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ahh if you're still doing the playlist I'd love one!! I'm Ayesha!

LOL i think this will be the last one for tonight but i’ll answer the rest tomorrow! to everyone who sent asks, THANK YOU THANK YOU!! i promise, i shall get back with playlists for everyone haha (also a fair bit of warning, i’m running out of KPOP songs so ima be repeating some and more english songs lol)

A - All My Own Stunts (Arctic Monkeys)
Y - Year of the Boar (Sufjan Stevens)
E - Everybody (Shinee)
S - Six Feet Under (VIXX)
H - Hyde (VIXX)
A - Automatic Stop (The Strokes)


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hi!~ if you're taking requests, how about rfa + v + saeran reacting to an mc that's reaaally short, say... 145cm?? which is totally not my actual size. k lol jk i am a hobbit :(

omg you’re so tiny anon sorry

I hope you like these! Spoiler, everyone thinks it’s adorable


- this man is huge, 183 cm

- he’s honestly shocked

- worries about your age at first

- once that issue is cleared up though he loves your height

- you’re like a doll he can dress up

- ahem what

- he changes his penthouse around so you can reach things easily


- he’s also a giant at 182 cm cue Jumin laughing in the background

- “oh god you’re so cute”

- also is concerned about your age famous people have to be aware of scandals like that

- he carries you around all the time

- and pulls you into his lap whenever you’re sitting down

- basically lots of cuddles

- low key nervous that he’ll break you on accident or his beast will


- he’s not used to being the taller one, 171 cm

- even though he’s taller than Jaehee, that’s only by 6 cm

- he adores you

- you have to remind him a lot that he doesn’t need to bend down to talk to you

- his favorite thing is getting things for you that you can’t reach


- you know that shocked emoji she has where she’s covering her mouth and has wide eyes?

- that’s the face she makes when she sees you

- “you’re so…” how does one say short without being rude?

- “yeah I know”

- she thinks it’s adorable though

- when you guys open the cafe she offers to get a step stool for you when you’re working the register

- you’re not that short c'mon

- okay maybe just a small one


- he knew before thanks to background checks

- but he didn’t expect you being so short

- endless laughing

- he teases you a lot

- he’s not even super tall, 175 cm

- carries you around on his shoulders a lot

- and maybe runs you into a few door frames accidentally

- everyone keeps telling him it’s dangerous and he should stop

- “no! MC needs to see the world! They’ve only seen ankles until now!”

- “Seven I love you but shut up”


- same height as Seven

- “… oh”

- never really comments on it

- he’s secretly super happy when you ask him to get you things, which happens a lot

- you’re so small, he can’t get over it

- it’s super cute


- he’s blind so he doesn’t really realize at first

- until he wants to hug/shake/hold hands/something

- wait what

- “how short are you?”

- he thinks it’s so precious

- he cherishes you all the more

- wants to hold you forever

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Bellarke, in-canon, clarke has a cute/sweet/aww-shucks surprise for bellamy.

You asked for canonverse sweet/cute/aww shucks, instead you get modernverse blow jobs.  Sorry?

Clarke had been extra attentive all night, and it wasn’t that he was complaining, it was just…he had to get these papers done, and it was hard to do that when your fiancee kept nuzzling against your neck.  “Did you want something?” he asked finally, unable to stop his mouth from curling into a grin.

“Maybe,” Clarke purred into his ear.  She drew his earlobe between her teeth and then kissed the spot just below his ear.  She plucked the paper out of his lap and tossed it to the floor, and part of him wanted to sigh but then she kissed him and he decided that fuck it, he’d finish grading later.

Because Clarke’s lips were always so soft and sweet, and just when he was about to twist her around and press her back on the couch she pulled away and started kissing down his neck.  Before he could stop her, she’d slipped off the couch and settled between his knees.  “Clarke,” he groaned, but she was already popping the button on his jeans.

“Let me,” she whispered, and he lifted his hips to help her pull down his jeans and boxers.  He was already hard, but when she wrapped her hand around his cock it was like all the blood left in his head ran south, and when she placed a delicate, teasing kiss to the tip he pressed his head back into the cushions and moaned.

