The Phone List

Turnover has always been a problem in the office. 

I’ve been here a little over a year now, and in that time there’s been almost a complete staff revolution. A few old-timers are still around - the general manager, the supervisor, I think a couple girls in HR - but the people on the floor don’t last long. I don’t know what their deal is. Maybe it’s stress; we have to deal with a lot of customers in high-tension situations, and the pressure can get to you. Or maybe people just find something better and move on. 

Here’s what I do know, though: The phone list is cursed. 

I mean, I don’t think it’s actually cursed. I don’t think someone sat down with some candles and did an incantation or anything. I just mean, there’s this weird coincidence I’ve noticed: Every time the company updates its internal directory, someone else quits. 

We have a bank of offices, and of course each employee has their own phone and extension. They keep a list of all the extensions, so we can easily make calls from one to the next - I guess they don’t want us leaving our area to go make smalltalk if we need something - and obviously it makes sense that when somebody leaves that list should get updated.

But I swear, it seems like every time they update that list to reflect a new hire or someone quitting, another person quits within a week. 

That’s another odd thing about this company, actually. When people leave, they just sort of vanish. You never see them cleaning out their desks, or hear them whispering plans to leave; there’s not much gossip in the break room. 

And when people leave, it’s like they were never here. You might see the manager emptying out their desk, but no one ever talks about the people who have left. I guess management is trying to overlook the turnover - maybe they think we’ll stage an insurrection or something if we get to talking about how bad retention rates are - but the whole thing just feels weird. 

Anyway, I didn’t think too much of it for a long while. Businesses have turnover. No big deal, right? 

And besides - the job itself is pretty sweet.   Dealing with customers is pretty stressful, but the pay is decent, the benefits are nice, and the management is usually pretty good at staying out of my hair. I barely talk to my supervisor anymore, to be honest. I see her walk by with the general manager sometimes, disappearing off into an office to talk about finances or whatever, and I’ll wave - but that’s about it. Normal office stuff. We have potlucks all the time, and they feed us really well. I’ve put on a few pounds this year, from all the shared meals. Even the supervisor has plumped up a bit since I got here. 

So, it’s got its perks. And if people can’t cut it, I guess that’s their problem. 

But once I started making friends in the company, the whole turnover thing got a little more awkward. This one guy, Jake, friended me on Facebook; we used to banter back and forth and share memes. Nothing big, but fun. Then one day he quit work and I guess unfriended me - I couldn’t find his profile anywhere after that. Not a word. That stung a little. 

And Tracy, who had my phone number. We’d text sometimes, meet up for drinks - but when she left the company, she just stopped answering me. It was weird. I felt like some kind of pariah for staying at work here. 

But the worst one by far was Abby, who I really considered to be a friend. We had known each other outside of work before she even got hired here. In fact, she was the one who referred me to the job, after running into me at a high school reunion and hearing I needed work. We weren’t best buds or anything, but we did meet up outside of work on a pretty regular basis to let our kids play and catch up on gossip. 

And then one day she quit, without warning, and I haven’t heard from  her since. I’m honestly not sure whether to be worried or pissed. If there’s something she found out about this job - some reason to leave - she’d damn well better tell me and not be a coward about it. And if she just left for some dumb reason, why would she be so reluctant to answer my phone calls? I even swung by her house yesterday; her car was in the driveway. She must have been avoiding me. How much of a wimp can you be? 

Well, anyway. That’s what’s running through my head today. There’s a potluck this afternoon, but I’m too irritated to look forward to it; the idea is honestly turning my stomach a bit. And I couldn’t help but notice the supervisor as she waddled past - god she has gotten fat - and think maybe I should have a salad today or something. 

But here’s the thing that’s really getting to me right now. I just got the new phone list, the one updated to remove Abby’s number – and I noticed that my name is missing, too. 

That’s weird. 

A shape moves outside my office door - a big, hulking shadow, a bloated silhouette - and I feel the oddest stab of fear. 

Why is the supervisor coming to get me now? The potluck isn’t for a few more hours…

How To Make An Easy DIY Still

How To Make An Easy DIY Still

External image

Image Credit: diyready.com

See how to make an easy DIY still from items you may have laying around your house.

