On a serious note, i think the reason why Neo Yokio works in the same way that My Immortal did is it toes the line of parody/satire and over-the-top-but-played-as-serious series to such a point that it blurs, leaving you both confused and wanting more

it’s beautifully imperfect mess that everyone should enjoy at some point, if nothing else but to witness Jude Law voice a mecha and Steve Buscemi vape

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Why you like TomTord?

I did ship tomatt and then eddtom (which I still do) and I use to think “ wtf? Why do people ship tom and tord??? They hate eachother hhhhhhhhh,,,,” but then I started looking into it and noticed you can make a lot of good shit out of this ship, whether it be angst and or fluff

I think I figured out why Launchpad only got one appearance in one episode this week. With the way he always drives and crashes Scrooge’s limo he has to take it to the auto shop pretty much every day. The mechanics all know him and none of them are surprised anymore by how often he comes in or how banged up the limo gets. He’s made friends with all of them and knows all their names and birthdays and the names and birthdays of their kids and pets. They have a framed portrait of him over the front door labeled “Our Best Customer”. Launchpad is incredibly proud of this.

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did phil call dan 'bear' in the sonic video @ 10:06 ?

im always a sceptic in these kind of things but ¿¿¿?? i think ?? he does?? i mean.. why else would he say bear in that instance?? please somebody give me a not-demon explanation.

I’ve been thinking about this post and I want to imagine Link passing by Stevie one morning at the office when she says, “Rhett’s wearing that sandalwood cologne today, isn’t he?”

And Link pauses (mainly because his brain has to take a second to recall what sandalwood smells like) before answering, “Oh, uh, yeah, I think so. Why?”

Stevie grins. “Ah, sometimes I can smell his cologne on you.”

“Oh,” Link says. It’s a revelation that bothers him for a few hours into the morning, but eventually he forgets that he ever had the conversation.

Until the next morning, and the next one, and the next after that. Stevie continues to question Link about what Rhett’s wearing, from vanilla musk to amber and oak. Link always knows the answer, and embarrassedly he’ll mumble out the answer, which to her satisfaction, always happens to be Stevie’s guess.

He finds it strange how he doesn’t mind that Rhett’s scent rubs off on him, or that Stevie finds it so amusing. It all has Link noticing Rhett’s cologne more often, especially when they’re alone. He starts to read the small spritz bottles Rhett leaves on their dressing room mirror, starts remembering Rhett’s fragrances by their names. Worse, he wonders why he smells like Rhett’s cologne at all.

Maybe this is why, he thinks when they carpool and spend an hour in traffic and tangerine. Maybe this is why, he thinks when Rhett brushes against him with a hint of hazelnut.

And maybe the three of them are chatting behind the set, waiting for the rest of the crew to prep the next episode up for filming, when Link lets it—everything—slip. “That’s a new cologne, isn’t it?” he blurts, earning the attention of both Rhett and Stevie.

“Uh, yeah,” Rhett replies. “I got it a while ago, but this is my first time wearing it. It’s something like rain, I think?”

Link nods. “It’s nice. I like it.”

“Oh. Thank you,” Rhett murmurs, and everyone falls into an awkward, foot-shuffling silence before Micah sticks his head around the set wall and gives them the thumbs-up for filming.

The next morning, Link strolls into the kitchen where Stevie sits, sipping on a Mythical Mug of coffee. He pours himself his own mug, wordless, before turning to Stevie at the counter.

“Not asking me about Rhett’s cologne today?” he asks, voice soft.

Stevie looks up from her phone and smiles. “Link. I think we both know what cologne he’s wearing.”

Link inhales, long and slow. The kitchen smells like coffee and rain.

“Yeah, I guess we do.”


*channo voice* we back !! and we back and we back…. rap just made me anxious !  -no okay but we back with another installment of crybaby cancer’s follow forevers. y’all i really tried to find another peach pun ( not really spent like 3 minutes searching and gave up ) but i really outdid myself in stupidity with my first follow forever. sorry i wish i was funnier, but all cancers do is cry according to every tumblr blog so it ~must~ be true, so jot that down. i’ve had so many of these for all the godforsaken blogs i make smh, but i don’t think i disclosed why i make them. i’m gonna be real like this is one big ass promo/celebration for you guys. like i couldn’t give a rat’s ass how many 0′s i have behind my followers, i’ve really made really cool friends over all the years i’ve wasted on this ridiculous site. so i’m just here to spread some positivity and love and shit. alright let’s get to @’ing people bc we all loveeeeee to be @’d~ ( bro i’m sorry like right fuckin now… i’m really gonna forget to tag someone and i’m gonna freak out but i love y’all and i have my blogroll up bc i’m #nostalgic and bc i want you guys to see the awesomeness that i follow )

i mean they cute or whateva…

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fuckin admire them from afar, jot that down

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I know this is completely ridiculous but I'm the back of my head I keep thinking why is it ok to be trans if it's not ok to be "transracial" And like obviously that's not ok for reasons of oppression and many many other things, but then I think why am I an exception. I know it's silly but it just gets me down a lot

Lee says:

Being trans is a valid identity. If you can’t accept that as it applies to yourself yet, think about other trans people. You can’t say that I’m not trans just because it’s not okay to be a transracial, which is a totally different and oppressive “identity” that’s pretty much only related because it says “trans” in it. Being transgender is real, and unlearning internalized transphobia that says it isn’t is hard but possible, and made easier by immersing yourself in the trans community where possible and following trans blogs and trans positivity blogs like listed here

Sidenote: People who are validly transracial are people who are adopted by families of a different race, like when a poc is adopted by white parent, but not that Rachel you-know-who nonsense.

