Natsu pulled at the chains for the millionth time.

He would get out, and see everyone.

They would all be happy again.

His attention then turned to wind that swirled around the room, and the darkness that came with it.

Zeref was here.

Now was his chance.

Natsu focused the small amount of magic power he had left, but everything was the same.

Zeref smirked.

“You haven’t noticed!” The black Mage laughed, and backed away.

Soon it was silent again, except for the occasional scream from the other room.

“What?” Natsu could only stare, and push himself forwards furiously.

Maybe Mard Geer was right about the genetic order of wanting to kill their ‘creator’.

Again, Zeref was consumed by a laughing fit. After he was calm, he held out his hand, and waited for the Book of END to appear.

Natsu could even stand to look at the thing.

“I’ve been working on something, but I never thought it’d effect you so much!”

Natsu struggled again against the chains holding him up, not even bothering to ask.

“You would like to see?”

Zeref’s smirk set the fire dragon slayer off the edge.

He growled and focused his power, but still no fire came to aid him.

Instead Natsu felt as if he was being burned alive.

But he still laughed.

This was bound to happen eventually, and he was elated that Zeref was in the room when it did.

Unless it wasn’t a coincidence.

The black Mage smirked, and the book was opened on the floor.

“This entire time that you were kept here I was working on this. It’s a good thing that now you don’t need to be completely depleted of magic.” Zeref laughed. “But I thought that you would notice!”

His words rang in Natsu’s ears. He wasn’t here for torture.

“Heh, that doesn’t change the fact that I’ll still kill you!”

“That’s just it. Everyone you know and love is dead.”

He slowly smiled again, and laughed, just like Zeref did.

Natsu pulled on the chains with new-found strength and broke free, everything hurt, but he didn’t care.

“That’s why I’ll kill you, don’t worry.”

He smiled.


So I coloured @khaoticvex ’s fantastic line art and wrote a ficlet to go with it! XD I hope you like it! ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶

Let’s hope everything makes sense! XD)

Jane Week Day 7: Free Space

Yooo thank you admins who created this event and thank you to everyone who participated and celebrated it! (even though im hella late myself)

i never thought drawing jane could be so much fun!

( Continued from x for @bad-to-the-b0ne )


The idea that Cherry actually liked him back seemed foreign. He always seemed so hesitant to be around him before. He had to be meaning something else.

anonymous asked:

not a request just a thought ... joker and Harley reversed roles ? joker is the psychiatrist and Harley is the patient. imagine how that would go ...

Oh my god, this is the first one I really can’t imagine, I mean would Harley be like Joker, or would she be like she is now … I only could imagine her as a female Joker ‘cause Harley is just Harley because of Joker … So would she turn normal if she fell in love with him, while he’s a psychiatrist, or would he fall for her and she turns him into Joker … Wow that’s a mindfuck … I can feel my brain melting while I’m thinking about it! XD 


Olivia Julia ~

Named after the pink olivia rose austin english rose variety and the orange julia butterfly.

One too many -ia’s in her name, but oh well.  It’s the most normal name in my legacy, I think.  xD  Wait, scratch that.  There was a spare born in generation 01 that had an even more common name.  :P  Only because at that time my legacy wasn’t as colorful or creatively named.  xD

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I think juvia dying is the biggest problem for fans in fairytail ever xD

I think its the most devastating one anon san ,but we cant do anything but hope for her return

some-red-herring replied to your post “list 5 facts about your most favourite sim of yours, and send this to…”

also I feel like bribing for such a thing should be more expensive… not that I’d ever need to bribe for that in the first place ofc

….. 250K is really not a number to sniff at.  At least if the poor bastards in other games on my dashboard are to be believed.

It’s a pretty darn good bribe level, but if you want I can push it up in game I think.  xD  

workingatthenightshift said:

(( You’ve got that size kink goin’ on hu? XD I think it might depend on the type of snake? ))

Shh, you know nothing! *shoves all my weird size stuff in an oversized closet*

In all seriousness though I wasn’t thinking anything dramatic for this (not by my standards anyway). I was gonna put them at their normal human height difference but then I was like “Wait a minute aren’t female snakes usually bigger?” and I guess the real question is should she be.

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I had a dream once where Chanyeol really wanted whatever I was eating but he couldn’t because he was allregic but kept complaining so I got annoyed and shoved it in his mouth. Pretty sure he died I dont really remember XD

i think i died too when i read that last sentence yoU KILLED CHANYEOL

my ap lit teacher senior year of high school: we’re gonna  get into postmodernism soon xD i think you’ll probably like this unit olivia XD