Hello! My name is Toril, or Starlock, and I’m an independent comic artist! In the past two years I’ve tabled at a number of extremely different conventions:  Otakon Vegas, Anime Boston,  Emerald City Comic Con  MoCCA Fest, TCAF,  Anime NEXT,  Anime Expo,  Otakon,  SPX,  MICExpo, and YaoiCon.  

Prior to this, I had never sold anything at a convention before, and I had barely considered the possibility of being able to make a living from my own work. To put it simply: I had no idea what I was doing. I would have crashed and burned without the help of my incredible friend Emily, but since not everyone has a friend who’s been making a living off of anime conventions for years, I thought I’d put together a post about everything I’ve learned to help out artists who may be thinking about jumping on this train.

Full disclosure: I was able to earn back my expenses (and profit) at every con I attended except Otakon Vegas and TCAF. Otakon Vegas in 2014 was a small con with low attendance, high expenses, and I was ill prepared. At TCAF 2014, I failed to account for the currency exchange rate in spite of selling out of everything, and spent a lot on transporting books over the border (I’m from the US and couldn’t drive at the time).

Of course, every person’s work, circumstances, and personality are wildly different, and your experiences will assuredly vary from mine. I can’t guarantee your success. However, I learned a remarkable amount about art, business, and checked bag fees over the past few years, and I hope what I include here proves valuable (or at least interesting) to anyone who’s interested in the North American con circuit!    

Before you even think about choosing a convention to attend or what you’re going to sell, there’s an unfortunate truth we have to get out of the way:  You need to spend money to make money. I recommend setting aside $500 USD for registration, production costs, travel, and other expenses.   This is an extremely rough estimate. Your actual expenses will vary wildly– that said, be prepared to spend at least this much. Anything you save is a bonus.


Choosing the first con that you’ll sell at– or any con, for that matter– can be overwhelming.  

Comic: Once a haven only for fans of the classic DC and Marvel empires, comic cons now often invite videogame, television, and film guests and companies. Cons like NYCC and SDCC are some of the biggest in the country, but can be difficult to land a table at, especially for a newcomer.

Anime: Mostly centered around fandoms for Japanese media and culture. AnimeExpo and Otakon are among the largest in the US, but more and more are founded every year, and you can find them all over the country.  

Small Press: Shows dedicated to independent comics, webcomics, zines, and their creators– shows like TCAF, VanCAF, SPX, and MoCCA can be quite exclusive, as well as expensive– MoCCA’s 2015 tables went for $460 each. Never be afraid to apply, though, because they’re always on the lookout for new blood!  

Furry: Cons specifically geared towards furries, and furry and anthro artists. I personally have not been to a furry con, but I’ve heard they can be extremely profitable for artists.  

Try to choose a con that suits your taste and intended audience!  Artist Alley is the most common name for the venue set aside for independent artists and craftspeople to sell their products. Artist alley tables can range from $50-500, but usually fall around the $75-150 range. Larger cons also often have Dealer’s Halls which provide space for vendors, publishers, and artists who have a lot of stock. Dealer’s Hall booths tend to be far more expensive, often upwards of $1000.  

If the cost is daunting, or you’re afraid that you won’t have enough merchandise to display at your table, consider splitting with an artist friend! I’ve split a table several times and it has never affected my sales– if anything, it makes the whole con a lot more fun~ you’ll have someone to talk to and complain with, and you can take turns watching the table while the other takes a break!  I can’t recommend splitting a table with more than one other person, however, unless you all only have a few items to sell.

Signup is usually six months to up to a year in advance– get on mailing lists, follow con twitter accounts, and keep an eye out for announcements! Some cons sell out in seconds after they open for artist alley signup, others have tables available for months.  

