Dear Taylor,

taylorswift: My name is Attou and I’m a 15-year-old Canadian girl. I am currently rewriting a letter I wrote to you a few days ago, thinking I’d never get to meet you because I wasn’t supposed to come to your concert. However, tonight, my mom surprised me with a pair of tickets to your show in Ottawa! Obviously, I freaked out, and it proved to be one of the best nights of my life.

Anyway, I’m writing to you to tell you how this past year you’ve had such a positive impact on my life. Obviously I had already heard about you before (since the Fearless era, I believe), but last summer I started to take an interest in social justice issues, and when I researched about feminism, your name came up. Long before I fell for your music, I fell for you as a human being. You’ve taught me how to spread love rather than hate. You’ve taught me how to shake off the mean things other people say. You’ve taught me how not to let the burning hatred or grudge of others consume me. You’ve taught me how to respect other women, whether I know them personally or not, rather than judge them and talk behind their backs. I am really grateful for that, I think it helps me becoming a better person.

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Spent most of today working on Patreon and button designs, along with playing some Splatoon.

Got several button designs sketched out, ready to scan and finish digitally.

Patreon is going well (As I already posted about)

I got halfway through rank B+ in Splatoon ranked mode, lots of good matches tonight. 

It’s weird to think that tomorrow (today) is going to be my last “normal” day in this house, hopefully ever. Tuesday I have an appointment in town and I’ll probably get dinner with my family or something, and then wednesday will be spent packing and preparing for…. Thursday, when I take off north to stay with some friends and look for a permanent place to live. Hopefully only coming back to visit and to get the rest of my stuff later.

It’s a really weird feeling, the first time in my life, something so big is just in my hands, waiting on me. Everything is in place, there are no events I have to be there for, no rides I have to give, no hotels I have to check in to on time, no flights I have to catch (Well, not for a week). It’s just up to me to pack up my life and drive north. Weird feeling.

I’m still a bit nervous, but the success of Patreon so far definitely helps alleviate that somewhat. I’m also excited, for sure.

DIVINITY;; HYPERVENTILATES. there’s so many of you… you were all hiding… what is this… h eaves. i want… i want to make a warrior cat blog… i don’t think i could ever stop being Yato. so i’d have to diligently juggle two blogs. but before i would, i want to re-read the series, at LEAST the first series. but what would be more fun than to start blogs together…. i mean, if you want to bring back a dose of your childhood or join us?! please like this post… LOL. LIKE ALL MY POSTS. ok sorry, i keep making ‘like my post’ things. but this is the last one tonight i swear. it’s just so that i can either talk to you on tumblr or skype!! BOOK CLUB TIME. -c ri es - OR JUST ROLEPLAY WARRIOR CAT BLOGS PAHLOOZA. obv with a human verse?! or like mix the two together, idk… there’s already some amazing blogs out there that i met today! but before i get ahead myself and start rambling about their magnificence…


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From Strangers to More - Chapter Four

Chapter Four is up on AO3! Of course, big thanks to andthisisthewonder for finding all kinds of mistakes and opinions.

Summary: Katniss is convinced the only people she needs in her life are her two best friends, Madge and Finnick. She’s content with her simple life until she meets Peeta Mellark. She swears she wants nothing to do with the bad boy, but then why can’t she seem to stop thinking about him?

I’m pouring a generous amount of cereal into my bowl and talking to Finnick when Madge bounces into the kitchen. I could never understand how she could be so perky in the morning. I gradually have to process being awake, not to mention have at least one cup of coffee, before making any human contact.

“So, I was talking to Gale last night and he mentioned that his frat is throwing the party tonight for Halloweekend!”

Halloweekend is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the typical college tradition of costumes and fraternity parties all weekend long, and Panem University is no exception. Since greek life is prominent on our campus, this isn’t a surprise. There are too many frats and only one day for Halloween, so Halloweekend lets one frat dominate a day of the weekend to celebrate. It works out for everyone.

“Another Sigma Chi throwdown? I’m there.” Finnick never turns down an invitation to go out.