It was a familiar dance by now, but that didn’t make it any less perfect.  She licked and sucked and Bellamy’s hand fluttered up to brush a lock of hair back from her cheek. He smiled at her, gentle and fond, and then shut his eyes as her head bobbed down and his cock pushed against the back of her throat.

That was all it took.  The heat that had been coiling his in belly came unspooled all at once and the muscles in her throat rippled as she swallowed his come.  Bellamy pulled her up to kiss her and she clambered onto his lap, her hands curling around his face.  “I love you,” she whispered unnecessarily.

But he liked hearing her say it almost as much as he liked saying it back, so he smiled.  “I love you too.”

So I went to a party last night and got drunk as hell. So of course, I had to write a drunk kabby fic. I had time to kill babysitting my niece anyway. This was nothing like i had intended it to be but then it just kind of…happened. I guess i was reminded of this one big bang theory episode. Anyway, enjoy!

Mild crack fic, cannon compliant, set post S2 pre S3.


Abby Griffin was drunk.

She wasn’t just tipsy or a little unsteady on her feet, but stumbling, face flushed, laughing and throwing her arms around Jackson, smashed off her face.

It had been three months since Clarke had brought down Mt Weather and rescued their people. Since then, everyone had been picking up the pieces and starting again, enjoying their period of peace, something that everyone (specifically Clarke, Raven, Monty, Harper and Jasper) believed was well worth celebrating. So with much persuasion and Marcus’s eventual support, the kids managed to convince Chancellor Griffin to let them throw a party.

Fortunately for them, free trade between the Skaikru and Trikru meant that their people could purchase goods they hadn’t had access to before; ripe grapes, apples and pears, and extracts from other fruity, spicy plants. This meant that moonshine was no longer their only alcoholic option, but Monty and Jasper were now able to brew wine, cider, and a rage of alcoholic spirits for the party.

Marcus wasn’t sure how much Abby had to drink, or how she came to drink so much when she had never been a heavy drinker; although he suspected that Jasper and Monty - who were sharing wide eyed, disbelieving looks and bursts of laughter as they watched their drunken Chancellor dance on the floor - had something to do with that.

Nonetheless, Abby had drunk enough that she felt as light as a cloud of helium balloons and tingling all over, alcohol clouding her mind so she was filled with nothing but the dizzying desire to keep on spinning, dancing and laughing with Raven, freeing her spirit from her body.

And Marcus couldn’t stop watching her.

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When I asked for suggestions of pokemon to paint, I was SO DELIGHTED to see Typhlosion - its one of my favorite starters and fire type pokemon, and it takes me back to being 9 years old and seeing that funny, big-nosed fire shrew Cyndaquil turn into a freaking beast

I like to imagine Typhlosion is like a cross between a wolverine and a bear. And LOVES HONEY

Sam actually tried really hard to figure out Cas’s kinks for a long time. The problem was that Cas, as an angel, didn’t experience sex like most people did. He didn’t like BDSM because it involved hurting or humiliating Sam, and he refused to do that, even in a consensual situation. He didn’t understand crossdressing and genderplay because he wasn’t accustomed to gender roles in general. Most things (Sam being completely shaven, for instance) he just assumed was a part of sex, and when Sam gave up with that particular kink (letting his hair grow back, to follow through with the example), Cas just took it in stride.

But one thing that Sam noticed was that Cas really really liked marking him up:  Hickeys, bruises, scratches, bite marks, even Grace burns, Sam was covered in them. It was all loving, of course, never violent, but as soon as one mark started to fade, Cas was there to replace it.

When Sam asked why, he got a pensive pause and a more meaningful answer than he was looking for:  “Angels are not allowed any sort of privacy or ownership. We all communicate on the same wavelength – angel radio, as you say – and all angels of the same rank are able to hear each others’ thoughts. Our bodies are not even our own. We have to borrow someone else’s.

"But you, Sam Winchester,” Cas continued, his voice deepening in a way that was both lustful and sombre. “Are mine.”

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She was literally five seconds away from a mental breakdown at any given second and it was plain and simple. She couldn’t deal with it. Getting good grades, making sure her mom was alright, Elena and Damon drama, Stefan drama, supernatural drama. She needed a break and school just didn’t seem to distract her anymore. 

With a frustrated grunt and tears pooling in her eyes she all but threw her text book away from her, watching as it thumped against the end of the bed and lay open to the page she was supposed to be reading. Her hands raked through her hair as she took in the empty dorm room. 

