Why you should read the All for the Game series by Nora Sakavic
  • If I had to put Ao3 tags on these books they would be the following: 
    M/M; slowest slowburn to ever burn slow; broken boys; enemies to family; protective assholes; violence; blood; swearing; alcohol & drug use; tw for sexual abuse; sports fiction; aggression problem; attitude problem; 
  • Yeah, yeah, I know. Sports fiction?, you think. But believe me when I say it does not matter if you’re into sports or not. It’s also a fictional sport, mixing lacross, hockey and whatever else and it’s so freaking fast and aggressive, point is the writer invented a sport just for this story.
  • The ship may not be actually canon until the third book but the slow burn is heart wrenching and so well developed it blows my mind.
    Seriously you don’t even know it’s happening at first, you might even have problems figuring out who the ship even is, but when you do suddenly everything in your life makes sense
  • The women are awesome. I have seriously never read women in fiction this well and realistically depicted. You could literally swap every gender in this book and it wouldn’t change a thing.

more reasons to read these books: 

  • Neil: problematic and so not innocent, but still a cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure, must be protected at all costs, has lived trough so much and continues to live through so much
  • Andrew: literally a small ball of self-distructive psycho with a huge overprotective streak, you will hate him and then you will love him; just imagine a mixture between Ronan Lynch and Mickey Milkovich and add a little more aggression, unpredictability and pain and you got it (thanks to coldsaturn i can now not picture him as anyone else but Noel Fisher), sometimes he makes literature references
  • Matt: the true cinnamon roll of this story, still a little aggressive, but good to the core
  • Dan, Renee, Allison, Nicky, literaLLY EVERY SINGLE OTHER CHAracter

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i'm guessing his bark is gon' be a sort of ashy brown just like how u like his hair? it's very cute how u refuse to accept anime mahogany kiyoshi to be canon ok like u have me thinking "waiiiiiit....???" whenever i watch it now

tbH FRICK KIYOSHIS ANIME HAIR it looks like the chocolate pudding jelly bean that nobody would like under normal circumstances but do anyways bc its kiyoshi, albeit with mixed feelings.

Yeah tho! At first colors were inverted bc its wonderland, green bark and brown leaves but it looked too weird and i switched it back

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wh is pers will u brag about me? :*

( positivity meme aka, let abi ramble & write good things about people )

i most absolutely will brag about you <3 so here goes my rambling
about your preciousness & absolutely awesomeness <3 but i’m
going to try not to ramble on for too long, not making any promises
though! there are so many nice things i can say about this blog
okay, like i adore both muse & mun, and i personally think that 
echo is fantastically written, and i love writing with them. 

first of all, i think echo is amazingly well developed, and head
canoned and the like, and the perfect mix between cutie & deadly!
to me, how you’ve developed echo, makes her such a three dimensional
character, and it’s a pleasure to be able to rp with her. seriously,
i’m awed that i get to write with you <3 

secondly, i don’t know if echo & zara have had a thread, but echo
& tommy are just amazing, and i adore their chemistry, and everytime
they interact i just want to cry and smile because they’re so cute, it’s
like agnes in despicable me, except for it’d be ‘they’re so cute i’m
going to die’, not fluffy. but you know fluffy works too! 

thirdly, kili is just so sweet & lovely, and it makes me very happy to
be rping with them and also i really really enjoy reading all their threads,
& little headcanons. i look forward to seeing them on my dash so
much,and every chance i have for my muses to interact with echo, i 
will always take! ilu tbh, and i could sit here and babble on forever.

p.s. as a final note. i would absolutely recommend following <3


So this is my first corporate video that I have made for Private Events to show their expertise when it comes to building motors show stands.The client wanted the video to be a mix of TimeLapse and GoPro sequences which is a pretty good idea, but what I what I was looking for is more dynamic video. So I decided to introduce a famous technique called Hyperlapse ( Motion TimeLapse ) that took me a lot of effort to achieve but I think the result is awesome. So let me know what you think ? and please watch in HD !!!

For the gear part, I used a canon EOS 600D with a compination of three lenses including an ultra wide angle lens the Tokina 11-16mm 2.8, Sigma 17-50mm 2.8 an a telephoto lens canon 70-300mm. I also used a gopro 4 black edition with some accessories such as the 3 axis steadycam rig and the chest strap ect… I also used a slider and of course a steady tripod.

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Abacus :)


  • A - Your current OTP 
    • Steve/Bucky. Surprising no one.
  • B - A pairing you initially didn’t consider but someone changed your mind
    • Sirius/Remus. They were one of the first ships I ever even knew existed? And I was very reticent to think about anything but HP canon, but my sister actually convinced me to like them/shipping in general.
  • A - Your current OTP
    • I’m giving another because I can: Harry/Draco. Always.
  • C - A pairing you have never liked and probably never will
    • Stony.
  • U - If you mostly have heteroships, do you have any homoships
    • I mean, I like to think I have a mix of absolutely everything, but I guess the answer to this question is yes?
  • S - Show us an example of your personal headcanon
    • Sam is asexual, biromantic, and gives the best hugs in the galaxy. Even after Peter Quill challenges him to a hug-off.
Marching to a Different Tune

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1KbZ2Hw

by radkoko

“We will never be free as long as they rule.” Cheers ring out through the protesters. Mutants together, united under a single cause.

I’m doing this for you, old friend… He thinks to himself knowing that Charles can’t hear him through the helmet still on his head.


Taking the iTunes mix challenge and adjusting it to my liking… 10 Canon stories inspired by songs on my playlist that kept screaming Charles/Erik.

Words: 786, Chapters: 3/10, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1KbZ2Hw