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Namjoon looked SO GOOD today, everyone was just great but oh man, I think Namjoon and Jin were too much, also whO THE FUCK PARTED JUNGKOOK'S HAIR IT'S TOO MUCH I WANT TO CRY HE'S SO-


WHAT A MAN also i’m still in such a good mood bc i’m so proud of him i’m so so soooo proud of him like he did great with answering questions, translating, and leading the boys

but yea all of them looked really really good

I hope Maggie denies Alex’s engagement but her smile is so big because she’s like danvers i love you but how bout we try moving in together first or some cute shit like that

Alex’s proposal was just so desperate and I don’t doubt she didn’t mean it but Maggie will help ground her that they have time. They still have a lifetime of firsts and there’s no rush cus they’ve got each other backs and like hell they let anything happen to the other before then. Ride or die

Alright. I’ve been posting trash enough…

Here’s some more junk.

This time my headcannon regarding the meaning behind different eye colours for human characters in Ninjago.

Red - Corruption.

Green - Venomari venom.

Purple - You are probably going to die Complete corruption.

Wearing Glasses- They are going to cause a problem/will be evil at some point.

Only the red eyes thing seems to hold true in the movie… The rest is just special snowflakism.

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Aw I love the fact Grant noticed you when you dressed up like Iris before, because he knows Iris' outfits lol 😉 it is good to know that even if we don't get to see Barry compliment Iris on her pretty dresses I think it is canon now that he does notice them and remember them lol

LOL, yes it is nice and I think so too. He was really nice. I remember when my sister was talking to him and she was like “I’m not as pretty as [Fowsia] but I’m the funny one so it’s cool” and he responded “yes you are!” which was sweet. We tried to get him to sign “#LALakers” because we know he’s a Clippers fan, but he was not going lmao. He started laughing and was was like “I can’t. I don’t think my hand even will let me write it.” LOL. then I told him to sign “#Patriots” because I know he’s a NYG fan, so we have successfully trolled him! But he was really sweet. 

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I was in a relationship for three years, he left me. How do I unlove someone?

They say that love is a choice. You have to keep waking up everyday and choosing the same person. I think the opposite is true too. I’d like to believe that not loving someone is a choice as well — you have to keep waking up everyday and un-choosing them. I like to think that’s possible. At least sometimes.

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I get really sad about all the stuff I'll never do. And I don't want to be mediocre but I am. it's petty and stupid but it really makes me sad

I was struggling a lot with those exact feelings today in particular, so it’s strange to read this because it sounds like I wrote it to myself.

I think that we’re all too tough on ourselves sometimes. Think of it this way: You’re alive. Every single day you wake up, regardless of any goals you may or may not accomplish, you still have the opportunity to put love into the world. And there is absolutely nothing mediocre about doing that.

How would jason scott ask Billy out on a date asked no one ever?

He would use maps. He would randomally hand billy a map with pin points on them(all their favorite places theyve gone to together) and tell him to find the treasure at the end😊

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I have this headcanon that Rich has ADHD, and no one else seems to have the same headcanon?? I know alot of people think Michael might have ADHD, which I think is a good headcanon too, but Rich with ADHD just sort of jumped out at me listening to the bootleg. Idk, this is just. something I thought to share. 😂

i LOVE that hc a lot tbh


The Blacklist Appreciation Week - Day 4 - Favourite Ship

So yeah, another no brainer! Of course my fave ship is Keenler! They have chemistry. They have shared pain and history. They get each other. Ress has and will always break rules and drop everything to help her. He has loved her for a very long time. Samar knows. I think Gale suspects too. So I’m on the good ship Keenler till the end.

I'm not mad at the engagement because I think it's too soon. I'm mad because they won't even give them proper screen time but suddenly they give us an engagement?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m SOOO freaking happy for Alex and Maggie. For having each other. They deserve to be happy. Heck, the whole fandom deserves to be happy.

But the show? Showing kisses that last less then 5 seconds when Kara and mon el are sucking faces? (I’m still mad at their whole make out session on the couch)
Never explicitly saying that they had sex? Showing a -yes, very cute, morning after scene, whereas we had mon el naked in his fucking underwear in Kara’s bed?
And Winn and Lyra getting sex jokes?
Except that cute lying-on-the-couch-sleeping-scene, we have nothing showing them being all domestic at home,laying in bed or something.