Of course if Finnick goes, I know I’ll automatically be obligated to go along too. He won’t be able to get in without at least two girls by his side.

“I don’t know. I was actually planning on just staying home tonight. It’s been a long week.”

“Yeah I’m sure you’re exhausted with all the alone time you’ve spent away in your room this week.” Finnick nudges my arm with his elbow.

I know he meant it as a joke, but my mood shifts hastily. Friday, after practically running away from Peeta and that girl, I locked myself into my room and I didn’t leave the whole night. I actively ignored every text he sent me after the incident. I even locked my door to the bathroom so Madge wouldn’t be able to come in. I had felt so embarrassed watching yet another girl throw herself at Peeta in front of me, while he just stood there, grinning.

As if I wasn’t right in front of them!

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A couple of days ago on Last Week Tonight, John Oliver did an amazing job explaining the basics of civil rights for transgender people. This aired after the marriage equality decision came out, taking advantage of a huge moment where we had everyone’s attention to talk about something else that’s really important. It’s funny and witty but also full of information and powerful stories, and I’m certain it got a lot of viewers thinking. It’s 16 minutes long and worth every single one. What do you think?

Dancing over the years...

Tim McGraw: When you think Tim McGraw, I hope you think my favorite song, the one we danced to all night long…

Fearless: And I don’t know why but with you I’d dance in a storm in my best dress fearless…

Last Kiss: I’m not much for dancing, but for you I did…

Holy Ground: Tonight I’m gonna dance for all that we’ve been through but I don’t wanna dance, if I’m not dancing with you…

Shake It Off: I’m dancing on my own, I make the moves up as I go…

like… within the next year or so I should be fucking married do you know how happy that makes me  (o⌒.⌒o)!!! this is exactly who I want to be my husband like tonight he just looked at me and goes “I don’t think I’ve ever been properly in love before cos when I’m with you it’s like every single day I somehow love you and miss you more and more… I love you so much”. last night was one of the happiest nights of my life and we barely did anything? we laid in the grass by the carnival before the fireworks display and were playing music from my phone and he just looked so beautiful and every little thing he did I couldn’t stop looking at him and smiling and there were thousands of people there and I was so fucking happy to be seen with him and walk home arm in arm making out in front of my apartment door with my arms around his neck like teenagers in a romance movie


Tiki time: Come to the Bar Side. I made a Star Wars inspired tiki print tonight. I think this’ll be the last one for a bit ;) if only because I need to break the late night pattern of obsessively working on them! I never realized fabric patterns could be so fun. Hope everyone enjoys it. I’ll let you know when it’s available on Spoonflower.

or it’s just that he’s so drunk he can’t remember anyone he’s met but
If it’s the first one then that’s hilarious😂😂😂 actually so is the second one but I’m still rooting for the first one

I’ll Get There- Chapter 15

Okay. Chapter 15. Gosh, right now I am just so anxious. Tonight cannot come fast enough. I mean Jonnor is going to the freaking prom? From pinkie holding to this? I can’t handle it. Tonight is so far away.

By the way I’m letting you guys know that the next chapter will probaly be the last. It actually makes me really sad :( But I would still love to get feedback from everyone. Tell me what you think of the chapter, the story, everything. Tell me how you think it should end. I love all your messages, even the ones that pester for the next chapter. I love all of you for loving this story, “wipes tear.” You guys are the best. All chapters can be accessed below.

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There comes moments in our lives when we have no choice but to do some pretty terrifying things. When faced with these challenges you get to choose one of either two choices, which are(a) close your eyes and cover your ears and hope that it all just goes away  or (b) charge head on and pray to the highest heavens it all somehow works out. These kinds of situations tend to show us how much we can handle. It shows us how strong we can be in the most terrifying moments. We find out whether we we are as strong as we thought we were. It’s impossible to come out unscathed, but at the end of it we are just a bit braver,  a bit stronger and a little bit happier. And sometimes, these moments define us.

