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Omg how much will you be charging for the charms they look so cool

I’m glad you like them! >w<

I’ve decided on 12 USD per charm universally. With deals for multiples of 2. 
All 4 Sanses are 2′’ while the 4 Papyruses and Gsans are at 3′’ and… … . a cute 2′’ goop with noodles on a roomba
(You’ll see them all when they’re done~)

2 –> 20

1 Sans + 1 Papyrus = 20
1 Sans + 2 Papyrus = 32
2 Sans + 2 Papyrus = 40

I haven’t looked into shipping yet though, few things first before I do that
=ㅂ=;; (canada sux for shipping, also nothing is set in stone as of yet)

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does kira spend a lot of time caressing and kissing rohan's hands

Yes, and Rohan enjoys the copious amounts of worship (that he deserves and should get more of, thank you). He enjoys Kira waxing poetic about just how fine his features are (talking about the hands of course). A shared bonding activity is nail painting. Kira prefers a clear protective coat only, so Rohan doesn’t get to paint anything fancy (to his mild annoyance), but he does get to practice his brush strokes on small surface areas–Kira finds it very soothing to watch Rohan work, and even more so to watch Rohan work on Kira’s nails. The delicate movements of fingers doing intricate work cannot be beat. Meanwhile, Rohan is begrudgingly impressed by Kira’s own skills at nail painting (honed through painting his girlfriends’ nails, of course) and coaches him on how to do them even more beautifully.

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I hate your blog tbh

Hello! Originally, I was not going to respond to this. I was about to block you, but I realized you wouldn’t get to hear this:

It’s not cool to send anon hate. I don’t mean to just me, but to anyone. This is a website. Each individual has customized their blog to their own liking. It’s totally fine if you don’t like someone’s blog - we all have different taste in content, themes, icons, everything.

Instead of sending hate mail to a blog that you don’t like, why don’t you send a nice ask to a blog that you do like? Your time would be spent more productivly. and you’ll make someone smile!! That’s much better than making someone sad.

I’m quite happy with my blog, so your negative opinion on it doesn’t bother me. But, I’m sure if you had sent someone else this, they might have taken it personally and felt hurt. So, please, all I ask for you is to not send anon hate. It can really hurt someone and that’s not nice.

I hope you have a great day! Take a walk. Hug a cat. Say hi to friends, if you have any. Smile. And be kind :)

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Sorry for bothering you with so many glee meta questions but I was wondering since u did them as animals (I'm the same anon with that question( if had any thoughts on what they'd be as mythical creatures?? Like I know a lot people say kurts an elf and stuff but I've never really seen any other opinions for the others.. so ye! Also I don't think I've said this before but I really love your art!! Sorry again for bothering!! :D

HEHEEE i ’ve been saving this ask bc i really wanted to draw for it!!! I LOVE CREATURE AUS SO *___*

i never really saw kurt as an elf! i think only for christmas LOOL but i honestly always picture him as a vampire >:7

santana would be SURPRISE: SATAN LOOOL

my girl tina would be those creatures u see when u get sleep paralysis ! some kind of dream demon !


and aw..POOR BLAINE but i never saw him as a creature? if ANYTHING maybe a witch but i always see him as the only human out of the group! i still don’t know why tho LOL (in like every au he’s human, cept for that one cupid au hffh)


“You should probably knock next time, you wouldn’t want to catch me with my pants down, yeah? ‘Cause that was exactly what was about to happen.” He said, nonchalantly opening the flask of highly toxic chemical poison.


Kastor is the equivalent of a kleptomaniac but with poisons. If you leave your bottles of poison unattended, you’re going to find him chugging them down like water the minute you look away.


Tom & Grant’s svcc panel: A summary