would lie outright to someone who was that important to her. So does Diane just not ask? Does she know vague details and not want to know anymore? Does she know and not care?  Does she know and care but not interfere because she wants Alex to have the things she could never give her?  I mean, it’s not like she would ever turn her daughter in, so maybe it’s just something she’s resigned herself to.  I would eventually like to see some clarification on this, even though I suppose it doesn’t matter in the long term grand scheme of things 


He looks so small, so innocent, and it worries her. How could such a sweet looking child come to be the impossibly dark figure she’d come to know in her time? What had been done to him that she still didn’t know about? 

Leia inches closer as she gathers the nerve to speak to him, lowering her hood so that they’re on the same level. “Excuse me… do you work here?” she asks quietly, playing dumb as she looks around (it’s become a habit when travelling under different guises), “I’m a bit lost.”