Connor remembered his parents taking him to an amusement park when he was ten. He remembered being as about excited as a ten year old could be, surrounded by rides and endless cotton candy. He had wanted to do nothing more than ride the infamous roller coaster of all his friends at school had been bragging to him about. He had begged his parents for an entire week until they had finally agreed to carry him (he thinks they probably just got sick of his whining). When they had finally got there he had grabbed on to his dad’s hand, yanking him towards the line. When they had finally made their way to the front of the line, he had eagerly jumped into his seat and with his dad next to him he was more ready than he had ever been in his ten year life…or so he thought. As the roller coaster had begun its steep ascent, Connor, all of a sudden, felt his heart speed up, and his forehead began to sweat. It was almost as if his brain had just registered the insanity that was taking place. He looked over at his dad who had given him a reassuring smile and he instantly began regretting wanting to do this. He would be plunging to the ground in a few seconds at who knows how many miles per hour and for all he knew he would fly out of his seat or the roller coaster would come off of the track or…….

And they were descending, slowly at first and then all of a sudden, he was falling, racing, plummeting to the earth and he screamed bloody murder through it all….and he loved every second of it. He went on the ride four more times after that and his dad puked once. It turned out to be one of the best days of his life.


As Connor entered the kitchen with Jude, holding tightly to his hand, he thought of the roller coaster and how similar his feelings were now. The rate of his heart was unnatural.

As they walked into the kitchen, all three pairs of eyes turned to them. Adam’s eyes fell to Jude and Connor’s interlocked hands but he looked away quickly. Connor really did not know what else could be said to his father and with his voice still heavy from crying a few minutes ago he refused to say the first word. The ball was in Adam’s court now.

Adam cleared his throat uncomfortably as everyone stood silent. It was all bordering awkward until Lena (God bless her soul) finally said,

“I think we should all go to the living so we can sit  and talk about this.” She sighed, looking around at everyone, “This is not something that can be danced around anymore. And we are going to sit down like the mature adults we are, that includes the two of you as well” she said, referring to Jude and Connor, “and we are going to hash this out until we all see eye to eye, even if only just a little bit.”

Everyone knew that even though Lena was talking to everyone, a lot of her speech was directed to Adam and Connor could not help feel a little sorry for his dad. It seemed as if he was the enemy and the four of them were the angry mob toting the pitchforks and torches. It felt…wrong.

Though they weren’t on good terms, it seemed as if Adam was on the same wave length as his son as he sighed and said, “Steph, Lena, I really appreciate your concern. And thank you for calling me to let me know Connor was here, I was really worried when he left last night. But, I need to talk to my son alone.”

He was worried? Connor thought. Why would he even care? Didn’t he officially disown him?

Steph interjected, “Adam, I don’t think that’s a good…

“No. With all due respect, but I am not asking you to speak to my son. I’m telling you that I need to talk to him. Alone.” Adam said this all with a very tired expression, almost pleading. He finally turned to Connor and they made eye contact for the first time since he had gotten there. Connor had been trying to avoid it for as long as possible but he finally looked at his dad, who asked him in a weary tone,

“Connor, would you come for a drive with me?” Connor’s eyes narrowed. What was his dad up to? He felt Jude’s fingers tighten on his own as an assurance that he did not have to go anywhere that he did not want to.

“Please Connor,” his dad begged. Connor sighed. This was his Dad. Whether he was an ass or not, this was his father and he knew that he should go with him, that he would go with him. This was the roller coaster that  now had to face. And not with Jude, Lena or Steph, but by himself, with his dad.

“Okay,” he answered softly. Connor could see the relief wash over his dad’s face. He must have thought that Connor would have most likely declined.

He turned to Jude, who looked at him questioningly and with a bit of worry.

“I’ll be fine,” Connor assured, squeezing Jude’s hand one last time before letting go. “I’ll call you,” he said before turning to his dad a little coldly and saying, “Alright, let’s go then.”

He followed his dad out the door, followed by the worried looks of Jude, Lena and Steph.