If you can, try to find an event happening in your area– close enough that you won’t have to pay for a hotel or transportation (aside from gas or a train ticket).  However, beware smaller cons that no one seems to have heard of! Even if it’s in the neighborhood, putting time and money into preparing for a con where there will be more artists than attendees isn’t worth it.   It also helps to apply for a table at a con you’ve been to before as an attendee! That way you’ll have a feel for what people sell there, the attendance, and what the general atmosphere is like.  Don’t make any travel arrangements until you’re sure you’ve got a table at the con.  


I don’t have time to go into detail on how to make merchandise– and there are tutorials for making nearly anything online– but figuring out what you’re going to be selling is important! You’re also going to have to decide whether to manufacture it yourself or pay to have it done for you. Here are some products I’ve seen sold at cons to give you an idea of what’s possible: business cards, prints, postcards, bookmarks, keychains & phone charms, stickers (some cons don’t allow stickers: make sure you’ll be able to sell them beforehand!), comics (zines, books, etc), printed sketchbooks and artbooks, dolls & plushes, apparel,  patches, washi tape, buttons & badges, and commissions.


8x10" print - 10$ or 3/$25

11x17" print - 15$ or 2/25$

books: 3x the printing cost per book

Always bring AT LEAST enough merchandise so that if you sold 100% of it, you’d earn double your expenses.


There’s a lot of waffle over whether original content or fanart sells better at conventions, and the truth is that in my experience, there’s no solid answer to this question. The best advice I can offer is: make what you care about.  

It doesn’t matter if it’s fan art for the latest, trendiest manga, or a promotional poster for your own webcomic– your audience can tell when your heart isn’t in the work. If you make things to sell based solely on what you imagine is popular at the time of the con, you won’t get very far.  

Do not make fan art of independent properties– especially if they’ve asked publicly that no unlicensed merchandise be sold. It’s disrespectful, and can be damaging to their business.  The ethical and legal dilemma around the production and sale of fan art in general is not one I want to get into in this post, but I tend to support fan culture.

If you don’t have an audience for your original content already, it’s true that no one will know what it is and that it will be harder to sell it. That’s okay! You’re at the con to promote your work, and you have to start somewhere.  


Make sure everything’s in your hands a week in advance before the con.

If you’re printing books, try to leave enough time to order proofs.  Make sure everything you’re bringing can fit in your bags without being damaged. For prints, you can buy a file case, but I find the box they’re shipped (if you’ve ordered them online) in works just fine.  


There are a number of display methods, but the two most common are wire storage cube displays and pipe/clamp displays. I prefer the latter– for a basic pipe display, you will need:

2x Irwin Quick-Grip Clamps

6x 24"  long, ½" diameter PVC pipes

1x 18" long, ½" diameter PVC pipe

6x ½" diameter straight PVC pipe connectors

2x ½" diameter elbow PVC pipe connectors

this will run you around $30 USD at a home improvement warehouse like Home Depot or Lowe’s.

You may also need: book stands, business card holders, tape, scissors, zipties for the cubes, clips, and post-its to write prices on.

Here’s a shortlist of online manufacturers & printing services!

Fireball Printing





RA Comics Direct


1984 Printing (vegan!)

Amazon Createspace


Digital Art Wear

Zap Creatives


Pack light. Most of your luggage will be your merchandise & display. Bring a change of clothes, toiletries, and other essentials– phone, sketchbook, etc. Leave valuable jewelry and electronics at home.  


- tax papers & registration confirmation & cheques (you may have to pay your taxes at the con, or register for a table for next year!)

- square reader (or equivalent mobile POS system) + smartphone + exta battery

- notebook to keep track of sales

- water bottle & snacks, painkillers, any meds you take

- small bills for change

- do NOT bring a cash box. they’re bulky, heavy, and more likely to get stolen than a money pouch.

Be aware that most domestic US airlines start charging you anywhere from $50-200 if your bag is oversized or over 50lb. You can usually avoid a 50lb+ bag by having two smaller suitcases. Most airlines will also let you check boxes or crates, provided they’re securely sealed and labeled. CHECK on your airline’s website before getting to the airport so you won’t be surprised by a fee. 

