going vegan so far has been really nice for my mental health like i’m gonna try to explain it

for years i had this underlying guilt about consuming animal products and tbh i think most people have the same guilt because we know how bad it is, we know all forms of agriculture are ruining our planet, we know it’s not sustainable, and we know that the animals are suffering

and so when i finally, instead of ignoring and suppressing that guilt, took it and examined it, i realised that the guilt comes from our natural compassion for animals and nature, and compassion should never be suppressed

and going vegan has so far made me feel better about myself, i feel lighter and like i’m being more true to myself, by being vegan i save approximately one animal a day and it makes me feel like i matter

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What do you think of anti vegans who argue that vegans don't care about issues regarding people? I can't explain it well because it's been so long since I've seen the post but maybe you have seen it and have memory of it?

People who eat meat try to use that argument to classify all vegans as bad and pat themselves on the back. First, although some vegans are obnoxious and don’t care about bigger issues that relate to human rights matters, not all vegans are the same. And half the time the meat eaters making that arguments don’t care about the human of the people that make their meat or the indigenous people that are displaced to make space for farms and slaughter houses in South America or care that people are starving but most of the food production on this earth goes to the animals they slaughter, not the people in need
So at the end of the day, everyone should mind their business and not group people together.

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Hello Mr. and Mrs. Vegan! Upon realizing that I'm vegan, there have been a few people who have accused me of caring more about animals than I do about the migrant workers who are picking my vegetables. I can never think of an articulate response to this. Any suggestions?


Migrant & undocumented workers in the meat industry are treated awfully.

Obviously, you can decrease the exploitation in your purchases by buying from local farmers markets or from frozen food companies with good labor standards. Starches probably are machine harvested.

It’s a bigger broader global issue, but the person who said that to you is going to die of scurvy…

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It's so annoying to me when meat eaters make up bs excuses and whine about how 'difficult' it is to be vegan, like there's a post floating around in which a bunch of them talk about 'foodie classism' and how "beans take hours to prepare, you better not be tired!" and it's like.....1) you don't HAVE to eat beans (usually I don't), and 2) I wasn't aware of all the 'physical effort' that is involved in letting beans soak in a bowl of water or slowly cook in a crock pot....

I agree, it’s an argument I’m seeing more of nowadays and I think going to become a staple one, this is pretty much how carnist discourse has gone over the past few years:

1) Carnists claimed that factory farming was the only issue, so long as they weren’t consuming factory farmed products everything was fine, vegans conclusively demonstrated that abuse happens on all types farms, factory farm or not.

2) Carnists argued that we need meat to be healthy, vegans proved that we don’t.

3) Carnists argued that we cant feed everyone on a vegan diet, vegans proved we can actually feed more.

4) Carnists argued that yes, all of this is true, but veganism is so expensive, its elitist! Vegans have just about proved that you can be healthy as a vegan on a low budget.

5) The better informed carnists now accept that objectively plant foods are cheaper, and are now arguing that we have to take into account prep time, effort and how full the food makes, which is a legitimate concern. But now it’s going to be another several months of us demonstrating that eating vegan involves no more effort than being an omnivore and that plant foods can be just as filling. Then they’ll move on to a new excuse. Maybe something about how being vegan is inherently sexist because of PETA’s posters… Whatever gets picked out of the hat, basically.

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I think one of the biggest issues around Veganism is that people think of it like an allergy (you know, when they ask the "Stranded on an island" thing), when it's just a decision we make, a choice we have.

I actually haven’t heard anyone call it an allergy. I know what you mean tho.. It’s super frustrating that people don’t take veganism seriously.

I’m definitely a ‘blame the corporation, not the consumer’ type of gal.

People who aren’t struggling financially seem to think consumer activism always works and anyone not participating in boycotts against certain companies is evil.

It’s just not like that at all. 

When it comes to places like Sea World, consumer activism was more easy because not paying for a trip like that isn’t exactly an issue for anyone. 

But when it comes to boycotting easily accessible and cheap stuff you honestly can’t expect everyone to participate in the boycott. 

Maybe go after the system that gives so few people so much power over the masses instead of targeting each individual company and/or brand. Because the truth is, you’re going to run into the same problems again and again.

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have you ever had a carnist use "meat is the only texture i can stand to eat"/"i can't stand vegetables/faux meat's texture" as an excuse to why they could never go vegan or vegetarian in their life ever, in a conversation? it happened to me three times now and i'm not sure what to think about that. they present it as if it's some sort of eating disorder or nutritional issue, and i really don't want to be insensitive; but it really just sounds like picky eating to me...

(unplanned part two haha sorry) also, do you ever get the feeling that someone might be making up a health issue or bring up an irrelevant or too generic one so that they can tell you they could never, ever go vegan? as soon as i went vegan it seems like every single one of my friends and mutuals has suddenly the “"shittiest”“ digestive health (pro tip: acid reflux is NOT a reason why you could never go vegan) and the weirdest (see the texture thing) eating disorders :U 

It’s a symptom of neurodivergency, particularly autism I think? I deal with some minor texture sensitivity (but not with food) so I sympathize. I cant drink out of glass cups or put anything dry in my mouth or else my teeth feel weird (fuzzy?? I cant describe it) and my gag reflex kicks in. I understand what you mean but it really isnt just “picky eating.” 