They remained in silence as they drove, Connor’s eyes focused straight ahead. He was curious to where they were going but he refused to be the first to speak. They exited the neighborhood and Connor’s curiosity intensified when they left the town behind. He could no longer keep his question at bay,

“Where are we even going,” he asked, without looking at his Dad.

Adam glanced over at Connor, “You’ll see soon.”

Connor rolled his eyes, “I thought you wanted to talk,” he scoffed.

“And we will,” Adam responded, “When we get there.”

So it was like this again. He had to do everything on his Dad’s terms? He didn’t bother to complain, all he wanted to do was to get over with this entire day in general.

They drove for approximately half an hour and the surrounding area began to look vaguely familiar to Connor. He came to full awareness of his location when his Dad finally drove into the exact amusement park he had been thinking about earlier. He looked out his window at the roller coaster dominating the sky. He recognized the ticket booth and and few other stalls beyond it, though they looked a lot more rundown now than they had been eight years ago. Connor felt a pang of nostalgia as his memories again wandered back to that day, when his family was still family and unlike now, he didn’t have so many burdens on his shoulders.

“What are we doing here?” he asked.

Adam shut off the car, looking through the windshield at the weather beaten ticket booth, “Do you remember that day when we came here? And you rode the roller coaster about a million times?”

Connor sighed, leaning his head against the window,  “Yeah Dad, I remember. It was a fun day. You puked.”

Adam chuckled lightly, “I did didn’t I? But regardless, that was probably one of the best days of my life.” Connor tried not to act surprised. Adam continued, “You should have seen yourself. That day you were bursting at the seams with excitement. You talked about nothing else for an entire week until your mother and I finally agreed to carry you just too simply shut you up. But when we got here your eyes lit up at the sight of that roller coaster and I felt like I had accomplished something as a Dad. That even if it was just once, I had made you happy.”

Connor looked out the window at the empty park as his dad spoke, silently listening. There was a sign on the entrance gate that read , “Closed for Renovations.” He wasn’t sure where his dad was going with this story.

Adam sighed, “ What I’m trying to say is, I just want you to be happy Connor.”

Okay, now they were getting somewhere. He turned to his Dad, “Really? Because honestly Dad? It sure doesn’t seem like it. In fact it seems like you’re very much against my happiness as you cannot accept, what in fact makes me happy.”

Connor leaned  back into his seat, folding his arms, feeling very much like a ten year old again, but this time he was allowed to be stubborn and difficult. He learnt from the best right?

His dad tapped an unsteady rhythm against the steering wheel. He seemed to be contemplating something. Connor was just about ready to ask him turn around and take him home until he said,

“I think I’ve known for a long time. Probably even before you even knew. I ignored it at first. I turned to associate it with the fact that it was just part of you growing up.”

Connor turned to his dad with a questioning look, “What are you talking about?”

“When you were either eight or seven, back when you were in little league, you had this friend. I think his name was probably Jesse?”

Connor remembered, “Justin.” They had been best friends back in little league. He and his family had moved to California  a short while after. Connor remembered being devastated. Justin had been a pretty cool kid.

Adam nodded in affirmation, “Right, Justin. At first I was glad you had made a new friend on the team and that you two could practice together. But I started to notice little things. I thought it was just me being over observant, but your mom had noticed it too. Both of you spent all your time together, as any set of best friends would but somehow it was…different. I would take you two the park and you would patiently push him on the swings or give him first the first go on the slide.”

“Maybe I was just a nice kid dad? That isn’t exactly an indicator to being gay.”

“Maybe not. Bur then there was a time he fell, and bruised his knee pretty bad. The kid screamed bloody murder and I ran to the car to get the first aid kit your mom always made me keep in the car. When I was walking back you were kneeling next to him, smoothing your hand over his hair, whispering in his ear.” Connor remembered telling him that it would be okay.

