Thinking something can make it true. Wanting something can make it real. And I didn’t regret it anymore. I’d wasted so much time wishing I could be different, wishing I could change things, change myself. If given the chance, I would’ve shed myself and become a different girl. Slipped on a name like Clara or Mary, docile and gentle and smiling and kind. I thought it would be easier to be someone else than to be who I was becoming, but I didn’t think that anymore. The girl who wanted those things had died with Rachel, buried under the asylum I brought down. And I realized now, for the first time, really, that I didn’t miss her.

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In honor of vine shutting down... Naruto characters and their favorite vines?


Kiba likes the spaghetti vine

Naruto loves Club goin up on Tuesday. He’d do this type of shit at school too real talk

Sai dies laughing at I can’t believe you’ve done this it just makes him laugh 


This is Kakashi’s life 

Got ya stupid ass idk this feels like something Sasori would do to Deidara

Shisui sings Suck a dick all the time


Obito likes Can I get a HOOOYAA

Suigetsu thinks I love you bitch is so funny

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What is this growl I keep hearing about and why was it so devastating?

Omg, this growl.  

It’s from Beauty and the Beast. I’ll stick it under a cut because it happens at the end of the movie, so Idk, I guess it’s spoilers?  Except everyone knows how it ends, so not really? But maybe they don’t want to know all the new stuff or something…

Anywho, under a cut this goes…

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I wonder if the Gods let the Mortal Parents pick the names of the kids and all i can think of is Zeus just glaring at Poseidon when he heard that his kid’s name was “Perseus”

Poseidon: *is just sitting there, occasionally looks over at Zeus*

Zeus: *is just glaring at Poseidon with hatred*

Hera: *planing on how to ruin the boys life*

Ares: *laughing in the background*

Athena: *already hating the boy*

Apollo: *admiring himself*

Hephaestus: *tinking with something*

Demeter: *waiting for Persephone to come back*

Artemis: *is pissed that it wasn’t a girl*

Aphrodite: *planing on how to ruin his love life*

Dionysus: *sips wine*

Hermes: *stays quiet*

Hestia: *is praying to Rhea that they don’t ruin Perseus’s life*

I don’t think I ever shared this….
But, when I saw Sing with my bro (who’s 15 and wanted to see it as much as me honestly), during Rosita and Gunther’s part in the show we nearly died. Because right in front of us was this Grandpa with all his little grandkids and during the remix part said, and I quote, “Dayum! That girl has thighs for days!”
Never before has the Lord tested me so strongly not laugh like a maniac and high five that old man.

alright, let’s do this, coto has inspired me to talk about this infamous moment in fdtd s2 when seth leaves kate *cracks knuckles*

for a little context, coto replied to someone on twitter and raised the question of “did seth want to leave kate” and i have some thoughts on that!!

first of all, i think it’s fair to say that seth was rather reluctant about kate becoming his partner and with good reason, i mean she’s a teenage girl and NOT a professional thief, so it’s understandable for him to not be okay with it at first!

but then he agrees and kate does become his partner but then things go to shit with rafa and i think seth freaked out because he realized it could’ve been kate, it could’ve been her and he realized he wouldn’t have been able to live with himself if something had happened to her while she was with him!!!

and then he saw her pain when rafa died to save them and i think seth had no idea how to deal with her pain, how to comfort her, how to make her feel at ease again because he’s never done that, he never had to comfort anyone besides his brother

and so he told her hurtful things, told her everyone she ever loved is dead, to push her away, to make her believe he is a heartless monster she should run away from and it worked: he wanted her to hate him so she’d walk away, so he drove away without her

but he had second thoughts and drove back to leave her the car and the money because he’s pushing her away but he doesn’t want her to get hurt, he just wants her to leave so she’s not tangled in the danger that constantly surrounds him, he just wants kate to be safe!!!

and then the heroin dream happened and let’s just say it didn’t come from nowhere, seth must’ve thought about this, thought of the possibility that maybe kate would come back, he hoped she would, he wanted it to happen so much he even dreamed about it, i mean!!!!!!


Nico: If I tell you something, do you promise you won’t judge me?

You: Nico, you’re my best friend. I would never discriminate you for anything.

Nico: I’m not attracted to girls. I’m attracted to males. And you’re the first person I’ve told.
You smiled at him widely.

You: Thank you for being so honest with me. And you thought that would make me think differently of you?


