You’re my sunlight and my calming dark.

Without you i’m blind and lost.
But even sometimes when
you’re not here thinking of you calms me down in the dark.

I never understood how to
love, and I never knew why once you thought I was special.
You called me speciallong time ago, don’t know if you care or remember, but I wish I knew what made you think I was so special.

I wish one day I know how to love like
I thought I was special

I thought I was special

before I found out you called everyone that

I thought I was special

before I found out you treated everyone that way.

I thought I was special

before I noticed you never even talk to me.

I thought I was special

before I saw you leave me in the dark.

I thought I was special

but really I’m just another person.

Toniko Fletcher for anon

If she was born in a previous generation, she would’ve been heiress without any doubt, but she turned out to be too much like her mom and grandma, plus I really needed a male heir. But she’s my favourite spare and people seemed to like her, so I’m giving her for download, hoping she’ll find her place in someone’s game. Don’t claim her as your own or reupload, don’t change her face features. You can change anything else in her look (hairstyle, makeup, clothes, your own defaults etc.) and use her for whatever you want (legacies, stories, challenges). You can tag me melien if you use her so I can see what she’s up to :)

If you want any other sim of mine in your game, or want to request one, feel free to ask!

Download Toniko

CC in the picture: hair / nose blush / lipstick