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Hi Wayfaring! I was wondering, have you ever wondered if there is a point to the medical profession? And if so, what are your thoughts on it? My uncle (an engineer, not a doctor) was telling a couple of kids not to enter the medical profession because it's useless - people still get sick and die in the end anyway. I'd deck him for that if I could, but I had to think about it too.

  • Ask a mom whose baby is on a ventilator if medicine is useless.
  • Ask a soldier whose life was saved in surgery after an IED blast if medicine is useless.
  • Ask an elderly man with metastatic cancer who is finally resting comfortably with home hospice if medicine is useless.
  • Ask someone who has survived a code blue if medicine is useless.
  • Ask the Billions of people who have not gotten smallpox or polio if medicine is useless.
  • Ask a stroke patient who is re-learning how to walk in physical therapy if medicine is useless.
  • Ask a pregnant woman whose baby is delivered safely if medicine is useless.
  • Ask someone with pneumonia on their last day of antibiotics if medicine is useless.
  • Ask a diabetic who takes insulin to keep them going if medicine is useless.
  • Ask a man whose Prozac kept him from killing himself if medicine is useless.
  • Ask a person without access to healthcare if medicine is useless.

Sure, all these people will eventually die anyway. But medicine improves both their quality and quantity of life. And that isn’t useless. 

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Hullo! Huzzah! I was wondering if you would so kindly elaborate on the events of Act 3 Scene 14?

Hi you YES I’d love to elaborate on the events of the slumber party scene!

I love this scene! It has a perfect ratio of nonsense and serious stuff and I wish we would have seen more of the boys with their guards down and just talking.

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I’m coming home

(A/N): *ugly sobbing in the distance*

Warnings: Lil bit of angst, fluff, 

Originally posted by tomcavanagh

   Bucky never thought that he, of all people, would survive the war. In fact, he had said all of his ‘goodbyes’ and ‘I love you’s’ nearly a year ago. So now it was more than  a little awkward to be saying ‘hello’. Bucky had survived the war, as had Steve (a fucking miracle if you asked Bucky) and now they were returning home. 

   Steve placed a reassuring hand upon his left shoulder, the one that was more than a little bruised and battered from the war. He was sure that after the fall he’d be dead but he had opened his eyes and was still laying in that ravine, the trains still roaring above him. How he got out he had no idea, all he knew was that one minute he was nearly dead in that ravine and the next he was back at camp, a more than ecstatic Steve pulling him into a bear hug. And now they were going home, back to the wonderful homey streets of Brooklyn. 

   “You nervous?” Steve asks, giving Bucky a warm smile. Bucky smiles faintly, looking down at his bandaged arm. 

   “God Yes,” Bucky finally breathes out, his chest falling at the sudden action. Steve chuckles, shaking his head in amusement. 

   “Me too buddy,” 

   “At least you have something to show for all this!” Bucky replies with a smile, gesturing to Steve’s newly found beefy body. “All I get is a missing arm and years of shoulder pain,” Steve laughs a bit harder, his eyes crinkling at the corners. 

   “Oh come on, you’re a nation hero. Who knows, maybe Stark will design you some cool metal arm or something?” Bucky scoffs, shaking his head. 

   “I wouldn’t let that man touch me with a 10 foot pole, not after that Flying car demonstration,” 

   “He made me and I’m perfectly fine!”

   “As far as we know,” Bucky gives Steve a teasing smirk, his eyes twinkling softly. 

   “You’re a jerk,”

   The train came to an abrupt stop, it’s wheels making terrible screeching noises against the worn rails of the tracks. Bucky sighed shakily, running his only hand through his hair. For the first time in a year and some change Bucky was going to be reunited with (Y/N), his (Y/N). He was scared out of his mind, he wasn’t the same as when he left. He had been tortured, experienced near death and now he was missing an appendage.  

   “They’ll love you just the same Buck,” Steve whispers beside him, giving his good shoulder a nice grip. “Trust me,” Bucky sighed again, his eyes staring out the dirtied window. 

   “Hopefully,” It was then the train doors opened with a loud screech and all the returning soldiers flitted out of the carriage. People, families, exclaimed with joy as they hugged their boys, kissing their heads and crying upon their shoulders. Bucky and Steve walked out of the car, the doors screeching to a close behind them. 