“ When his mother came to pick him up, you were staring at him as he walked off like the kid freaking hung the moon. I told your mom, but she said that you were just being a good friend. So I left it alone, but one day after practice, you didn’t see me coming,  I saw you take his hand, interlocking fingers. I waited to see of you two would let go, but you two just held on, for no reason, waiting to be picked up. And I knew. I guess you were too young to be aware of it. Your mom told me to leave it alone but I can’t tell you how relieved I was when that kid and his parents moved away. But then Jude came along.”

Connor stared at his dad. He remembered holding Justin’s hand. They remembered doing  it more than  once but it was the first time he had thought anything of it. He waited for his dad to continue.

Adam sighed, “It’s hard for me to accept this.” No shit, Connor thought. “You’re my only child, my only son.”

“Being gay does not make me any less of a son,” Connor bluntly stated.

His dad ran his hand over his face, “I know that. I just, I guess I’ve always thought of your life in comparison to mine. That you would play some baseball, maybe even go pro, find a girlfriend, get married. I never thought that you would be gay and I think by trying to deny it for so long, it made me angry to see it slap me in my face when you yourself confirmed it to be true.”

Connor bit his lip, not sure what to say, for the first time his dad was having an open, honest conversation with him. “You told me I wasn’t’ your son anymore.” He said looking down at his hands.

Adam said firmly, “And that’s where I failed you. You will always be my son. All those things I said yesterday were out of anger. I will never, not be your dad. And honestly, though it may take some time, I have to accept you for who you are. That’s my job, and if I don’t, then I’ve failed you as a father. Though it may not always seem like it, I want you to be happy. I really do.”

Connor felt his throat constrict. No, he would not cry again.

“You mean all of that?” he managed to get out.

“Every single word of it. I am proud of everything you’ve done and I’m proud of who you are. If this is what makes you happy then that’s all there is too it.”

Adam reached out to him and they embraced, Connor could barely comprehend what had just happened but he returned the hug, his chin resting on his father’s shoulder.

They pulled apart and Connor simple said in utter disbelief, jokingly, “Are you feeling well?”

Adam laughed, “So now me supporting you is a problem?”

“No, no. Carry on.” Connor said. He looked at the park again in all its loneliness, “When it reopens, we should come back and ride the roller coaster again.”

“Sure thing. I can always remember that look of terror in your eyes back then.”

Connor groaned.

“ And maybe we could bring Jude,” Adam added.

Connor smiled, “Yeah, I think he would like that.”

He looked over at his dad, still amazed at how things had changed so quickly. Though his dad was not completely on board yet, he could feel the heaviness between them lighten. He felt as if he had been granted some kind of freedom.  For the first time he could be all of himself without the disappointment of his father plaguing him.

He shook his head smiling, “Thank you,” he said to Adam.

Adam started the car, “No. Don’t thank me. I want to thank you for giving me a second chance.”

A thought occurred to Connor, and he instantly felt guilty, “Um, Dad?”

Adam glanced over.

“Um, I’m sorry for smashing the window,” Connor said nervously.

“Yeah, about that. The good news? It’s good to know you still have one hell of an arm. The bad news? You know you have to pay for it right?”

“Ugh,” Connor groaned, “Oh c’mon Dad.”

“You break it, you pay for it.” They turned out of the parking lot and headed back in the direction they came from.

“Where too now?” Connor asked.

“The Fosters. I have some apologizing to do. In case you haven’t noticed I haven’t exactly been the kindest person to Jude.”

Connor rolled his eyes, “You think?”

They headed back to the neighborhood and Connor smiled to himself.

People said that the secret to happiness was freedom and in that moment, for the first time, Connor was completely…free.

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Needless to say it was game day. Luke was stressing because he treated every game like it would be his last, and this would be his last since. The boys were in the last game of state tournaments, the furthest the school has ever been. Tonight they were playing Oakley High, one of the toughest teams.

“You’re gonna be there cheering me on, right?” he asked, tucking his jersey in.

“I’ve been to over 30 games, do you think I’m going to miss this one?” you questioned him, throwing his home jersey at him.

“You’re right. Will you wear my away jersey tonight?” he asked, now putting on his hat.

“If you want me to,” you smiled at him.

