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I'm an Eruri shipper, but sometimes I get the feeling that Erwin didn't love Levi back, which makes me sad. Levi's feelings towards Erwin are 100% canon and have been reiterated countless times, but Erwin seemed too focused on his father and his mission to truly love Levi back! I think is why their relationship hasn't been established as romantic: Levi loves Erwin but cannot be with him due to Erwin's one track mind. It makes me sad, as I don't want Levi living knowing Erwin didn't love him :(

Okay so this is an argument that I’ve heard many times before and I’ve already answered a few asks about this: Undoubtedly. Unquestionably. Unconditionally. Let me see if I can set your mind at rest Anon…

You’re right that Levi is much more vocal about his devotion to Erwin.  There are countless examples in the manga, in the Smartpass content and most recently, and most heartbreakingly, in the monologue that accompanies Levi’s character song.

“In order to catch the freedom, I felt outside the wall. I chose everything by myself. Even Erwin will lead me to hell, I will never regret. Never. Not even a bit.”

JFC just kill me Levi….

Erwin is much more reserved, but that doesn’t mean that he does not reciprocate Levi’s feelings, and in actual fact there’s plenty of evidence that he does.  It’s there in the way he talks to Levi in the manga, the weird humour they share, the fact that he uses ore when talking to Levi rather than watashi, which he uses with everyone else.  It’s there in the Smartpass content, in the private meals they share after expeditions, the tender moment in the rain, the fancy clothes and the contraband tea that Erwin procures for Levi.  It’s there in the ridiculously shippy official art.  And it’s there in spades in ACWNR where Erwin is openly fascinated by Levi and pursues him with single minded determination.

Now I know there is an argument that even if Levi and Erwin’s feelings are reciprocal, they never have a chance to act on them as they are in the middle of a war.  And I think there is certainly a grain of truth in that.  However, war does not necessarily negate love, if anything it can heighten feelings of devotion, particularly for those who fight side by side.  Sure Erwin and Levi aren’t going to go swanning off on fancy dates, but it’s canon that they spend private time together when they can.  In times of war, love may be reciprocated in the smallest acts, a meal shared together, or the grandest gestures, I will trust you with my life and fight to the death for you.

And I know there is also an argument that Erwin is so focused on his dream that he has no time for anyone or anything else, and that’s certainly the way that Erwin himself sees it latterly.  But as I’ve said over and over again, Erwin is the most unreliable of unreliable narrators. It’s true that Erwin’s dream has always driven him forward, but it’s really only towards the end that it becomes an all encompassing obsession.  Erwin is clearly depressed towards the end of his life, he’s weighed down by guilt, and confesses to suicidal thoughts, however depression and love are not mutually exclusive.  You don’t stop loving someone just because you suffer from depression, even if it means you struggle to express those feelings.  Even if you are in the depths of despair, those feelings are still there, buried deep. I think it’s telling that when Erwin does finally confess his fears and his struggles, it’s Levi that he opens up to. And it speaks volumes that it’s Levi who is able to free him from the burden of guilt he carries. Ask yourself this Anon, would Levi’s words really have had such an impact on Erwin if he didn’t love and respect him? 

Daisuke Ono said in an interview once that the amplitude of Erwin’s feelings is so great that it can be hard to see.  So don’t worry Anon, I’m certain that Erwin did love Levi and I’m certain that Levi knew it, you just have to stand back to see it.

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Loving your Drowley / love chevron tag this morning. I wonder if you might read Crowley like I do. I definitely think that he and Dean had some kind of physical relationship during their summer of love, but I also think Crowley developed actual (unrequited) feelings for Dean (probably before that) and it wasn't until sometime during that summer of love that he realized Dean didn't feel the same and that he'd never be able to compete with Cas for Dean's affections.

Re: my unrequited Drowley ask, I think that’s part of why Crowley delights in teasing both Cas and Dean about everything–especially their feelings for each other–and why Dean is… kinda gentle with Crowley’s feelings because he KNOWS but he just doesn’t feel the same and doesn’t wanna be a dick.

And I think Cas knows something happened between them but he doesn’t realize the unrequited bit so it stings like a motherfucker when Crowley teases him or talks about it. (This may have become less a meta ask and more of a mini fic/headcanon oops)

Well, I pretty much agree! I don’t think it was overly romantic tbh but I do think Crowley realised that once he had Dean he didn’t really want him because Dean wasn’t really happy with him and it was literally a case of “let them go to come back to you” except he didn’t, he went straight to Cas and started clearing his bed for him for frick’s sake. 

Then Crowley was moping after Dean, he did help them in 10x14, even though of course it was in his interest too, it was coded for the audience as more than that through Rowena’s speeches to him and of course in the end Dean chose CAS.

