Headcanon that Bones finally gains enough courage to start courting Spock. It’s a few years into the five year mission, and he’s had a crush on him for a while.

That’s when Jim one day in a flustered rush, hurries up to Bones, beaming. “I asked him out and he agreed!”



Bones didn’t blame Jim. Jim hadn’t known about his crush. He wasn’t gonna say he wasn’t angry. Angry that Jim hadn’t noticed his and Spock’s fleeting glances, heated (loving) arguments. But this was something he could get over. He could do it for his best friend. At least that’s what he thought.

Now whenever Jim and Spock interacted, his heart twisted, and it’s as if he had fallen deeper in love with this Vulcan. So despicable. He wanted to be rid of these feelings. Hell he was starting to sound like Spock, he was becoming so closed off.

Obviously it got better over the years, and he had his one night stands, little-bit of long lasting relationships, but he still loved Spock; somewhere deep down he loved him. It didn’t come up much. Then Spock died. And those feelings spilled over. Like a wave it crashed down, and with Spock inside his head he realized again just how in love he was with this damn man.

But Spock belonged to Jim; Bones knew that. Those two were inseparable. Til death do they part.

After Spock was revived, things went back to normal. For years and decades things were normal. As they used to be. Jim was eventually gone. At this point Bones forgot where or when. He loved his best friend, but he was dying. He would see him soon anyhow. Spock was with him on a couple of his last days. They talked, softly argued, and then Bones said the thing he thought he would ever hear himself say. Something he had meant to say when they were young.

“I loved you…I love you. The way Jim did.”

Spock didn’t respond for a while. He didn’t look angry, but he looked like he understood. “I loved you too. A long time ago.”

“Really?” Bones only had enough energy to say one word, even though it sounded cheesy.

“Of course. But I loved Jim too.”

“And he told you first.”

Silence. Spock reached out a hand and Bones took it. They spent the next few hours in silence. Each others company was all that mattered at that moment.

!!!! Guess who has another hc lol !!!

well its more like an au rather than a headcanon but i just thought i’d share it-