   The two men scanned the crowd, searching for their loved ones. Almost immediately Bucky could find the one person he was looking for, their bright gaze standing out amongst the others. Bucky’s mouth ran dry and he could feel tears gathering within his eyes. After what felt like so long here they were, standing only a few yards away from him. 

   “Go get ‘em big guy,” Steve whispered, clapping his friend on the back. Immediately Bucky dropped his bag and ran to the person in front of him. Bucky could barely hear the sounds of the train station around him as his feet pounded upon the pavement below him. He was focused on one thing and one thing alone, (Y/N) who was running towards him too. 

  g suddenly burst to life as Bucky enveloped (Y/N) in a one armed hug, nuzzling his face into the crook of their neck. Tears welled within his eyes as (Y/N)’s tears cascaded down their cheeks, landing upon his jacket. Bucky adjusted his arm, pulling (Y/N) even closer. He breathed in deeply, inhaling their sweet comforting scent. 

    “God-” (Y/N) sobbed, nuzzling their nose into Bucky’s hair. “God I’ve missed you so much,” Bucky nodded, agreeing to (Y/N)’s statement. 

    “I’ve missed you too doll,” Bucky whispered, pressing a kiss to (Y/N)’s neck. “I’ve missed you so much-” Bucky whispers, tears finally falling onto (Y/N)’s shoulders. (Y/N) pulls back, cupping Bucky’s cheeks in their warm hands. 

    “I can’t believe I have you back,” (Y/N) smiles, their watering eyes glistening under the poor lighting. With a speed Bucky couldn’t comprehend (Y/N) pressed a kiss to his lips nearly making him moan and weep at how perfect it was. Bucky’s hand flitted up to cup the back of (Y/N)’s neck pulling them even closer, deepening the kiss further. It was sloppy and messy but Bucky didn’t care, all he could focus on was the feeling of (Y/N)’s lips gliding against his own. 

    “Kay you two love birds,” Steve chuckles, as he once again claps Bucky on the back, breaking the two apart.  "Pretty sure Bucky’s mom has got a nice, warm meal for us back home and I’m starving so if you two would kindly hurry it up.“ Steve looked at Bucky smugly, his blue eyes twinkling mischievously. Bucky elbowed him with his good arm, both men smiling widely.

    "God, if I wasn’t with him I’d think that you two were the ones together,” (Y/N) replies, a happy smile upon their face. Bucky smiles, leaning in to press a kiss to (Y/N)’s cheek. 

    “Nah, he’s too annoying,” he whispers, nuzzling against their cheek. “Plus, you’re the only one for me,”

    “Did the war suddenly make you a billion times cheesier?" 

    "I’m trying to be sentimental (Y/N),” Bucky replies, pulling away in mock distaste, a frown upon his face. (Y/N) laughs, lacing their fingers throug Bucky’s. 

    “Well we’re all starving so lets keep the cheesy one liners to ourselves, yeah?” Bucky chuckled, his eyes crinkling at the corners. But then as he went to move his arm  he realized he couldn’t, he didn’t have one. His insecurities suddenly plagued him and he felt almost naked amongst all the other intact soldiers.

    “What about-” Bucky licked his lips, wetting the dry skin. “About my arm…” (Y/N) stared at him in confusion, their brows knit together and their eyes scrutinizing him. 

    “I love you just the same, this doesn’t change anything, Kay?” (Y/N) pressed a soft kiss to Bucky’s nose causing his cheeks to blaze with a red blush. 

   "Okay…“ He whispered, his smile growing wider by the second. Finally, after all the pain and horror he had endured Bucky had made it home, safely wrapped up in (Y/N)’s embrace.


“How do you know for sure they like you?” Natasha asked brushing her hair from the shower she just had. 

“Well, you know when your waking thought is ‘I wonder who has left flowers’ on my doorstep that’s quite a sign. They’re both just so nice! I’m pretty sure they’d give me a piggyback if I said my feet hurt.”

Goth walked through back alleyways, bored and thinking about pallete, who had asked him to meet tomorrow to hang out. Thinking like that made goth’s face bright red/blue(not sure which you use) when his thought became slightly more tainted. He shook his head to rid these thoughts before seeing dust. Everywhere. He stopped shocked at the sight and slowly turned around taking in the scene before spotting a scarily familiar hat on the ground.



art by kindleblackk 

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Its getting colder where I live and I oddly just got the idea of FAHC having to deal with cold. Like, what if they had to leave Los Santos for a job or freakish weather fronts came through and made it cold for a few days? I weirdly see Michael, Ryan, and Ray as the boys that can't take the cold at all, Gavin's oddly okay with it, Jeremy is bred for the cold, and Jack and Geoff just find it amusing. Thoughts? <3 I just see big badass Ryan whining on the couch because he's too cold to shoot well.