“i’m not as bad as i seem”, a mix of songs for the jerk who just might have a heart of gold,

> i was wrong (sleeperstar)
then i saw, what it was, what i had done to you. i was wrong
> different (acceptance)
i wanted to see something that’s different, something you said would change in me
> numb (adam jensen)
can’t look at myself and i just don’t understand
> you should get to know me (jeremy zucker feat. quin xcii)
i’m not some eighties jerk on the screen, varsity jacket who hangs with the team
> dirty laundry (blackbear)
my girl don’t want me ‘cause of my dirty laundry. i think that she knows, i’m out of control
> jet black heart (arrows to athens)
i’ve got a jet black heart and there’s a hurricane underneath it
jesus died for you.. not me (jonny craig)
shit’s just insane, i feel it crashing down. everyone says i’m to blame
pack of wolves (astronomyy)
take me back to when my eyes were full of things i’ve seen, the things i call my jewels
> gravity (eden)
you can run if you feel you have to. i’ll be fine if you ever ask me
i’ll be good (jaymes young)
i’ve been cold, i’ve been merciless. but the blood on my hand scares me to death

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What Type of Girl Would Percy Go For?

Requested? Yes

Percy is a very laid back and go with the flow kind of guy so I think that he could go for a girl that actually has something of her life thought out and is somewhat relaxed. Percy is also very adventurous and daring than most of the boys in HoO or PJO since he doesn’t think about what he’s doing half of the time, maybe a girl who is a little more on the cautious side so that they bring out the best in each other and pull the other in the correct path. She would have to love cuddles and cute banter now and then about who ate the last blue pancakes or who has what chores for the day around camp. She wouldn’t necessarily have to be the most beautiful girl in the world or the best at battle or even the star of the capture the flag, she could be a quiet bookworm who sits in her room all day and he would still find her fascinating. Percy seems like he would like to be included in his girlfriend’s activities -even if he hates them he always wanted to be included somehow, if she was into running three miles he would tag along. If she read sci-fi or fantasy books he would  ask her to read to him.  She wouldn’t have to have Blonde hair or color changing eyes or even a perfect body, Percy doesn’t seem like the type to judge too quickly so looks wouldn’t really matter to him as much as personality would. I feel like he wouldn’t want a girl that likes drama, if they start drama or bring drama out of no where he wouldn’t be too happy about it and would either feel stressed out because of it or he would get upset over how much people who were friends or siblings could turn into a war so quickly of who said what and he isn’t very fond of wars.

A/N: This is just personal opinion, do not take these to heart that you’d be terrible/amazing for this person. If I said something out of order, I am truly sorry.

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Yoongi would be the type to show his love through actions rather than pda and stuff so when he woke up before you he would like make a fresh pot of coffee for you on the way out the door on the way to rehearsal with a post-it stuck on the handle that says "Wake the fuck up🖤"

anon:Yoongi is the type to fall for a girl who is just as dry and sarcastic as he is like he makes some hateful comment about what she’s wearing (only half joking) and then she fires off something making fun of that squeak he does when he raps and he’s like “oh shit”

highKEY YOONGI IS DI EMBODIMENT OF DI WORD “tsundere” like fr, hes a pisces sun so of course hes really so sweet n gentle but his virgo moon is whats making his ass hide all them emotions on di inside. although i think yoongi would lowkey really love kissing u when yall alone, i fr dont see him a pda kind of guy but i think he’ll probably say something real headass while yall at di bighit family dinner n jimin would just b all like “ew hyung get a room” n fr, di flame session between yoongi n his S/O would b iconic af. i can imagine tae just gassing up everything yall say to each other , going all like “OOOO U GONNA LET HIM SAY THAT??” or  “wow hyung, ur wife/husband just bodied u. will u recover??” sjefuhsue being married to yoongi would b so cute i swearrr man

Lowkey wanna write a fic where in one of the infinite Earths there’s a cosmic event and comics!ollie beats the every loving fuck out of arrow!ollie for letting his pretty bird down (and a whole load of other shit he’s pulled)

Because we all know that the real ollie loves his pretty bird and would always love whatever version of her because the fact that it’s dinah would be enough for him.

Ollie would loathe arrow!oliver. He’s beaten people for a lot less.