But there are faux meats that are super similar to real meats though. And again, veganism isnt just the diet. 

As for the second part, yes. Ive had people tell me that their broken leg needed the nutrients in animal products to heal properly wtf??? Some are pretty obviously bullshit excuses but unfortunately we cant really decide whether or not someone is “faking or making excuses.” We arent psychic doctors or anything

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'vegan' 'free thinker' Choose one.

A free thinker is someone who isn’t attached to any particular ideology or guru or tradition or school of philosophy, and who is able to make up his/her own mind about any issue. I think atheism helped me see that it was wrong to eat, wear, and otherwise exploit animals. As an atheist, it was easy for me to reject the supernatural belief in a species hierarchy and instead view the human species as merely one animal among many in the animal kingdom.

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do you think there could be a moral issue with giving fur coats away to charity? :0 like... my grandma had this huge collection and now that it's mine,, idk what to do. obviously selling them is not even an option as it would contribute to the market (? i think?). thank you :3

I don’t personally see an issue with doing this, there is an argument to be made about creating demand, but I think that the good of giving an expensive item to a charitable group outweighs it.

(EDIT) I’ve been advised by someone on anon to see if there is a wildlife rescue nearby. many will take fur coats for their orphaned baby animals, which I think is a great idea so thank you for that contribution.

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what are your thoughts on vegans???

Oh, okay, vegans. *random* Haha. :)

I totally 100% support vegans! While I personally don’t think I could ever be one, I understand both the health concerns and animal rights issues involved that prompt many people to choose said lifestyle and I think that if able and willing, it’s a wonderful thing to do should a person so choose it!

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it's not possible for everyone to go vegan. I'm pescetarian & that's as far as I'm able to go. I'm recovering from health issues and body image issues and I physically cannot go vegan & restrict my diet more.

you’re looking at the wrong way if you think it is a restrictive diet

One of things that really bothers me about vegan discourse (one! Lol) is how easily taste of food gets dismissed.

Like taste and enjoyment of food is in my experience a big part of human experience? When I don’t enjoy food (this happens to me often, probably because of mental health issues) the effect on my general life quality is palpable. It is not bad or greedy or sinful or small minded to want to enjoy your food.

I feel like this connects to a certain undercurrent in vegan communities, which reminds me of certain religious/spiritual ways of thought that I personally do not think are very, uh, wholesome. Like, veganism is a personal piety and I know that for a lot of people it connects to feeling clean/pure and that they think of it as a certain kind of good burden. It’s really close to ideals of asceticism in a way, imo. It is no wonder sensual enjoyment is so antithetical to it.

Anyway, food enjoyment is actually pretty important, let’s respect that?

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yo have you heard of not eating fake meat bcos it emulates real meat, texture and/or taste-wise, and this is gross and bad and immoral even tho it's not real meat? idk like i just think u can be vegan and you don't have to have the most ideologically pure politics to do this u know? you can try and make vegan tacos that taste like the old dairy-cheese meat ones u used to make and that doesnt make u a bad vegan or person imo!

I’ve heard this yes, but usually from carnists just looking for any opportunity to criticise vegans. There is no moral issue with eating faux animal products, we boycott animal products because they are made from the bodies and excretions of animals, not because we dislike the way they taste.. It isn’t even that it is asking for ideological purity, it is that this objection is completely misunderstanding what our ideology actually is. 

I’m going to try to become vegan. Not for the “trend” effect but for the love of animals. I have so much love for those creatures I cannot express to you. If I see a picture of an animal I will absolutely cry or tear up. Lately I’ve been staring at my plate with meat on it or dairy and just thinking of what beautiful soul it belonged to. Then I think about human meat which really freaks me out. I was a vegetarian for eight ears then I stopped because of certain health related issues. Now I’m ready to take this on. So if any one of you babes has recipes or tips for a beginner vegan I would love to hear from you. 💜

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Literally not everyone can go vegan, there are serious health issues that can prevent it and your insane if you think veganism is cheap. You obviously haven't experienced the struggle with money that many people do. It's making me upset because I can't go vegan because it would cost too much for my family to make 2 separate meals one specially for me, and no they won't go vegan. I think veganism is a great choice if you have good health and money but some people just can't do it. Yikes.

why are you on anon? i would love to have a proper conversation with you about this.

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Ok I gotta ask...wtf is with the literal anti vegan, pro hunting stuff? I could ask this anon but I didn't. Wtf? No fuck it I'm gonna ask on anon because I don't want some bs backlash

I’m not necessarily anti-vegan. yes, the vegans that I’ve met have all been pretentious assholes, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t good vegans. if someone wants to be a vegan, they can totally go for it. I even tried to be vegan once (it lasted like two weeks, but that’s beside the point).

and I’m also not necessarily pro-hunting either, but I’m not against people that do it. my mom’s side of the family are all deer hunters. I think hunting is sometimes necessary in places where things like overpopulation of a species is an issue.