Michael refuses to make a big deal out of the fact that he doesn’t like the cold. He’s a hardened criminal god damn it, he’s not going to fall apart just because the sky starts throwing shitty frozen water at them, no siree. He’s from Jersey, he’s made of sterner stuff. Sterner stuff that just happens to enjoy beanies and gloves and layers of jumpers underneath his leather jacket. Whose temper jumps from zero to a hundred when a job leaves them wet and shivering, and has been known on more than one occasion to chase down and bludgeon to death any asshole who deliberately swerves their car to hit a puddle and sprays them with water. Michael is still the most likely one to start a snowball fight, if only to ruin Gavin’s day or try to shake off Jeremy’s happiness about the whole ordeal. 

Gavin is tolerant of the cold in that he is well and truely used to it, has dozens of jackets from fancy tailored affairs for work to grungy well-loved hoodies for hanging around the penthouse, but he doesn’t like it. Spends hours bemoaning the fact that he came to America to get away from this weather, fantasising loudly and at great length about stealing a jet and chasing down the sun, ditching all their obligations to sit on a beach somewhere. He’ll screech and complain when Michael inevitably shoves him into a snowbank but Gavin’s still endlessly fascinated by snowflakes, and constantly looking for more outlandish ways they could use snow to kill someone.

If Ray were an animal he would hibernate through winter. As a human Ray still tries to hibernate through winter, with varying levels of success. When it gets really cold his usual reluctance to socialise in the great outdoors becomes flat-out refusal to leave the house for anything less than a job. Ray would rather pay someone a grand to walk 500 meters down the road to the store than venture into the snow himself.

Jeremy loves winter, just like Jeremy loves summer. Loves the crisp air and the hot food, the nice clothes and the way people stop to look at the first snowflakes of the season in wonder. Jeremy likes the reckless way his tires slide around on the road, the bright red of blood against fresh snow and the way threatening to freeze someone in the iced-over lake reminds him of home. God Jeremy loves winter. 

Geoff has lined suits and layered undershirts, has heaters and fireplaces and electric blankets for days. Geoff has got this. He’s also got no sympathy for the misery of his crew and takes great delight in sending them out into the cold despite the way they moan and complain. Geoff has seen more than enough snow in his life to class it as a messy irritation rather than a whimsical delight, pretty from a distance but awful to deal with, and is thus far more inclined to delegate jobs when it lets him stay out of it. 

Jack has also seen more than enough snow to last a lifetime but she doesn’t care, that shit is magical and nothing will convince her otherwise. Jack doesn’t particularly feel the cold, is happy enough with an appropriate jacket and a mug full of cocoa, and that just makes watching the ridiculous collapse of the rest of her crew all the more amusing. Jack’s only real issue with bad weather is the rare but unavoidable snowstorms that blot out the sky and keep her grounded, grumpy and bored and completely unsympathetic towards the pathetic mound of blankets sniffling on the couch. 

Ryan knows he should like the cold. In some ways he does; it is so much easier to tolerate his usual jacket/gloves/mask combo when he isn’t also facing heatstroke, but when he’s off the clock, just Ryan instead of the Vagabond, he is not happy. Wears oversized jumpers (which, how, Ryan is oversized, how has he found jackets for someone even broader than him?) and lurid woollen socks, dragging blankets around with him like a child. When the heating was busted the most they saw of Ryan was a pair of murderous eyes peaking out from between layers upon layers of clothing, and when Geoff gets the fireplace going he will physically remove anyone who tries to steal his spot pressed up against it. 

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Oh my, I must be doing at least one thing right.

OOC: So one day I woke up and found not only a bunch of stars in my inbox, but people even had some really nice words to say about me too. I… can’t really explain the smile this put on me that afternoon. It wasn’t pretty And so I thought I’d send a bunch too out to those I felt deserve it. 

I decided against that, because quite frankly, it would take forever with how many times I’d hit the ask limit. On top of that, I could think of a reason for so many people to receive that I figured I’d just end up telling them how I feel. But how to just go about doing that? Well, why not make a big post about it!

