Bunny 3

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Pairing: JiKook
Genre: hybrid au, hybrid Jungkook, fluff 

       Something heavy was settled on Jimin’s chest, making it hard for him to breathe. He opened his eyes only to get blinded by the sun. After he got used to it he looked down. What he saw made him smile. Jungkook was sleeping with his head and hands on Jimin’s chest. His lips were still parted, showing his cute front teeth. He looked adorable but Jimin still had a hard time breathing. Jimin started stroking the hybrid’s hair. “Jungkookie……it’s time to wake up” he whispered, poking the bunny’s nose with his finger. Jungkook mumbled something inaudible and scrunched his nose a bit but didn’t move. Jimin smiled at his cuteness and decided not to wake him up yet. He had another idea. He slowly and carefully moved Jungkook off of his chest and made him lay next to him with his head on Jimin’s arm. Surprisingly the bunny didn’t wake up in the process. Jimin wanted to cover them both with the duvet but Jungkook suddenly moved and kicked it off the bed. Jimin sighed and tried to get up to get it but was stopped. Not literally but the hybrid made a cute sound and nuzzled into his chest and Jimin didn’t have a heart to move away. He made a mental note that Jungkook is the cuddly type in his sleep before he put his other hand around the hybrid in some sort of a hug and went back to sleep.
      The next time Jimin gets woken up is by the alarm from his phone. He turned on his back and reached under the pillow to turn it off. Once it was quiet again he remembered about Jungkook sleeping with him. How could he forget when his arm felt like it was going to fall off. He looked to his side to check on the hybrid and was hella surprised to find the bunny with his head raised but his eyes still closed. Jungkook started sniffing around him, never once opening his eyes, but making Jimin stare at him with his wide open in confusion. Next Jungkook did something that left Jimin even more shocked. The hybrid sniffed Jimin’s shirt and then crawled on top of him, burying his face in Jimin’s neck. He made himself comfortable and released a content sigh. Okay, there go Jimin’s plans to get up and make breakfast. At least he had time to think what he should buy before the hybrid wakes up. First of all - clothes. It would be awkward, at least for Jimin, if Jungkook walked around naked. So shirts, pants, underwear, a hoodie and shoes ofc, Jimin can’t let him stay at home all the time, everyone has to go out once in a while. Stuff like toothbrush are necessarry too. And the most important things, more food. Jimin sucks in cooking so he mostly orders food but with Jungkook who doesn’t eat meat he’ll have to try harder. Which remind him that he has to ask, the hybrid if he eats only fruits and veggies or maybe somthing else too. Plus he probably needs to order weekly supplies of flavored milk. This way he won’t forget to buy it. He couldn’t recall anything more he should buy, he’ll see while actually shopping.
      This whole time Jimin was mindlessly stroking Jungkook’s back with his hand. He didn’t even realize it until Jungkook made a sound when Jimin’s fingers accidentally brushed his neck. Jimin froze, unsure what he should do know. The hybrid made some sleepy sounds and rubbed Jimin’s neck with his nose, his ears going up and down. He finally raised his head and opened his eyes. Well, he was still half asleep so they were barely open. He looked around and then at Jimin who was smiling at him. The hybrid then looked down, as he was still lying on Jimin, and his cheeks turned bright red. Jimin’s smile grew even wider, the hybrid was just too cute for his own good “Morning Jungkookie, did u you sleep well?” he asked, ruffling the bunny’s hair. Jungkook nodded but was too embarassed to say anything. He quickly rolled off of Jimin and sat on the edge of the bed. “I forgot to ask you yesterday, do you eat only fruits and veggies?” Jimin asked him, stretching his numb body. Jungkook shook his head. “I eat everything but meat. And fried things, I can’t eat those” he asnwered quietly. Jimin got up from the bed, walked around it and offered his hand to the hybrid. “Come with me, Jungkookie, I’ll make breakfast” he said, waiting for the bunny to react. Jungkook blinked few times quickly, not really knowing what to do but he accepted Jimin’s hand and followed him to the kitchen. Jimin sat him at the table and proceeded to make them food. He took the rest of the fruits, cut them and made a colorful salad from them. He then made a sandwich for himself and put the bowl with fruits in front of Jungkook. The hybrid flashed him his cute smile and shoved a kiwi into his mouth. Jimin watched him empty the bowl and couldn’t get enough of how “bunny” it looked when he was eating. Jimin could probably watch him eat all day and wouldn’t get bored. Once they were finished and Jungkook drank two bottles of his milk Jimin told him about his plans for later. “Shopping? With you? You mean I can go out?” Jungkook asked, clearly schocked. “Wait, you thought you have to stay in here 24/7?” Jimin wasn’t less schocked than the hybrid tbh. Jungkook nodded as an answer. “I have to buy clothes and other things for you so you need to go with me, Jungkookie” Jimin explained. Kook nodded again but Jimin could see he was scared of going out. It made him wonder why but it was too early to ask about the younger’s past. Jimin grabbed the hybrid and pulled him into a hug. “Don’t worry, bunny, you’ll be with me” he assured him. Right there he realised he didn’t even tell the hybrid his name. He facepalmed himself. What an idiot he is. “I forgot to tell you my name” he said, dragging Jungkook to the bathroom as they both had to shower before going. “Master’s name is Jimin” the bunny replied. Jimin stopped abruptly and turned around to look at him. “Master?” he was more surprised to be called “master” than about the fact that Kook already knew his name. “Just call me “hyung”, okay? I’d feel weird if you called me master” he said, taking out a fresh towel from the drawer. “Okay…h-hyung” Jungkook mumbled. Jimin flashed him his eye smile and pushed him under the shower. “Now you’ll take a shower and I’ll find you clothes” he said and quickly left the bathroom. 
While searching through his wardrobe he thought what he should do and what he shouldn’t do regarding Jungkook. He had no idea about keeping pets, much less having a hybrid and he didn’t have younger siblings. He’ll need to ask Seokjin hyung for help. He picked up his phone and quickly typed a message. 

