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Hi (: I just wanted to say that I simply adore your headcanons. I think they're awesome xD Also I was wondering if you had any school headcanons where an omega has a crush on their alpha teacher, even believing they're fated partners and everything! Thanks for taking your time reading this! Stay awesome and lots of love ^_^

Oh my gosh this is so adorable. I hope a range of ages is ok? Just a little note so no one complains: IN NONE OF THESE HEADCANONS DOES THE TEACHER RECIPROCATE OR RESPOND TO THE OMEGA’S FEELINGS

  • Tiny pre-school omegas who follow their alpha teacher around because they’ve never met an alpha they aren’t related to, and they just love how tall and friendly and kind this alpha is
  • They start clinging to the alpha’s legs during break time and sitting at the front as close to them as possible
  • Basically the alpha has a tiny, incredibly willing omega who will basically take on the entire class if they needed them to
  • The omega might start growling at other children if they seem them with their alpha teacher, and they start getting possessive over the teacher
  • On Valentines day, the little omega present their alpha teacher with a hand made card and a teeny tiny box of chocolates
  • Whenever something bad happens and the omega starts crying, they always run straight to the alpha teacher, because their crooning is so nice and calming to listen to
  • Slightly older omegas who are still young enough to have nap times at school building nests and sometimes sleeping in them in pairs or trios. The omega builds a nest and then shyly tries to invite the alpha teacher into it to sleep next to them
  • Elementary school kids who get pegged as a teacher’s pet because they’re always hanging around them and trying to answer questions and impress the teacher
  • Middle school omegas who always have a gift for their alpha teacher at the end of semesters, and every morning when they come in they give the teacher a beaming smile
  • In gym class, they’ll often ‘sprain’ their ankle or ‘hurt’ their hand, just so they can spend 5 minutes of the class with the teacher touching their skin and checking that they’re ok
  • Every Valentines day, the omega literally writes out about a dozen cards and ends up burning them all because they all sound too cheesy or too stupid or too creepy
  • Omegas who are around 13 or 14 who are starting to understand body language tilting their head to the side subconsciously whenever they talk to the teacher, exposing their scent glands
  • High school omegas who are way more subtle about it, but still try to hang around the alpha teacher, often doing extra credit assignments and asking for help after school just to spend more time with them
  • They might subtly scent their teacher’s desk
  • Literally any praise they get from the teacher makes them glow with pride
  • They always subtly hint to the teacher that they’re going into heat
  • Every prom, they hope that their alpha teacher will get slightly too drunk and they can make out, but it never happens

I feel like this would definitely be a thing that happens? Like, omegas go through phases where they don’t like alphas their age and instead like older alphas, and like-wise with alphas liking older omegas, simply because they’re more experienced and they subconsciously think that an older mate will be able to care for them better


We got to see them enter the venue unfortunately we couldn’t take photos. I didn’t win photo op but that was okay I got my bias’s photocard and an autographed album. The concert itself was such an experience. B1A4 did so much fanservice. Of course Baro saw my sign  being front row it wasn’t hard to miss. I was able to touch Jinyoung and Baros hand during the end of the show. Also I got absolutely soaked from the amount of water they threw on the crowd, but hey I ain’t complaining XD (I think it was close to 50 bottles they had lol) I was also able to grab one of their used hand towels (after hours of searching I figured out it’s Gongchan’s)and a straw (that they were drinking from) from the stage. The hi touch was perfect! I was the second one to go to the hi touch and they were all so sweet and beautiful up close and their hands are so soft! After we waited for them to leave the arena and Baro was just being so extra sticking his head out of the van.

Also if anyone wants to watch any of my fancams from the concert here is the playlist :) 



i think kara’s skin is impenetrable but i’m p sure it’s just as soft as any human’s otherwise people would notice that she feels like she’s made of steel? i mean plot holes are everywhere on this show so like… but i’m sure that lena would notice if she hits something that solid with her teeth XD


Last night, I took O’teral out to the Coeurl’s Whisker Tavern @shofie-ffxiv to further establish that he’s: 

a. Creepy as fuck

b. Skulking around Ul’dah

Thanks to Ura’tuo @ignisandura and Mimini @themiqoteavenue providing conversation and nervous foils for me, I think I succeeded. xD First pic taken by Ura to show the Stares of Disapproval coming from the kitchen. X3

It’s tricky to balance being creepy and making people worried icly while not actually making the players uncomfortable and unhappy. I want to stay considerate of other folks while still adding tension to the atmosphere. :3

I hope everyone had fun. ^^ I definitely did. xD


Told ya! xD I think I could’ve done better. Maybe next time… Ghirahim is by far my favorite villain in the Zelda series, Zant being my second. :3

I reeeaaaaally hope I don’t get a copyright strike for this… I gave the copyright and credit in the advanced settings so… Hopefully it’ll be okay…? Eh, even if I do, one strike couldn’t hurt, and it’ll disappear after 6 months so I think it’ll be okay. =)

Kitty was trying to be smooth (again) but the Princess knows all of his tricks. 

She is not going to fall for any, Chat. Maybe you should change your ways…

…altho who knows. There are many ways to fall.

Dupain-Cheng 6 - Agreste 1

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