I’ve been enjoying this hobby very much on both this blog,and recently on my newest blog @freshgodthatlikeshills , and it’s about time I took the time out to just spill out a bunch of goodwill towards my followers that’s been building up in me. I’ve got over two hundred of you, after all!

I don’t know if this counts as one of those ‘Follow Forever’ things, but this is just me taking the time out on this midnight to maybe spread some love which I don’t do often enough. Besides, this is limited to mostly people following me with a few exceptions.

Not everyone I’ve talked to or has followed me will be mentioned here, I’m afraid. If you aren’t mentioned, all that means is that we haven’t gotten to know each other that well at all. That can change whenever, naturally, and is probably my own fault for not reaching out! So please don’t feel left out or that you’re worth less than any other follower. If anything, it means there’s a chance to get to know each other better.

This is going to be a long ride though, so feel free to ctrl-f your own url if you were tagged. Otherwise, buckle in.

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Headcanon that Bones finally gains enough courage to start courting Spock. It’s a few years into the five year mission, and he’s had a crush on him for a while.

That’s when Jim one day in a flustered rush, hurries up to Bones, beaming. “I asked him out and he agreed!”



Bones didn’t blame Jim. Jim hadn’t known about his crush. He wasn’t gonna say he wasn’t angry. Angry that Jim hadn’t noticed his and Spock’s fleeting glances, heated (loving) arguments. But this was something he could get over. He could do it for his best friend. At least that’s what he thought.

Now whenever Jim and Spock interacted, his heart twisted, and it’s as if he had fallen deeper in love with this Vulcan. So despicable. He wanted to be rid of these feelings. Hell he was starting to sound like Spock, he was becoming so closed off.

Obviously it got better over the years, and he had his one night stands, little-bit of long lasting relationships, but he still loved Spock; somewhere deep down he loved him. It didn’t come up much. Then Spock died. And those feelings spilled over. Like a wave it crashed down, and with Spock inside his head he realized again just how in love he was with this damn man.

But Spock belonged to Jim; Bones knew that. Those two were inseparable. Til death do they part.

After Spock was revived, things went back to normal. For years and decades things were normal. As they used to be. Jim was eventually gone. At this point Bones forgot where or when. He loved his best friend, but he was dying. He would see him soon anyhow. Spock was with him on a couple of his last days. They talked, softly argued, and then Bones said the thing he thought he would ever hear himself say. Something he had meant to say when they were young.

“I loved you…I love you. The way Jim did.”

Spock didn’t respond for a while. He didn’t look angry, but he looked like he understood. “I loved you too. A long time ago.”

“Really?” Bones only had enough energy to say one word, even though it sounded cheesy.

“Of course. But I loved Jim too.”

“And he told you first.”

Silence. Spock reached out a hand and Bones took it. They spent the next few hours in silence. Each others company was all that mattered at that moment.

Hand Through The Hair

Another installment in my Question Series!

Why are you staring at me?

He’s asked me this question before, each time in a slightly different way and for a slightly different reason. I don’t mean to stare, but sometimes what he’s doing and the way he’s doing it just consumes my every thought and I can’t help but stare.

I was cleaning up from the dinner he had just cooked for us, drying the now clean pot that once held pasta when he captivated me from across the room. He was sitting at  the head of the kitchen table, papers upon papers scattered across the finished oak. Every now and then he would take his eyes away from the journal he was reading and jot down a few notes on one of the many patient files in front of him. I continued to watch as he would get frustrated and clamp his hands into a fist making his biceps grow even tighter against the already fitted navy t-shirt he was wearing.

Shockingly enough that’s not what had me captivated. Though it was a nice bonus watching his muscles grow tense with frustration, the real motion that kept my attention was the way he calmed himself down. It was simple and plain and no one would even notice it, but I did. His fist uncurled and the red color drained and returned to normal. His hand instinctively found its way to his hair, slowly brushing each finger through his strawberry blonde locks. Before his hand could find it’s way out of his curly mess of hair it would stop half way, trapping itself around his curls, then escaping.

