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Chris Colfer wins Best Supporting Actor at 2011 Golden Globes


05x01 “Lucifer Rising”
05x18 “Point of No Return”
09x02 “Devil May Care”
10x20 “Angel Heart”

That Thing about Being A Vessel and Saving the World


Last year, one of my best friends came into school with a present. You can imagine my confusion - it was certainly not my birthday. When I took this out the bag I still didn’t get it. The jar itself was beautiful and I could see all these carefully folded slips of paper inside. She smiled and explained how each piece of paper contained a quote/message from anything and everything, often something wise or inspirational with the aim being whenever I felt like shit (which was basically most of the time back then) I could pull a quote out of the jar, and focus on something else and feel a little better. I could have cried at that moment; in fact she has been the reason of my tears on a few occasions because at a time when i was barely holding on, she was always there. To listen, to understand, to give me her time when I believed that I wasn’t worth even my own. And she mostly saved me - so much of my recovery is due to her. From her wonderful smiles of encouragement, to the gift she gave me when I finally made it to being clean for a year, to this wonderful jar. I can’t begin to explain how much she means to me, practically being my lifeline for these past two years and even though I often feel too nervous/bad to talk to her when I’m down now, her presence never fails to calm and reassure me not to mention that her positivity is out of this world. We might see each other less and less now, but Fi I’m always going to love you. Thank you for being you

Please don’t delete the caption, I want the whole world to know how special she is 

WELL here it is my main piece that i submitted for TABINOF !!! im pretty sure it didnt get chosen but I wasn’t trying to get my hopes up too much anyway so its fine :O I’m still super excited to upload it here because i spent way way way too long on this thing and it had so many layers omfg 
i wanted to do something that represented what dan and phil are to me and i have to say that the phil is not on fire videos are so close to home with me because they feel so real and it was one of the first things they did together and you can just see how good of friends they are in all of those videos and it just makes me so happy sobs every single one of those videos holds a special place in my heart so i thought i would draw a phil is not on fire related piece :p 
i wanted to put as many things in there that represented them (hopefully without anything that could maybe/possibly be copyrighted) and i know i missed a few things but i had been working on a deadline and tbh im surprised i finished it as it is
SO this is it i guess :o anyway congratulations to everyone who got in !!! im so excited to see your art in the book !!!!