so i was thinkin’ of this in the shower and u know that soulmate au where the first word(s) your soulmate says when u first meet them are marked on your wrist well in this one it goes by age so like it doesnt just show up right when you meet them (this is only for the sake of the plot of the story idk if its an actual thing or not riprip)
and the age where u get your mark is about middle school/junior high right
so this is a matsuhana au and makki is like one of the first ones in his class to get his mark and he’s all hyped and stuff abt it
but all his mark says is “i’m so sorry” so he’s a little distraught because its such a common phrase and whenever somebody says those words to him he has to like lowkey check the other person’s wrist to see if what he said when he first met them was on the other person’s arm
every single person he has confronted even up until his first year of highschool he has found out that they arent his soulmate
and so highschool rolled around and he was stiLL trying to figure out who his soulmate was
mattsun still didnt get HIS mark tho bc he’s what other people call a “late bloomer” meaning his mark didnt show up in junior high
makki is always encouraging him and stuff like “dont worry dude you’ll get your mark soon i promise it”
but makki was On A Hunt himself and so one day he was just daydreaming while walking across the street and he bumps into this girl and her immediate response is “i’m so sorry”
and makki just thinks “eh its another one” so he lifts up his wrist and shows his mark and says “hi”
and the girl starts freaking out because she lifts up her wrist too and right under her palm it says that two-letter word
and so they both start freaking out in the middle of the street and then go into a nearby store to talk and stuff
apparently the girl hasnt found her soulmate yet either
and so they’re like “wow okay you seem chill i sense a connection here this might just be it”
so they exchange numbers and stuff and right after his confrontation makki goes straight to mattsun and mattsun has a fe e li n g in his stomach when makki tells him all these things but he doesnt know what the feeling is/means so he ignores it
and so makki and this girl start dating right and mattsun is the bestest most supportive best friend ever like “yea you go man there he is that’s him that’s my bestie over there with his girl”
but still he feels that something is off and he cant quite place it, and it just makes him lose his mind whenever he thinks about it too much so he just brushes it all off
and then mattsun gets his mark, and right when he gets his mark he knows he’s fucked
like he was just chillin’ in his house one day when his skin started to itch like crazy out of nowhere, and so he started scratching his skin, and lo and behold there was one word right under his palm
and he just fucking loses it
he cries and cries and cries until he cant even make tears anymore because now he knows why he felt the way he did when he saw makki and his girlfriend together
now he knows what all those negative feelings meant
and so mattsun tries to explain this to makki but makki doesnt understand, makki thinks that mattsun is just jealous because his mark hasnt shown up yet, and that hurts mattsun even more because he DOES have his mark but makki just wont LISTEN to what he has to say and his mark is apart of a memory that both of them were supposed to cherish forever
the memory of the day they first met
mattsun was playing kickball in the park one day with a bunch of other boys and he accidentally kicked it too hard and so the ball hit tiny makki like square on the face, and as mattsun went to go get the ball he shouted “i’m so sorry!” @ makki
and makki, ever the one with a filter, looked up at mattsun’s face and immediately whispered, “caterpillars”
and it was at that moment that they became best friends 5ever
and so Back To The Present mattsun is very hurt and he tries to defend himself but makki, being hella dense and stubborn, does not want to hear any of it so he’s like “okay you know what? i think we need to take a break, maybe figure this all out, and when you find out what your mark is we can talk again. okay?”
but mattsun just exPLODES like he says all this mean shit and stuff to makki because makki just woNT LISTEN and ofc he doesnt mean any of it he was just pushed over the edge, but makki doesnt know that
and so makki just decides that he has to cut it off with mattsun before anything else between them gets seriously damaged
so makki just stops hanging out with mattsun and stuff and mattsun thinks its for the best, they boTH think its for the best but it really isnt because mattsun had literally Just found out who his soulmate was only to not be able to see them anymore, and makki thinks he’s more depressed than usual bc he misses his girlfriend but really its because of all the time he’s been avoiding mattsun, and mattsun is just Torn Apart by the idea that he not only lost his soulmate but also his best friend, and everything is just rlly sad and angsty between them
and then makki’s girlfriend breaks up with him because she finally found her real soulmate, and you’d like knOw if u found the Real Thing
when makki asked what he did wrong she said he didnt do anything wrong, if anything it was her because she knew he wasnt her soulmate, and yet she just went along with it because she was afraid she would never have found her actual soulmate
and so makki is so heartbroken he goes to the first person he thinks of, which is mattsun
and just like that mattsun accepts him and they cry together and hug and tell each other how stupid they’ve been and overall they just make up
and then mattsun brings up his mark
like they’re hugging and stuff and being affectionate and he out of nowhere asks makki “do you remember the first day we met” and makki was like “you mean that time in the park when we were five and you hit me in the face with a kickball lol yea” and so mattsun shows makki his mark and all the gears in makki’s brain start working into overdrive and all of a sudden he’s crying again, they’re both crying again but this time its tears of joy and relief
mattsun is laughing at makki like “i tried to fuckin tell you but ur stubborn ass didnt wanna fuckin listen smfh” and makki is like wiping tears from his eyes and he says “i’m really fuckin petty arent i” and mattsun is just like “the pettiest of then all”
and so right after that they decide to watch movies and cuddle and stuff and then they officially got together the next day

aaannnd that’s basically all i have for this one, i didnt realize it’d turn into such a long post i think my mind just went off on its own for this omg
i hope u liked it and if u actually read up until this point i congratulate u tysm for reading all of that lmao and also i’d love to hear your opinion on this, whether its an ask or a response or even if its just in the hashtags (bc i literally check All the reblogs to see if there are any interesting hashtags yes i am That Person™) peACE OUT BECAUSE I DONT KNOW HOW TO END THIS POST LMAO👉😎👉

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If u a single mom, y does ur intro say ur engaged? why bring a child in to this world if u cnt afford it? why do that to urself &the child?But now u need money? So what was the point of getting preg? Ppl posting wishlist &u asking for stuff is diff..