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I just wanna go on and say thanks to all of y'all for waiting. I know posting seems like its at a complete stop but I’m still doodlin things get and there. Hopefully I can push something out soon. Thanks again -w-

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Okay but simon proposing?? Imagineeee! Baz just not believing it bc he never thought he would even be able to kiss simon and now SIMON was asking HIM to marry?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Also, simon failing every single word. Bc he's a mess. Simon is a mess and baz is a mess and we're all a mess in this fandom

thank you for the prompt! i don’t think i’ve ever written a snowbaz proposal so this is going to be interesting. (also i’m so sorry about how long it takes me to get to prompts)


Simon had thought long about it, not knowing how romantic to make it. Though, Baz would probably find everything too cheesy. Besides, Simon didn’t know how to be proper romantic. He didn’t know how to make candlelit dinners work. He didn’t have the skill to come up with lengthy speeches about how exactly Baz made him feel. 

Luckily, Baz never asked this from Simon. Baz was content on just waking up with Simon the rest of his life and Simon was as well. As long as Simon would kiss him and love him, Baz seemed to be completely satisfied. Though, Simon couldn’t help but feel like he needed to make this special, but maybe just waking up together every morning was special enough for them since it’s beyond something they could have ever dreamed of. 


It was a saturday morning and it was only 8am, but Simon had been awake for an hour already. He was nervous to say the least. 

Simon was stretched out on his side, watching Baz who was still asleep. Baz looked so peaceful and soft, it made Simon’s mouth curl into a smile he had little control over. Simon knew how long it had taken Baz to become peaceful; peaceful with his life and with what he was. Baz was always ready to pick a fight, always ready to yell out over the negative voices in his head. 

Simon knew how long it had taken Baz to feel content with life and what it could give him. Simon was proud of him. 

Simon found himself inching closer to Baz which had Baz stirring awake. Though Baz didn’t do much more than moving into Simon’s warmth before he fell asleep again. 

It was only early, so Simon waited. 



“Hey,” Baz whispered, nestling his fingers in Simon’s curls. The curls still represented the mess Simon used to be, it made Baz grin. He was proud of how far Simon had come; how Simon had turned into Simon instead of a pion in whatever games the Mage had been playing. 

Simon grinned back at Baz, though his grin seemed a bit nervous. “Hey,” Simon said back. 

Baz could feel Simon’s fingers curling under his chin, the feeling of Simon’s lips on his own soon following. It was a sweet, simple peck that made Baz smile.

“Baz, do you have a moment?” 

It was an odd question to ask when you were curled up in bed together, barely awake. It wasn’t like Baz was going anywhere any time soon. 

Baz thought of a sarcastic response but ended up just nodding, though he had his eyebrow crooked. “What is it?” Baz asked. 

“Just–” Simon sat up in bed and Baz reached for him, wanting to hold on to Simon’s warmth. “I… uhm.” 

Simon got out of bed and quickly got something out of a drawer from their shared dresser. Baz couldn’t see what so he sat up and yawned. 

“What are you doing?”

“Baz come here,” Simon said, standing next to the bed. 

“Can you tell me what’s going on?” Baz shot back, but he did as Simon had told him. He sat on the edge of the bed and looked up at Simon who was standing close to him, facing him. He felt his concern grow as he looked into Simon’s eyes. Simon looked like he was about the have a nervous breakdown. 

“Hey,” Baz said, sliding his arms around Simon’s waist, folding them behind Simon’s back. “What is it? Is something wrong?” 

Simon pushed away from Baz’s grip, he was shaking his head. “No, no nothing’s wrong,” he let out a nervous laugh. “Eh… just,” Simon took a deep breath and it looked like he was gathering his courage for something. 

Baz opened his mouth to say something again, but then Simon fell down onto one knee in front of Baz and all Baz’s words were lost. As it seemed, so were Simon’s. Simon just looked at Baz–looked him right in the eyes, his mouth was hanging open a bit. 

Baz’s head was spinning. He tried to figure out what was happening, though he knew–he knew, but still he couldn’t grasp what was happening. Not until Simon revealed the small box with a ring in it. 

“Oh–Simon,” Baz managed to bring out, choking on his words. Simon’s face had turned into one big smile.

“Baz?” Simon said hesitantly, “Will you be–I mean… uh, will you marry me?” 

No matter how hard Baz tried, he couldn’t help the tears filling his eyes from coming. “Yes,” Baz said, his voice cracking as he said the single word. And even though he had already said yes, he started frantically nodding, saying ‘yes’ over and over again. Both Simon and Baz were smiling with tears in their eyes.

Baz placed his hands around Simon’s face and pulled him closer. Their foreheads bumped softly before their lips met. Baz kept pulling until Simon was on his lap. 

