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Sorry to bother! Is it ever explicitly said that Peter's dad is white? I was reading through the notes on that post, and the consensus seems to be that Peter's dad is white. He's not black, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's white, unless it's been said that he is? Peter's dad doesn't have to be white for Peter to be mixed-race?

Not a bother at all! :) And you’re quite right that Peter could be mixed-race with a mixed-race father. I don’t think it is ever stated explicitly that Richard Grant is white*, but then it isn’t for, e.g., Seawoll either - or Walid, for that matter. I just really don’t think him being mixed-race is where all the canon pointers (the themes of the first book with Father Thames and Mother Thames, Peter’s “two pot child” comments about his mum cooking one spicy and one bland meal during his childhood, his dad being a Cockney born during WWII, Peter getting his hair from the “wrong” side of the family, etc) are pointing. 

*I’m too lazy to search this right now, but anybody who isn’t feel free to correct me. 

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Hi, I think you are mixing something up in your Batwoman Post. The original Batwoman Kathy Kane and the new one Kate Kane are different characters. Kathy still exists and appears currently as Agent 0 in "Grayson", and iirc it was even pre flashpoint canon that Kate was Batwoman Nr.2.

[context] Hi, no worries. You’re not wrong, but I wasn’t trying to equate them as the same person. I included that quote from Paul Dini because Golden Age Batwoman was their inspiration for creating Kate Kane in Pre-Flashpoint. I know that those continuities are too distinct to consider them the same character

When it comes to the New 52 canon, I just don’t keep up with it and it’s usually not relevant to whatever I’m talking about. I was just pointing out that the writers were inspired by the original Batwoman but that I didn’t think that was a good basis for giving her the Batwoman mantle. Even if we call Kate Batwoman #2 in Pre-Flashpoint, we still don’t have the modern context of Batwoman #1, which is why I’m saying it doesn’t click well from a storytelling perspective. Regardless of the in-canon explanations, that’s who Kate was being framed off of, but yeah, I agree that they’re not literally the same people 

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Sorry I must have interpreted what you said wrong my bad. Like personally I would rather see an episode finished and then move on to season 2. Is episode 11 the ending for season one or was there/is there more planned for season 1 and your just more excited to get season 2 started? Sorry about the mix up.

Well first off, ASOSV and the Season 2 story I’m thinking of are two seperate entities. ASOSV is an AU that diverges from the main canon hard, in terms of events, mechanics and character development. That was mostly due to the fact I started writing ASOSV in July, before the season was even halfway done, so it was impossible to maintain the entire canon of the show into the story. If I knew Toffee was gonna be a series regular, Percy would never have been created. 

The season 2 story would pick up right after the events of “Storm the Castle”. It would follow my what-if scenarios for Season 2 of Star vs The Forces of Evil. It would use all the headcanons and stuff the fandom has thought up for Season 2. 

ASOSV and the season 2 story take place in two separate timelines. And episode 11 isn’t even the halfway point for ASOSV. Actually, its the start of a bit of an arc in ASOSV. But ideas and scenarios for the season 2 story have filled my head. So much so that I want to put off ASOSV for a while and start up the season 2 story.