12:13 Jiminnie
Hyung, I need your help! 
12:13 Jin hyung 
Something happend?
12:13 Jiminnie
You have no idea! Could u come to my house and go the the mall with me in like……… forty minutes? 
12:14 Jin hyung
U got me worried there but sure, don’t be late.
12:14 Jiminnie
We won’t. Thanks hyung, I’ll explain everything. Love u <3 

Jimin hoped Jin won’t be as shocked as him when he saw Jungkook. And he hoped that the hybrid won’t be scared of him. They’ll see.

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Best Decision

You stared down at your phone blankly and sighed, too used to the feeling. 

Joshua was busy with work– again. 

“Was staying with you the best decision?” You whispered to yourself.

You closed your phone and placed it on the nightstand beside you as you slowly lifted the covers to your chest, staring at the ceiling. 

This was tiring and you were sick of it. You’re sick of waiting until the next morning to meet with his sleeping figure and then him having to leave four hours later. You rarely spent time with him and the dates that you planned were always postponed. 

Sighing once more, you closed your eyes and fell asleep. 

You slowly opened your eyes and blinked slowly when you were met with Joshua’s twinkling eyes that stared softly at you. Your eyes shot open as you sat up instantly, wiping your eyes and running your hand through your hair as you blinked rapidly. This isn’t real… He’s awake? Looking at me and not sleeping? 


You slowly looked over at Joshua’s confused expression as he slowly sat up, sitting behind you. His hair was slightly messy but looked amazing on him.

 You stiffened slightly when he slowly wrapped his arms around you from behind, pulling you a bit closer as he laid his head on your shoulder, his eyes closing. 

“Good morning…” his sweet voice whispered. 

You swallowed and placed your hands over his that were on your stomach. 


“Let’s go and wash up, hm? I’m going to make us some breakfast later,” he interrupted you and smiled gently at you, raising his head back up as he stared at you with the most dazed and loving expression.

You slowly nodded and gasped when he suddenly picked you up bridal style after he stood up. He grinned at you and walked to the washroom. 

After washing up, Joshua was making breakfast as you were sitting on the couch, your fingers gripping your phone. 

You read over the texts that you and Joshua used to send and sighed. He had to leave in about 2 hours, and you were tired of never seeing him except in the mornings. 

“Baby? Breakfast is done!” 

You looked up and found Joshua grinning happily at you and bringing two plates of pancakes over to the little table in front of you. He set the plates down and pecked your cheek. 

You blinked rapidly and opened your mouth slightly, “Jisoo-” 

“Wait! I forgot the milk!” Joshua cutely tapped your nose before jogging over to the kitchen again. 

You sighed softly and stared at the pancakes, your heart weakening as you re-thought. However, all those thoughts of keeping him as your boyfriend faded when reality hit you. This is the most time you’ve seen and interacted romantically with him in the last 2 months. You frowned. 

“Here it is!” 

You looked up at blinked as he placed the two cups of milk on the table before leaning in and kissing your lips sweetly. 


You blinked rapidly as he shoved a piece of pancake in your mouth. You slowly chewed and stared at him as he ate as well. He kept glancing at you and smiling softly. 

You swallowed your food and opened your mouth again but was stopped by the glass of milk in front of your lips. You looked at Joshua confusingly but he just chuckled. You took the glass and slowly sipped the milk before putting it down and sighing. 


Joshua stiffened slightly and gulped, his eyes fixed on the table as you were staring at his side view.

“Jisoo,” you sighed softly as there were no more interruptions, “Jisoo, can we talk?” 

You saw him breathe out softly before a soft “no” escaped his lips. 

“I– Wait, what?” you blinked. 

Joshua looked over at you and pressed his lips together before softly whispering, “I said no.” 

You stared at him blankly before a small frown of confusion appeared on your face. 

You felt his hands on yours as he slowly caressed your knuckles with his thumbs, “you can’t… you can’t break up with me.” 

You blinked in shock and stared at him as his eyes were on your hands. He raised your hand and slowly cupped your hand on his cheek, staring at you. 

“Don’t leave me…” 


“I heard you, Y/N… You were asking yourself if staying with me was the best choice…” 

You widened your eyes, “b-but my phone was-” 

“No it wasn’t…” Joshua whispered, staring at you sadly, “why…? Y/N… I told you so many times that I have work and I’m so sorry for not being here with you.”

You gulped before croaking out, “I just really miss you… It’s so lonely without you and just to see you in the morning…” 

Joshua softened as he nodded in understanding, “I miss you too… so much…” he whispered, cupping your cheeks as he smiled at you, “I promise… I’ll make it up to you.” 

You sniffed and closed your eyes when he leaned in. 

“I love you so much… Please understand that and know that it’s not my fault that my boss is so mean.” 

Your lips cracked into a slight smile when he spoke and pressed his soft lips against yours. 

this is so bad frick sorry