the signs as new wave lyrics
  • Aries:Uhhhhhhh Ahahahaha Oh Oh Ohoooo (Sweet Dreams)
  • Taurus:De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da (De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da)
  • Gemini:Da diddly qua qua (Stand And Deliver)
  • Cancer:Oh Ho Ho Ho (Life In Tokyo)
  • Leo:Bop bop bop bop bop bop bop bop (Planet Earth)
  • Virgo:Ouh Ouh Ouh Ouh Ouh (Leave In Silence)
  • Libra:Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha (True)
  • Scorpio:Hane Hane Hane Hane (Ant Rap)
  • Sagittarius:Do do do dodo dododo dodo (Hungry Like The Wolf)
  • Capricorn:Ha ha hilla hey hallah hollo lo ho (Mowhok)
  • Aquarius:Whyayayayayayayayayayay (The Reflex)
  • Pisces:Ohw Ohw Ohw Ohw Ohw (The Art Of Parties)

problematic fave yet again


Re-watching Supernatural.

Season 1, Episode 14: Nightmare.
Dean Winchester.

  • me:wow I really wanna read a fic
  • me:*opens up AO3*
  • me:*looks at all these fics that I really want to read* oh wow 200k! Can't wait to read that! *bookmarks*
  • me:*rereads the same fic for the 8918652 time instead*
  • me:I'm so glad I decided to read. So glad I'm engraving this fic into my brain

I read an article this girl wrote about how offended she was that Harley isn’t going to be played by a plus sized actress in the Suicide Squad movie. Like, she genuinely had her hopes up for a plus sized Harley Quinn and I just – My brain still hurts from reading her stupidity.

staff this is my proposed Tumblr redesign that I think would be more agreeable to more people. I farted it out in 5 minutes in Photoshop but I hope you get my drift

Some waffle on this fandom.

I’ve seen a few posts saying if “caryl doesn’t go canon in 6 I give up”

My question is: give up what?

Shipping them? What because it is an active choice or something? Oh hush up

I dunno that seems baffling to me. How can you stop doing something you didn’t choose to do?

Like, I love Carol. And for some reason she has built a relationship of trust and adoration with the squinty unwashed emo red neck with no ass.

And it just so happens the squinty unwashed emo red neck with no ass can’t stop staring at her.

So I have a desire for them to y'know, smoosh and stuff cause it would be nice for them both.

However I didn’t choose to think like that so I can’t just choose not to think like that.

So how can you choose not to ship a thing you ship just because you haven’t gotten canon yet?

I’m pretty sure Judith will learn to talk. But if she never has a speaking role I’m not suddenly going to think she is mute and stop watching the show or something.

routine physical

(littlemissgeek8dawn-bringer-eoshere is a starter for you, if you want it?)

          – Brains has routines, little rituals that keep his head on straight. Some are important - the twice-daily check, morning and night, that the island is still hidden, that all the Thunderbird crafts are locked up, that all household members are safe. Others are smaller, like the three sentence supersition - if I get through the first three sentences of the day without stammering, then this day will be a good one.

A new routine had to be implemented when EOS demanded a ‘body’. The stress of trying to construct the thing had greyed an awful lot of Brains’ hairs, and he’d had a hell of a job getting the little AI girl to co-operate when it came to setting a date for routine checkups.

(But things settled, eventually, as things do. Third of each month! Good things come in threes.)

Brains presses the button for the island-wide communication system, to search for EOS, to project his hologram from the port closest to her.

“EOS, i-it’s the third of the month. I need you to come down to the labs for your calibration check, alright?”