Be careful taking luggage on Amtrak or buses: usually you’re only allowed one piece of checked baggage, and Amtrak sometimes won’t take check bags at all.  

Do NOT book a connecting flight to the con. You don’t want to miss your connection and arrive a day late!  

Do NOT carpool with strangers. Ever.

Cons often offer deals on rooms at nearby or sponsoring hotels. These are the most convenient option but can still be pricey– if you have friends going to the con, share the room! I find 3-5 people can generally split an average hotel room comfortably, as long as everyone manages to be respectful and sensible.  If you have friends or family in the area, ask if they can put you up! Of course, pay them back with a dinner date or baked goods~  Finally, check out AirBNB! You’d be surprised at the level of accommodation you can find.

Here is a list of travel services and airlines that come recommended: kayak.com, MegaBus, Porter Air, Jet Blue, Southwest Airlines, Virgin America, Alaska Airlines, Amtrak    


Confirm that you’ve arrived with the Artist Alley staff, check in for your table, and set up ASAP. Confirm what times the artist alley opens & closes. Ask if the hall will be locked overnight– most cons do this, so you can leave your things under the table (NEVER leave your money or any valuables unattended)  

REMEMBER: you’re at the con as a working professional. Act like it!  

Get to your table before the alley opens. Regardless of how busy you think business will be, it’s nice to be early.  Greet potential customers warmly and engage them in conversation.  

Some fall-back lines I use: “How’s the con so far?” “ I like your cosplay/outfit/hair!” “Are you dressed as ____? They’re my favourite character from ____!” “ What’s going on out there? I’ve barely left my table” “This is my webcomic, it’s about _____” etc.

NEVER TALK DOWN YOUR WORK. If you can’t speak about your work or yourself without being self-deprecating, why are you at the convention? If you don’t love your work, why should anyone else? This is the most important point in this entire post. 

Never pressure anyone into a sale.  

If business is slow and nothing’s going on, feel free to pass the time by drawing, checking your phone, or otherwise occupying yourself– but pay attention. I can’t tell you how disappointing it is to go up to an artist and find them withdrawn behind their table and totally off in their own little world, with barely a word to say to their fans. A lot of us– artists and fans alike– are shy, but we’re all people. Make an effort. Be polite.


- drink lots of water

- eat properly

- get enough sleep  

Finally, get out from behind your table and walk around! You’ll never know who you’ll run into, what cool artists you’ll discover, or what new friends you’ll meet!!


Congratulations! You’ve spent a weekend selling your own merchandise, and you’ve earned back your expenses– and then some. Treat yourself to dinner with some of your fellow artists, you deserve it!  

…or maybe it didn’t go so well.  If you weren’t able to break even, it’s okay. Take a deep breath. It’s not easy to earn a living with your art alone, and conventions are by no means a reliable source of income. Even the most profitable cons– and artists– have off years.   However, now isn’t the time to make excuses. Ask yourself the following questions– and be honest when you answer them. It’s likely your answers will tell you why you weren’t as successful as you hoped you’d be:

1. Do I have a significant pre-existing following online– fans who are ready and willing to buy my products? Did they know I would be here?  

2. Did I bring enough merchandise to sell? Did I price it correctly?  

3. Was the con busy, or was it clearly low attendance? If it was busy, was my table ignored or bypassed due to a poor or unclear display?  

4. Was I friendly, polite, and engaging? Did I make an effort to sell my products and appear happy to be there?  

5. Are my products appealing and well-crafted?    

When it comes down to it, you should not be attending a convention if all you want to do there is make money. Cons are an opportunity to meet and befriend peers in your field– people from all over the country (and world) who you would otherwise only interact with online. Don’t be afraid to spend time socializing, buy the things you like, and remember– stay in touch! The weekend will be over before you know it, but you’ll be chatting online (and meeting up at future cons) with your friends for years to come.