This is great information to know. A still can make drinkable water from nasty, undrinkable water… even sea water. It’s pretty amazing to think we could actually make this water drinkable and actually hydrate ourselves in a survival situation. I can think of a few nasty water sources near me that I could use this still on and get safe water for my family.

It really is simple to make and use. Here is what you need.

(1) Aluminum pot with an aluminum lid
5 Gallon bucket
(1) Drill
(1) 1/8 inch drill bit
(1) 3/8) inch drill bit
(1) Cooking Thermometer
(1) Teflon Tape
(1) Hot glue gun with high temperature hot glue sticks
(1) Metal File
(2) 3/8-inch to 3/8-inch compression adapter (found in plumbing section
(1) 20 ft. Refrigerator coil
A stove or other consistent heat source (when using the still you need to keep whatever you are boiling at a very even temp)

Check out the full tutorial and see all of the amazing step by step pictures to help you build a still below … If you find this tutorial useful, please share with your friends. 🙂

How To Make An Easy DIY Still

How To Make An Easy DIY Still was originally published on SHTF & Prepping Central

Arsenal and money:

click here for the full financial report

There’s a great misconception among Arsenal fans that the club has around 200 mil to spend on players. (Be that in the pound or Euro, some seem to think that doesn’t matter.) However, the club’s financial structuring, and the report I have linked you to above and below, explain how that’s completely not the case. And the fact that we achieve what we do year in, year out, is in large part thanks to the man that is blamed often for lack of adventure in the market, Arsene Wenger. 

Here’s an excerpt from the report that explains our situation in a brief summary:

“*Due to the structural issues identified below, our view is Arsenal is not investable for the general public, the fact its ISDX quotation has survived is anomalous.* 

Revenue growth to end May 2016 is seen as muted given no change in gate/ match day income and the drop off in property development/ player trading. 

Our forecast is for revenue growth of 2% in FY2016 to £351.5m.*

The heavy investment in players has already hit cash levels quite hard. We expect a £44.4m spend on player registrations over FY16. 

In our forecast for FY16 we anticipate a net profit of £3m.*Arsenal has significant levels of cash but net levels are far lower limiting the club’s spending – we estimate Arsenal has around £54m of cash that could be deployed on new players (assuming the board tap the £50m overdraft facility).”

Not all of the jargon will make sense to some people, but basically we have £54m to spend on players, and that’s only if we use an overdraft. Shares in the club since AW arrived have gone up 40x the amount they were in 1996. In financial terms, that is remarkable. In historic terms as a manager, that is remarkable. The impact AW has had and continues to have is unique. 

As, @rosecityriveters discussed with me, anything and everything Arsenal has to spend is down to Arsene’s sensible planning. In summary here:

  • Hint to #AFC fans: it’s not Wenger you want rid of, it’s Kroenke. Any money you have to spend is thanks to Wenger’s planning. 
  • “We earnt over 100m last season” and Kroenke insists on a closed system. He looks for profit- Wenger’s done damned well with what’s there. 

So this isn’t happy news, it doesn’t remove fault from AW in some areas, but it is imperative that we as a group of supporters understand the magnitude of AW’s success, and recognise that there are some things he cannot control, and yet he continues to manage it with astounding success, even if it doesn’t feel that way. We must criticise constructively based on facts, not myths.

click here for the full financial report

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Drabble meme: 59 or 142 for Klance? :)

(i was going to go for 142 but i couldn’t…. i coudln’t stop laughing at 59. i coudln’t let it go.)

If anyone asks Lance- it’s a mission. He wouldn’t voluntarily suggest this. Not if his life wasn’t on the line- which it was. He’d suggest this if it was anyone but Keith, without needing the life caveat. But here he was, and here Keith was, and here they were. In this unfortunate situation. 

“We have to think of something,” Lance said. Both of them were stuck, in a tiny coat closet, with Lance’s elbow meeting Keith’s ribs and Keith’s knee meeting the wall behind Lance. It wasn’t comfortable. It could be- he suppose it could be, with anyone other than Keith- but that’s not the card he was drawn. 

Keith continued tinkering at the shield-barrier they were supposed to be working on. There were four of them- so each paladin got one, except Keith and him, who got to deal with one together. Lance was stuck between being offended at not being competent enough to take on this challenge himself, and delighted that Keith, also, was not competent enough to take on this challenge himself. 

