Maya knew?

So, this may be a far out theory, but I’ve always believed that the Maya storyline was never fully finished. Whether she was alive or whether she was dead, it just didn’t seem like it completely ended. I know Marlene confirmed that those loose ends would be tied up by the end of this season as well.

In tonight’s episode, Emily brought up that the symbol on the box that she and Spencer found the USB in was the symbol that Maya had on her wrist and used to get into Kahn parties. I really don’t think that this is just a coincidence. Maya was on the Kahn property right before she died. This connection has me thinking…did Maya find out that Noel was up to something dangerous involving the girls? And when Noel found out, he killed her?


“i’m not as bad as i seem”, a mix of songs for the jerk who just might have a heart of gold,

> i was wrong (sleeperstar)
then i saw, what it was, what i had done to you. i was wrong
> different (acceptance)
i wanted to see something that’s different, something you said would change in me
> numb (adam jensen)
can’t look at myself and i just don’t understand
> you should get to know me (jeremy zucker feat. quin xcii)
i’m not some eighties jerk on the screen, varsity jacket who hangs with the team
> dirty laundry (blackbear)
my girl don’t want me ‘cause of my dirty laundry. i think that she knows, i’m out of control
> jet black heart (arrows to athens)
i’ve got a jet black heart and there’s a hurricane underneath it
jesus died for you.. not me (jonny craig)
shit’s just insane, i feel it crashing down. everyone says i’m to blame
pack of wolves (astronomyy)
take me back to when my eyes were full of things i’ve seen, the things i call my jewels
> gravity (eden)
you can run if you feel you have to. i’ll be fine if you ever ask me
i’ll be good (jaymes young)
i’ve been cold, i’ve been merciless. but the blood on my hand scares me to death

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I personally think that it's okay if Juvia dies as long as Gray doesn't end up with some other girl. It's just not acceptable if he does that.. And i read in some interview that Mashima was planning something with Erza and Gray... Jerza might not be cannon since they want to stay as "friends" y'know..So.. AHHH I DONT LIKE THIS!!! WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS? IM SO HEARTBROKEN I NEED SOMEONE TO SHARE MY THOUGHTS WITH.. I REALLY WANT A GRUVIA HAPPY ENDING ! ;_____; ( i really like your blog btw <3 )

Gray ending up with erza is impossible anon san,mashima has made tbe pairings in fairy tail clear as day and i dont think mashima sees gray ending up with someone else as well,gray cant have his happy ending without juvia either^^well get out happy ending we just need to wait

Did I ever tell y'all about the dream I had once where I was visiting a werewolf boarding school and the male and female werewolves were really strictly segregated, not even allowed to touch hands even when supervised, and everyone was like “Jesus this is so old fashioned and archaic” but then it turned out (after an attack or something where a boy and girl touched) that part of werewolf biology involved favoring female survival over male so much that if a male and female werewolf touched they’d create a permanent transference relationship where any injury she should suffer would go to him instead and she’d be unharmed and it could be diluted by one girl having multiple boys taking on her wounds, but made worse if he was taking on the wounds of more than one girl and I think at one point in the dream a guy died because a girl was in an accident where she would have almost died and then other girl just got a minor injury and anyway it was an intense dream but I remember it both because it was really vivid and because I think “gosh a mechanism like that could make for a cool fantasy story”

Find the Fic #22

1) HI!!! Im looking for this fanfic that I read ages ago! Its where Oliver and Felicity were secretly dating and he proposed to her the night before he died/went missing. But he told tommy that this girl’s name was “Megan” . I remember that Tommy and Felicity were good friends, and tommy was about to marry Laurel and Nyssa and Sara were dating… and Oliver comes back… IDK I am dying to read this fanfic again.. oh and btw its not Broken Arrows… but it was something else. Please help!

2) Hi, I was wondering if you could help me find a fic I read a while ago! O and F are trapped somewhere and I think they’ve been drugged with some kind of sex pollen thing or something and Oliver gives her a knife to use against him bc he’s worried he can’t control himself… Sorry that’s so vague!!

3) I was hoping you could help my find a fic. Oliver and Felicity were dating before he joined the army and was killed. Lance is her dad and Sara’s her niece. And I think they were on an island. Thanks (by @hotchnisscm97 )

4)  Hi do u know a fic where Oliver loves eating felicity out and she’s talking with some of the girls, like Sara and stuff and they’re really surprised by it bc he never really liked doing that much before her… I love ur lithe tongue fic but that’s not the one I’m thinking of now

5) hi! love your blog! :) i’m looking for a fic but i can’t remember it very well, hope u could help me pleeeeease. it’s something like: slade takes felicity and thea and is asking for oliver to choose between them, and felicity (i think she’s blindfolded) says to choose her, that it’s ok to choose her, and i can’t remember, but i think it’s in laurel’s POV. please, help me!

