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About the shiro/paladins post I think it'd be fine :) I agree with your headcanoned age ranges (I had pretty similar ones) so I agree with the rest of the people who said they'd still follow you and it's np really!! (although I do understand and fully respect the people who don't like it because of their personal age headcanons)

I got several messages essentially saying the same thing so I’m just gonna put them all in one so as not to spam people :)

It’s 6:45 pm now and I said I’d take opinions until 6:30 so I think this is the last reply I’ll post (in any case the messages seem to have died down). If you wish to continue this conversation with me I’m certainly open to it but please I would ask to do it over PMs or off anon so I can reply privately

I’ll make one last post wrapping things up properly later tonight

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Last Night in Ferguson (10.21.14): A state senator was arrested (and mama may have been legally packing), one of the lead organizers, nettaaaaaaaa, was roughed up by police, and one of the main sources of footage/live feeds, Rebel Z, was detained in what seems to have been an intimidation and straight up harassment tactic. The police are out of control, and it’s only getting worse. If you think this is over, you need to look again. #staywoke #farfromover

Ferguson is still happening. Are you still paying attention?

Tune into Z’s UStream tonight to watch developments live. 


What an amazing episode

“Breaking every rule! Taking on the authorities! So I could indulge in the joys of life on Earth! … Oh, a sky piece :)”

“It’s cooler because the collar isn’t supposed to go that way.”

“I think I’ll try drinkin’ tonight >:)” “Wow! I didn’t know you like apple juice!” “There’s a lot you don’t know about me, Steven.”

“Nostalgic for the suburbs? Haven’t they existed for, what, 70 years?”

“What was I supposed to tell the DMV? That I’m from another planet? I’m not exactly a citizen, Steven!”

“Pearl! You’re a total bad–” *slams on breaks*

“I was going to drink a JUICE and wear these PANTS and hit people gently enough as to not actually hurt them”

“Who cares about pants? You gunned it from the cops!” “That’s the most scared I’ve been since you almost let me die!”

“You’re a criminal now! :D” “Now? I’ve been a criminal for almost 6,000 years.”


“I told her: my appearance is just a conscious manifestation of light. And she said: I know how that is.”

“By the way, I saved your planet and your species and your welcome.”

“She walked off after handing me some sort of code” *holds up a phone number*

“You just like gave her some Shakespearean spiel about light? Then got her number like it was nothing?!”

Pearl as Repressed Nerd
Amethyst as Ultimate Wingman
Steven as Voice of Reason
And Introducing
Mystery Girl as Herself

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Your favorite 304 Clexa scene tonight??

THE LAST ONE!!! I love how vulnerable Lexa was and just EVERYTHING. It hurt my soul how hurt Lexa looked after Clarke said, “I was just doing what was right for my people.” when Lexa thanked her for backing her. She isn’t even able to keep eye contact with Clarke. She is afraid Clarke will see through her. See through her and how she hoped that it was more than just Clarke’s people that made Clarke stand up for her. Clarke had said somethings that made her think Clarke cared about her personally and not just because of her position. But, maybe she was wrong. Maybe Clarke will never forgive or love her the same way she loves Clarke. Lexa is the one that pledged fealty to Clarke, while Wanheda pledged fealty to the Commander. Maybe Clarke only cares for her because of her position and not her as a person. Maybe that is why she wants her to live. Maybe Clarke will never forgive her and will only ever see her as the Commander and never Lexa again. 

But, I think one of my favorite moments was when Clarke realizes EVEN MORE how good of a person Lexa is. Clarke asks her how she can move forward from her ambassadors betraying her, and Lexa’s reply was, “They were doing what they believed was right for their people too.”  

Clarke actually gets lost in Lexa’s eyes. She is looking at her with such awe, admiration, and care. She sees how Lexa looks past her personal vengeance and does what is right for ALL of her people. Lexa forgives the Ambassadors because she realizes they love their people; just like Lexa loves hers. This is also Clarke self reflecting on how Lexa’s betrayal was like the Ambassador’s…it wasn’t personal, it was for her people. Clarke stares at Lexa with such a “how are you even real?” look, and then she realizes how intense the moment is and she draws herself out of it. She draws herself out of it and quickly says, “Goodnight, Commander” before she does something in the heat of the moment. (bc holy shit Lexa is hot and adorable and so amazing and she love you will all of her being). She says ‘commander’ and not Lexa to try to distance herself emotionally from Lexa in the moment. 

