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How to Forgive a Cheater

At the time, it seems like a good idea
You think, “he’ll change,”
You think, “everything I have ever done wrong will be forgiven,”
You think, “maybe he will be the exception to the rule”
You’re wrong
It’s haunting
It’s degrading
My self worth has been ground up into ashes of the fire that once burned in my heart for him
I’m empty
But I didn’t know this when i first forgave him
I thought we were a power couple
I thought we could work it out
And he did work it out
But i still haven’t
I see them and i think of you
I see you and i think of them
It’s disgusting how you can be with someone years after their crimes and have the pain rush back like the night you found out
I’ve always been content with choosing to forgive you
I’ve been okay until now
Until I finally resolved where our problems came from
They weren’t the problem
Your actions with them is the problem
Don’t tell me I have to let that go
Because you can’t let go of something burned into your fingertips that smolder my skin every time they touch me
I don’t hate touch
I hate you
If you decide to forgive your cheater
Take one thing from this
It may all seem okay now
But three years from now,
All the emotions you thought you could work through
Will hit you head on and leave you wondering why you didn’t respect yourself enough to leave in the first place
Those emotions will come
And you will try, again, to push them away
But unlike the first time,
I hope you have the courage to push him away instead
You wanna know how to forgive a cheater?
You don’t

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I know it may be difficult, but do you think you could find things for a The Mangle {FNaF} Fictkin that isn't just pizza? {also, I apologize if I'm sending this again and you saw the first one}

The only idea I have is for machine kin so-

Black Bean Soup

Oreo Cookie Butter

Chocolate Gears

I’ve heard good things about adding 1/16th of a low dosage iron pill to food to make it taste metallic but I’d go even lower than that. Also, Carbonated water and soy sauce are pleasing for a machine kin. 

Since it’s a pizza joint I thought it’d be kind of neat to have some fair-y type foods too. 

Corn Dogs

Funnel Cake

My local non-chain pizza joint also serves ice cream so maybe think about that.

1 more follower til I hit 500 !!! Thought I’d post a selfie because of this I don’t know why but I’ve consumed a lot of alcohol and it seems like a good idea at the minute! I didn’t know anyone on here when I first started but I was interested in old hollywood (mainly Richard and Elizabeth) but since coming on here I’ve spoken and met some really lovely, kind and friendly people!! So thank you guys I love you all :-) xxx

Okay, so there’s an ad on Youtube for Scream. The first five seconds are of a really creepy face staring at you and moving around, while the phrase, “Click skip and die” is repeated over and over super creepily. I wanted to let people know that this thing exists, because it’s creepy af and I hate it. 

I skipped the ad, and I didn’t die, so it’s safe. But man, it’s terrible. I can’t believe anyone thought that was a good idea.


Hello !! I’m finally in holidays so I thought it would be a good idea to open commissions !

I will do pretty much anything (unless it’s mecha stuff, i’m not really good at it..). Also the payment will be via Paypal.ヾ(●・◇・●)ノ

If you are interested, email me at luciasatalinaa@gmail.com, then show me the character(s) you want me to draw. And please, give as much details as possible, it will be easier for me ! 

When we will agree on the commission, you will have to pay me first before I began your drawing (if you want me to send you wips, please just ask !). I’ll do my best to finish it as soon as possible ! ◝(●˙꒳˙●)◜ 

Thank you for your support ! (◦′ᆺ‵◦) 

How to Keep Yourself Protected Before, During, and After Cursing ~ Pt. 1 of 4

As many of you probably know, I am a very curse-friendly witch. If someone is out to harm me, or is willing to harm the people in my circles, I can and will curse them.

I will not curse people for no reason of course, and neither will I curse the people that have done small, insignificant things. As such, my curses are strong, and usually pretty fierce. I have learned a thing or two about protecting oneself when casting curses, and I thought sharing a few of these things may be helpful to you all :) 

This is the first post out of four in which I will be giving advice and personal insight on methods of staying safe before. during, and after cursing. I hope they help you and keep you well!

Before You Curse

Set up a nice protection system ahead of time. 

Even if you’re not someone who uses curses, it’s a good idea to have barriers and enchantments set up just in case. You never know when you might need them. It’s important to feel and be safe, especially when you’re doing something a bit risky.