To this day one of my fave panels is when he’s beating a criminal and says something along the lines of ‘if you think i’m tough, you should see my wife’

Or when Roy and Connor make a joke about Dinah and Ollie’s sex-life and Ollie just “hey now that’s practically your mother you’re talking about”

Or when Ollie died in Injustice and his last thought was “I’m sorry, pretty bird, i thought we’d have more time. Dinah. The prettiest girl in all the world. I was so lucky.”

I mean, your faves could never

Petition for Comics!ollie and dinah to adopt William Clayton actually

Because Dinah has taken in and loved ollie’s kids without question, often being there for them moreso than ollie was himself. And she certainly never begruded him for children he had before their relationship, like someone, because she’s kind and loyal and knows it’s none of her fucking business and spent her energy supporting them all instead.

I’ve been thinking about last week’s episode lately and I realized something: Maybe the reason why Kenny had his own bedroom while Karen and Kevin share one (when usually the two brothers are the ones who share the room while the girl has a room of her own) is so that when Kenny dies and he’s reborn, his siblings don’t notice their parents carrying the new Kenny (being a baby at the moment) to his bedroom.

Exo's reaction to watching their gf's sexy dance

Thank you anonie! Hope you like it!

Xiumin: *when he hears people say how good you look, or how sexy your moves are*

Luhan:  “If you lay your eyes on her for more that 5 seconds you are dead meat. Are we clear?”

Kris: “Is this really y/n dancing on stage? Are we sure? The same girl who yesterday had orange juice come out of her nose because of laughter?”

Suho: “I don’t want to brag but I have some experience in this area”
you-“You are right grandpa, it’s not something you should brag about”

Lay: “I think i just died a little”

Baekhyun: “What a time to be alive”

Chen: *no1 fanboy kim jongdae*

Chanyeol: “Oh my goood! What is she doing?! People are watching!”

D.O: “Don’t. Look. At. My. Girfriend. You. Little. Shit.”

Tao: *excited baby panda*

Kai: “Y/n, don’t you think your dance is a bit too sexy?”
you-“Says the guy who is humping the air on stage”

Sehun: “I didn’t know you could move like that, that’s very… interesting

Coraline  {Sentence Starters}

  • “You can pick out something you like.”
  • “What? I didn’t hear anything.”
  • “You think they’re trying to poison me?”
  • “You probably think this world is a dream come true, but you’re wrong.”
  • “You have a really funny way of showing it.”
  • “I almost fell down a well yesterday. I would’ve died.”
  • “You’re in terrible danger, girl/boy!”
  • “Now you’re going to stay here forever.”
  • “You realize you’re walking right into her trap.”
  • “They say even the proudest spirit can be broken.”
  • “Don’t leave me! Don’t leave me! I’ll die without you!”
  • “Maybe they got bored with you and moved to France.”
  • “You are NOT my mother.”
  • “You know, you could stay forever, if you want to.”
  • “So sharp, you won’t feel a thing.”
  • “I already know where you’ve hidden them.”

Inktober - Day 20

“Squeeze” was a hard prompt to come up with something for until I saw an adorable mimikyu video and about died. ;w; <3

I’m so hype for Sun and Moon, it’s all I can think about lately.. >3<;;;

Markers, Colored Pencils, Ink, Ect. <3

>>> Sorry this post is late! I was super tired yesterday and I lost myself in watching Markiplier’s Undertale Stream… before I knew it, it was far too late to get started on a daily drawing, so I finished this one today for you guys! ^^

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Hey, just thought that Arcee could have blue and pink stripes on her hair. Maybe she would be brunette originally like she dyed her hair in high school (maybe after Cliff died, it was probably a way to cope with the sadness)?

YES I’VE BEEN SEEING HER AS HAVING DYED HAIR THIS WHOLE TIME TBH!! I like to think she also has a pixie cut? Like she used to have shoulder length hair and then one day when she mentions she needs a haircut Cliff says something along the lines of “why don’t you just grow it out?” so she gets it cut really short to be contrary and Cliff just. Falls in love with her all over again because wow. He never knew short hair on a girl could look so cute.

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The dream would be Connor saying yes to the proposal and then they run off into the sunset together and just be married and have hyphenated last names and everything is rainbows and sunshine and happiness. And there is no more murder and everyone just smiles, and somehow Wes is still alive and Frank disintegrates and dies and we get a happy ending to this stupid show that I can’t escape. But instead we are going to get sad angst and probably either a rejection or something else bad will happen. 

