The past five days and what to make of them

To preface, this is not something I feel certain about. I’m still of the opinion that Azoff has largely had control over this stunt and has been making everything purposefully over the top and farcical ( @cuethetommo‘s these stunts go to 11). That said:

Personally, I think this might be Syco striking back within their current means? Before this started gearing up, on the 4th and 5th we got Louis giving us the vaguely ominous stunt emoji and Harry ready for a fight with taking the gloves off and “Beach, don’t kill my Vibe”. I think if their plan was unassailable, there wouldn’t be quite the negative/aggressive slant though that all depends on how you read it. 

We know that Syco et al. have access to social media (especially Louis’ twitter over instagram) and we’ve been side-eying the Bauer publications of Life & Style and In Touch already. I think the twitter activity has been to cause more strife in fandom because picking out a specific account that pushes an ugly attitude seems unnecessary if this was NT stringing the stunt along in a painless way. Though I may be wrong, that just seems like OT’s typical twist of the knife to encourage bullying. Plus, if NT did want to go with the angle of “he found out a while ago”, the tweets could be a wrench in that.

The birth certificate also has the same effect though I read more as a strike against whatever timeline NT is working on. If they’ve got a specific schedule for the denial/team change announcements/coming out, OT might be trying to restart the clock (that the “he hasn’t even taken the test yet” put on hold) and make things even messier with the birth certificate in order to force NT’s hand. If NT has wanted to do a paternity denial, wait a while, coming out and then maybe shade the babygate situation… pushing things up with introducing the birth certificate might not sit well with them.

One thing that doesn’t quite fit is that pushing Louis as a devoted dad does play into the sympathy angle that NT appears to be working on. But OT might be painted into a bit of a corner themselves, with all the coverage of how invested Louis is I’m not sure they could sell the “deadbeat dad” angle anymore. They might just be taking any opportunity they can get to fuck with the fandom’s equalibrium, maybe build up the feeling of betrayal neutral/casual fans feel when this all falls apart since @louis more actively sold it to them.

ford & mabel bonding drabble/fic #5: reconciliation

rating: k
characters: Mabel Pines, Stanford Pines, Stanley Pines (mentioned), and Dipper Pines (mentioned) 
word count: ~1560
summary: Weridmageddon is over and done, and Ford and Mabel end up discussing and reflecting over what has occurred recently.
a/n: FINALLY GOT THIS FINISHED. And omg it’s been a while since I’ve written another drabble. (I still dunno what I think about this one tbh, haha. But I wanted to get this finished and posted before the finale.) I wasn’t sure what to title this drabble, but oh well lmao. This is kind of like a little au, since no one knows what’s gonna happen at the very end of the finale. I kind of wanted the two to talk about what happened since Ford came back through the portal? Idk but I hope you all enjoy reading. c:

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Return to Grady: Part 2

Ok, so awhile back I made a post called “Return to Grady? I think yes.” If you’re not familiar with it, here it is:

(Return to Grady? I think yes.
So this has all probably been said before, but I’m driving my best friend crazy with it and she’s about to kill me, and I’m still not done talking about it yet so…Beth is totally still alive. She has to be. Not just because I want it to be true, but because it makes the most sense story-wise.
I’m not going to go into all that “Beth was growing so beautifully as a character for them to off her like that” mess. Because everyone already knows. But as probably everyone on #TeamDelusional has discovered, ‘coda’ does not mean ‘end’. In music, a coda means that you restart and when you come back to the coda, you skip to an alternate ending. Beth isn’t the coda. Grady is. Beth living is the alternate ending. Team Family is going to go back to Grady.
But why? I think the answer lies within a newly introduced character in 6x02, Denise. In the comic books, Denise is a surgeon who save Carl’s life after he’s shot in the eye, but as it was explained in the show, Denise is a psychiatrist instead. She went to med school to be a surgeon but switched to psych instead. Honestly I’m kinda of expecting that she’ll awkwardly diagnose everyone with PTSD. Because really. But anyway, she’s not really to be good with any major crisis, and Pete is dead, so ASZ is going to need a new doctor eventually.
But why would the group resort to going back to Grady of all places? What major thing would force their hand like that? Maggie is pregnant. They hinted at it in 6x01 and she and Glenn had talked about kids before. She’s totally knocked up and Team Family isn’t going to take any chances, not after Lori. So they’re going to go back to the one place that they know there to be a doctor. Grady.
And let’s face it guys. Out of all the places the group has left behind, the quarry, the CDC, the farm, the prison, Woodbury, Terminus, the church, all of those places were destroyed. Grady is the only place they left standing.
And what will they find when they get there? Beth of course. Because she HAS to be alive. In a flashback in 5x16, Beth is shown wearing Rick’s sheriff hat, a hat that had previously only been worn by two other people, Rick, obvs, and Carl, who claimed it was given to him as an induction to the “I Survived a Gunshot” club. Survived. A. Gunshot. And don’t even get me started on the “New Sheriff in Town/Beth saves Glenn” ordeal. Cause I’m really liking that one too.
Not to mention that they didn’t have the closure of a funeral or anything. They never show what happened to Beth’s body. And the fact that the time between 5x08 and 5x09 is 17 days, or rather, 3 weeks. 3 weeks is the estimated amount of time that Rick was in a coma after his gunshot.
So anyway, Beth is still alive and I’ll believe that until my dying day. I claim nothing I’ve said because I absolutely have not read every single Team Delusional theory and chances are somebody’s already said it. I just needed to say it too.)