And finally, the last piece of advice I have to offer:


anonymous asked:

If Zayn supposedly scuppered Larry's coming out, what is the then actual reasoning to have Louis hop from girl to girl and get another girl pregnant? That doesn't make sense. What makes sense is: let Louis come out, either keep him single for a while or build a guy narrative in for him specifically, post Eleanor. This has not been done. They have dramatically gone the other, eh, direction, so I don't believe Zayn's leaving had any bearing on it. I think that is an excuse.

1. Louis’ name is now much bigger than before, thanks to this story–and they had been building his name in the lead up to this with the clubbing, but this story pushed the name building to a whole other level.

2. Bizarrely, I know, they have been spinning this pregnancy story to be as coming out-friendly as possible, lots of undermining of the story from the very beginning, lots of larry larry larry. They have also continued to push larry to the general public. The pregnancy story turned into a larry media blitz. Which is bizarre and not something I would have ever predicted! But there you have it.

3. Whether this is evil genius or just a result of the fucked up politics behind the scenes, I don’t know. But with Simon Cowell being the first to give an interview about this and then we get all these indications that Simon Cowell is on the way out, I’m inclined right now to ‘fucked up politics’ that the new team is spinning the best they can.

4. Zayn leaving would obviously have a big impact on the other big stories they can pull right now. Which is fine! Zayn shouldn’t have to sacrifice himself for others, he needs to take care of his own life! But…. it would have an obvious impact on the other big stories they can pull in a short frame of time.

So no, not an ‘excuse’.

By the way, what pr lines have they been pushing for months now.

1. Rainbow Harry

2. Louis is important, pay attention to him

3. Larry larry larry (there’s a reason why I stopped treating larry stories like a one-time media blitz and more like ‘standard protocol’ by now–which have been getting more explicit).

Which they’ve been pretty consistent about.

Sounds to me that you just believe that Harry is coming out alone and you thought that 1. ‘there’s a baby story!’ would be enough to show me the errors of my ways–with zero consideration of everything I have ever written on the topic, or 2. just felt the need to express ‘I don’t like this, stop saying things I disagree with’.

Artists: Don't be discouraged if you can't profit on tumblr.

I’ve been doing commissions in various forms on different parts of the internet for more than five years, now, and one fact has consistently remained true:

I never get any business from Tumblr. Literally none. I’ve spoken to many friends, and they have had the same experience.

Tumblr isn’t an environment conducive to permanence. Even when people are super kind and boost your commission posts, it’s just a quick one time thing before they and most of their followers have already forgotten about it. I have thousands of followers, so one would think it logical that this is where I get most of my business. But I don’t actually get any. Generally, Tumblr just isn’t a site where people spend money.

So find other venues! Deviant Art may be a shithole, but if you can work yourself into a niche, you’re golden. People throw money at you. If you’re confident enough and live near a con, try your luck selling there. It’s a lot of work, but it’s a great experience. Find other niche art sites to target specific audiences.

But whatever you do, don’t give up because Tumblr didn’t work out. It doesn’t even work for many established and/or successful artists.

fic: I've Been Thinking You Over

Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~3,400
Characters: Steve/Maria
Prompt: “French kiss”
Summary: It’s just her and Steve here and she doesn’t have to worry about being on her guard with him. She never has.

For: queenofthevalients. You have no idea how ridiculously excited I am to share this with you, babe. It only took one whole year to get it out to you, but Happy Belated Birthday! I know I still owe you for your 21st, though. I’ll try not to take as long.


“Steve,” she breathes. “What are you doing here?”

“I could be asking you the same thing,” he replies, crossing the room towards her desk. His tone is light but his expression is a little stern. She knows how he feels about her overworking herself.

“I’m almost done,” she promises, picking up a folder.