“Yeah. I want you to,” he said, handing you his jersey and kissing you.

It was last inning, bases loaded, losing by 3, with 2 outs, and Luke was up to bat. All the pressure was on him. You sat on the edge of your seat silently praying to yourself. You wanted Luke to win this game with everything in you, because it was his last year in high school and you knew he wanted to go far.

“Number 5, Luke Hemmings batting,” the announcer spoke.

“You can do this,” you whispered into your hands.

The pitcher held the glove to his face, nodded, and threw the ball. 

“STRIKE ONE!” The umpire yelled.

“OH come one! That was clearly out of the box!” You yelled, from your seat and along with the other fans.

Luke turned around to look at you. You were always in the middle rows, on his side, and screaming louder than everyone else. You gave him a smile and a thumbs up. Something about you being there to support him made him want to do so much better, and also to impress you. He dug his feet into the ground for leverage, patted his bat on home plate with his left arm stretched out, pointed it at the field, and brought it back ready to swing.

The pitcher brought his glove to his face once more, nodded, and pitched the ball. Luke gritted his teeth, turned his back foot hard enough, and swung his bat with everything he had. The ball went souring into the air, and every boy that was on base began to run. Three of them made it home, and now it was up to Mason Richards to bring Luke home. He wasn’t the best varsity player but he wasn’t the worst. He was a hit or miss kind of player. 

Every person was basically on the edge of their seats when Mason was batting. There was now two strikes and three balls, this last pitch meant everything. If he struck out, it would be the end of the game and the end of their season. If he walked, another person would have to bat, and everyone would be holding their breath again.

The pitcher brought his glove to his face, nodded, and threw the ball. As soon as the ball left the pitcher’s hand Mason decided to bunt. 

Every fan yelled, “DON’T BUNT!”

But the pitcher yelled, “Bunter,” and everyone came closing in.

Any person that knew the basics of baseball knew that if a person was on third, you never bunt, but at the last few moments Mason reared back and swung his bat hard. 

No one was expecting it, and this one happened to be a home run! The opponent was devastated, but the boys weren’t worried about that as they all huddled around home plate to congratulate Mason on winning the state tournament. The crowd was on their feet, screaming, clapping, hugging, and thanking whomever they prayed to.

Each team lined up and slapped each other’s hands saying, “Good game,” over and over again.

After their coach talked to them briefly Luke made his way towards you. You ran up to him and jumped into his arms, the both of you cheering. Luke supported you with his arms under your butt and shared a beautiful smile to you and the world.

“You did it baby! You won! I’m so proud of you!” you cheered, leaning down to kiss him. 

The kiss was full of so much passion and adrenaline that made the atmosphere seem so much better. 

“And you know what’s better?” he asked, looking up at his beautiful girlfriend.

“What?” you questioned, tucking your hair behind your ear and placing a hand on his shoulder.

“I had my wonderful girlfriend cheering me on at each game.”


Sometimes I say things and I get weird looks from Scrunchy or my coworkers

I don’t know if it’s because I grew up in a small town, or my dad picked up some franglais growing up and passed it to us, or we just had weird family sayings. But in the last few days I’ve said a few things that people looked at me sideways for.

Let’s see….

“Patonk”: a small bit or nub on something, like the little switch on an SD card for example. My mom just said it tonight so I know it’s not just me. She thinks one of our French inlaws used to say it. Scrunchy laughed at me.

“Like all get out”: to express how much something is. I use it like “it’s raining like all get out” or “it hurt like all get out”.

“Death warmed over in the microwave” - for when you feel like shit. Worse than death warmed over, cause it’s dried out and even more shitty for being in a microwave. That’s how shitty.

“Highbouncer” - those small, colourful super bouncy balls. Only the people I’ve grown up with have agreed with me on this one.

“Bip”: to quickly run an errand, or go somewhere. Used like “I just have to bip to the store and grab some highbouncers because I lost my last one when it broke off the patonk on my car door”

I’m weird.