So anyway, now that I’ve read/learner more about the Carl situation (come on, you know what I’m talking about), I think the group will go back to Atlanta for a different reason.

The first time Carl was shot they had Hershel to fix him up. But now Hershel is gone and sure, he was really just a veterinarian, but Denise, the only person around with any real medical knowledge, is a shrink. That’s not going to do much good. And after all of the losses that Rick and the group have faced, after the extent to which Rick himself has gone for Team Family, there is no way in hell he will risk losing his son to some little prick named Ron.

He’ll do everything he can to save his son, anything to save him. And if that includes returning to Grady, so be it.

Almost forgot to mention: I told my 14yo cousin that I was gay a couple weeks ago (don’t remember the context exactly) and apparently she’s been thinking about it because tonight she asked me how I’d proceed if I wanted to have children (’would you do It with a dude, use in vitro or adopt?’)

Which was a surprising question but then she’s always been a surprising one so xD

Thanks to my workout sessions with @befitwithadel, my booty (glute-y?) is GROWING faster than ever!  More importantly, my core is getting firmer, my posture is improving, and I just FEEL better than I have in a long time.
Fitness shouldn’t be entirely about aesthetics, though that part is nice; it should be more about feeling stronger and healthier.  Adel has been teaching me how to do whole body exercises, how to warm up & stretch properly (something I wasn’t doing before, which led to me hurting myself) and pushing me to believe in my abilities when I think I can’t possibly do one more rep. Definitely look up @befitwithadel if you’re in the LA area and interested in a personal trainer.

Also seriously, look at my butt. I posted a really similar picture like a week ago, IDGAF.

Many thanks to my lovely boyfriend @pbclark for making our bed into a fairy princess bed. FAIRY PRINCESS BED!

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submitted: I think i’ve sent this before but i’m trying to make sure you see it. They are getting desperate for some action from Louis’ family. They are noticing the lack of interest and enthauism that they are doing this shit. At least use something we cant find immediately. This tea is good.

— yeah this is going around and there has been something like that yesterday too. So I am going to use this to say that LOTTIE DOESNT HAVE PUBLIC SNAPCHAT. And if there gets something more posted from Louis’ family, it will most likely be only to make more people pity him after denial etc.
Butterflies and Moths

I’m not so sure about this as I think the butterfly in chapter 63 does have a deeper meaning for the future of the series as a whole but there has been one mention of butterflies in TG recently before this latest chapter- with Touka in the calendar represented as the Agehamodoki [x]

Agehamodoki- A subspecies in the Epicopeidae family. The origin of the Japanese name is their mimicry of the male Chinese Windmill that contains poison in it’s body and is difficult for predators to prey on. ‘Ageha’ refers to the swallowtail family of butterflies and ‘modoki’ means “like, pseudo”

As far as I can tell, it’s not actually a butterfly but a moth which mimics a poisonous male butterfly for protection. It looks like this, with the Agehamodoki moth on the left and the male Chinese windmill butterfly it mimics on the right:

In the calendar, it’s a pretty clear throw back to Touka and Ayato- they both carry the Rabbit alias, Ayato mimics Rabbit’s kagune  and mask to look like Touka, both Ayato and Touka look so much alike that they are confused for each other (Banjou thought Touka was Ayato for a second when he first walked into Anteiku).

And now we’ve had a similar looking insect show up in chapter 63. It’s hard to tell what type of butterfly/moth it is in the panel and it might not have any connection to Touka in the calendar at all. But it is interesting that it doesn’t show up in any panels with Eto but instead is most prominent with people who have one foot in both the ghoul and human world, who would benefit from peace between the two.

Touka and Yomo who mimic humans [x]:

And the Quinx who mimic ghouls, especially Urie whose senses are becoming more and more ghoul-like [x]:

(Ayato is also nearby, who mimics Touka’s Rabbit alias, but it’s unclear so far how he would fit into it)

I don’t think the butterfly/moth has anything to do with Eto personally, but rather how her actions this chapter will affect others. Both butterflies and moths are a symbol of metamorphosis- of change. And where does the final butterfly in this chapter show up? 

