There’s a paradox in thinking that you’re better than other girls, when your whole reason for feeling that way is because you think your gender is so inherently inferior that you want to dis-identify with being a girl altogether.

More Than Words: Tomboys R Us

THIS whenever some girl brags about being “one of the boys” or says something like “I’m not like other girls, I LOVE [stereotypically masculine thing].”


Thinking something can make it true. Wanting something can make it real. And I didn’t regret it anymore. I’d wasted so much time wishing I could be different, wishing I could change things, change myself. If given the chance, I would’ve shed myself and become a different girl. Slipped on a name like Clara or Mary, docile and gentle and smiling and kind. I thought it would be easier to be someone else than to be who I was becoming, but I didn’t think that anymore. The girl who wanted those things had died with Rachel, buried under the asylum I brought down. And I realized now, for the first time, really, that I didn’t miss her.

Exo's reaction to watching their gf's sexy dance

Thank you anonie! Hope you like it!

Xiumin: *when he hears people say how good you look, or how sexy your moves are*

Luhan:  “If you lay your eyes on her for more that 5 seconds you are dead meat. Are we clear?”

Kris: “Is this really y/n dancing on stage? Are we sure? The same girl who yesterday had orange juice come out of her nose because of laughter?”

Suho: “I don’t want to brag but I have some experience in this area”
you-“You are right grandpa, it’s not something you should brag about”

Lay: “I think i just died a little”

Baekhyun: “What a time to be alive”

Chen: *no1 fanboy kim jongdae*

Chanyeol: “Oh my goood! What is she doing?! People are watching!”

D.O: “Don’t. Look. At. My. Girfriend. You. Little. Shit.”

Tao: *excited baby panda*

Kai: “Y/n, don’t you think your dance is a bit too sexy?”
you-“Says the guy who is humping the air on stage”

Sehun: “I didn’t know you could move like that, that’s very… interesting


Memories of Summer

Another older photo set here, made a bit of a mess with the finishing powder and over did the bronzer but it still remains one of my favourites. I think it might have something to do with the final photo, I was just pulling my hair out of my eye’s I took it but I really liked the result. I loved this wig too but it’s died a death, my current wig is on it’s last legs too so I’m thinking I might try another dirty blonde look again. I’ve not worn these heels with anything in ages too, I really need put them together with something. Ha lot of love in this photo set!


He’s new. He barley has a single memory left in his mind, but he knows this. He remembers robots trying to repair a ship with human parts, he remembers something about these roses…
These yellow Roses that he just can’t seem to leave on the ground.
He’s still trying to figure out who he is now and the first situation he’s thrust into is one that he’s already experienced, with his pink and yellow girl. I think this is beautiful simply because this would be the first regeneration that Rose wouldn’t be involved with, she didn’t experience it with him and he didn’t visit her right before he died, and yet the very first thing he does in this new body is go through this same adventure that he’d been through before with Rose Tyler.
Rose parallels have been all over last season and now, the very first episode with this new Doctor is one he’s had with Rose. And right after he’s done saving the day, do you know what he suggests they do? When Clara agrees that she won’t leave him and she accepts this new life, do you know what he ask her?
He asks her to go get chips. And cheap date that he is, he makes her pay. Sound familiar?

Just Another Tuesday on Camp Half-Blood (or, Nico’s Sugar-Induced-Extravaganza)

I know most of you probably think of Brazil as Christ the Redeemer, beautiful forests, Girl From Ipanema and samba/carnival, but do you even know what brigadeiro is? Lmao

Paolo can speak English here for plot reasons. Constructive criticism is welcome!

(Nico di Angelo/Will Solace, humor/fluff, general audiences, 1,351 words.)

Will knew something was wrong the moment he saw Nico bouncing to meet him in the infirmary, where he’d been taking care of boring paperwork with only his siblings making him company.

Nico didn’t bounce. He certainly did not jump around the camp with a content smile plastered on his face, as he was doing now.

He most definitely did not run and hug Will without a reason, much less this publicly. 

Will was frightened.

“Hi!” Nico shouted happily. “I ate brigadeiro!”

Will dimly noted that Paolo entered the infirmary and was running toward them, frowning. He also noticed how fast Nico’s heart was beating, but that could be from the running sprint. Still…

“Is that a drug?”