But then he’s stepping around her desk, pulling the folder from her hands. “Maria,” he says.

“Steve,” she replies, quirking an eyebrow.

The corner of his lips tug into a bit of a smirk. God, she really shouldn’t be finding her co-worker (co-manager, technically) so sexy when he does that, but he is, and she’s allowed to notice how attractive he is.

Read on: [ ffnet ] [ ao3 ]

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tbf i have dyslexia and the new layout actually really is hard to read. it kind of all jumbles around on the screen and I cant focus on anything (mostly on stuff with multiple reblogs). But the new xkit is making a fix and i don't really expect the staff to do anything just because someone made a post that has a ton of notes. I'm usually irritated by those types of posts but I actually can kind of understand because I was thinking the same thing after I got the update

I just feel like y'all pick apart the updates and claim it’s fucking you up or cry ableism because of xyz when it’s hardly even been up long? Give yourself a moment to adjust to it before y'all decide staff has ruined your life once more and desperately go looking for ways to reverse it.. New updates kinda mess us all up for a bit, i know some more than others, but seriously “this update on tumblr messes with my disabilities!” Reaaaaaaally looks like a stretch and a very dramatic way of saying “i don’t like the update”..


This is going to be quite a long and personal post about something that has been bothering me for many years. Body issues, self criticism and hatred, body perception etc are emotional states that many girls go through during their teenage years. I think I tried out my first diet when I was 15 even though I was not actually fat but just a little chubbier than my friends, or at least thats how I felt. Me trying out a million diets from magazines or  websites as well as detoxes, starving myself and even diet pills continued for many years. Like everyone else, I didn’t really lose weight through these wrong and unhealthy methods. The only thing I actually accomplished was destroying my metabolism and making my weight loss journey even more difficult. 

With 17/18 I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, which was making this journey a very difficult one. Even though I was living with my body and weight, I hated myself and my body. I was aware, that being in this state was my fault so I accepted how it was but trying out all these unhealthy methods was my way of trying to break out of this body. Do you even know how hard it is to love others, when you can’t even love yourself? 

The picture on the left was on my 21st birthday in 2012. I was feeling uncomfortable showing skin, especially my thighs as these are my weakest point and biggest complex. I didn’t wear shorts, skirts or anything sleeveless. Even summer couldn’t beat my anxiety. 

In 2013 I set my mind straight: I was going to study abroad in Seoul, South Korea, the year after. A country so focused on body and appearance was scaring me. I really REALLY wanted to go but I would never step a foot with this body into that country. So I set up my mind and started dieting really strict but not well informed so I could only lose 4 Kilogramm till June. Since my body issues grew bigger and bigger and the pressure to study abroad bothered me a lot, my mum sent me to a nutritionist. Well, it costs a lot of money but this kind of helped me to stick to my plan and lose 14 kilogram between July 2013 and February 2014. I don’t remember the time I was this slim (in the 57 kilogram range). You don’t how it feels to see the number on the scale slowly moving down and reaching the 50s mark. I was happy with the way it was going BUT even though I saw the scale showing smaller numbers, I couldn’t see ANY change in the mirror, no kidding. I still saw the fat kid and no difference at all.

During my year abroad I couldn’t diet and drank a lot of alcohol which lead to gaining back a lot of weight as well as bodyissues, social anxiety and depression. Body and weightloss are nothing to others but for me its all my life is about since my teenage years. This post is for me, to keep myself motivated throughout the next months as I, again, walk this road to find my happiness and inner peace. One day I will also learn to love myself and appreciate the body I crated.

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So I wondering something and I wanted to know what yalls thoughts are... Okay so z went from being his little baby sis, to baby girl, ace, my g, to now friend. And to me "friend" sounds so basic compared to baby girl and ace. So I was wondering do yall think maybe Val has a gf now and feels it's better to call z friend ORR him and z are just messy af trying to play cover up and rehearsing every tweet regarding each other before posting on sm.