I mean, no wonder the guy was pissed for the rest of the season and only finally seemed to get over it in season 11 / 12 and even then he’s still bitter, liking to bring up his relationship with Dean whenever he can with the unnecessary “I know you can fit a bomb up your arse from personal experience” comment in 11x23 and of course the 12x15 “rubbed off all over you” comment after having saved Cas FOR DEAN.

I love the love chevron :D

Re: the teasing thing, hell yes!

Towards CAS10x14 deleted scene: “Maybe he’s YOUR boyfriend…he’s not my type.” Yeah, tell yourself that Crowley, poor guy…

Calling Cas their love slave, knowing he would do anything to save Dean in 10x03 for example, he totally knows and knows there’s not a chance in Hell, excuse the pun, that he’s got a chance anymore, it’s way beyond anyone, it’s transcended time, space and even death :p

Also, I totally headcanon that while they were Buddy Cop Comedy Road Tripping their way around the States, Crowley took great pleasure in dropping in as many innuendos and references to Drowley as he could.

“Cassie, you really should get Dean to fix that rattling under the car, I know he can get down there, he’s so flexible”.

“You can answer your phone you know, me and Dean, we don’t have secrets” *wink*

“You should really get yourself a new look Cas, Dean, he likes a guy in a well tailored suit…”

This is why Cas was so freaking exasperated and jumped at Dean, insulting him about the lumberjack thing, as he just couldn’t take it anymore and JFC, the first thing Dean did was jump at him, he was so done.

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Towards: DEAN: Well, 12x15 “I’ve rubbed off all over you” 11x23 “You could shove it up your…well, you could…” 12x12 “you’re welcome” to DEAN…

Yeah, I totally headcanon there is more to this that we haven’t seen ;)


Scarlett: “I swear there were sparkles and weird shiny symbols floating around your head!”

Miracle: “Are you sure?”

Scarlett: “Yes! What were you doing?”

Miracle: “I just…well, I was meditating. It really helps me, you know. What you’ve seen is probably a side effect. What? Does that not happen when people are meditating? Is it weird?”

Scarlett: “Yeah, it kind of is, to be honest. I think I know the reason why it happens.”

Miracle: “Do you?”

Scarlett: “Yeah…but I don’t think it would be okay if I told you. It’s really not that big deal, Miracle, don’t worry.”

Miracle: “I’m gonna ask dad.”

Scarlett: “Good idea.”

I think the superhero platform gives the female character, you know, a relate-ability for the male audience as well. So, I think that’s why people are kinda gravitating towards female super hero characters, and also female characters in general as big parts of the film. So, that’s great for us, female actors who want to do roles like that, which is really great.

i think i know why kdramas are so much better than any other movie or show out there

they know how to make realistic and trustworthy relationships


this is a good video and i think it illustrates why tf2 is losing its charm

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Hi there, Looking at Sansa in new trailer it gives me vibe that it will be parallel with scene where LF tried to kiss her, she refused & walkaway. But this time (I'm a bit tinfoily here.) Jon try to kiss her (he succeeded) & sansa who is shocked and confused with her feeling, decide to walkaway but this time jon doesn't even try to stop her from walking away like LF did in season 6. That's probably why she looks a bit sad and wanting to look back as we seen in the trailer. What do u think?

I already wrote why I think symbolically it makes sense as a Jon/Sansa confession~*~ scene here. And here I explained the Cat/Ned parallels of being sad Ned/Jon is going south even when you think he must.

However I will note while before I thought it was odd they would execute/sacrifice LF in the Godswood, I was reminded that the First Men used to give human sacrifices to the Old Gods by feeding them to weirwood trees. Seeing as ghost is compared to a weirwood tree, maybe this implies ghost will eat/kill LF, like @thenedfur has suggested to me. I mean, I’d be down for that!

Your theory makes sense though! It’s one thing I think could happen! :)

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i think i know why aizawa just dresses in that baggy black trashbag all the time because when he actually has to dress himself he dresses himself in the atrocious combination of a black blazer, pink sweatpants and tennis shoes

That’s why Mic picked out his wardrobe when he appeared in front of the media. Picked him out a nice suit, probably made him put on some moisturizer and bb cream…. maybe broke two or three combs when he tried to fix his hair. 

Was Yousef the one who made Even try to "pray away the gay"?

Someone has probably already written about this, but I’ve been thinking about why Yousef lost his faith. When Yousef told Sana why he didn’t believe in God anymore it sounded true. He said that Even tried to kiss Mikael and since Mikael is very religious he made Even read the Quran, and that made Even post things from the Quran on Facebook, and it ultimately made him try to kill himself and he changed schools.

Everything we knew about Even, him changing schools, reading the Quran, not having Facebook (anymore), now made sense.