“No, it’s a dessert!” Nico explained, then got out the hug so he could look at Will. His eyes were huge, pupils slightly dilated, and he had a firm grip on Will’s shoulders. “Will, it’s wonderful! And it’s so easy to make! We could eat that everyday!”

“Hm. I doubt that, honey.”

Nico frowned as Paolo reached them.

“I don’t like honey. Or corn.” He mumbled, but by now Will was looking at Paolo, silently demanding an explanation.

“Will, hey. Listen, I think your boyfriend might have had way too much sugar? He ate, like, half a can of condensed milk, and ate almost all the brigadeiro.”

“The dessert.” Will said, dubious that a food could turn Nico into this.

“Yeah, man. It’s harmless, I swear. I just wanted to introduce a little bit of Brazilian culture to camp.”

Nico’s eyes widened and he gasped, shaking Will by the shoulders.

“Will! If we move to Brazil we can eat that everyday!”

“We can’t speak Portuguese, Nico.” Will reminded him, very patient.

“We don’t need Portuguese to eat.” Nico complained, and Will chose not to reply. He just breathed in very deeply, weighing his options.

“…Okay. Okay. I’m gonna put some water in your organism, and then–”

“No!” Nico whined, and it shut Will up. Nico didn’t whine. Or… pout like this. What was even happening? “I’m so full, I can’t drink anything right now.” 

A second later, Nico straightened his back, his eyes wide and bright at whatever idea he’d just had.

“Will!” Nico whispered, then kissed him, his eyes only half-closed. He tasted like milk chocolate.

Will could hear his siblings yelling “woohoo!” and wolf-whistling in the background; undoubtedly, Nico could hear them too, but his boyfriend didn’t seem to mind for once.

This was it. Nico had to be stopped; Will pushed his boyfriend away.

“Hm, lo– Neeks.” He cleared his throat, rummaging his mind for any good ideas. “Uh, let’s… Let’s go to the Hades cabin, yeah? I’ve been meaning to, uh–”

Nico giggled.

Will.” He drawled out. “I know what you’ve been meaning to do.”



Nico hadn’t said it in a quiet voice either, no. He had said it loud enough that Austin and Kayla stopped whatever they were doing and an uncomfortable silence followed.

Shit shit shit.

Rationally speaking, Will knew no one actually thought they were going to do anything other than a kiss on the lips, at most. The entire camp was aware they were probably the chastest couple in history (they were fifteen, for Apollo’s sake!), and that Nico would murder anyone who dared spread false rumors.

But, well, Nico wasn’t exactly himself right now, was he?

And if any rumor reached either Jason or Reyna (or Hazel), Will could start saying farewell to life and deciding what would be engraved on his tombstone.

“Hm–” Will was torn between trying to explain that that was not what Nico meant or throwing his boyfriend over his shoulder and running away from camp forever.

The second option sounded more and more tempting by the minute.

And then Nico threw his hands in the air and yelled:


Okay, Will had to take him out of here before any more of his nerdiness was revealed or Nico would kill him later. He gave a pointed glare toward Kayla and Austin, who promptly tried to pretend their laughter were coughing fits instead. 

Only Nico was fooled.

“Are you okay?” He asked them, frowning. “Maybe you should go see a doctor.”

“They’re fine, Neeks.” Will mumbled, scowling at them one last time before turning back to his boyfriend. “Let’s go.”

“Hey, ho. Let’s go!” Nico started singing, and Will gently dragged him by the arm toward the door. Paolo, who’d been fidgeting, moved out of their way and shot them an apologetic look, but Will would only be able to forgive him after Nico was fine, so he didn’t bother responding.

In one hour, Nico did more than he usually did in a day.

He decided he wanted to climb the lava wall (”I’m gonna fight it, Will. I’m gonna win.”), so he did just that and did a victory dance afterward. Will had never want to record something so badly in his life, but the moment he saw Sherman lifting a camera, he ran and literally kicked the bastard’s ass, confiscating the object.

Sherman, in a rare wise moment, decided not to argue against the person who patched him up almost daily.

Nico kissed him a lot, as well. It felt as good as it was worrying, because Nico usually wasn’t prone public displays of affection. His eyes started watering when Will pushed him away, though, and it was as if all his energy had been sucked away all of sudden, so Will proposed kisses on the cheek for now and it appeased them both.