“Imagine drunk Oikawa and taxi driver Iwaizumi”

Summary: Oikawa is drunk and can’t even walk properly. Walking to home isn’t an option and so is cycling. A taxi is the perfect solution for his problems and it suddenly a lot more fun when your taxi driver is hot and an extremely good kisser.

Based on: this post by tobiohchan

Oikawa was drunk. He had made it to his second year of the university and of course he had to celebrate it. With his roommates, Makki and Mattsun, they decided to go out, a lot. Tonight was one of those night and it was already early in the morning. Oikawa knew he had drank too much, but with every drank he took he thought “I made it, one more couldn’t hurt.”  If he knew how wrong he was. 

Makki and Mattsun had disappeared and it took Oikawa too much effort to think when he had last seen them. With his jacket in his hand Oikawa stumbled across the sidewalk. He nearly tripped over his feet and decided not to walk home. For a moment he thought to cycle home, but Oikawa knew he would certainly not come home safely on a bicycle. Instead, he looked around and got the most brilliant idea to take a taxi to his apartment. He felt in his pocket and took the risk of not having enough money, it didn’t really matter if he didn’t have enough, he thought.

Oikawa was trying to walk in a straight line, but failed miserably. He clung to any object on the street he saw, while cursing his brain and alcohol. Somehow he had made it to a taxi which was the closest to him. 

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Farewell New Zealand

I’ve reached the end.  Tonight I leave New Zealand.  I’ll hop on a plane and travel via Melbourne up to Singapore to start a 5-6 month stint of backpacking through Southeast Asia, leaving this beautiful country for the foreseeable future.

I’ve thought many times over the past few years that I would never leave New Zealand.  It’s impossible not to fall in love with the scenery, the people, and the lifestyle.  I can only think of one place in the entire country that I haven’t enjoyed (Auckland), but I can come up with about 20 spots I wouldn’t hesitate to move to permanently.  Paradise in Glenorchy (see photo) where I’ve worked for the past year is hands down my favorite place in the entire world.

One year, nine months, and twelve days in this country will never be enough, but the world is a big place and I have much more to see.  I’ve worked my ass off to save money to travel again, and as much as I love New Zealand it’s time to move on.  New Zealand will always be here, sitting like a little jewel at the bottom of the world, and I know I’ll be back at some point.

But for now I’m heading north for a different type of beauty…food, history, culture, and beaches.  I’m excited for SE Asia and for extended travel through a place known for being cheap (the exact opposite of New Zealand).  I’m heading on without much of a plan because I know I’ll get advice as I go, but I have 8 countries on my list and my only deadline is to be back in the U.S. for Christmas.

So it’s goodbye for now to Aotearoa. I’ve enjoyed every second of this adventure and I look forward to returning for more in the future. Now to just stop crying.
So Good She Cried

“Man, that red head last night? So fucking tight like you would not believe!” Mikey was again going off about one of his many sexcapdes. The other boys listened intently, adding a few comments about their recent adventures in the bedroom.
Well, everyone except Luke. They boys knew he wasn’t one to comment on the details of what went on behind closed doors and they just loved to tease him about it!

“What about you Lukey?” Calum asks.
“Ha! Please, I bet Luke hasn’t ever had a girl! Have you virgin boy? You probably only think the way to have sex is the good ole missionary!” Mikey went on and on cracking jokes on Luke. But tonight it went a little too far.

“Shut up, that chick last night? The one you tried to get before you settled for the redhead? Yeah I took her home. When I made her cum- for the third time. I made her cum so hard she fucking cried.” Luke spits, stomping off and outside.

The other boys were silent for a moment before Calum spoke up.

“He made her cry?”

Eeeep!! ☺️💕

I’m so happy!! Last night, I told my close friend Lexy about dd/lg. Me calling my fiancé Daddy and my being a little. I was super nervous, but she thinks it’s cute and even said she’d kind of little too. c: And today, she bought me some adorable pacis!!!! I’ve been waiting so long to get some pacis!! One with a butterfly and 2 Minnie Mouse ones. I’ll post pictures tonight or tomorrow! :3 💗