Butterflies and Moths

I’m not so sure about this as I think the butterfly in chapter 63 does have a deeper meaning for the future of the series as a whole but there has been one mention of butterflies in TG recently before this latest chapter- with Touka in the calendar represented as the Agehamodoki [x]

Agehamodoki- A subspecies in the Epicopeidae family. The origin of the Japanese name is their mimicry of the male Chinese Windmill that contains poison in it’s body and is difficult for predators to prey on. ‘Ageha’ refers to the swallowtail family of butterflies and ‘modoki’ means “like, pseudo”

As far as I can tell, it’s not actually a butterfly but a moth which mimics a poisonous male butterfly for protection. It looks like this, with the Agehamodoki moth on the left and the male Chinese windmill butterfly it mimics on the right:

In the calendar, it’s a pretty clear throw back to Touka and Ayato- they both carry the Rabbit alias, Ayato mimics Rabbit’s kagune  and mask to look like Touka, both Ayato and Touka look so much alike that they are confused for each other (Banjou thought Touka was Ayato for a second when he first walked into Anteiku).

And now we’ve had a similar looking insect show up in chapter 63. It’s hard to tell what type of butterfly/moth it is in the panel and it might not have any connection to Touka in the calendar at all. But it is interesting that it doesn’t show up in any panels with Eto but instead is most prominent with people who have one foot in both the ghoul and human world, who would benefit from peace between the two.

Touka and Yomo who mimic humans [x]:

And the Quinx who mimic ghouls, especially Urie whose senses are becoming more and more ghoul-like [x]:

(Ayato is also nearby, who mimics Touka’s Rabbit alias, but it’s unclear so far how he would fit into it)

I don’t think the butterfly/moth has anything to do with Eto personally, but rather how her actions this chapter will affect others. Both butterflies and moths are a symbol of metamorphosis- of change. And where does the final butterfly in this chapter show up? 

Above the humans, going about their everyday lives [x]:

I hope this means we’ll have to brace ourselves for big change in the structure of the world that has been set into motion by Eto’s announcement. Is this her plan? To upset the balance of the world that V so far seems to be maintaining? Or is this her declaration of war- a call to arms for the ghouls that she wrote her book for? Or is she trying to get humans to understand ghouls better- to change their opinions on ghouls as mindless killers? Who knows but I’m excited to see where it’s going and where Kaneki fits into this now that he has been seen on live TV standing next to her!

As the caption for the next chapter says, it’s time to face the world and it’s questions!

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Google shows personal data within search results, tests ‘recent purchases’ feature

External image

Earlier today, while signed in to Gmail, I stumbled upon what appears to be a new test from Google. Some say it’s a little bit creepy. I think it’s the natural evolution of Google Now.

I typed in ‘capsule’ to take a look at the CRM tool, and Google served up the following personalised content unit:

External image

As you can see, I’ve been buying coffee capsules recently.

Before this content was shown to me it displayed a message along the lines of “only you will see this result”.

The data is presumably pulled in via Gmail (most likely) or possibly even Chrome (though Matt Cutts once said Chrome data was never used in the organic algorithm).

Ok, let’s try another recent purchase…

External image

Well, there it is. A slightly different format this time, but I am indeed guilty of buying multicoloured Post-It Notes.

I clicked the ‘Learn More’ link, to find out what was going on, and was taken to a page called ‘Search results from your Google products’.

Google explains:

“You can search for information from other Google products you use, like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google+. For example, you can search for information about your upcoming flights, restaurant reservations, or appointments.”

Here are some other example searches that it suggests:

External image

Intriguing. I typed in ‘my packages’ (‘my purchases’ also works) and sure enough, it revealed what I had been buying recently. It even included a takeaway curry! Expand the result and it will give you the detail, and provide a link to the email receipt…

External image

A little research shows that the ‘my purchases’ operator has been in play for a year or so, but this is certainly the first time I’ve stumbled upon this feature based on a product keyword.