As some of you may have realized, there can be backlashes when you curse. This can be caused by a number of things:

  • the witch you are trying to curse has reflective protection 
  • you made a mistake when casting
  • someone decided to curse you with whatever curse you placed upon them
  • You have some unresolved negative energy acting somewhere in your life, and it is triggered by the curse

In all of these scenarios, protecting yourself from harm is a great plan. If the curse does happen to backlash or something goes wrong, it will be diffused and your hide will be saved. I have been hit hard with a reflected curse more than a few times, and all of them happened when I was lazy and decided not to set up protective barriers.

So being protected is nice and all, but it may seem like something that is complex and hard to understand. I’ll break down a method that is pretty simple and easy to follow.

I like to start off my shielding spells with a list of what areas of my life could use some protection.

Things like the self, your home, your career, your relationships, etc. are all pieces of your own little world that definitely need to be guarded. Figure out what you want to place little bubbles around, and write it all down. Keeping the list for reference is something I personally recommend, since I tend to forget, and it could be useful later. Looking at my lists always makes me feel secure.

After you’ve done this, research what type of protection you want to use. Reflective, neutralizing, or offensive are three different types.

Reflective protection just means that whatever curse or energy is directed towards you will be reflected back at the sender. It is usually a bit varied on intensity; the more effort you put into the shielding, the more imminent the reflection will be. But if the sender has a good system set up, they may not be affected at all. 

I find that this type of protection is best used if the person you are going to curse will figure out that you are cursing them. I don’t recommend using it for pre-curse protection unless you specify that it must originate from an outside source. It takes a lot of energy, but is worth it for the witch-on-witch curses.

Neutralizing protection neutralizes the backlash/curse directed towards you. Whatever runs into the barrier is made into neutron-esque energy, not really positive nor negative. It works like a shield, and is nice for cursing backlash worriers. I like to use black tourmaline as small neutralizing charms, so that may be a way you can protect yourself.  It is my personal favorite pre-curse protection method.

Offensive protection works on the offense; any curses that are trying to reach you are automatically countered with a stronger, more brutal curse. I like to add a reflective protection within offensive protection, since it does twice the damage. But again, be careful and specify where the offense will be directed to. 

Now that you’ve got all that information sorted out, you can choose some spells to use! You might even like to blend and mesh a few of them together to create a super protective shielding system, closing all the holes and back doors. Don’t leave room for someone to get to you if you can help it. 

Once you find something you believe will work, or have written it out, get to work gathering supplies.

Clean up your house, cleanse anything you feel is holding stagnant energy, and get prepared. I like to take a day of rest in between this stage and the actually protection rituals, but I have done it one after the other in the past, and it does make me feel more focused. (You’ll use a lot of energy, but as long as you feel like everything is good, you should be alright) Burn some sage, scatter salt, and ground yourself. Take a deep breath, and continue.

Finally you can do the rituals!

Spend time and work hard on them. Do the things that make you feel safe, and put all of your protective energy out there to work for you, and get yourself ready to curse. Feel confident in your own abilities as you do this. You are a strong witch.

Here are two protection spell masterposts to give you inspiration:



Take a break. Let yourself cool down so you can curse using as much energy as you want. Do some self-care rituals and surround yourself with invigorating things.I enjoy drinking a lot of gem elixir/moon water during the week leading up to the day I curse (careful with the crystals you use! some are toxic, or dissolve in water). Adding energy to your food is another good idea. 

Check your system for breaks or possible weak spots. Reinforce these places with more spells until you feel comfortable. Now you can begin planning your curse and feel safe doing it :) 

Hopefully this was helpful and indepth! :D I am writing the other three parts now, and hope to have them out very soon ^_^


So in 8th grade, my friends got me a Niall cutout for my birthday and they decided it would be a good idea to surprise me with it at school. so they had it set up so when I came in the classroom  I would see it. When I came in I didn’t see it at first, but when I did I thought it was the real niall… so i ran over to it and tackled it and I was so excited that I peed on it… and I broke Niall, I still haven’t forgiven myself

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if i am a female and i showed up to a job interview without shaving my underarms and the person interviewing me noticed, would i risk ruining my chances at the job?