Lol ok you must not understand basic human emotions. I chose to have this baby because, like all the women who have ever chosen to have children before me probably felt, the thought of giving it up likely would have fucked me up beyond repair. I am actively searching for a job so do not try to paint me as lazy on this one because I am far from it. You also must be a lonely person to have never been to a baby shower to know that a registry is specifically used for a mother to ask people to help take some of the stress of buying everything off of her and pitch in as a way of showing support from a community. You ever hear “it takes a village” that doesn’t just apply to the people your child sees on a daily. And as for my relationship status, my fiance is not the father of my child and does not live in my city, he is saving up everything he has to move here and be here for me and my baby but for all intensive purposes I am doing this by myself until he can get here. But for all of what I just explained can you please explain just one thing to me? How stupid do you gotta be to literally come to my page to try and question my reasoning as a mother but as part of your question you say “people posting wishlists and you asking for stuff isn’t the same”? Lol my friend I got news for you: that is exactly the same. Only difference is I’m asking for help with my baby and just like with any “wishlist” if ya ass don’t wanna buy shit ignore it because no matter what the shit is gonna get bought whether by me or someone else (by way of my “wishlist”). Now I’m not exactly sure what sort of moral high ground you came at me on today but let me tell you 2 things.

1: in no way is a registry for a baby a wrong thing by anyone’s standards because if you throw a rock and hit a pregnant woman I can guarantee you she’s got at least 2 registries posted online so fuck off my messages with that bull.

2: Since you too pussy to show your face as you question my decisions thus far as a mother every anon message you send me will be promptly deleted and you will get no other reaction from me about this subject again because the whole reason you came at me today was to pretty much try to say I’m already starting off a bad mother for asking for any type of help and if you know anything about, well, anything you would know that life almost never prepares you for a baby but in the 9 months leading to its arrival you make do with what you got and you set up for that baby. So before you come questioning me as a parent stop. That’s it just stop. Because for all those questions you either don’t have kids or you are one of those parents who thinks their parenting methods are the only ones that are correct and if either of those are the case you can get the fuck out of my inbox with all that bull shit.

Welp that’s all the time I have for your shit today. I hope you have a great day boo 😊😘

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38 for lexark?

“Never mind, the moment’s gone.”

“Elyza, get out of bed!” Alicia called up the stairs for the third time. She had been awake for at least an hour and waiting for her girlfriend to wake up and come down stairs to get ready to go out for more water. 

Alicia sighed as she walked back into the kitchen and grabbed one of the apples they had found the other day. She took a bite and hopped up on the kitchen counter. She was thinking of ways to wake up Elyza without getting injured in the process. Alicia chewed slowly as she thought about all of her options. After she finished her apple she jumped off the counter and tossed the core in the garbage. 

Alicia smiled as she thought of an idea that would work and possibly get Elyza back for keeping her waiting. She made her way up the stairs and poked her head into the room they had slept in the night before.

“Elyza, I’m getting in the shower.” Alicia whispered and saw Elyza stir slightly. “I’m getting in the shower right now. You can join me if you wake up.” Elyza stirred in the bed a little more but still didn’t wake up. Alicia sighed and turned to walk toward the bathroom. 

She got undressed and turned on that water, letting it warm up as she looked in the mirror and saw dried blood from the night before. It had become normal to never really be clean in this world and Alicia could only shrug and know it could have been much worse. 

Just as she was about to hop in the shower she heard an excited knock on the door. Alicia smiled to herself as she walked over and opened it enough to let Elyza see she was already undressed.