Google did a good job of finding the things I’d bought from Amazon, based on the keywords in the product name, but not so well from eBay and other vendors. Might be telling.

Or it could just be a slow rollout and I’m the last to get it…

Getting up close and personal

Google is turning the search interface into a personal ‘tell me about my X’ tool. Makes you think about its “organising the world’s information” mission statement. Now it’s specifically organising your own personal information.

It’s quite a thing to get your head around. I did a full-on double take when I first saw my purchase history in the search results.

@lakey Yeah. If we associate Gmail as being private, seeing data from it in a “public” place is jarring.

— Andrew McGarry (@beyondcontent) January 21, 2016

I wonder how many millions of birthday presents are going to be prematurely revealed?

You have the ability to opt out, by changing your search settings (click ‘Do Not Use’ under the ‘Private Results’ heading), and it should only work if you’re logged in.

Google Now

This clearly seems to be an extension of Google Now, which is billed as an “intelligent personal assistant” and has one of the most ironic websites ever (it should be called Google Eventually).

I know that Google Now works with the Chrome browser but it’s the first time I’ve personally seen anything like this integrated into the search results interface.

As such, I checked to see if it works in Safari, and sure enough, it does.

When signing in to Google via Safari I was presented with some updated T&Cs, which covers how it uses data…

External image

All very interesting. Especially that last sentence about combining data. It’s pretty much why I think Google (sorry, ‘Alphabet’) should buy Twitter, as it makes a lot of sense from a data perspective.

What do you think? Creepy or useful? Fancy a cup of coffee?

Mafumafu’s Official LINE & Homepage (020416)


Mafumafu: “Oh… Oh my oh my… ?  (๑´ლ`๑)”

Mafumafu: “Finally, a Mafumafu Official LINE account has been created! I will being uploading my own photos and even increase my amount of messages! Please jump to the account with this URL, or search “Mafumafu”! Please be my friendsーヾ(*´□`*)ノ https://t.co/MdLzLXMSAx”


Mafumafu: “In addition, Mafumafu’s homepage has been completed!!
The preparations took around 4 months www
Chachagoma-san’s art, which I had posted before, was drawn for this purpose! I will compile all of my information here!

My Official LINE has already reached 50 thousand people. I think I’ll upload a photograph sometime tomorrow~”


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That med kit is really close to being really good. The tampons are derpy gun store/facebook/gun forum chain post BS. Get quick clot or celox gauze for wound packing. And as far as tourniquets, they are far from the last resort sure you shouldn't throw them on for a papercut, however it has been realized that if its enough blood to alarm you coming from an extremity, a tourniquet is not a bad option.

Oh yeah, I forgot, I have quik clot.  I don’t think the tampon thing is BS, I’ve known it to be done before.  Also, I advise tourniquet only as last resort because I’m afraid people will misuse it. So for people who don’t necessarily know better I am conservative on recommending how it be used.  I wasn’t even sure I should recommend it at all.

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how many 1D articled have you sent already? i only got the one that was published on buzzfed right before it was deleted :)

Here is what has been sent, and what is going out this evening:

The “Deleted Articles” one was the Louis character assassination article. 

If you’re using gmail I think it goes into either the ‘Social’ or ‘Promotions’ category…otherwise maybe check your spam?

I’m trying to send out one of the deleted 1D articles every day and am posting the non-1D deleted articles on my website www.sexatoxbridge.com 

If you want to subscribe you can go here: http://sexatoxbridge.us4.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=a7fddf71a60dcd3a599d22f6c&id=708986a164

If you’re still having trouble, or missed an email that you wanted, please email me on sao@sexatoxbridge.com and I will send it to you. 

Thank you for your message xx

submitted: I think i’ve sent this before but i’m trying to make sure you see it. They are getting desperate for some action from Louis’ family. They are noticing the lack of interest and enthauism that they are doing this shit. At least use something we cant find immediately. This tea is good.

