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What are a few artworks you admire that are female empowering? I would like to make this a theme in my own work as well, yet sometimes my female characters don't look at the viewer either.

While looking at the viewer is important, but I don’t think it is needed in every single piece to make something empowering–it is sort of just like a first step. However that being said, if you go through the western canon of painting you’ll notice how overwhelmingly rare it is to have a female subject look directly at the viewer, and if she is she is often being flirty and is painted in an idealized/sexualized/demur way (in whatever was in “fashion for ladies to be like” at the time). Mix that with the artists overwhelmingly being upper class men, it leads to some uncomfortable sexism within the artist’s gaze being forced upon the subject. Empowering the subject is more than letting the female figure look at the viewer, it is coding her to show the power that she holds in the situation of the painting–which can be conveyed both within an obvious way (ex. pretty much any “Judith Beheading Holofernes” piece) and the more subtle ways (ex. “Morning Sun” by Edward Hopper or “Femme Avec Des Fleurs” by Romaine Brooks) that let you create any scenario.

One of my absolute favorite paintings that embrace this idea in the Western Canon is “The Reluctant Bride” by Auguste Toulmouche. While the subject is not classically strong, she is shown being unhappy, looking right at the viewer almost defiantly. She sees you, and you see her and she is having none of it. It lacks all the sentimentality that you normally see in paintings from this time period, which makes it stand out.

You can’t go wrong with just about any work from Frida Kahlo, who mastered the ideas of empowerment through both obvious strength but also vulnerability and pain. Look at the paintings of Artemisia Gentileschi, who’s life and work fight against domineering male forces. In fact there are so many overlooked “Old Masters”, including Judith Leyster, Barbara Longhi, Marie Bracquemond, Emily Mary Osborn, and Lavinia Fontana to name a few. Of course this list is overwhelming incomplete, western centric, and only features artists from hundreds of years ago. 

So here are some of my favorite current illustrators (since I mostly pay attention to illustrators) off the top of my head who often make empowering pieces featuring women (it also gives you a chance to see how different all of the images/subject matter is–with the uniting factor that the female figures exist without objectification–the key to empowering art is knowing a woman is a multi-dimensional subject within the piece, not a flat decoration): Jillian Tamaki, Jessica Singh, Emily Carroll, Angie Wang, Sarah Green, and Celine Loup among many many many others. Of course this is just an intro, part of making art is exploring the intricacies of what you want to make and how you want to approach it, as well as how you represent women–or any non-cis male figure actually. Because that is taking the narrative back, and away from the overwhelmingly heavy presence of the white male Western Canon that is all too powerful in the art world…*whew* 

An angel walks into a bar - Hannah/Jo
What it says on the tin: An angel walks into a bar… with a bit of time-travel, some hurt/comfort and a wedding ring thrown into the mix.
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Relationships: Hannah/Jo Harvelle, (background Castiel/Dean Winchester)
Characters: Hannah (Supernatural), Jo Harvelle, Ellen Harvelle
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What it says on the tin: An angel walks into a bar… with a bit of time-travel, some hurt/comfort and a wedding ring thrown into the mix.

This is my first submission for the SPN Rarepair Fest - Jo/Hannah!

Super quick and super helpful beta from justlikedaylightsavingstime - thank babe!

The Destiel is only a plot device (this is a rare pair fest after all) but I think the Dean/Cas shippers will like it a lot nonetheless.

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Along with the production code numbers, can we mix them into a chronological order that make sense. Here are my first 3 in order. #1 - Star Comes to Earth. #2 Match Maker. #3 - Monster Arm. And Star wears different dresses and maybe she picks one of the three in an order for each set of three days.

I’m gonna be honest, Anon. I’m a little lost. Are you asking for a master post of the episodes listed by release date? Or maybe a head canon on when these episodes take place chronologically? Either way, I think it’d be the same.

Also, are you looking for a master post of all the outfits she’s worn to date? And in which episodes she wears them? Or is this another chronological headcanon about when she decides to wear each outfit and when? I’m so confused!

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i think bezi would have mixed feelings on wu. part HOLY SHIT THATS COOL I MISS DINOSAURS and part 'who the fcu k do you think u are??? stop that'


that is EXACTLY how i want people to feel about wu, tbh. at first it’s awe like ‘woW YOU CREATED DINOSAURS?!?!’ and then they get to talking to him and it’s like ‘um wow you are kinda full of yourself and you have totally gone off the deep end. ’ i imagine he started off with good intentions, particularly if i incorporate book canon (HE wanted to make the dinos more docile and John Hammond vetoed that idea because it wouldn’t be ‘real’), and as the years passed things just kinda went sideways and he got a high off playing god to the point where he stopped prioritizing the possible consequences and risks to human life. (i think he still recognized those risks, but innovation became more important than what would happen if his creations broke free.)

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✦ Has your own interpretation changed from when you first began playing the character?

the mun's interpretation || accepting


when i first started writing for tsukiyama i had only gotten about 70 chapters into tokyo ghoul (which is a fair distance from when we really start to see his gradual change as a person in canon), so i think as i’ve caught myself up with the manga i’ve definitely started mixing in these small factors i come across.

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Send me a ship and I’ll do this thing

((Hello again Anon. Imma assume you’re the same Anon that asks about this ship. LMFAO. Thanks for watching Katya’s mun and I.))

The ship is my: neutral zone. (Seriously, most non-canon pairings will fall in this category)

I consider this ship’s feelings: Mutual | Mixed | Strange (Given their constand bicker I would imagine so)| Awkward | Platonic| Sibling-like | One-sided | They don’t really like each other |

I’d consider the relationship: Healthy | Awkward | Abusive | Doesn’t work properly (cuz they probably don’t always know how to be civil in their sass wars but it doesn’t mean in a bad way… just not as typical, to me anyways) | They’d never get together |

Children: No | Yes | They’d think about it

General Opinion: This is literally the first canoned and OC pairing I really have seen gotten this far…if you can consider it far. So, I will be straight and say I am still cautious and unsure how the route will go. But that’s really for the Muses to decide isn’t it?

I am not for or against Canon and OCs being together, it’s just a tougher territory to me. I am even more neutral on it than a canon x canon character. The elements in this kind of context/situation is more on unknown grounds for both muns and so it can be tough in a way, but still very fun with its challenges.