She was shaking and her whole body was completely tense from the stress to the point where she thought she would just shatter. Her breath was coming out in pants as she reached for her phone, unlocking it and tapping out a number that she swore she would never call. 

“Caroline, love, what a surprise,” His voice flowed through the device and she fell back onto the mattress, her head hitting the pillow. 

“Do me a favor and just talk?” She didn’t care how exhausted her voice sounded at the moment and if she was being honest with herself she would admit that the sound of him talking would always seem to calm her. 

“Sweetheart what’s the matter?” She sighed at the urgency in his voice and ran her hand down her face, feeling her un-shed tears sting against her eyes. 

“I think college was a mistake,” She mumbled feeling the tears fall and trail down her cheeks, she sniffed and tried to wipe them away but when she heard him sigh it was like a dam inside of her broke and suddenly she was sobbing. 

“Talk to me,” He spoke harshly but gently at the same time and she put her hand to her head, trying to figure out how to stop herself from crying. 

“There’s just so much going on and I can’t focus.” She managed to choke out in between sobs, “Half of my friends hate me and the other half are dead or moving on. My mom works all the time and I constantly worry about her being a target for something, and I can’t focus on school work or, or, or grades or my classes. I’m failing everything, I don’t have time to relax and I just can’t do it anymore Klaus." 

If she was in a better state of mind she might have felt awkward or insecure about breaking down in front of Klaus but she was beyond caring. She heard rustling on the other end as he moved and then the sound of typing. 

"Alright Caroline,” His voice was steady and she hiccuped, trying to stop herself from sobbing, “Its clear to me that you need a break. So, I’m buying you and I tickets to go abroad for a week–and you’re not allowed to protest.” She let out a sob and curled in on herself. Of course Klaus was one of the only people in her life that cared. her own friends seemed oblivious to what she needed even when she was basically screaming it in their faces but by one minor venting session over the phone he knew exactly what to do. 

“Now listen to me,” He said softly and she managed to quiet her crying so that she could focus on what he was saying, “You’re strong. You’ve been through torture, death, evil and plenty more. School will not be the thing to break you Caroline Forbes. Your mother will be fine and if you are truly worried about her well-being then I shall send one of my hybrids to look out for her and make sure no harm comes to her. You friends do not hate you, as I’m more than certain that hate is a feeling that could not be directed towards you. And if by some amount of insanity they do in fact hate you, then they were not worthy of you in the first place." 

She laughed though her tears and felt herself relaxing slightly, pulling the blankets around her and taking a few moments to calm herself. 

"Do you think its stupid that I keep trying to hold onto my humanity?” She whispered, feeling her tears dry on her skin and leaving her exhausted. 

“No.” His answer was quick and it almost startled her with the force of which he said it, “No, it is one of the things I admire most about you. You do not let this life change you. You strive for things that you do not necessarily need, like college, and in doing that you excel even more. Never change that about yourself Caroline. Never.” She smiled and let out a small breath.

“What do I do about school?” She must have been insane, asking him for advice of any kind but she just didn’t care anymore. She liked him and no one was going to change her mind. 

“You will work that adorable little ass of yours off,” She laughed and she swore he was smirking, “And prove to them all that Caroline Forbes will not be on the statistics of college students who couldn’t make it. Do what you do best and prove them all wrong,” She smiled and laughed. 

“Thank you.” She whispered, and he chuckled. 

“Anytime my darling,” She shivered at the endearment, “Now tell me, where would you like to go on our little destressing trip?”

Cas says that Sam has an old soul. He says it as they’re sitting on the roof of their house – their home – the air thick and sticky with impending summer rain, and they can even watch the clouds as they lower.

“What do you mean?” Sam asks lazily.

“You’ve been through so much in such a short amount of time,” Cas answers softly. “Sometimes I wonder if your soul actually belongs to you, or if it was previously used.”

“Okay, now you’re fucking with me.”

“Not at all. It’s not a bad thing, Sam, not at all. You’re kind and wise and excited by life in general. Ever the optimist,” he tacks on, kissing his boyfriend – no, husband, he reminds himself – on the cheek as the first raindrops start to fall. “And I’m so glad I’m a part of your life.”