6) Do you know the one shot where Oliver and felicity are in nanda parbat and they have sex but Oliver finishes way before Felicity and she’s let down because Oliver Queen but he makes it up to her and is super embarrassed

7) Hi, I’m looking for a road trip fic where Oliver & Felicity are in some bar and Oliver sings karaoke to Johnny Cash’s “I Walk the Line” & Felicity gets really impressed

8) HI– I’m looking for a fanfic where Felicity is meeting her father in a cafe, but he stands her up and then Oliver joins her in the cafe and comforts her?

9) hi i’m looking for a fic that’s like season 1 timeline? it’s during the undertaking and it’s AU because felicity gets trapped in the foundry due to the quake. I remember it was really short though and idk if it was ever updated, but it left off with oliver going to save felicity. Oh! And Tommy is still alive in this fic

10) Hey!! I’m looking for a fic where Felicity runs into some mean girls from high school who are obsessed with Oliver, and he joins them halfway through the conversation and says he and felicity are dating? I think there’s a few like that…

11) Hi! :) Can you help me find a couple of fics? I’ve already tried with the tags but had no luck. So, the fics are about Felicity being kind of drugged, in the first she gets drugged but goes out the pub and calls Oliver and in the second Oliver is at Verdant with her and asks Roy to call him if she gets in trouble and she did, because she gets drugged. Do they sound familiar? Thank you! (by @fex-84)

12) i´ve read somewhere set in season 3 Oliver & Felicity are together and Sara is dead, then reached from the dead with lazarus pit. And sara thinks she and Oliver are together? ( by @tonjeelie )

13)  Hi :). I’m looking for a fic I read some time ago. It takes place during 3x05. Oliver and Felicity pass the night together and in the morning Ray gets there. Oliver gets jealous and insecure. Follows a conversation between Oliver and Felicity. Can you help me? I really don’t remember where I found it or the name. Anyway thank you! :) ( by @thenorthalwaysremembers )

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sooo remember that concert where harry wore that silky bomber jacket ,YSL i think? Anyways ,i mark that day as the day i died like HOLY FUCKING SHIT that killed me like i imagined him fucking his girl on a table or the back of a couch minutes before the show and her not being able to grasp onto something because the bomber is silky 😩


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“You DIRTY brother killer!”

Gabi-chan said that there were previous resets where Len dies first, so my mind just immediately thinks about Rin being Sans in a genocide run…

I drew Rin in her Sunflower module instead of her melancholy one because in ‘Knife’, one of the lines says something along the lines of : the girl who lost everything. And in a genocide run, Len dies so…You get the idea.

Art programme: Clip studio Paint

Vocatale by @gabi4chan-akatsuki

Art by @starfliesuniverse


Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Name: Phoebe Curtis

Nickname: Phoebs

Age: 14 y/o

Likes: Books, Movies and Writing

Dislikes: Too much eye makeup

Bio: Phoebe’s parents recently died in a car crash, leaving her in the hands of her two sisters: Daphne and Sophia

Best friend(s): Joanna and Sophia

Frenemie(s): Stephanie and Daphne

(I apologize for my horrid handwriting. BTW, I’m going to be drawing all the boys as girls. You know, gender bend. This is their names so you’re not confused:

Steve = Stephanie

Sodapop = Sophia

Darry = Daphne

Dallas = Daniella

Ponyboy = Phoebe (duh)

Johnny = Joanna

Two-Bit (Keith) = Kendelle

So…yeah. IDK, I just think this is something new to try :-) I hope you like it!)

At my brother’s wedding I talked to my sister in law’s brother quite a bit for the first time because I didn’t know many people there and I don’t think he did either. I remember he requested I ran so far away from the dj lol. I remember wishing he was my brother. I thought he was 20 something then but he was 35. Maybe a year ago he died of an overdose. I remember his Facebook linked to his blog and I remember reading through it and liking him a lot. I remember feeling so much relief when I found out my sister in law wasn’t expecting a girl.

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I don't think any of the liars will be shot next week and I think it's gonna be Noel who dies :) actually I think if a liar does get shot that it would only be in like the toe or something but I've a strong feeling that Noel is gonna die.

This is a good idea actually! They’ve made it look like one of the girls was laying on the floor because she had been shot, but what if she was already on the floor, saw the gun, and decided to shoot Jenna or Noel? Promo’s always mislead us so this is very plausible!

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Why did you start writing?

Ah, I think I started when I was writing a story about my cat Starbuck. I’d seen him sitting in one of the tattered cardboard boxes in the playroom, like it was his little house, so I sat there and drew the scene, then started a story on the next page. It was inspired in part by Paddington and Pooh bear and maybe the Velveteen Rabbit. (I was raised on a lotta mellow, contemplative books about sad animals.) Starbuck lived in this box by a tiny apartment complex, and he had his own street address, and became friends with this girl named Sarah or something. They had cute little shenanigans..
I might have subconsciously wanted to record his… presence? His aura ? – in words, but I was totally unprepared when he suddenly died the next year. And I think that helped me understand the importance of recording things, and in such detail that I can recall the exact feelings that I felt before. I’ve always, always been a packrat, but at that moment I started needing to preserve memories. My childhood was slipping away. And I still kind of feel like that.