“I love you, Baz,” Simon mumbled into Baz’s mouth. Baz returned that with more kisses and let his love show in the way he held Simon close. 

Baz let himself fall back onto the bed, Simon on top of him only for a short moment before they rolled onto their sides; facing each other. 

The two of them broke apart and Simon held the box with the ring between their faces. “May I place the ring on your finger now?” Simon said. Simon’s nerves that had been there only moments ago had completely disappeared. Both of them were grinning now.

“Yes, you may,” Baz said mockingly. 

Carefully, Simon took one of Baz’s hands. He slid the ring onto Baz’s finger and Baz was glad that it fitted. Baz could absolutely imagine the ring not fitting and the awkward moments that would have followed that. 

But it fitted and Simon kissed Baz’s knuckles right above the ring. 

Baz looked at the ring on his finger and felt something explode in his chest. Years upon years Baz had known what Simon had meant to him. “I choose you,” he had told Simon when they had only been in their relationship for a few months. Though Baz had chosen Simon way before that. There had never been anyone but Simon and for years it had seemed impossible. 

But now–now Simon had chosen him as well. The ring on his finger was prove of it. Baz felt a tear slide down his face as he smiled, and then he felt Simon’s lips kissing the tear away. 

Simon was his, this was the life Simon chose. 

Simon had chosen a life with Baz Pitch. It sounded ridiculous to Baz–ridiculously lovely. 

Chapter 23 rant

I am a cynic by nature. For the longest time I was one of those people who firmly believed there won’t be any confessions in Saezuru. Doumeki and Yashiro would just figure out each others feelings by their actions and act accordingly. I even wanted it that way. But boy was I wrong, once again sensei has given me something I didn’t know I wanted. Yashiro NEEDS and deserves to know every little cheesy romantic thought Doumeki has ever had about him.

I truly enjoyed all the parallels to Yashiro’s school days from Tadayoedo Shizumazu, Saredo Naki mo sezu. In chapter 22 when Yashiro wakes up at Doumeki’s place he asks himself “What is this? Have I traveled back in time?”. At that time I thought he is just joking about the lack of furniture compared to his posh place but now I realize Yashiro used to live in similar a run down apartment when he was in high  school (maybe even the same place he was molested by his step father). That was the place/moment Yashiro realized/decided he was not worthy of love and it’s ironic he’ll find redemption in the same place, years later.

My favorite part of this chapter is hands down the 3 panel kiss, especially the middle one where they break the kiss for a second. Doumeki breaks down crying from relief/happiness while Yashiro’s bewildered expression changes, he closes his eyes and he allows himself a glimpse at happiness for probably the first time, while holding to Doumeki’s shoulder for dear life.

So far I’ve only seen Yashiro kiss somebody only out of spite or as a joke, but now it’s like he’s getting his first real kiss.

I bet they’ll need to get out of those wet clothes in the next chapter but I have to ask myself, what is  sensei planning on doing story-wise for the next 2 years?

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Chara's mom, why did you leave them with that man?


“I didn’t have much of a choice at the time… Everyone in the village hated me and he was the only one who had ever shown me kindness. I thought… maybe he could help me.”

“It was too late when I realized he was worse.”

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ok this might be more of a crack fic but could you do one where holtz follows the reader around with something that looks like a pke meter but it only goes off around the reader? and the reader finally asks what it is and holtz says it's her gaydar

A/n: Had waaaaay too much fun with this one.

“Good god what has Jillian created now.” You said, taking a drink from your tea as you leaned against the side of Abby’s desk, you were both watching as Jillian fiddled with something that looked similar to a PKE meter.

“Strange, I thought she already had the upgrade finished.” You said, squinting as you tried to get a look at the small device.

“Yeah, I thought so too? Maybe it’s just a remake or she wasn’t happy with the current upgrade?” Abby suggest, leaning her chin in her hand.

“That could be it, I’ll just have to ask then.” You said, placing your mug on your desk before you walked over to her, folding your arms so your hands could warm up against your sweater.

“Heya Holtzy, whatcha working on.” You said, leaning your forearms on one of her shelves as you peered down at her.

Jillian hummed, fiddling with set of multicolored wires in the back of the black box. “Just a lil’ experiment, think it’s gonna prove pretty useful.” She said, not taking her eyes off of it.

You nodded. “Can’t wait to hear all about it.”

Jillian’s head shot up and she turned to meet your eyes. “Don’t worry, you’ll be the first to hear.”