I’m not really one side or the other with this issue.

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Hi, I just wanted to ask a thing. Are you white? Not that this really matter wrt animal rights but it will influence whether i trust your input into situations about animal exploitation that involves poc. I'm vegan and i think your blog is EXCELLENT but due to my experiences with the vegan movement i really can't trust white vegans with my issues. If you are white, can you point me to vegan blog that is run by ppl as awesome as you but aren't white?

Hi there, that’s perfectly understandable, I am white yes. There are quite a lot of excellent bloggers who are vegans of colour, I’d be happy to point you in their direction.

@vegankween @geminifromthesky @thiswelcomeisgone @unfriendlyblackvegan @thatblackveganguy immediately come to mind, though there are a whole bunch who I’m sure would be happy to talk to you. Can any of my followers make any other suggestions, maybe some resources as well?

VEGAN - for me this means so much more than just the food that i am sharing with you … Through veganism you can stop the world hunger, support human rights & animal liberation, stop the exploitation of any creatures and stop the climate change and the pollution of our environment… Stand up for your values, love, compassion!!
It’s so much more than just making my food look pretty for instagram. It’s a lifestyle- a message for everyone out there!

Because of that i think about widen my pictures on my whole life and all issues that i want to discuss here related to veganism… What so you think? What would you like to see?

Working & snacking on donut peaches with passion fruit 😍 also had a Banana smoothiebowl and more dates 😋✌🏻️

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Hi, I was wondering if you would be willing to watch a video on youtube. I'm interested in your opinion on it. It called The Crime of Raising Vegan Kids When Diet is Deadly on a channel called Bite Size Vegan. If it's too much trouble don't worry about, I was just curious about what you would think.

haha I watched it and

  • she had a point up until the first half - like while I don’t think feeding kids a vegan diet while growing up is a 100% great idea the last time I answered an ask like this I had someone confirming me they grew up vegetarian and never had issues, but their parents had checked with a nutritionist every step of the way so obviously if you do it you have to do it seriously and check everything with a doctor, not feed your kid whatever you think it is that they should eat, and some of those kids were just malnourished and their parents shouldn’t have been in charge of kid anyway, so like I don’t think outlawing vegan diets or vegetarian diets for kids solves anything - I think that if you do choose to do that you absolutely should be required to have a doctor checking that out all the way and I would fine parents feeding their kids whatever they think they can give them if they’re going for diets where they have to get nutrients from sources not necessarily available. anyway I agree that it’s not necessarily the only thing to blame in these cases
  • then she lost me at the ‘if you feed children animal products they become obese/get automatically cancer’. and then the obesity statistics tied to animal products is ridiculous - kids here are obese these days because they don’t do enough exercise and eat shitty stuff in general and like you can’t compare meat I buy at the farmer’s market and cook myself with mcdonald’s - the latter will fuck me up a lot more than the former because of the additives. and mediterranean diet is not automatically vegetarian and guess what all the people I’ve ever met who had cancer were older than fifty and most people I know eat animal products and are… in perfect health? because they eat good quality food and they don’t exaggerate with it. also I can’t take the whole ‘EATING ANIMAL PRODUCTS MEANS CERTAIN DEATH AND EVERYONE CAN JUST DROP IT’ - some people can’t and you can’t ask of idk celiac people to give up meat because of course they’ll get nutrients elsewhere if they can’t eat stuff with gluten. also saying mercury in fish means you get lower IQs is like… I mean, I’ve eaten fish for most of my life because according to general knowledge it actually is good for your memory and uhm I have a great memory and my IQ isn’t lower than average? like thing is, we should eat less animal products in general because it’s not sustainable, but on the contrary it’s not like aggressively cultivating plants instead of using that land to feed cows is any better if it’s done aggressively - it’s gonna kill the land anyway and it’s exactly as damaging. I mean if you end up exploiting people in south america to grow quinoa or whatever else you end up ruining the land anyway and you exploit people, it’s not exactly much more sustainable. we should strive for sustainable agriculture and the likes everywhere instead of going like WE SHOULD GET OVER WITH THIS AND THAT AND GO STRAIGHT FOR THE PLANTS AND WHO CARES HOW THEY GROW. also MEAT MAKES YOU GET CANCER is fucking ridiculous - that study about red meat said that it made chances higher if you ate it burned and every other fucking day but if consumed normally and cooking it without charring/burning it the ratio was 0,5% higher and at that point it’s highly probable you’d get cancer or die for some other reason before red meat makes that happen. (yes I read a breakdown of that XD) like the second part was the kind of militant veganism that makes me want to roll eyes every other moment especially with the ‘EVERYONE SHOULD GIVE IT UP BECAUSE YOU GET THOSE NUTRIENTS ELSEWHERE’. some people don’t. some people are allergic to stuff that is fundamental in vegan diets. you can’t ask them to give it up just because you think animal products are the source of every bane. like if red meat caused cancer than 90% of the people I know should have cancer statistically, which… does not happen.
  • tldr: eat whatever you like though going to a nutritionist should help, strive for sustainable agriculture and for the love of god don’t assume everyone can be vegan.