It was a serious conflict. It was a serious moment. He knew, if anyone at the fancy party outside opened the door, they would be caught red-handed. They needed to disable this shield, now, but any second someone could walk in on them and see Keith tinkering on their shield-whatever and ruin the mission. 

“You think of something,” Keith said. It had the bite of a retort, but not the content, as he was quite busy with something else. Lance wouldn’t let this slide. 

Elbowing Keith hard in the ribs, he said, “What? Is the- the shield thing really confusing you that much?”

“No- it’s-” Keith, stumped, to Lance’s delight, glared at Lance. His face looked red, and his expression pinched. “Can you scoot over?”

“There’s nowhere to scoot.”

Keith shoved him, and managed to find the room for Lance to scoot. He had that sort of determination- the kind that made the impossible happen. It impressed Lance, then instead of passing, it stuck around like a jealous plague. Lance huffed, loudly, and his breath reflects off Keith’s neck and hit him back in the face. 

“I mean- if they catch us, we’re not exactly being subtle, here,” Lance said. “You have a wrench. It’s in your hand. We’re in the only closet with the shields.”

Keith’s elbow knocked Lance in the face. He bit the corner of his cheek- Lance could see the movement, he was so close- and continued to desperately hack away at the shield. “Your plan- you’re not doing anything right now, so figure it out.”

“Well, we could sit here, like siting ducks,” Lance said. He had the habit of saying the first thing on his mind- even if his mind betrayed him, with these stray thoughts betraying his core values of Not Liking Keith. “…or we could make out.”

The wrench in Keith’s hand hit Lance’s shoulder with a clank, bruising it and causing Lance to elbow Keith unintentionally. His shoulder ached, and he tried to look rightfully offended at this, but Keith looked so pitifully flustered that he couldn’t. 

Keith grabbed the wrench from off of Lance, and continued to pry away at the shield. 

“What, you never make out with someone before-” Lance stated, as if he had, but he couldn’t finish the taunt, because the door creaked open. 

Then, suddenly, the wrench was hidden behind the nape of Lance’s neck, and the palm of Keith’s hand. Keith’s face was close, so close, that Lance could see the sweat dripping down his forehead and the stains of pimple scars across Keith’s cheek. 

“Um,” Lance said, and Keith kissed him quiet. 

Their teeth clanked, the wrench dug into the back of Lance’s neck, and Keith felt warmer than anything Lance had felt in his life. He closed his eyes, just as the door closed again, and Keith pulled away. 

“That- that- worked,” Keith said. His hand shook, and Lance could feel it. It shook enough, his arm shook with it. 

“Uh-huh,” Lance said, blinking wildly. Keith looked red. Keith looked red, and Lance smirked in the dark. “Yeah, yeah, that worked- are you blushing?”

“I’m working on this shield-thing,” said Keith. “You just- you be quiet.”

It’s a piss-poor response. It made Lance smile, and lean back into the wall. 

“I can’t believe it,” Lance said. “You’re blushing.”

He got an knee to the chest for that, but he didn’t mind.

Confession: i think as a collective, we need to stand with other poc and the struggles and the racism that they also face.
I have just recently read about the Dakota access pipeline situation which indigenous americans have been facing and noticed that it has not received much media coverage as many of their- and other poc- struggles go. Now, just to mention, i am not blaming anyone here. It isn’t our fault as we haven’t really been hearing about it.
This just got me to thinking that many poc have been nice and supportive of us and have marched along with us for years and I think that we should do the same. (See: black panthers, brown berets, asian american alliance and the american indian movement and how these groups stood in close solidarity with one another during the 70s)
Now, please understand that I am not saying that we should speak for them, just stand with them, as they do with us.
Some people may be upset with what I am suggesting and I understand that anti blackness exists across many non-black poc communities but i have recently seen many posts from different communities addressing the fact that they need to do something about the anti blackness within their own communities.
Many people of colour have been taking their time to educate themselves about us and the racism which we have endured over the years. I think we could at least do the same.
Please understand where I am coming from here. Please don’t be upset. I took my time to write this all out so that you do not think that I am mad or that I am being critical. I am not being critical of anyone. I am not blaming anyone. I am just simply stating my own thoughts and it is just something that I hope you take into consideration.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.