It doesn’t seem like Connor, who has been trying to push Oliver away for most of 3B to suddenly accept the proposal. He does still love Oliver but I believe that he doesn’t think that he deserves  Oliver’s love (which is dumb because he does and they should be happy) and will try and push Oliver away. 


SEVENTEEN Reaction - When You Get Drunk

Anonymous said:
Could you do a reaction of seventeen when the reader gets drunk? Thank you 😋

*keeps an eye on you the whole night so no one tries to take advantage of you, will be the one who stops you from that “last” drink and piggy backs you all the way home.*
“i think thats enough y/n you had fun though right?”

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*rolling his eyes in the corner at how embarrassing you’re being*

“my girl/boyfriend? of course s/hes not!” mumbles under his breath: “dis crazy bish”

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*tuts at you when you try and so something really stupid but won’t hold you back because he thinks you need to learn your lesson.* “Do whatever you want y/n just don’t get upset when I say I told you so” Will be the one who holds your hair back when you throw up the next morning “i told you so”

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Won’t say no your drunken lap-dance ;) Kind of pissed that you stole the show with your antics last night. Next morning: *throws toast at you* “whoops! good morning bish” (jun is lowkey savage)

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Follows you all night enjoying and encouraging your drunkness, dances with you although you two look like idiots.
“have another shot y/n!” *giggles because he is also drunk af* you two are basically uncontrollable

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*listens to you babble on and on about whatever and sighs*  “no y/n squirrels cant speak” *pats your back when you start to cry*

Originally posted by wonyeols

*in the corner video-taping you for black-mail purposes, starts to cackle b/c now he got dirt on you* next time you argue he just pulls the video out and goes “really? you fucking with me?” 

Originally posted by jihooon

Screaming and cheering you on, does all the stupid shit with you (he himself is also WASTED)

Originally posted by dokyummm

*loudly sings with you* proceeds to follow you around like a puppy even though youre out of it and doing drunk things with you even though he hasnt drank anything “y/n! y/n! what are we gonna do next?!”

Originally posted by gyuhan-17

*watches you running around like a headless chicken and really doesn’t care because your embarassing YOURSELF and as far as he’s concerned he doesnt fucking know you* hears a crash in the other room *goes back to eating*
”girl/boyfriend? what girl/boyfriend?”

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You end up in some sort of dance battle in the club with him kinda like that scene in white chicks, he wins, you both end up throwing up the next morning, his aim is kinda off so you get some vomit on your neck and you scream. “i’m sorry baby let me make it up to you later”

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*stands as stiff as a board and gives you this look as you awkwardly and drunkenly grind on him, doesn’t mention it EVER again because he is soo embarrassed for you cos u be killing his vibe 
“vernon what happened last night and why am i sitting in the closet wearing a pillow case?”
“er y/n…lets not talk about it..ever…”

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nearly cries because you look insane and your dancing is horrible and you are RUINING his favourite Michael Jackson song!!

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I went to work this morning at 9am, which isn’t the “late shift” at my job but it’s pretty late for our daylight shift. The normal daylight people are already settled by then.

So i go in, and I’m looking in the normal places for The Intern as she’s usually socializing or something by this point. She’s like our class pet, our beloved darling of the workplace, and while she works hard, everyone loves talking to her. 

I am sweeping my eyes right to left, looking in the cubes and at the stations she normally inhabits when i hear, shouted, “GOOD MORNING, B!”

She saw me before I saw her and now I have to figure out where she is. I look to the left to see her perched on a backless stool with her back to me, her head merely tilted back extremely far to see who arrived.

I spotted her just in time to see her nearly fall off the stool as a result of trying to look cool for me.

I met Alan about 14 years ago. I’d been a fan of his since the early 90’s, when I first saw Robin Hood. I met him shortly before CoS premiered. Of course, when I met him, I went supremely shy (as I do, as I am SEVERELY shy) and forgot everything I was going to say. I think he saw this and was beyond kind to some idiot girl (me) who stared at her feet. SO very kind. I will never forget that.  His films were something that my dad and I loved; it was one of our things. When my dad died, the rest of the Potter films hadn’t come out. Now that Alan has gone, part of me feels I’ve lost a bit of a connection to my dad. But I’ll always be grateful to Alan and his talent. Thanks, Alan.