You smiled. “Don’t let me interrupt your work.” You said softly, walking away to tackle the work on your desk.

About an hour or so later, the girls had gone to get out some food but you were still behind on your work and Jillian refused to leave her new machine.

You finished typing your sentence before you fell back in your chair as you momentarily removed your glasses to rub at your eyes. When you could finally see again your gaze went right to Holtzmann who was turning the PKE meter in various directions.

You smiled, getting off your chair and sauntering over to her. “Looks like you finished, Hotshot.”

The moment you walked over you heard a distinct ‘bing’ come from the meter, causing you to tilt your head in confusion.

Jillian on the other hand had the biggest smile on her face as she looked at you. “Here help me test it out.” She said, holding it close to you and simultaneously causing it to go off at rapid speed.

“What’s happening? Last time I checked I still had a pulse.”

If possible the smile grew on Jillian face and she got this glassy sparkle in her eyes. “It’s my fully functioning gaydar, I tried using it on the other girls but you’re the first person to make it go off this much.” She said, a lighter tone to her voice.

Instantly you felt the heat crawl on the back of your neck as you instinctively backed away ever so slightly. “I-I have no idea what you’re talking about…”

Jillian immediately jumped up from her chair and nearly tackled you to the ground as her lips attached themselves to yours.

Several minutes later the front doors opened and you’re eyes shot open to see the overly shocked looks on the girl’s faces.

“Woah! I told y'all these too would get at it.” Patty said as a huge grin adorned her face.

“Well it’s about time.” Abby said with an overly pleased expression.

You quickly detangled yourself from Jillian while she was distracted. “I’m just gonna lock myself in the bathroom for several hours.” You declared spriting off.

“I’ll join you!” Jillian sang, instantly chasing after you.

Patty looked down at the food in her hands. “They better eat these breadsticks before they get cold.”

“I mean it would be a real shame if they went to waste, and I don’t think they’ll back for a long while.” Erin said smoothly.

“Hint taken.” Patty said handing the bag to a now satisfied Erin.

#75 “You can scream if you want.”
#93 “Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?”
#100 “I had a nightmare about you and wanted to make sure you’re ok.”

“What?” You ask drowsy as someone’s shaking on your shoulder and you slowly open your eyes.
Tate looks down at you, his eyes widen in panic and you ask him what’s wrong.
“I had a nightmare about you and wanted to make sure you’re ok.” He whispers as he lying down next to you.
“I thought you don’t sleep.” You mumble and bury your face in the crook of his neck.
“Doesn’t mean that I can’t have nightmares.” He responds, his voice slightly rough as you spread kisses on the skin there.
“Mh, you wanna talk about it? Or explaining to me why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?” Amused you look to him.
Instead of an answer he turns you both around, his cold body presses you in the mattress. His hand slips in your panties and you moan quietly as he pushes a finger in you.
“Don’t.” Tate whispers as he notices how you bite your lip to hide a moan. “You can scream if you want.”

I have a rather severe, rare heart condition that I was born with and I had to have two open heart surgeries August 11th and 12th, right after school started. We told school that my recovery would take awhile but whenever we asked for schoolwork they would only give me science and now I’ve missed too much school and I have to do online school until January. A bunch of girls who u thought were friends are trying to tell me that their situation is worse because of how much work they have to do but they are all able bodied and when I told them I would gladly switch places they told me that I wouldn’t and they’d rather be sick like me. They are so ignorant and frustrating and do you know anyway I can see them again or talk to them without punching them in the face?

Short answer, you don’t.  Don’t see them if at all possible.  And definitely don’t talk to them if you see them.  They aren’t your friends, they aren’t supportive and you are wasting energy and time on people you aren’t even going to think about in 4 years.  It so immensely satisfying to stand up and take care of yourself. 

And if you are forced to interact with them socially or they have the guts to ask why you are not talking to them.  You can tell them you don’t waste time on people who aren’t willing to understand that a disability is not something you wish for.  That you have no desire to waste time on bigoted people who feel that somehow they know what it’s like to be disabled instead of listening to you, a disabled person.

You are seriously better off without these people in your life.  And I know that societal pressures make young people, especially young women, feel like they have to bend over backwards to make peace and be nice.  But I am here to tell you that you are not obligated to do so.  And the sooner you learn how to be real and honest with yourself over who deserves your time and who doesn’t, the happier you will be.