Above the humans, going about their everyday lives [x]:

I hope this means we’ll have to brace ourselves for big change in the structure of the world that has been set into motion by Eto’s announcement. Is this her plan? To upset the balance of the world that V so far seems to be maintaining? Or is this her declaration of war- a call to arms for the ghouls that she wrote her book for? Or is she trying to get humans to understand ghouls better- to change their opinions on ghouls as mindless killers? Who knows but I’m excited to see where it’s going and where Kaneki fits into this now that he has been seen on live TV standing next to her!

As the caption for the next chapter says, it’s time to face the world and it’s questions!

150607 Jaejoong - Kpop Idol Beauty secrets featured on most recent Yahoo! Beauty article

It seems that the beauty of K-Pop idols is reaching international recognition!

Recently, Yahoo! Beauty released their own list titled “Beauty Secrets of K-Pop idols,” hoping to teach their viewers all about the “flawless skin.” The list included top idol stars along with their tips and tricks that they have revealed through interviews over their career.

Jaejoong from JYJ 

“What’s the secret to his flawless complexion? Apparently, just H20. The singer has admitted that his skin is extremely sensitive so he only uses cleanser when necessary—using water to wash his face more often than not. Courtesy of GETTY”

Jaejoong enlisted to complete his mandatory service requirement in March and will be discharged after serving for two years.

Source: Yahoo! Beauty via koreaboo
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“Formation” and the reclamation of Black spaces

Ok even though this video has ALREADY been analyzed from every angle, I’m ready to talk about why I love Formation so much. Besides the dancing, featuring of queer artists, lyrics, Blue’s cuteness, and the general slayage that is Beyoncé, one thing I noticed immediately was the setting of the video. A lot of people noted the triggering nature of a lot of the scenery and I don’t think that was unintentional: Formation is all about taking sites of extreme Black trauma and reclaiming them as our own.

The video opens with shots of New Orleans obviously reminiscent of footage we saw post-Katrina.

This is one of the least subtle of all the images. As has been written about before, the final scene of Beyonce sinking on the New Orleans cop car is an obvious fuck you to one of the largest tragedies of institutional racism in recent history. But Bey doesn’t only use these images to convey that the police are corrupt and will be sunk if the continue to sink us. Throughout the video Black bodies are populating spaces that we were forced to flee. It’s a message of resiliency and, with all of the references to New Orleans bounce, even joy in the face of extreme trauma.

She goes on to do this with various settings including plantation parlors (even the paintings on the wall are of Black women):

Pools (remember pre-Civil Rights and more recently McKinney, TX?):

The Black body itself (she highlights Black phenotypic features, “I like my baby hair with baby hair and afros” “I like my Negro nose”):

And of course my favorite, our police-infested ghettos:

Formation fills these settings, all of which have wreaked immeasurable psychological havoc on the Black collective conscience, with Black agency; while at various points we were forced into or out of all these spaces, we are now proudly and intentionally occupying them. Our bodies which have been brutalized throughout the history of our country are dancing, expressing a joy and pride in our culture that the trauma of white supremacy has failed to suppress.

Much like she has boldly reclaimed Negro, she has reclaimed spaces that have damaged us and is telling white America, and us, that we’re still here. 

I honestly don’t think Dean is pining Amara because this whole idea of Dean settling down with someone has been being put into our heads before she even came. Yeah Dean and Amara have a supernatural link and Dean said he has an attraction toward her but it’s nothing more than that mark of cain connection. Dean and Amara could never live a life together, she’s crazy evil wanting to eat people’s souls and Dean is only interested in her because of the connection. Plus Dean even said himself, he’s afraid of her…that doesn’t sound like a happy “couple” to me. It honestly doesn’t make any sense for them to spend their lives together. So unless someone completely new is going to come into Dean’s life real soon and suddenly change things around and settle down with him then the only people in his life currently are Sam and Cas…so…you do the math. 

Pun of the day: Ruby vs Roman.

Roman: Well little red, what’s your next move?

Ruby: Nothing, you win.

Roman: *bemused* What?

Ruby: You win, I tip my hat to you.

Roman: You’re not wearing a hat..

Ruby: Oh? Well I guess I’ll just have to use yours!

*Ruby expertly snatches Romans hat, before ripping it in half*

Roman: *Im despair* No!

Ruby: Well this has been CAPtivating, but I think I’ve beanie gone for a long time. Later!

*Roman falls to the ground*

Yang: *From the ground below* THE EMPIRE HAS FALLEN!

“Now I finally understand when mom said ‘I wish it was my knee and not yours’. Because that’s what I’m feeling right now when I think of you and I’m sure mom will be feeling the same thing. People have always told us that we’d have to fight for our dreams, to put in the effort and persevere. But they never said the walls on the road would be this tall and slippery.

But I still want to climb one more wall with you, see how tall it is, and go through it together. This dream you were living was nothing but a dream, because what awaits you is bigger than you’ve ever imagined. I LOVE YOU.”

- Thiago’s message to his brother on Instagram