I loved the long pause Lexa gives as she stands up and gazes into Clarke’s eyes, with such love and care, and says after a brief while “Goodnight, Ambassador.” Even if Clarke’s motive was political and not personal, it still helped save Lexa’s life. I think that Clarke told Lexa about Roan saying that he wouldn’t kill Nia but if she could…he wouldn’t be against it. I think that this was one of the things Lexa was thanking Clarke for. She was thanking her for finding out about Ontari and approaching Roan about him being king. If Lexa won her duel against Roan – killing him – Nia would still be alive and probably try to kill her and replace her with Ontari. 

I think another favorite moment is how Clarke said “Goodnight. Commander.” in Trigedasleng, and Lexa said “Goodnight. Ambassador.” in English. This was a respectful gesture, and at the same time caring gesture from both of them. I can’t help but think that they both know that this ‘Goodnight’ is a ‘not yet’. 

Speculation after tonight's episode

1). There is no denying that Cas is in love with Dean. These last two episodes basically slapped everyone in the face with that. Anybody who tries to deny that fact… their argument is invalid.

2) Cain became a Demon before he met Colette and she was able to break the hold of the Mark. I am thinking if Destiel is going to happen next season, Cas will be the one that breaks the Mark’s hold over Dean.

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So...if gao!Felix would meet headcanon!Felix... Would they compliment each other how beautiful they are or would they fight over this? x3

110% certain they would fight.

but then…

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Mysterious thing, time. Powerful. And when meddled with, dangerous. Sirius Black is in the topmost cell of the Dark Tower. You know the laws, miss Granger. You must not be seen. And you would do well, I feel, to return before this last chime. If not, the consequences are too ghastly to discuss. If you succeed tonight, more than one innocent life may be spared. Three turns should do it, I think. Oh! By the way, when in doubt, I find retracing my steps to be a wise place to begin. Good luck.

((Small JB rant))

People are making fun of him for crying but here’s the thing… He hasn’t been on stage in a couple years without getting booed. Doesn’t matter if he’s performing or presenting or accepting and award, he would get booed. And tonight- HIS FIRST TIME PERFORMING ON AN AWARD SHOW IN TWO YEARS- he got nothing but praise.
For the last 2 years, this kid has had nothing but bad things said about him and to him and he’s done some shitty things… But he rising above it all. He is trying to become a better person. And I am here for it.

(Also, this is one of his first times performing at all in the last what, 1 or 2 years? I think… So he was a bit out of breath when singing and dancing)

In conclusion: I’m super proud of him and everything he’s doing right now and I certainly cannot wait to see him again live.

gravekeeper leona

the last one from tonight’s stream that I really like, I think it was oxtonychopperxo from twitch that suggested leona with a coffin cover shield, and I came up with the rest of it. I really liked this one and it kinda looks nothing like leona anyway so I might just take this design for myself and use it on some OC haha!

Imagine Bitty competing on Masterchef. He’s been cooking since he could walk and I refuse to believe he doesn’t know how to cook true southern soul food. He would walk into the kitchen all smiles and nervous ramblings and the other contestants take one look at this scrawny little kid and think: this kid isn’t going to last long. But then in the first mystery box challenge and Bitty blows the judges out of the water with his homestyle southern cooking. And the other contestants suddenly see him as a true competitor and start gunning for him at any opportunity

But Bitty of course knows how to deal with the snide comments and can dish out his own just as well. He was first center on the hockey team after all. “Honestly I think Eric is the one going home tonight. He’s inexperienced in the kitchen and just can’t stand the pressure.” And Bitty not even missing a beat from whipping his batter. “I’ve managed to put out a batch of cookies with no more than a candle warmer for a bunch of hungry hockey players with a serious case of the munchies. Compared to that this is like making a glass of sweet tea on the fourth of July. But bless your heart I hope your souffle won’t fall with all the awful noise you’re making, Suzzane.”