I’m sorry you have to deal with such gross people in your life.  You deserve better than that.

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okay but is there like… a single reason why transwomen should be included in feminism? No, “because they’re women” is not an argument. Females have always been oppressed for being biologically female, not for their identity. No one ever was like “ok i’m gonna rape you now… wait, what? You’re a man with a female body? Oh geez sorry bro I thought you were a woman haha”. We don’t get asked about our opinions about ourselves. Throughout the history, cis women had literally no way to escape oppression. At all. While transwomen? They could just pretend to be men and be alright, which is not really comfortable okay but still better than having no way to escape rape and reproductive violence. Nowadays transwomen don’t have to deal with the “you’re worse than men because females are less intelligent and creative blah blah blah” because this is talking about the biological sex and they are biologically male, therefore better no matter what their identity is. 

Most of them don’t face the misogyny we do because they don’t pass as women, so the hate they receive is more like homophobia (aka hate for men doing what women are supposed to, therefore degrading themselves). Those of them who pass get mistaken for cis women, so fighting against misogyny against us will automatically help them as well. 

So like. Historically had it way way better than us. Nowadays are only hated because of historical hate of cis women. Can be considered, unlike cis women, human in islamic countries. Don’t get told they are ~~naturally~~ worse than men. So… what’s the point of including them? Fighting misdirected homophobia? Cool, but that’s not what feminism does. 

You can be like “okay but why not? Maybe they don’t logically belong but it doesn’t hurt to help them as well haha”

Except it does. 

Transwomen want to enter female-only spaces, making it possible for any men as long as he claims to be a transwoman to enter and possibly triggering victims of male violence 

Transwomen want feminism to stop talking about female-only problems because we’re “erasing” them. We’re only now getting an opportunity to talk about this, they want to take it from us again

Transwomen want lesbians to “examine” why we aren’t attracted to them, making it possible for lesbians to sleep with them out of guilt and fear of being called transphobic, not actual desire to have sex with them. This is coercive rape

So no, I will never include transwomen in my feminism. I am not a terf, I am just a feminist. People who include transwomen aren’t. 

I don’t hate them (except for the ones who do what’s listed before), but they do not belong in this movement. Oppression was never about identity. 

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so i had a thought,,,, we all know that brendon is a slut for sinatra right and i am too right and in the song "one for my baby (and one more for the road)" frank talks abt the bartender joe, and then in the overture from vices, the bartender is named joe as well?? idk it was just a thought,, probs just a coincidence tbh idk. thoughts??

no he probably did that on purpose 😂

Imagine the pack ruining Liam’s and yours date

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Liam forced a smile as the waiter asked you what you wanted, They said they weren’t going to show up! He thought, as Lydia scribbled down on her notepad, She probably didn’t even get Y/n’s order.

When you accepted Liam’s date, he was happy as a man on crack.

“No!” Liam almost shouted at his friends. “I am going-”

“Liam it’s a full moon-”

“I’ve got my shift under control!”

“We don’t know-”

“Just trust me!” He finally yelled. “Y/n’s is the most popular girl at my old school and I’ve had a massive crush on her! Just please, let me go. I’ll be fine.”

But against the Beta’s hope, they all showed up somehow. Scott and Kira were out on a date, Lydia somehow worked at the restaurant, and Stiles kept calling Liam asking for updates.

By the end, the date could not have gone worse. Liam was a nervous mess, saying the wrong things, Scott and Kira chose to make it a double date with the two of you, your order of food didn’t came, and when it did, it was wrong and Lydia spilled half of it on you.

“So how’d it go?” Stiles asked in a singy voice as the four returned to Stiles house.

“Well, Lydia spilled food on my date, Scott told her that I have a disease affecting my ass growth, so ask those two if they had a nice time because my night is now ruined.”

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(Hi Momtaku! I had a dream that the remaining members of the Survey Corps discovered Coffee outside of the Walls. They found that Coffee made them fly higher and it gave Turbo Power to Titan Eren and Titan Armin. Your thoughts on this possibility?)

On a scale from 1-10? Eleven. Coffee jiving them up and making them fly higher and creating turbo titan powers makes perfect sense to me!

 As I discussed in this crack theory that is not actually crack but is actually a honest to god real theory, the true source of the walled conflict is control of coffee supplies. The Warriors are clearly a clan of coffee drinkers. They will do anything to protect it.