— yeah this is going around and there has been something like that yesterday too. So I am going to use this to say that LOTTIE DOESNT HAVE PUBLIC SNAPCHAT. And if there gets something more posted from Louis’ family, it will most likely be only to make more people pity him after denial etc.
150607 Jaejoong - Kpop Idol Beauty secrets featured on most recent Yahoo! Beauty article

It seems that the beauty of K-Pop idols is reaching international recognition!

Recently, Yahoo! Beauty released their own list titled “Beauty Secrets of K-Pop idols,” hoping to teach their viewers all about the “flawless skin.” The list included top idol stars along with their tips and tricks that they have revealed through interviews over their career.

Jaejoong from JYJ 

“What’s the secret to his flawless complexion? Apparently, just H20. The singer has admitted that his skin is extremely sensitive so he only uses cleanser when necessary—using water to wash his face more often than not. Courtesy of GETTY”

Jaejoong enlisted to complete his mandatory service requirement in March and will be discharged after serving for two years.

Source: Yahoo! Beauty via koreaboo
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| M.C.|  I can explain


So this has been in my drafts for quite some time and I never posted it sorry guys!!! But hey! now y’all have some new smut so enjoy! - Alex

As shitty as your day was, you were thankful it was a slow work day, this meant your manager letting you off a couple hours earlier than you were originally scheduled. Usually you would’ve stayed because hello! You’re getting paid but today you were just too tired and completely over being there. You weren’t supposed to get off til late in the evening and after work you had planned to hang out with Michael at his place. Heading home real quick, you decided you needed to shower and change your clothes into something more comfortable before going over to hang out with him for the rest of the night. It was movie night for you guys, a tradition that just started but one you definitely wanted to keep. You tried to call Michael letting him know you’d be over a few hours early but he didn’t pick up his phone, you didn’t think anything of it as he was probably gaming or something so you didn’t try calling him again not wanting to interrupt him. As you arrive to his house you try to call him just once more but to no avail. You knew he had a tendency to keep his door unlocked so you walked right in. Not seeing him in his living room surprised you, you tried calling out his name but didn’t get a response. You heard a noise come from the general direction of his room so you figured he was in there. As you make your way to his room you can hear the muffled  noises getting louder. You stop right in front of his door putting your ear up to it to listen in. As you listened you heard certain noises and you knew all too well what those noises meant. 