Don’t get me wrong. Everything they did, with Alex’s coming out, with Alex and Maggie’s relationship, is pure gold. Never seen a storyline handled so beautifully and accurately. Everything is phenomenal. And no, we don’t need to see a physical relationship to see how Alex and Maggie are perfect and good for each other. But it would be nice to see. I’m tired of having to look at the straight couples acting like all couples do but somehow showing lesbians being physical is too much. I’m not talking about a sex scene here. That’s not what I want. Heck, I have OITNB and even The L Word for that. I just want to see…physical intimacy portrayed on screen. But they don’t have the guts to go there.
And somehow you want to make me believe…that you want to give us an engagement? They do realize that if Sanvers get married, they’ll HAVE to show us something right? They’ll have to do more than having Alex’s arm around Maggie’s shoulders and a 2 seconds pec on the cheek or the lips?
It just doesn’t make sense.

I am very happy for the characters, they deserve everything in the world, they deserve to be happy and safe and the show better not fuck it up. (I mean more than they already fucked up season 2)

So Marvel is gonna FINALLY make more Runaways comics, probably because of the show. Just one little problem.

Gonna be pretty dang difficult when you killed half the damn team! Victor: Dead. Gert: Dead. Alex: Evil as fuck. Karolina: Who knows. Klara: Who knows. Molly: Who knows. Old Lace: Dead. Xavin: In Majesdanian jail. Nico: She’s in freaking jail. I think Chase is too.

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You know sometimes I like to think that if Eren were to ever be attracted to males, I think the best bet would be that he would be attracted to Levi. (or Armin and a little bit of Reiner, idk) but I like to headcanon that Eren is hiding some type of man crush on Levi, like when you have the hots for your hot college teacher or somethin.

I think it would be Levi, too! 

Eren has shown many times that he admired and respected Levi a lot, wanted to please him, make him proud. It’s not that wild to think he could actually have some kind of crush on him. 

Maybe it’s not fully romantic or he just doesn’t completely understand his feelings, but I’m sure Levi is someone very important for him and he wants to be closer to him in any way he can.

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I'm not the biggest fan of harry tbh but I see a situation for what it is and I can see Harry is being taken advantage of. I don't want to say he's "naive" and doesn't know better because I definitely think he's complicit in all of this-but I think he's too trusting. The azoffs are not his friend, they never will be his friend. They see him as a source of money. They've totally got him wrapped around their finger. I have a feeling it will end badly between them. Never mix friendship and business

The fact they had to push the BFF angle so hard tells you it was never real. Back in 2013 I think Harry felt absolutely desperate and Irving came along and portrayed himself as a savior. Much like he did with the fandom. Most of us feel for it so I’m sure Harry did too.🌼

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Is there a reason or reasons for why you will answer a ask with a gif or some words with a gif? I'm not complaining just curious :)

Two reasons, anon.

The light reason: I love gifs. I collect gifs. I adore them. Gifs are pretty damn one of the most incredible stuff since internet revolution. 

The serious reason: As awesome as this medium is, it comes with its limitations - namely, no body language or voice tenor or facial expression with which to judge a response like you do in real life. Something can be interpreted in so many different ways. For example, I could be saying “Yes” to something while doing this 

and someone can think I’m being too curt in that, or angry, or bitchy, or a gazillion other things. And unless I’m writing an essay in reply of an ask, adding gifs with short answers allows me to add more dimension to express myself without getting too wordy, which in turn avoids misinterpretations. Does that make sense?

Bonus: Gifs are an amazing tactical tool for evasion. You don’t wanna answer something but have to? Use a gif from your abundance of gifs. 

Perfect case in point:

Also, have I mentioned how totally awesome gifs are?


A true story for @gyeoms-shake and @memoiresofaneternaldreamer

I was once such a submissive young lady. In life and in love. I got off on the pleasure of pleasing others. And then one day that changed. Then one day Kim “Evil Maknae” Yugyeom walked into my life with those long ass legs and something stirred inside me.

I was fine at first. I kept my cool. I tried not to think too much about what I was feeling, I buried it under years of Daddy kink. I let it out briefly with Wanna Play, I thought I was fixed.

Then “belt fashion” happened. BELT. FASHION. It’s the rudest fashion. I curse and praise the stylist that thought this look was a good idea. Yug’s choker look was bad enough, but an actual belt?! Bitch. Stop the pain.

I want to drag him to his knees with that belt he way he drags me through Noona Hell with the looks he serves.

I want him to gasp for breath like I gasp for my sanity whenever he stretches out that giraffe neck of his.

I want him to beg me for forgiveness the way I constantly have to beg for some damn respect from him.

I want to hurt him and please him in all the same ways he hurts and pleases me.