When they get their first exotic mystery box challenge he freaks a little. It’s a box filled with exotic foods that he wouldn’t be able to pronounce half their proper names. There’s canned sardines, durians, live sea urchins, chicken liver, monkey brains, star and dragon fruit, and sugar plums. He thinks maybe he could whip up some kind of pastry with the durian and other fruits. But the moment he cuts open the durian everyone gags. (Durians have a notorious scent of smelling like dead bodies) cur to Bitty in the confessional “I’ve had my share of a rotten smelling fruit before. I lived with a bunch of my old team members in a frat house so of course there’s your fill of rotten [insert food or clothing here]. But this? I’d rather eat Holster’s rotten jockstrap sitting that was sitting in the showers for 3 months than this.” No one but the team gets it and they all collectively flip their shit over Twitter about it. Holster tweets that he accepts his proposal and will see him at the next kegster with the jockstrap. Bitty doesn’t win the mystery box challenge but he escapes elimination for the night by the skin of his teeth.

Those checking clinics come in real handy during the rush through the pantry. The guys watching at home collectively flip the first time they see Bitty shove his way through to get to the cooler for a package of chicken. It’s like when he shoved that dude in that last comic only ten times better. “HOLY SHIT BITS!” “Who knew he had it in him!” “Yeah suck it Stephan you prissy fuck! Go get ‘em Bitty!!” Jack is shedding a tear of pride that no one can bring themselves to comment about.

Then comes my personal favorite of every Masterchef season: The inevitable pie elimination challenge. Bitty is grinning like a kid in the candy shop and that of course makes the other contestants twice as worried. The person who won the mystery box challenge was given the advantage to take away someone’s stand mixer and they take Bitty’s. They cut to the confessional and Bitty says “I wasn’t even mad Alejandro took my mixer. To be honest I’m kinda glad they did. All the other contestants know that pies were what got me into this competition in the first place. But I’ve been able to bake a pie with even less. My Moomaw would clock me with a wooden spoon if I lost this challenge cause I didn’t have some fancy stand mixer. This is more about evening the playing field.”

Bitty makes his famous maple crusted apple pie in half the time. The judges stare in awe as he pulls out a beautifully cooked pie and sets it on the counter to cook. “How did you cook that pie so fast? You didn’t even have a stand mixer?” Chef Ramsey asks in awe and slight horror. “I’ve been cooking pies since before I could walk. This is less of a challenge for me as it is a de-stressor.” Bitty wins the challenge with the best pie of the night. Christina Tosi threatens to steal his recipe and offers him a place at one of her bakeries.

When it gets close to the end, like final five, they get the chance to see their families for the first time in months. For Bitty it’s of course his parents and Jack. He and Jack hug for so long that Ramsey has to call them back to reality. Bitty has to keep wiping his eyes to stop from crying while cooking. He had almost forgotten how much he ached to even just touch Jack instead of their nightly phone calls. Even when they were keeping their relationship under wraps he still saw Jack more often than this.

At first in the team challenges he was one of the last ones picked. The other contestants saw him as young and inexperienced even after winning the first mystery challenge. But he proves to be cool as a cucumber under the pressure of cooking for over a hundred starving cattle ranchers and now is usually one of the first picks on a team challenge.

He has more experience than most of the other contestants what it’s like to be on a team and how to operate in one. So when it comes time for his moment to lead a team he knows exactly how to play to his teammates strengths and plan a course of action. Then he learns that the people they’ll be cooking for is the Las Vegas Aces and he feels like he’s gonna puke. He has to cook for Kent fucking Parson.

He makes it to the final two and the entire SMH is there cheering as if they’re watching the Stanley cup finals. They have to be told multiple times by nervous interns to please quiet down cause they’re ruining the sound balances on the microphones. When he wins, He and Jack (Who are already out to the public) share a kiss on camera that makes the internet go absolutely nuts.

Bitty uses his money and newfound fame in the food industry to open up his own baking company. The follower count of his blog skyrockets into the millions over the course of the competition and his cookbook becomes a bestseller overnight.

Jack now lives in the comfort that he is now the less famous one out of the two of them. Half his interview questions are about how he stays in shape when he has Eric Bittle for a husband and if his nutritionist hates him. Jack doesn’t even care because it gives him the opportunity to gush about Bitty on TV.