What happened? I always thought our exchanges were littered with foolish, witty banter that caused some discomfort but never conscious harm. But maybe these few years that I’ve known you I’ve just been wrong. And there’s no nice way to say it. I guess I saw more in us, made up more for us, than you ever did. It’s too bad.
—  12:50AM// really, it’s too bad

I really thought she’d be okay. I thought I’d wake up one day and I’d see a witty tweet from her about how she pulled through. I thought she’d do an interview in a couple weeks being her old self, ready to take us to 2017. Nowhere in my mind did I ever actually think she would pass away. I truly thought when I read the tweet that it was some shitty fake article or something. Fuck.


I actually thought this was a sweet moment- I headcanon Calem as having trouble just saying what he’s thinking and he hadn’t really acknowledged Serena as a friend before then, and I headcanon Serena as the lonely-soul type so having someone respect her as a friend and rival makes her happy.

Creative Conversation Mints

You will need:

  • package of Altoids mints
  • white tea light
  • creativity sand

to make the sand: mix about a cup of sand with two drops of yellow food coloring and one drop of almond extract or oil. Add 2 tablespoons of sea salt and a teaspoon each of caraway and ground almonds. Place in a jar and shake to mix. Charge under the sun. 

Place the container of mints on a stable surface where they won’t get bumped into or knocked over. Place a white tea light on the lid. Sprinkle the creativity sand over the candle and the container, then light the wick. Kneel in front of the flame and repeat a phrase of your design that will serve as a power phrase. Frame the words as you would phrase for a sigil, for example, “I am witty”, “My words are interesting”, or “My thoughts are creative”. Say the phrase intently, repeat if necessary. Allow the candle to burn out; you do not have to stay focused the entire time, but you should ensure that your will is properly placed before walking away. 

Once the candle has burned out, toss it out and brush off the sand. Whenever you’re in need of witty or interesting conversation, pop a mint into your mouth and focus on your power phrase. By the time the mint dissolves, you’ll be teeming with interesting things to say! 

justcuzfandoms  asked:

i literally dont hate you at all i think you're amazing and wonderful and intelligent and smart (which mean the same thing but i wanted to use both of them) and witty and thoughtful and you care so unequivocally about making sure women get their rightful spot in their narratives and in the fanfiction that so often kicks them out and you're so cool

thank you so much sweetie that means so much!! Thanks!!

“Hurry up! Someone’s coming!”

“Hold still, dude! I’m literally carrying half of Paris’ fate on my shoulder!”

“Chat, your staff collapsed on the strings! Ugh, it just gets worse the more I pull on it!”

It was in that moment that Nino decided that Alfred and Robin both needed a much, much bigger raise.

(why are they doing this in such a complicated way? because I thought I was being witty with symbolism, that’s why.)

I told myself I will draw more fic fanart next week when I have more time but @thelastpilot posted about The Weight of Jade (sequel to Won’t Tell a Soul if you haven’t read it yet it’s great) and I couldn’t help myself. Have a funny one this time! Ladybug’s trying to figure things out after the events of WTAS and Nino now has to balance both ends of his life. Chat is just anxious all over the place. Also I don’t know how lighting works.

anonymous asked:

I wasn't trying to be offensive with my last ask I thought I was being witty. Sorry I was hoping you are a guy since I haven't met one in this fandom yet.

I wasn’t offended. Just might want to be careful with how you word things. There’s a reason I haven’t mentioned my gender or shown my face at all on this blog so you’re not gonna get a straight answer from me. //pat pat.
Also, in regards to not knowing any males in the fandom, I’m sure there are some. Not sure why its so important to you, but I’d be more surprised if there weren’t.


Tony Stark / Iron Man - Avengers

Tony was complaining about staying in the safe house after the team had flunked their mission and you had had enough of it. Tony’s complaining that was.

“Well, we could have gone back, if you hadn’t put the tower right in the middle of the city that hates us.” You said to Tony with a pointed look. The others looked amused as you put Tony in his place. “Really I don’t get why you didn’t put it in the middle of nowhere. Where we at least have some privacy and don’t bring the danger to the most densely populated place around here.”

Tony looked at you. He was silent, but you could hear him. /Damn, that’s true. I didn’t see that coming. Why do they  always do that?/ They were Tony’s thoughts. /Say something. I must have a retort, something witty, something smart. Come on Tony Stark. You can do this. You are Tony F*ing Stark./

“It’s fine Tony. Don’t sweat it.” You grinned.