Nico also had the sudden desire to listen to music out loud, so they went to the thankfully empty Apollo cabin and put Ramones on the speakers. Nico danced (or simply bounced) until he fell face first on the bed, right beside where Will was sitting, promptly giggling and mumbling it was a comfortable place.

He was asleep within a minute, and Will finally allowed himself to sigh and chuckle a little. He knew Nico was adorable, but today had simply been too much.

In a few minutes, he had Nico under a blanket and was caressing his silky hair. The doctor side of him told him to get up and get some water for when his boyfriend woke up. The rest of him ignored that.

Now, Will would never say this out loud (mostly because it would always sound creepy, no matter what words he used), but he loved feeling Nico sleep (…see? Creepy.), in the sense that he could feel his heart beating and the way all his muscles relaxed.

Nico was peaceful, whole, alive, and getting well-deserved rest when he was sleeping. What was there not to love?

Will only wished it was nighttime already so he could sleep until morning. If he took a long nap in the afternoon, he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep later and would risk staying up all night.

So after an hour and a half of wishing he could take a nap even with the sun up, Will gently poked him awake.

“Neeks? Neeks, it’s time to wake up, man.”

Nico hummed.

“Hey, sweetheart. You awake yet?”

“Don’t call me sweetheart.” Nico mumbled without opening his eyes.

Ah, he was awake alright, and back to being annoyed at and inconvenienced by most things. Will smiled.

“You know, I was thinking. Okay, we can’t move to Brazil, maybe we can have our honeymoon there. What do you think?” Will said, seemingly nonchalant, and watched, delighted, as Nico’s face shifted into poorly concealed confusion and panic (mostly panic), then realization.

Will could see the faintest hint of a blush in his boyfriend’s face before he hid it in the mattress and groaned out loud, the sound pained. He knew Will would never let go of his sugar-induced-extravaganza. Good.

Will just laughed.

Needless to say, Nico’s sugar rush was the perfect advertisement for the Brazilian dessert, which ended up being a success in both Camps, even though Will never let anyone (especially his boyfriend) eat too much of it again.

It was for the best.

Coraline  {Sentence Starters}

  • “You can pick out something you like.”
  • “What? I didn’t hear anything.”
  • “You think they’re trying to poison me?”
  • “You probably think this world is a dream come true, but you’re wrong.”
  • “You have a really funny way of showing it.”
  • “I almost fell down a well yesterday. I would’ve died.”
  • “You’re in terrible danger, girl/boy!”
  • “Now you’re going to stay here forever.”
  • “You realize you’re walking right into her trap.”
  • “They say even the proudest spirit can be broken.”
  • “Don’t leave me! Don’t leave me! I’ll die without you!”
  • “Maybe they got bored with you and moved to France.”
  • “You are NOT my mother.”
  • “You know, you could stay forever, if you want to.”
  • “So sharp, you won’t feel a thing.”
  • “I already know where you’ve hidden them.”
Stay With Me Part 12

Jimin x reader

Genre: Angst, romance, school au, new girl, bad boy, school gang activity.

Warnings: gang like activity, partying, strong language, mentions of drugs and alcohol, smut,

Word count: 2367

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With every beginning there is an end.

With every push, there’s a pull.

My pull towards you is strong.

But where is my push?

Is it caught in a catastrophe of words and phrases?

Is it at the bottom of this colored glass?

Or has our beginning not even begun?

With every beginning there is an end…

I’ve begun something.

I want my push that will lead me to your pull…

With every push there is a pull…

And with every dream…

There’s an awakening.


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  • Aoi: I drank my ass off. So full now.
  • Aoi: But that's it! It was a very happy tour!
  • Fan: I'm sorry to be bothering you while you're so full, but… how can I get really well at playing TOMORROW NEVER DIES from TOXIC? ..I'm a 3rd grade junior high school girl..
  • Aoi: That was interesting so I'm just gonna answer it, it doesn't have to do with your age, it's good as long as you play the way you feel (^.^) If you can't play a song that's because of insufficient practice.
  • Aoi: A super hot guitarist once said "Practice means doing something that you can't..over and over" and I totally agree. Don't give up, ne?
  • Aoi: I was sleeping in my clothes (ーー;)
  • Aoi: eh? I think, usually I sleep naked..?