Nah see that doesn’t even make sense to me lol like if Val got a gf….it would have been better to just keep it at the bro/sis label, Maks still calls Z his lil sis, and then we got Mr. And Mrs. Hella Obvious over here trying to figure out what to call each other. It’s just suspicious to me how can you go from Lil sis to just a friend. Something is going on but I don’t think it’s because Val has a gf. (I’m going to say option 2)

150607 Jaejoong - Kpop Idol Beauty secrets featured on most recent Yahoo! Beauty article

It seems that the beauty of K-Pop idols is reaching international recognition!

Recently, Yahoo! Beauty released their own list titled “Beauty Secrets of K-Pop idols,” hoping to teach their viewers all about the “flawless skin.” The list included top idol stars along with their tips and tricks that they have revealed through interviews over their career.

Jaejoong from JYJ 

“What’s the secret to his flawless complexion? Apparently, just H20. The singer has admitted that his skin is extremely sensitive so he only uses cleanser when necessary—using water to wash his face more often than not. Courtesy of GETTY”

Jaejoong enlisted to complete his mandatory service requirement in March and will be discharged after serving for two years.

Source: Yahoo! Beauty via koreaboo
Shared by: fuckyeahtohoshinki

Commonly asked questions

BEFORE YOU ASK ANY MEDBLR A QUESTION PLEASE ASK YOURSELF THIS: can I find the answer on my own using a search engine? Odds are, you are not the first or last person to wonder the thing you are wondering. It has probably already been posted or answered somewhere in the vast series of tubes known as the internet. Check before you ask, because all medblrs are busy students, residents, and physicians and, even though we love you and want to help you, we get asked these things all the time.

Commonly asked questions:

- Tell me literally every step to becoming a doctor. I’m also 15.
This is a very easy google-ble question and one I personally am tired of getting because from my perspective it looks like you are unable/unwilling to think for yourself and want people to just tell you what to do, but I’m really cranky right now. “How to become a doctor in xyz country” is a good place to start. If you want to become a doctor in the USA, the AAMC has lots of resources that I would start exploring (look they even copied my blog name! JK AAMC, we’re cool).

- Help! I have xyz problem most likely my grades! Will I ever be a doctor??
Talk to an academic advisor if you are worried about your GPA or some aspect of your application. It is ok to get multiple B’s and C’s and not have cured cancer while in undergrad. I’m sorry you are in a rough patch right now. If you are really worried about your grades, please schedule an appointment with an academic advisor who knows the pre-med game and can help your individual case. Medblrs are not professional academic advisors.

- What should I major in to be a doctor?

- I’m in high school and…
No high school classes will ‘prepare you’ to be a surgeon or radiologist or whatever. Sorry. High school is theoretically supposed to prepare you for undergrad and for being an adult. Seriously chill out and have some fun while you can. The relatively carefree days of youth are numbered and will be gone before you know it. Take advantage of the time you have now! You will spent plenty of time sitting on your butt studying medicine, trust me.

- I didn’t get in to med school. I am so devastated. What should I do?
I’m really sorry to hear that, I really am. Med school in the US is extremely hard to get in to. You have tons of options though. There are loads of other healthcare fields you can try for, you can re-assess your application and try to improve any weak areas like MCAT (retake), grades (go to a post-bacc or master’s), extracurriculars (do more volunteering or research), etc etc. This is a something you will want to sit down with an academic advisor and have a heart to heart. And there is no shame in applying again if it’s your dream.

- Is pre-med/med school hard?

- Will I have to give up everything I love for med school??
No. You will have to adjust your priorities, but you can still have friends and partners and hobbies and fitness in med school. I’m no ENT candidate, but I have a very cute husband, two cats, a dog, friends and family that I see as often as possible, and I even exercise sometimes. It’s possible.