No, it’s your own personal choice not to shave your underarms (or maybe you just didn’t have time, which is also allowed and understandable) and is really none of the interviewer’s business. This would be such a petty thing to throw out an applicant over, too. As long as you are presentable, have the skills, and give a good interview, you’ll be just fine.

Edit: I thought this was in the original post, but uh, it’s also not a great idea to wear anything sleeveless to an interview in the first place. If it’s a really nice, professional dress that just happens to be sleeveless, it’s probably okay, but if you’re nervous about something like this, you won’t give your best interview anyway. So don’t shave because you feel pressured, but just wear something with sleeves instead.


*Here’s some dummy data. Or should I call these dummy drawings? First stuff is reused as background in my tumblr, but the others are not used at all.

I drew these few months ago. It was kinda story that Spikey tried to found his selfhood, but it was stopped due to some reasons, like a lack of idea and drawing skills.

I found these while I remove needless files. I thought these are almost too good to delete, so I upload these now :D

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GoM+kagami asking their s/o to move in with them?

Akashi: He really wouldn’t be reckless with this decision. He’d make sure things are okay between you two - like really okay - and wouldn’t just casually mention it since moving in a huge step in a relationship. “(f/n), I’ve been thinking about this for some time. I realized that the first thing I want to every morning is you. If you feel pretty much the same, please do not hesitate to move in here.”

Aomine: The ace would just drop it off casually, acting like it’s no big deal, but believe me, it really was for him and really hoped that you’d agree with his idea. “Babe, ever thought about…you know…moving in with me? I mean we’re together for some quite time now and…yeah. I thought that maybe it’s a good idea.”

Kise: The idea excited him a lot. It was as if he’s really sure that you’d agree (but how can you not say yes right oh my gosh baby ½ kidding). Once the idea popped into his mind, he’d mention it right away as soon as he could. “(l/n)cchi! I’ve got this amazing idea! Why don’t you move in with me? I mean we can now maximize our cuddling time and all! And all the good night kisses! Right? Right? So…whatcha say?”

Kuroko: Like Akashi, he’d first make sure that he really wanted this. Once he confirmed things internally, he’d ask you, making sure he wouldn’t be bothering you. “(l/n)-san, if you ever feel like it, please feel free to move in with me. Please know that you’re always welcome to my apartment. ”

Midorima: At first, he’d push the idea away from his head, still wanting to take time before having this huge step. But when he just couldn’t get enough of your presence in his house, he’d finally admit to himself that he indeed wanted you to live in with. “I-if you want to, you can pack up some of your things and spend some days here,” he’d be this vague about the whole idea of moving in, making it sound more like a sleepover. When you tease him about the fact that he wanted you to move in, he’d defensively say, “call it whatever you want! I’m suggesting it because whenever you visit me, you often leave late. I’m just worried about you— nevermind!”

Murasakibara: He wouldn’t really think of it as a huge thing and would drop the offer casually. All he knew was that he wanted to spend more time with you (and he really loved your cooking so he really wanted to have the food you make for breakfast, lunch, and dinner). “(l/n)chin, do you want to live here with me? I wouldn’t really mind, in fact I really want that to happen. You’re the best cook out there and I love cuddling with you in bed.”

Kagami: It would take him some time to muster up the courage to ask you this. When he finally decided to start making a move, he’d be blushing and all since he’s really, really shy about the idea. “H-have you e-ever thought about moving in? I-i mean you do spend a lot of time here lately - not that I actually minded - and I-i thought that maybe you would want to move in?”

Nate Imagine (His POV)

I invited Y/N over because my family was having a barbecue for the 4th of July. It was the first time I had someone over and I really thought that it would be a good idea. We have been dating for a little over 7 months, and I thought it would be nice to have her over.

“Is Y/N here yet?” Stew asked me over and over.

My laugh was kinda forced, but had some generosity to it, “If I didn’t know better, I would think you have a crush on my littler girlfriend.” He says, and Stew turned red. The blood ran to his cheeks, and he blushed like the strawberry. I was actually laughing very hard at this moment, “You do like her, don’t you?” I laugh again.

“Shut up!” Was all that he could say, as his cheeks turned from strawberry to almost sunburnt of embarrassment. I turned and saw Y/N walking through the patio door, and Stew turning even more red.