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In honor of vine shutting down... Naruto characters and their favorite vines?


Kiba likes the spaghetti vine

Naruto loves Club goin up on Tuesday. He’d do this type of shit at school too real talk

Sai dies laughing at I can’t believe you’ve done this it just makes him laugh 


This is Kakashi’s life 

Got ya stupid ass idk this feels like something Sasori would do to Deidara

Shisui sings Suck a dick all the time


Obito likes Can I get a HOOOYAA

Suigetsu thinks I love you bitch is so funny

au where thalia, zoe, and phoebe take bianca on a road trip for her sixteenth birthday and artemis is the cool mom who drives them and nico’s super upset when he’s left behind

(they stay in a hotel room and oh that’s what zoe meant when she told bianca her birthday present was a surprise)

SEVENTEEN Reaction - When You Get Drunk

Anonymous said:
Could you do a reaction of seventeen when the reader gets drunk? Thank you 😋

*keeps an eye on you the whole night so no one tries to take advantage of you, will be the one who stops you from that “last” drink and piggy backs you all the way home.*
“i think thats enough y/n you had fun though right?”

Originally posted by saysvteen

*rolling his eyes in the corner at how embarrassing you’re being*

“my girl/boyfriend? of course s/hes not!” mumbles under his breath: “dis crazy bish”

Originally posted by cosmic-lala-latte

*tuts at you when you try and so something really stupid but won’t hold you back because he thinks you need to learn your lesson.* “Do whatever you want y/n just don’t get upset when I say I told you so” Will be the one who holds your hair back when you throw up the next morning “i told you so”

Originally posted by gyuhan-17

Won’t say no your drunken lap-dance ;) Kind of pissed that you stole the show with your antics last night. Next morning: *throws toast at you* “whoops! good morning bish” (jun is lowkey savage)

Originally posted by junhosh

Follows you all night enjoying and encouraging your drunkness, dances with you although you two look like idiots.
“have another shot y/n!” *giggles because he is also drunk af* you two are basically uncontrollable

Originally posted by dinomondlife

*listens to you babble on and on about whatever and sighs*  “no y/n squirrels cant speak” *pats your back when you start to cry*

Originally posted by wonyeols

*in the corner video-taping you for black-mail purposes, starts to cackle b/c now he got dirt on you* next time you argue he just pulls the video out and goes “really? you fucking with me?” 

Originally posted by jihooon

Screaming and cheering you on, does all the stupid shit with you (he himself is also WASTED)

Originally posted by dokyummm

*loudly sings with you* proceeds to follow you around like a puppy even though youre out of it and doing drunk things with you even though he hasnt drank anything “y/n! y/n! what are we gonna do next?!”

Originally posted by gyuhan-17

*watches you running around like a headless chicken and really doesn’t care because your embarassing YOURSELF and as far as he’s concerned he doesnt fucking know you* hears a crash in the other room *goes back to eating*
”girl/boyfriend? what girl/boyfriend?”

Originally posted by meowminghao

You end up in some sort of dance battle in the club with him kinda like that scene in white chicks, he wins, you both end up throwing up the next morning, his aim is kinda off so you get some vomit on your neck and you scream. “i’m sorry baby let me make it up to you later”

Originally posted by pledisseventeen

*stands as stiff as a board and gives you this look as you awkwardly and drunkenly grind on him, doesn’t mention it EVER again because he is soo embarrassed for you cos u be killing his vibe 
“vernon what happened last night and why am i sitting in the closet wearing a pillow case?”
“er y/n…lets not talk about it..ever…”

Originally posted by sneezes

nearly cries because you look insane and your dancing is horrible and you are RUINING his favourite Michael Jackson song!!

Originally posted by hansolc

Exo reaction to meeting their first love but she has a new boyfriend

Sehun: I’m still better looking than him.

Kai: Oh you two make such a cute couple *mubble under his breath*hope you break your leg on the way out.

Y/N:Di you said something?

Such a cute couple….

Tao: *Judgemental diva*Those shoes with that shirt, I don’t think so!

Kyungsoo:*does not gives a single shit*

Chanyeol: Oh well it’s not like she’s the first girl how left me for another guy.

Chen: That’s a dude? Then why is he wearing a girl shirt?