If you can accept that being transgender is okay for other people, then try to self-validate and remind yourself that being trans is okay for you too.

Poly!Bus : Support for T in LGBT

This is a break from writing all those requests in draft form, because wowie it takes a lot and I forgot about that.

So, I’ve decided to remind you all that no matter who you are, what you are, where you are, and why you are, you’re loved by me and Admin M. We’re here to talk if you need a shoulder to cry on or a mushroom stress toy to squeeze the living hell out of.

We’re here, you can contact me at @pupwithacup , you can even contact us in an ask without using the anon messenger so that it stays private.

Anyway, I got to thinking and said, Hey, why don’t I make something that I’ve never written about before: the pains of some of my best friends and maybe even some of you reading this; but Transgender problems.

If you are triggered by the lgbt community or by Transgenders, kindly fuck off and do not send me hate for supporting my best friends.


Jonathan shuffled closer to his British lover and curled up against him. Craig responded with an exhausted yawn. “Sorry, Craig…”

“It’s fine, hon.”

Jonathan glanced up, “Today?”

“This week, I think…”

Jonathan smiled and pecked his cheek, “Good Morning, Cyra.”

Cyra smiled back and nuzzled into Jonathan, “Mornin’, Jon…”


Cyra giggled, “You, too, huh?”

Jun blushed, “Yeah”

The two cuddled until the sun began shining through the curtain, listening to each other’s heart beat. Jun was relaxed after a long night of recording and gaming.

“Isn’t it exhausting?”


Cyra glanced up at the ceiling window, “You know… dealing with those different feelings.”

Jun nodded, “Yeah, but it’s fine for me.”

“I feel confused.”

“About what, hon?”

Cyra sighed softly, “Well, no one knows but you and well, I kind of feel a little…”

“Underappreciated?” Jun let a soft breath leave her lips.

“A little bit.”

The two coaxed the other up form the bed, one trying to budge up from underneath the other heavy cuddler while the other lazily kissed understanding marks into their neck. “Should we…”

“No”, Cyra mentioned, “They’d never understand us, Jun.”

Jun sighed and sat up, “Yeah, you’re right, I guess.”

The door squeaked open and in stepped one of the youngest, Lucas. “Hey…”

Jun stared alarmingly at Lucas and felt her knees go weak, “D-did you…?”

Cyra felt her eyes tear up an she nervously rubbed at her arm. “Can you guys keep a secret…?” Lucas muttered under his breath.

Jun and Cyra glanced at him questioningly, “Um, if you can keep ours?”

Lucas nodded, “Of course.” then paused for a second to breathe in deeply, “Well, I’m… I go by… um…”

“Are you…. femme?”

Lucas briefly nodded, “Yeah. I didn’t know you guys felt similar. You’re probably more of Gender Fluid than Transgender.”

“Gender fluid? Transgender?” Jun questioned, Cyra taking out her phone immediately.

“So what is your preferred name, Lucas?”


Cyra squealed, “That’s such a cute name, babe!”

Luce giggled and smiled brightly as Cyra launched her into a huge hug. Jun joined soon after, “Now there’s three of us.”

The door, once again, sneaked open and in stepped the tallest of their group, “Guys? Whatcha talking about in here?”

“Tyler…!” Cyra gasped, breaking from the hug to stare in pure shock and shame at him.

“I, um, I heard.”

“Tyler, please, for the love of fucking Christ, do not tell the others.” Luce pleaded, clasping her hands together at her chest as she glared at him.

Tyler shot his hands up above his head for surrender, “I won’t, I won’t. But, it might be a good idea, just so we call you by your names on the right days. Ya  know, it’d be bad if we were to just, stomp on your feelings like that.”

Cyra stared in pure shock at Tyler, “You mean…”

Tyler smiled softly, “Geez, you’re so sensitive about everything.”

He stepped closer and wrapped his arms around Cyra, “Stop worrying about what we’re going to think, it only matters what you think.”

Cyra felt her eyes tear up even more and clasped her hands around his middle, nuzzling her face in his neck. He smiled and sighed softly, opening an arm to the other two girls, “Come on, you two.”

“A hug from an accepting lover! Yes!”

“Why wouldn’t we accept you guys if we’re part of the gay in lgbt?”

Marcel suddenly was grinning in the hallway like an idiot, Scott beside him with Evan to their left.

Luke was peering in from the right and John found a seat at the dining room table behind the group in the hallway.

Lui and David sat next to him over there.

“You guys…” Luce glanced over at his lovers with a small small.

Marcel grinned again and stepped closer just as all three began running at him. He prepped himself for a huge impact and felt all three slammed into him, arms wrapping around him into a huge hug.

The other guys chuckled behind him as he collapsed to the ground. “Thanks, girls, Jesus Christ.”

Cyra chuckled and sat up, “Sorry Marcel.”

Marcel chuckled and pecked each of their lips, “Don’t hide stuff from us next time, okay?”

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I love how different the boys are when Aaron wanted to speak to Robert when he saw him in the cafe with R,he apologised for interrupting them before asking to speak to him privately then then Robert sees Aaron on a date,sits at the bar staring at them rubbing his temple and he goes over, confidently introduces himself,drags a chair over and sits down and before he leaves he off course says “ I hope my husband makes you very happy” while Aaron just sits there lol I love those boys so much

I think that’s why they’re so good together. They’re so different in so many ways but absolutely perfect together. It just works! Robert is so extra and hilarious in that scene and Aaron’s like “wha….what is he doing,,omg no…nooo..oh he’s going to sit with us” it’s so good with the comment at the end and Aaron’s not even mad! He’s just sunken into his chair like “yep, that’s my husband…,sorry about him” 😂