“Hi guys,” Y/N said and kissed my cheek. Her kisses were soft and gentle. We all greeted her back/ Stew tried extra extra hard to make Bridgid feel more than welcome at the BBQ. He got her drinks, made sure her food was served first. Pulling her chair out for her, it was turning ridiculous.

“Stew likes you.” I blurt out, and Y/N turned a little red too. She didn’t want to have to be mean or different around Stew, but if she was giving the wrong message, then yea, she would have to change.

“Stew..” She says and he just shakes it off and punches me. Little guy had an arm to him. He didn’t feel as embarrassed about it, wasn’t upset that she was older, he just didn’t want to have that little talk.

For the rest of the evening, I just teased him about his little crush, and how stupid he was for thinking that he can actually get with my girl.

aviatrix88 replied to your photoset “Kill la Kill x Detective Conan AU in which mystery nerd and master…”

Satsuki = Conan Ryuko = Ran Soichiro = Mouri Soroi = Dr. Agasa Iori = Haibara Mako = Sonoko Ira = Genta Houka = Mitsuhiko Nonon = Ayumi Mikisugi = Kaito Kid Sanageyama = Hattori Tsumugu = Akai Nui = Gin Rei = Vodka Ragyo = Vermouth Senketsu = Kansuke

Correct! You were the first one, so if you want you can drop a request in my inbox!

Sorry at the others who also got it right but were a bit late, you can still send me ideas and headcanons though, maybe I’ll draw them too!

Kōzuki is just another way to read 皐月 (Satsuki’s name in kanji), Satsuki didn’t have time to think about a good name when Ryuko asked her, so she just used the alternative pronunciation of her real name. And it starts with “ko” like “Conan”, I thought it was perfect! Of course Satsuki doesn’t write Kozuki in kanji, instead she uses Hiragana, otherwise it would be too obvious. You usually don’t pronounce 皐月 as Kozuki, so it’s not suspicious!

littnayoko replied to your photoset “Kill la Kill x Detective Conan AU in which mystery nerd and master…”

it is tragic tho because ryuuko is waiting for satsuki to come back she is heartbroken and worries about satsuki poor ryuuko! she is suffering its sad after all you are lying hosaki this is tragic

Satsuki calls Ryuko every day so that Ryuko won’t worry for her! It’s a bit annoying for Ryuko that she can’t see her precious Satsuki every day but she is not heartbroken, she is not suffering, and she has Kozuki instead, whom she also loves very much! (In a non-romantic way of course.) Looking at how my other AUs end, I really don’t consider this one tragic.

kaijuzilla replied to your photoset “Kill la Kill x Detective Conan AU in which mystery nerd and master…”

What’s in the letter I wonder? XD

A love letter for Kozuki! She is very popular with the first graders, because she is so cool and knows everything! Nonon is not amused!

greensaru replied to your photoset “Kill la Kill x Detective Conan AU in which mystery nerd and master…”

does this mean sanageyama is satsuki´s detective rival? :^D

Yes, just like Sanageyama considers Satsuki his kendo rival in the canon, he considers Satsuki his detective rival in this AU! He is always challenging Satsuki to deduction duels, but he always loses…just like in the canon :DD

haha yeah Aikuro Kaito Stripping Kid xD 

Thank you very much for your message! I love Kansuke too, he is the only inspector I like tbh^^ I’m so happy you like this AU, I like it too! It’s silly and perfect at the same time! 

Omg that’s such a great compliment!!! I AM NOT WORTHY THOUGH SAKIMICHAN’S GIJINKA SENKETSU IS TOO PERFECT AND SEXY!!! But thank you so much!!! 

I love his beard too, I thought it would make him look more like a ossan^^

Yes, she does! Satsuki the sneaky bastard gets to bath with Ryuko every time without needing excuses now! She actually loves playing the innocent kid! 

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hi so i've recently read a bunch of your meta-analysis stuff about jack and you've got a bunch of really good, smart ideas. so I was wondering what your thoughts are on jack and angel's relationship? I've been thinking about it a lot and most of my thoughts come down to "He cares about her but he shows how he cares in really fucked up ways". what do you think? or not think?