“Well, good morning sleepyhead.” Alicia smiled slyly at her girlfriend. Elyza’s blonde hair was sticking up in spots and her eyes were still half closed but she smiled back and Alicia saw her check out what she could see of her body. 

“What did I hear about a shower?” Elyza asked with a husky morning voice. 

Alicia shook her head with a smile. “Never mind, the moment’s gone.” She teased and closed the door on Elyza’s shocked face. 

“Not fair Alicia.” She heard Elyza call out from behind the door. 

“Next time wake up the first time.” Alicia called back as she got into the warm shower.

Traffic thoughts.

While sitting at a red light today, I saw a dad and two little girls, they were crossing the street. They were carrying some stuff- laundry soap, paper towels and a walmart grocery bag. It looked like the dad came from work and picked up his two daughters from school and they were on their way home.

And then I thought to myself, how do parents do it?

After work, I am so dead tired I can’t even make my own dinner. All I want to do is crash in my bed and watch netflix. I can’t imagine tending to kids after work. I am just so tired. Sometimes, I don’t even have the energy to take a shower.

I told my husband, if ever we have kids, I feel so very sorry for him.

shower thoughts

what ? sorry. did i wash my hair yet ? ok ill do it again just in case. anyways what ? shit have i washed my hair yet

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the boys reacting to you making them breakfast/breakfast in bed after a good ol' night of fun???? ;)

OH MY lordy

Ian: You wake up slightly sore and your body is exhausted but there’s a spring in your step. Last night was amazing! You lost your virginity to the love of your life and it couldn’t have been more special. Well, there wasn’t candles and soft music but Ian knew it was your first time and he took it slow, he was gentle and looked after you. Now it’s the morning after and you’re definitely feeling glow-y. Your stomach rumbles and you decide you’re going to make breakfast for you and Ian. However, when you turn around to face Ian he isn’t there, a wave of bad thoughts enter your mind. Did he leave me? Was I not good enough? Am I too ugly? Did he only want sex from me? You leave your bed and search your house, hoping to find Ian in the shower or playing with your dogs outside. You walk into the kitchen to see Ian loading a tray with eggs, bacon and tea. He grins when he sees you.
“I was going to bring you breakfast in bed.” He announces. You sigh and tell yourself you’re stupid for thinking Ian would leave you. You look up to Ian and plant a kiss on his cheek.
“Thanks sweetheart.”

Joji: You wake up feeling amazing. You just woke up next to the love of your life, your job is going great, you have amazing friends and last night you had the best sex of your life. You grin and look at your boyfriend sleeping next to you. Life really could not get any better. You slip quietly out of bed, picking up panties and an over sized shirt on the way out of your room. You sit at the kitchen table, a hot cup of tea in your hands debating if you should make breakfast or be lazy and wait until Joji gets up to cook one of his amazing meals. You decide to cook for him, he’s been doing a lot for you lately and he is feeling stressed because he hasn’t posted any Filthy Frank videos in a while and his fans are freaking out. You begin cooking while singing one of your boyfriends songs. When everything is placed neatly on a tray you pick it up and take it into your bedroom where Joji snores slightly. You put the tray down on the beside table and wake him up by kissing his forehead.
“Come on sleepy head, I made you breakfast.” Joji groans and lifts his face, smelling the pancakes.
“You’ve got my favourite.”
“Pancakes? I thought bacon was your favourite?” You ask him.
Joji smirks and says, “You’re my favourite thing to eat.”

 Max: You hear Max’s socked feet padding on the tile, his arm wrap around your waist and he kisses your neck. His hair tickles your face and you tell him he is gonna need a haircut soon. He groans and steals a piece of bacon from the plate you were holding. You put the plate down and turn around in Max’s arms.
“Last night was magical.” You tell him, he smiles at you and says, “Of course it was, you were fucking me.” You roll your eyes and kiss him, tasting the bacon on his tongue.

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