But when we learn more about the balloon squad we realize they don’t really know what happened to Even. When they talk about him only Yousef seems upset, when Even sings karaoke and the squad enters it seems like Yousef is the one that makes him upset. When Yousef is in Turkey Even appears in one of the squad’s YouTube videos.

We know that something happened to Even and that made Yousef have a crisis in faith. Maybe he saw Even try to kiss Mikael. It made him upset and he wanted Even to read the Quran. He didn’t know about Even’s manic and depressive episodes, and when everything escalated he felt so bad and he had a crisis in faith.

It will be interesting to see if we will find out why the story Yousef told Sana is so different from everyone else’s recollections of those events.

My thoughts (8) - Thank you again!

I wrote my first thank you note when I had 50 followers or so. Back then I was amazed by how many people chose to follow me because I created this blog just for me and I never believed there will be anyone that will like it.

So I think you can understand why now, when I just reached 500 followers, I am 10 times more amazed than I was then. This is just wow, for me is getting more and more unbelievable.

Thank you! :)

(I just want to preface this by saying I do not keep up with GOT spoilers and this theory is completely based off the trailers.) I’ve seen a lot of people talk about how strange or unusual Sansa looks and is behaving in this scene from the s7 trailer.

I think I know why. When I saw that scene the first thing I thought is that the cinematography reminded me of when Sansa was walking away from Ramsey Bolton after killing him.

In those scenes the camera is in front of Sansa as she walks towards it. That doesn’t happened frequently with her and it’s a very bold choice style wise. What if that is Sansa walking away from Petyr Baelish as he dies? I don’t see her killing him with her own hands but I can see her having him executed, or just refusing to help him if he was bleeding to death.

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New Anon. I think it might be that Evak 'ruined' the show. I love both very much. But Season 3 made Skam so popular that people are going to Norway from all over the world to meet the actors and wait for them at Nissen. That was something know one saw coming. And I think that is a big part why skam is ending. But you have to admit that some Evak fans really acted shitty trough Sanas season. And I do understand that Evens story is very important but there are other shows with main characters

i still don’t understand why isak and even ruined skam i’m sorry. yes this show became so popular but why isak and even ruined it? they have nothing to do with it. julie wrote an amazing season, henrik and tarjei played their characters so well, so of course many people loved it.
and i didn’t see how evak fans acted shitty, but i saw how some people didn’t even let enjoy moments with isak and even, and we barely saw them in this season. i believe you that some people really can be nasty but it’s not only isak and even fans 

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quick question!! in short is it okay to call oneself an enby? or how would you spell that? with an i at the end?

Yes absolutely you can! It’s just a shorter way to say nonbinary person; I can’t think of any reason why it would be offensive. For the singular I’ve always seen it spelled “enby”, but for the plural I’ve seen both “enbys” and “enbies” (I favor the last because it’s more aligned with traditional spelling rules, but since it’s not a common word I don’t think an official consensus has been reached yet).

The only cat my dad has truly ever loved was named Baby Kitty. My parents lived at the lake for the first couple years of their marriage and she loved to swim and curled on my dad’s lap every time he sat down. I think her death might be why dad is afraid to love other cats.

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at your interview when they ask if you have any questions, make sure you ask some!!! my dad is a recruiter so when i was job hunting he told me that and it honestly saved my life. ask them if they like their job and what their favorite part of working there is, how long they've worked there etc. etc. because it shows interest!!! good luck bby!!!

Thank you!! I always ask questions!! I think that’s why I got my last job I asked if any of my qualifications raised any concern you know so I could explain myself and I asked what they liked the most. I think I’m gonna ask what a typical day would look like

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I've noticed that Tom's been unfollowing a lot of people who he used to be friends with. Or at least friendly with. Do you think that a lot of these people were acquaintances, or only friends of Jade? Either way, I hope he has true friends who will stick by him no matter who he dates or breaks up with. At least he has Greg Cipes and Paul Hodge :)

Ex’s friends i think. That’s why he doesn’t really need to keep following them.

Even though I don’t have this or experience this, but sometimes I wonder about the people who have hybristophilia. As in they’re attracted to serial killers, criminals, mass murderers, or anyone that did a crime. Usually it’s the most known criminals, like Ted Bundy, or Eric Harris. But I don’t have this myself, but I tend to think why these people are so attracted to this stuff. I have a few guesses, but I’m not sure if they are 100% true. I don’t know, I just ponder on this stuff a lot.

Dnp are so weird…I don’t understand their behavior 98% of the time
Did they really leave this morning? I understand trying to avoid the stalking (I actually love them for being sneaky even if I always want to know where they are) but don’t they want/need some time to prepare for the panel? I love that they don’t really give a fuck lol
They are different from all the other youtubers and I think that’s why we all love them <3
I don’t know what my point is exactly I better go to bed
I’m looking forward to waking up tomorrow and discover dnp’s jet-lagged shenanigans (pls phil post a selfie at least)