Like You Hate Me - written by KrisStylinson
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“You have poor taste for someone with the last name Styles,” he says, turning to show the back of his pants to Harry—the pants Harry had just stitched his name across last night to keep this type of thing from happening again.

Of course, he’s accomplished nothing but indirectly making himself pop a stiffy over Louis fucking Tomlinson.

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Author - KrisStylinson                     Tumblr - @eleanee

One shot  |  6,541 words  |  Fic published October 10, 2016

Review - 9 out of 10 Larry Thumbs!!

Uni roommates hate to love… yes yes yes yes and yes.

The back and forth between H&L in this fic is funny - you never know how they’re going to annoy the other next. I love how much thought Louis puts into messing with Harry. He’s really clever and it always has Harry on the defensive. 

Read this fic when you’re looking for lighthearted uni good times, silly boys, and Harry Styles using a sewing machine! 

I was watching the spy kids show on pbs and one girl went up against the number switch villain and he made her go from 12 to 21

her friends pretended not to know her, she had to give up her old life, she was ostracized, couldn’t physically fit in anywhere, and had no idea how to do anything. I thought it was a clever metaphor for life

anyways, they got an 11 year old to fight him

asdfhkahladfhkl… but rose hair tho

À la Mode


Dean was rearranging the tubs of ice cream in the back freezer when he heard the bell on the door jingle.

โ€œJo, thereโ€™s a customer!โ€ He shouted over his shoulder, hopefully loud enough for Jo to hear. He turned back to the pile of Cookies and Cream tubs that needed to be situated. He had a firm grasp on one of the slippery tubs, a mantra of โ€˜lift with your legs, not your backโ€™ playing in his head, when Jo poked her head around the corner.

โ€œThis oneโ€™s for you, lover boy.โ€ She grinned and nudged him aside, lifting the tub with ease and only slightly bruising Deanโ€™s ego.

โ€œWhat do you mean? Itโ€™s your shift on register.โ€ She turned to look at him and cocked an eyebrow.

โ€œA pair of blue eyes youโ€™ve been drooling over for months says otherwise.โ€

โ€œShit, itโ€™s Cas?โ€ He scrambled to find his apron and standard issued Baskin Robbins visor. โ€œWhat day is it? Isnโ€™t it the 18th?โ€

โ€œLast I checked, why?โ€

โ€œNo reason. Iโ€™ll be back.โ€ He nearly skidded out of the storage room.

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