Baekhyun:*dramatical Byun* How cold you do that to me? you little vixen, I loved you and this is how you repay me

Chen: You do realize she doesn’t hear you through that thick glass 

Lay:*no caption need it*

Suho: How cares I’m still a single  hot piece of ass  with lots of money

Kris: That’s it, I’m gonna die alone!

Luhan:*the gif talks for himself*

Xiumin:*disappointed baozi* Maybe the fans are right and I will end up with Luhan after all…

this cute girl bought something at the garden centre today and after i served her she said thanks and blushed and i think i died inside it was adorable i wanted to nom her face

I wonder if the Gods let the Mortal Parents pick the names of the kids and all i can think of is Zeus just glaring at Poseidon when he heard that his kid’s name was “Perseus”

Poseidon: *is just sitting there, occasionally looks over at Zeus*

Zeus: *is just glaring at Poseidon with hatred*

Hera: *planing on how to ruin the boys life*

Ares: *laughing in the background*

Athena: *already hating the boy*

Apollo: *admiring himself*

Hephaestus: *tinking with something*

Demeter: *waiting for Persephone to come back*

Artemis: *is pissed that it wasn’t a girl*

Aphrodite: *planing on how to ruin his love life*

Dionysus: *sips wine*

Hermes: *stays quiet*

Hestia: *is praying to Rhea that they don’t ruin Perseus’s life*


“i’m not as bad as i seem”, a mix of songs for the jerk who just might have a heart of gold,

> i was wrong (sleeperstar)
then i saw, what it was, what i had done to you. i was wrong
> different (acceptance)
i wanted to see something that’s different, something you said would change in me
> numb (adam jensen)
can’t look at myself and i just don’t understand
> you should get to know me (jeremy zucker feat. quin xcii)
i’m not some eighties jerk on the screen, varsity jacket who hangs with the team
> dirty laundry (blackbear)
my girl don’t want me ‘cause of my dirty laundry. i think that she knows, i’m out of control
> jet black heart (arrows to athens)
i’ve got a jet black heart and there’s a hurricane underneath it
jesus died for you.. not me (jonny craig)
shit’s just insane, i feel it crashing down. everyone says i’m to blame
pack of wolves (astronomyy)
take me back to when my eyes were full of things i’ve seen, the things i call my jewels
> gravity (eden)
you can run if you feel you have to. i’ll be fine if you ever ask me
i’ll be good (jaymes young)
i’ve been cold, i’ve been merciless. but the blood on my hand scares me to death

listen: spotify // 8tracks


Nico: If I tell you something, do you promise you won’t judge me?

You: Nico, you’re my best friend. I would never discriminate you for anything.

Nico: I’m not attracted to girls. I’m attracted to males. And you’re the first person I’ve told.
You smiled at him widely.

You: Thank you for being so honest with me. And you thought that would make me think differently of you?


You gasped in horror as the girl you were questioning turned back to you, her face contorted and blackened like something you had never seen before. 

“You okay?” Sam asked from where he was sitting next to you. You glanced at him, realizing you had dropped your coffee mug on the floor, the liquid seeping across the hardwood, and then you looked back at the girl. She had changed again, back to the sweet fourteen year old daughter of the man who was missing.

“Yeah.” You said shaking your head. “I’m fine. I just…I need some air.”

You waited, leaning up against the Impala for the brothers to finish up inside. Your eyelids were heavy, and you let them fall closed as the warm Florida sun beat down on, warming you through. 

Blood. The faces of Sam and Dean both growing paler,their eyes blank and glazed as you looked down on them, sobbing, unable to help. Suddenly you were falling, Sam and Dean both getting farther away from you by the second until you hit the ground. Your eyes snapped open and your arms flailed out as you found yourself on the pavement next to the car. Your breathing was heavy and heaving as you tried to blink away the visions in your minds eye from the recurring nightmare that had been haunting you for the past week straight. 

“Whoah, whoah whoah!” Sam exclaimed, running from the doorway to where you lay sprawled out on the cement. He bent down and helped you to your feet, holding your arms as he scanned over you quickly to make sure you weren’t hurt. “Y/N, what’s going on?” He asked once he was sure you weren’t bleeding. “Because, whatever it is, you are not okay.”

“Yeah.” Dean said, glancing at his brother and then back to you. “What’s wrong with you?”


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