Well first of all thank you! I’m glad my posts on Jack have been well received. <8 ) 

And secondly Oh boy. This is going to be A HUGE can of worms. If you are uncomfortable with subjects like child abuse please do not read past this point.  
spoilers for TPS and BL2

Keep reading

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“Ecto-mosquitos are so dumb they don’t even have toes!” Technus blathered, scratching the multiple bites on his exposed arms and legs, carrying a string of catfish he had caught to the campfire. This would be the last time Technus ever went camping. 

When he proposed the dating idea to Skulker, he had thought it would be much more fun. Skulker liked hunting and the outdoors and stuff. And Technus liked being out in the sun and occasionally fishing. He thought this would be a good idea. Instead all that he had done was catch a couple of fish and get bit by ghost bugs. He didn’t even know that there would be so many of them on this side of the portal.

He set the fish down on the gutting table and then flopped himself by the burned out firepit, muttering to himself as he scratched a few more bug bites. “Skulker, where are you?” He called. 


So, because it is now legal to get married, regardless of gender, in the USA… I thought that I should come out to you guys. (I’m Canadian but I thought this would be a good idea 🍁)

So, indeed, I am trans. The first picture is me before I came to the point in realizing, and the second picture is when I started my transistion.

I’m also panromantic, so that plays a roll in things.

So I’m a panromantic trans boy who is phan trash. Yep that about sums things up.


Spa Day MY Thoughts (If you want them or not)

So there is a new game pack coming out the end of this month. That makes the total games for the Sims 4 as follows: 1 Expansion Pack, 2 Stuff Packs, 2 Game Packs. I for one am not shocked another expansion hasn’t come so soon.

As the name suggests Spa Day obviously your sims are headed to a Spa. Could that be in a new location? Suggest a new neighbourhood like outdoor retreat gave us? A log cabin spa in Granite falls seems like a good idea to me (perhaps I will create one). 

At first I was skeptical about the Spa Day when I heard about it BUT after seeing this image I am a little more intrigued it looks cool.

We have seen Sauna’s before in the Sims 2 Bon Voyage as well as massage tables. This Foot massage station however is brand new and I am a little curious to see how that works and what kind of interactions we get. Also I like Bella Goth’s side loose braid thing and I can forsee many people who don’t get the pack wanting to download this hair for free and re-coloring it. 

Also with the new Get To Work Expansion pack already out and about is it possible your sims could work in a Spa? IF SO that would bring something totally new to the game, and while this is a game pack and not a stuff pack it could be possible right? IF SO HERES MY MONEY TAKE IT ALL. (lol)

I read the comments you guys gave yesterday and a lot of you still want those toddlers, Pets and Weather. Pets and Weather are huge expansion packs and I am guessing we will get one of those soon because those are packs EVERYONE wants. 

(I know it’s not fair to say everyone wants them, but I stand by this I think everyone wants them lol). 

 So they will probably keep those until a little later when people get less excited. As for toddlers, I have given up hope they are coming to the game and I have accepted the loss. To be honest they are good for story telling but not much else, I hardly even keep babies in my household. 

Not a whole lot of info is released on this so it’s all just my own thoughts and speculation, however based on the game pack Outdoor Retreat I had a lot of fun in the new world of Granite Falls and I had a lot of fun with the pack in it’s self so I can’t wait for more info and teaser pics!

Would I consider buying it?
Yeah probably, as of right now it looks dope and it has some possibility to it. Plus I am digging Andre in the towel wrap (LOL)


This is the very first video Bill Nye did as Bill Nye the Science Guy… Thought I would share this with you…

While watching this I keep thinking… he has no idea what he is about to get into… This problem he is fixing for the company to “fill air time” was the best thing that could have happened to his career.

He is doing this segment because a company he was an engineer for at the time needed to fill 6 minutes of air time, one of his good friends who was a DJ in Seattle and still is his good friend today when asked his advice on how this company is going to fill 6 minutes of air, he replied something along the lines of, “Hey Bill why dont you do that science stuff you’re always doing, you can be… I dont know Bill Nye the Science Guy…” So Bill did a segment on, household uses of liquid nitrogen… which is funny like who the heck has liquid nitrogen laying around lol but yeah… kinda cool story on how Bill Nye became Bill Nye.

You can tell how nervous he is lol… he is a champion :D