Trying to gather yourself and not let him and his partner know you were there you began to leave. But right as you turned to walk away you heard him moan out your name very loudly along with “ohhhh fuck yeah” stopping dead in your tracks your eyes widened in shock and a grin spread across your face in satisfaction.
You make your way back to his door and you very cautiously open it hoping to hear him say your name again. As if he could read your mind he very clearly moaned out “ohhhhh y/n fuuuuuuccckkk yeeaaaahhhh just like that” hearing this gave you all the confidence you needed to walk in and help relieve him of his situation. luckily when you walked in he was sitting in his chair with his back facing the door so he didn’t see you.
You walked over right behind him and began kissing his neck and whispered “just like what mikey” he moaned at your kisses but quickly realized you were actually in the room and not a figment of his imagination. he stood up trying to shove himself back into his pants and began stammering “fuck y/n I didn’t know you were here already I’m sorry waIT FUCK DID YOU HEAR EVERYTHING OR PART OF IT ACTUALLY I DONT WANT TO KNOW I FUCK I CAN EXPLAIN” “mikey, it’s fine chill out would you” you laugh “I CANT CHILL OUT YOU JUST WALKED IN ON ME WHILE I WAS UGGGHH” he began again and covered his face with his hands in embarrassment “mikey really it’s fine” you say trying to calm him down “how often do you masturbate to the thought of me” you ask nonchalantly while smirking “fuck would you not ask that for fucks sake” he said “why not I want to know” you grin “ummmm well I uhhh I-I don’t know whenever I do I just know I think of you” he says barely audible and completely red in the face. “I know it’s really weird and I get if you don’t want to be friends anymore” he said sounding defeated. “Why wouldn’t I want to be your friend anymore?” “Because of this” “why would I stop being friends with you just because I caught you masturbating to the thought of me” you teased “stoooop teasing me ok and because it’s weird and now everything is going to be awkward between us and UGGGHH” he sighed looking at the ground
“hmmm who says I don’t masturbate to the thought of you though” after the words left your mouth michaels eyes widened and he looked completely shocked trying to register what you just said “Wait you- WHAT” he asked. You take a step closer to him and say seductively “mhmmm at night when I’m all alone I think of you..” Taking another step closer you continue “Especially if we’ve just spent the day together, I think of how your lips would feel against mine and how they’d feel on my skin” you say staring at his lips and tracing them with your finger. reaching for his hand to interlace your fingers with his you say “I think of how your fingers play the guitar so expertly and I can only imagine how well they’d work me and how they would drive me insane” dropping his hands you reach for the waistband of his jeans and slide your hands right above the button saying “And I think of how your dick would feel soooo good inside me” your hands wandering just a little lower palming his dick ever so lightly “Just looking at you gets me wet sometimes mikey” you hear him gulp and as you look up you see his eyes are closed reveling in the feeling of your hands on his dick. You add a little more pressure as you lean in and kiss his lips capturing his bottom between your two and tugging lightly. You pull away and look at him waiting for him to open his eyes and look at you. “Fuck (y/n) you have no idea how many times I thought about this” he says as he kisses you and pushes you towards his bed. “I’m assuming a lot” you laugh “shut up you think of me too” he mumbles while kissing you. As you fall on to the bed he settles between your legs and his lips travel down to  leave his mark on your neck. He travels back up to your lips and begins grinding himself into you making you wetter than you already are.
You wrap your legs around his waist and thrust your hips up trying to get as much friction as possible. His hand travels underneath your shirt groping your breast as his other holds on to your hip. You release his lips as you take off your shirt and he does the same with his. He hurriedly goes back to your lips and gropes both breasts in his hands reaching underneath your bra to play with your nipples. Your hands tangled in his hair as he reaches back and unclips your bra setting your breasts free. He moves his mouth to your breast sucking and slightly tugging your nipple with his teeth driving you insane. He then moves on to the other breast as you moan out not being able to contain yourself “ohhhhh mikey” sucking on your breast just a little bit longer he then kisses his way down and lands right above your pants. He grabs the waistband of both your pants and panties and pulls them down your leg while leaving kisses against the new bare skin.
He brings his hand and takes a finger to run it up your slit collecting your wetness. He brings his finger to his mouth sucking on it saying “fuck you taste better than I imagined” with that he dips his head down readying his tongue to get a proper taste of you. He grabs onto your thighs to keep your legs spread apart as he licks generously up and down your slit. As he tongue fucks you you grip into his hair releasing countless profanities mixed with his name. He then attaches himself to your clit and after a bit of him sucking, licking, and kissing your first orgasm hits you. You grip a little tighter onto his hair and moan out as he lets you ride out your high. “Fuck that was even better than I thought it would be” he said “yeah, you’re telling me” you agree out of breath
He travels back up your body and kisses you roughly. You taste yourself on his tongue and that gets you going again. You reach down to grab ahold of his length and begin to pump him in your hand. “Fuck babe, as much as I’d love to see your mouth wrapped around my cock I need you so fucking bad” he says desperately.
With that he pumps his dick a few times before lining himself up with your entrance. As he pushes himself in both of you release moans that fill the room.
He thrusts into you slowly allowing you to adjust. Once you start moaning his name he speeds up at a steady pace. You wrap your arms around him as you try to bring him closer to you. You kiss each other sloppily as he’s focused on bringing you both to your high. You drag your nails down his back in another effort to bring him even closer and he hisses in contentment. He then grabs one of your legs and wraps it around his waist hitting your g spot. “Oh fuck mikey yes right there right fucking there” you moan out to him. “Fuck yes y/n keep saying my name please” he begs. You do as he asks and then you feel him bring his hand to your core as he starts rubbing your clit bringing you a whole new sense of pleasure. “Fuck babe are you gunna come hmmm are you gunna come for me” he taunts as he starts rubbing your clit harsher. “Yes mikey yes fuck keep doing that fuck yes” you say clenching around him. “Fuck babe that feels so good fuck” he moans into your neck. A few seconds later your orgasm hits you and Michael continues to thrust and rub your clit allowing you to ride out your second high. Soon after he comes as well and you can feel his release. His thrusts slow down as he finishes his high. Soon he stops completely and lays on top of you his face nuzzles into your neck. “Fuck mikey that was great” you say to him “so much better than I imagined” he says. He lays on his side bringing you close to him “you honestly have no fucking idea how long I waited to do that” he says and though you can’t see his face you know he’s wearing a grin of satisfaction. “Hmmm I think I’ve waited longer than you” you tease and laugh. “Trust me when I say unless you’ve been thinking about me from the very first day we met then you haven’t” he says “hmmmm maybe I have” you say smirking  then leaning up to kiss him one last time before you both fall asleep