- Is Grey’s Anatomy/any medical TV drama what it’s really like?
NO. NO. NO. STOP. It’s a TV drama, meaning there has to be drama to keep viewers. Yes some of it is based on real life, but for the most part all medical TV shows are grossly over dramatized. Also I hate “House” because he would have been fired for ethics board violations in the first two episodes and that’s not how specialties work.

- I went on SDN and they were mean to me.
Yeah, that is what they do. I’m sorry they were mean to you. They suck. Here, have some pie and hang out with us, ok? It’ll be ok.

- Is it ok to have tattoos/piercings in medicine?
Medicine is still a pretty standard business type field as far as expectations of dress go. Lots of people have tattoos and piercings, but many people cover theirs or have them in nonvisible places. The rules depend on the hospital- some more more lenient and others are more strict.

- Insert specific medical question here.
Asking people on the internet for medical advice is not a good plan. If you are really concerned about that knee pain, or rash, or headache, please see a medical professional in person.

- I sent you an ask and you never responded.
I’m sorry I didn’t respond. This blog is not my job, it’s what I do for fun. Sometimes I don’t have a good answer. Sometimes I’m busy. Sometimes I just don’t want to because it’s been asked/answered a bajillion times already. It’s nothing personal, I promise. Also please don’t ask multiple medblrs the exact same question. That gets under my skin for some reason.

- I have questions about research/shadowing/volunteer activities in undergrad.
Check out my tagged posts for research, shadowing, and volunteer activities.

- Can you help me with my personal statement?
No. But the writing center at your school can!

- I’m new here, what are good blogs to follow?
Welcome young cricket! Check out WayfaringMD’s ever-growing Medblr Spotlight. Also you can send us pizza gift cards if an email address is included!

Any other medblr, please feel free to add more commonly asked questions!

kirsten mcduffie, a lead female in a daredevil comic, has made it alive through two volumes from 2011 - 2015. a half-latina female who’s been the healthiest romantic relationship (but refuses to be defined by her relationship) for matt since, well, ever finished out this volume alive and well.

here’s to volume 4 with high hopes for volume 5. thanks for an amazing run, team dd. y’all will be missed.

EXO as students
  • Chen:the student that always crack dumb jokes and smiles to the teacher even though they're mean and ugly
  • Kai:that one in the corner thats quiet but is secretly a god with crazy skillz
  • Sehun:the sassy dude everyone thinks it gay but is actually the worlds biggest kerr fanboy
  • Suho:the one that tries to take control when the teacher is out but fails relle badly
  • Kris:that dude people think is 2 cool 4 skool but totally trips and plants his face on his locker
  • Baekhyun:the person that is very nice and hILaRioUs but has a dark side *stares at the girl's butt* *smirks*
  • Lay:that guy people think is dumb as fuck but is actually just high most of the time *rainbows*
  • Xiumin:the popular one that doesn't want to be popular
  • Luhan:has a thousand screaming fangurls but is too good for em all *flips hair*
  • Tao:that dood that wants to be popular but isn't for some reason
  • Chanyeol:the supEr uLTra exTREmeLY ExCEssivElY oveRly sEVereLy teRRibly higLYy exTraorDInarilYYY animal loving dude and probs brings dangerous snakes to school
  • Kyungsoo:the person that sits alone but is suddenly accompanied by another loner and suddenly has someone to eat with and chill with and netflix with and talk with and sit with and have sleepovers with and share his interests with but then that loner moves away and he ends up being alone again right until he meets the exceptionally skilled dork named jongIN

Guys look… This is from Reddit. I did not create this image or theory. Here is the link to the submitted post on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/fivenightsatfreddys/comments/3ieyij/could_it_be/

But I think this all makes perfect sense. The give gifts mini game. The marionette gives life to all the dead children, but before jump scared by golden Freddy we see a fifth child in the center. The crying child is possesses golden Freddy. It all makes sense. The marionette has always been behind every thing and is even around in the fourth game as well.