Under-acknowledged characters Maia Roberts edition
  • Maia Roberts:patience grasshopper, good things come to those who wait
  • Maia Roberts:(but you're-) a were wolf. Like everyone else here except you, the asshole and assholes sister.
  • Maia Roberts:I'm from New Jersey. I was born in toxic sludge
  • Maia Roberts:we don't have a mouse problem. We have a megalomaniac problem. Sebastian's determined to drive wedges between shadowhunters and downworlder.
  • Maia Roberts:it's nothing I haven't handled before.
  • Maia Roberts:I'll figure it out on my own
  • Maia Roberts:being an outcast is not familiar than being accepted.
  • Maia Roberts:take it from me just because a situation sucks doesn't mean life will always sucks...I think.

slothmaniac13  asked:

How do you stay so positive??

my best friends mom just asked me this the other day and honestly i just have a lot of hope, i believe that i will get what i put in and that everything happens for a reason so if something bad happens or upsets me i just think (well lets just let it rock because this is all happening right now we are all here right now and this is what was meant to happen so clearly i need to let it happen) example: if someone wants to leave, let them. you’ll understand it all farther down the road. just simply keep ur head up and always look for the good in each situation

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Hey! so I've been thinking about the paladins blushing lately so here we go! Shiro goes bright red. his whole face. Very obvious. Lance and Hunk gets the bright red strip from his cheeks and over their noses. Pidge's ears go bright red, so if she's holding her hands over her ears you know somethings up. Keiths cheeks have different stages of blush, depending on what the situation is. Allura and Coran's transformative abilities act up, sending them into a wide range of colours and patterns.

this is super cute!! allura and coran blushing sounds like it would like really cool to see!


Alright so you guys know we wanted to trend #whatiloveabouthoseok this thursday at 10:30pm kst, just after Bon Voyage.
But oops, Yoongi just dropped his amazing mixtape. We knew there was a risk and it happened : bad timing for us.
So here is the situation, 2 options :

- we change the date BUT we only have two days to reach again everyone and tell them that in the end it won’t be thursday but another day which seems impossible to me looking by how I needed a lot of time to just talk about the project to a certain amount of people. We also think this wouldn’t be rude to keep the project : the goal of this project isn’t to scream Hobi is the best etc etc but just showing our affection and how we appreciate him, and so not overcome Yoongi
- OR we don’t change the date BUT people might think it’s rude (even though reasons said up there) and will hate on Hobi and hobi stans

So what do you guys think? I need all your opinions. I personnally think we shouldn’t change the date because it will be too hard (and even impossible to warn everyone of the date changement) and also because it’s not rude towards Yoongi, we just want to trend it a few minutes (or maybe one hour) and it’s really not to ignore that it’s Yoongi’s shining time

The pilot starts with [Regina] trying to get [Emma] to leave town.  You stayed because you were worried about her.  And here you give her the dagger and trust her over controlling your life.  I think that really shows how far we’ve come in five seasons.“
JM:  "It’s also to see their friendship to that point.  I have great girlfriends in my life that I would trust with my life.  I feel like it’s nice to see that represented in a show because a lot of times women are adversaries and they stay adversaries in the writing.  In this particular situation we got to see two very strong women grow to be friends instead of enemies.”
“I think that was important to us.  It was important to us with Snow White and Ruby.  I think friendship has always been important on the show.  I think it’s important in life.  We always wanted to make it about family and friendship and love and everything.
—  Eddy Kitsis and Jennifer Morrison, 5.01 Dark Swan DVD Commentary

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I'm pan. I live with my accepting mother who is always tying to learn more and be more accepting, but I also live with my homophobic step father and then I see my biological father who uses sexuality and gender as a joke. For both me and my ace/aro sibling, this is kind of hell. My sibling doesn't live with my step dad anymore but I'm trapped here and I don't know what to do anymore. He's emotionally abusive and limits the food I eat, and then on top is the sexuality and gender issues. Help.

So first of all, we’re here. So any questions you have, we’ll try to answer.