someone hep me out !!! there was this rly cute manga i saw awhile back i liked the style and i want to look at it again LOL

uh all i can rem is that its a p short story and the main chara is this young boy and he meets this girl whose parents died?? or something? and shes got like chin length hair and short bangs, light colored

the style is very cute its almost k-on esque..??

and uh i think at one point of the story they run away together but like the townsfolk go out and find them??

idk…kinna vague but..its all i remmeber LOL

oh i think it was filed under shoujo/slice of life? also i think the name was kind of long

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Okay, I can’t even get into descriptions because I just wrote about two of them in another reply and straight up ended up with a fucking novel. BUT LET ME THINK. YIKES. UM… okay I just have to do the first five that come to me because I can’t even think of ranking. I’m literally just thinking up a popular show and then pinpointing my rare pair (I’m pretty sure I have one for EVERY SHOW ON EARTH), so:

1. Teen Wolf - Stiles x Kira

2. TVD - Tyler x Elena

3. Gilmore Girls - Paris x Logan


5. The Mindy Project - Peter x Mindy, Jeremy x Tamra

I also watched exactly 3 episodes of Jane the Virgin and I already ship Michael and Petra, but apparently he dies? Or something? 

Anyway, I KNOW I’VE HAD WAY MORE INTENSE RARE PAIRS but these were the most recent shows I found on my dash lmao. TELL ME YOURS!


He blinked, a bit surprised. Perhaps such troubles had grown more common since? He had hoped not, and one would think the first offenses would be recalled most. Would he dare think she wasn’t even around to hear of the story?

“Yes. Five children, wandered into the Deepwoods and brought something back with them. The months following they saw creatures of the Fade in the waking world….malevolent, caused more than a disturbance in the town…is this sounding familiar? Some thought one or all of us possessed? Two died, the elven girl and the bookbinder’s son? I was the boy sent away, and I am unsure what happened to the two dwarves.”

Perhaps it really was all debunked as something more mundane than what he recalled. He shuddered at the thought. No matter what anyone said, or how many years passed, or distance put between him and that town, he knew what he saw.

She furrowed her brows. She had heard of such an incident, but she was far too young when it happened to remember most details.

“Yes, I do think I’ve heard of that. Pardon me for not remembering, monsieur. I was but a small child.”

She might not have remembered the details, but the repercussions of that incident had plagued Serault for many years.


aroema replied to your post “everyone: oh no the student council was killed so brutally, they…”

i mean i knew what was gonna happen but not in that much detail and it was really sad to watch it play out

im just desensitized to stuff like this, i think. i mean, we should be thankful the student council just went bananas and killed each other and not something worse,, like the stuff in corpse party for example,, b oy

but yeah, i did feel bad when the yellow girl died - i was so surprised they finally subverted their usual ‘gentle giant’ trope tbh

Charlotte: How is Betzy?!
Amelia: The intracranial pressure is good, and frankly, this time I would not trade.
Charlotte: I understand it is a complicated procedure, then Betzy is a little girl ..
Amelia: And his father died on my table!
Charlotte: What happened to Dell is not your fault. You do not feel guilty, I hope!
Amelia: I do not know: I have a child in intensive care and not think about anything else. I’m obsessed by the desire to drink!
Charlotte: My mother always says, “God does not give everything”: you’re young, beautiful, talented, there must be something you can not have!
Amelia: Sometimes I would give up everything!
Charlotte: It ‘dependence speaking. But most are without drinking ..
Amelia: I drank at your wedding: I thought it was ginger-ale, but I spit!
Charlotte: Well. And then?!
Amelia: Nothing! But all I do is think about it ..
Charlotte: It 'was an accident: don’t  think about it. Go immediately to a meeting.

- Private Practice 4x21

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So I read a story awhile ago that I cant remember the name of do. Do you know what it is called? Arizona is raising her brothers kids after he and his wife died in a car accident or something. It was a boy who was a toddler and a little girl. One of the key points was that Arizona meets Callie in a grocery store and another key point was that the kids are taken by child services and Arizona has to fight to get them back. Arizona also comes home and finds them dirty from gardening with her mom.

I think it’s Changes by @gabs-88. Arizona’s brother and his wife die in a car crash and Arizona is named guardian of his children. 

This story is no longer on fanfiction but the author published the work and you can purchase it here

If anyone has more info, please help anon :)

I don’t even find the joy in watching PLL anymore. I just watch it to finally find out who is this shithead who keeps playing the girls.

I swear, it’s like reading the same plot over and over again.

Sketchy character (obviously not A): /exists/
Liars: /Tries to find out/
Liars: /Gets in trouble/
Liars: /Hates on Ali/
Boyfriend(s): So tired of your shit.
Also boyfriend(s): I’m the only one who can protect you

-someone dies-

A: Find me losers
Mona: /does something smart/
Mona: /being awesome/
Liars: Sorry Ali
Ali: Whatevs bitches
Liars: I think I know who A is
A: Try again bitches


Fandom: /comes up with awesome theories I love/
Marlene: I promise (insert context)/fingers crossed/