Pun of the day: Ruby vs Roman.

Roman: Well little red, what’s your next move?

Ruby: Nothing, you win.

Roman: *bemused* What?

Ruby: You win, I tip my hat to you.

Roman: You’re not wearing a hat..

Ruby: Oh? Well I guess I’ll just have to use yours!

*Ruby expertly snatches Romans hat, before ripping it in half*

Roman: *Im despair* No!

Ruby: Well this has been CAPtivating, but I think I’ve beanie gone for a long time. Later!

*Roman falls to the ground*

Yang: *From the ground below* THE EMPIRE HAS FALLEN!

I honestly don’t think Dean is pining Amara because this whole idea of Dean settling down with someone has been being put into our heads before she even came. Yeah Dean and Amara have a supernatural link and Dean said he has an attraction toward her but it’s nothing more than that mark of cain connection. Dean and Amara could never live a life together, she’s crazy evil wanting to eat people’s souls and Dean is only interested in her because of the connection. Plus Dean even said himself, he’s afraid of her…that doesn’t sound like a happy “couple” to me. It honestly doesn’t make any sense for them to spend their lives together. So unless someone completely new is going to come into Dean’s life real soon and suddenly change things around and settle down with him then the only people in his life currently are Sam and Cas…so…you do the math. 

tumblr has felt so dead for even a year or so… even before replies were gone I feel a general air of quiet or timidness. I used to get so pumped just to get nice replies on my drawings. part of it is my fault I think, I have been in a rut for years and have gone long periods without posting, and now when I do post it’s mostly scribbles. while i was in school I felt pushed to make this tumblr a “professional” asset so I slowly removed my personality from it. now things I used to do when I was younger & less shy, like talk about my ocs (i remember it used to be a Big Thing when I introduce a new character or story to tumblr, now I am shy to present an unfinished unpolished thing lol) are hard to do. I’m not sure if a sense of who I am comes through in my drawings anymore… it’s natural for things to move on if you don’t upkeep, it’s just sad.

(Important Announcement)

Dear followers of DMB,

With Valentine’s Day coming up, some of you might be looking to confess your love to someone special to you. If you’d like to use DMB as a platform to do this (show them a letter you submit once it’s been posted) I’d be honored to help out. DMB has started a few relationships, and that’s one of the most amazing parts of DMB, I think.

Over the next couple weeks, if you put Valentine’s Day as the title of your submission (the title will be removed before posting, but Valentine’s Day will be added to the tags so you can easily find it once it’s posted) because you want to show your significant other your submission, your submission will be posted ASAP, without going in the queue.

Feel free to update me on how it goes!

Happy early Valentine’s Day, everyone.

Emily (the girl who runs this blog)