The family part, it sounds like they’re not going to be easily swayed. so I think the best thing you can try to do would be to have friends that know your situation and will suport you to bear through the horrible stuff your step dad does.

Are there any followers that have been through a similiar situation and have some extra advice?


Jim: *angrily* Spock, can’t you take your hands off her?

Spock: That is my affair.

Nurse Chapel: Captain, please.

Jim: I think we should get a few things straight! (Lets be real here, the last thing this show is going to become is straight.)

Spock: *Severely* Jim … *double take* no. Captain. We’re both reacting to the drug. The love potion.

Jim: Yes. *Puts hand over mouth* we have to control our emotional reactions.


Hahahahaha I am dying, look at Kirk in the last cap. LOOK AT HIM. 

Jim gettin’ jealous and throwin’ down in the middle of a hostile situation. They’re surrounded by gigantic rock monsters hungry for blood and he’s like:


The boy is mine.

Hi guys! I hope you’re having wonderfull day and if you don’t here’s rainbow to make it better.
Yesterday i went to my local beach and there is American corner library, so I got Looking for Alaska by John Green. For now I am liking it even though Alaska is a bit annoying character. We will see what i will think when I finish. So officially I am reading three books at the same time which is probably not a good idea.
Are you in similar situation? What is you current read?
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It’d been a terrible day, now that she thought about it. Her puddin’ had been in a mood, and – well, it went how it usually did. Harley didn’t think she should show her face around there for a bit, especially not with a fresh bruise on her cheek. When Mistah J was like this, sometimes the best thing to do was get out for a little while and come back once he’d calmed down. Then she’d really make him smile. 

But she couldn’t think of anywhere better to go than here, which brought her to the situation at hand. Standing in front of her friend, loaded gun in hand, which she was currently waving about. Harley grinned, wide and manic. “Red! C’mon, we gotta have some fun tonight! Whatcha wanna do, huh? See a movie? Go shoppin’? Ooh, or I could help water the plants! You know I’m a real good helpa’.” She hoped, maybe just this time, Red wouldn’t ask. 


David: i’ve been thinking… i’m here so much of the time anyway… why don’t we make this living situation permenant?

Diana: i don’t know… you’re a romance sim and i don’t want to have to share you with anybody else. 

David: i can change, Diana. i am a family secondary, and I have been reading about a machine that can change the way you think. I would do that for you.

Text ✉️ Pinn
  • Puck:I mean we can be teammates with benefits. A setup for like the best sexual partner ever….like a girl I can do the dirty with and watch a football game with after?
  • Puck:I’m sorry I’m losing it over excitement over here.
  • Finn:Okay, we/do/not/want/a/situation on our hands. I don't care if she's a girl or not, but she's still part of the team. Can you stop thinking about having a "teammates with benefits" with Mickey for a split second? For the sake of the team.
  • Finn:Coach had someone try out without letting the team know. Dave and I have been freaking out because what else has the coach hasn't been telling us.
I’m Back! || ~

Sooooooooooo when I wrote the message about being on Hiatus I very upset because I was told the internet would be cut off. Well guess what! The internet was never turned off.

Now I’m not saying I was lying, but it turns out the staff who threatened to cut it off didn’t actually know how to without their own internet being turned off. *insert evil laugh* They wrote the letter out and sent it to all of us but didn’t exactly think it through when I was told the next day they were “Working on it” Meaning “We don’t actually know how to turn it off without our own turned off”

But I was told if it happens again it will be turned of for certain (yeah probably like 3 or 6 months later when I’m no longer around so I won’t have to worry hehe) I’ll be honest I was rather annoyed about the whole situation but I’m glad the internet isn’t off.

So I can spend more time here! With you guys! So I do have plans to change this blog and will continue with those plans as well as finish off an art piece I’ve been working on, I’ve been showing off to a small group of people to see what they think and so far the feedback has been positive, I can’t wait for you all to see it :)

Any way I’m off to play some Unchained X!

~ Wicked

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Hey Eridan, I have a small situation here. I have a Moirial that I think I love, but we only ever talk over text and we have only met over the internet (We do plan on meeting each other). It doesn't help that my self-esteem is very low and I'm Nebularomantic, do you think I should wait? Thanks for your time.

CA: sometimes it can be hard to figure this shit out so takin some time to think could help