Serizawa and His Umbrella: A History

Welcome to my very, very, very, very long, image heavy Serizawa post (I’m not even going to share the length of time it took me to assemble this).

Since the appearance of Seri’s transparent new umbrella, it occurred to me how different the before and after versions of Umbrella Man are from when we first meet him to now. Compiling this made me emotional because my son has come so far. ;_; 

So, here are some thoughts on Seri and his umbrella.

I’ll start with chapter 89.1, when Seri shares his backstory with Mob. Here he is at 27 in one of my favorite panels, just before he leaves the house for the first time in 15 years with Toichiro. It breaks my heart how traumatized, young, and vulnerable and he looks here.

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Kaneki, the Oggai, and...Postmodern Neo-Classical Tragedy?

So people have been laying in to Kaneki for killing the Oggai, and I think Ishida too wants us to view this as a serious moral line he’s crossing here. But while obviously killing children is a bad thing, I want to ask why everyone’s blaming Kaneki so unforgivingly when Touka, Yomo, Naki and Miza were killing Oggai left right and centre in the preceding chapters and the morality of that wasn’t questioned in the slightest - it was even considered badass. I’ve heard it said that Touka and Hinami won’t forgive Kaneki for killing the Oggai because they’re children, but Touka’s already killed a bunch of them and Hinami made no objection to that.

I’ve always thought Kaneki gets judged way more harshly than other characters in the fandom for his actions. Kaneki killing humans is given a lot more outcry than any of the Ghoul characters, who have been doing it since before the series even started, and while certainly not sinless, Kaneki is actually a lot higher up on the moral chain than most of the characters in the series. He’s breaking boundaries now that the other characters broke ages ago, but because it’s occurring to him now rather than in the past, it’s negative development rather than positive; so he gets judged more harshly now than, say, Tsukiyama was at the start, despite the fact that Kaneki’s moral fibre is still way stronger now than Shuu’s was back then. But the main reason for Kaneki’s severe treatment, I think, owes to the story’s genre - because it’s a tragedy, we’re constantly looking with extreme scrutiny for Kaneki’s fatal flaw and the justification for his impending downfall.

But the slaughter of the Oggai was an entirely different beast to something like, say, Anakin killing the younglings in Star Wars. The younglings were innocent and posed no threat to Anakin. The Oggai were going to capture Kaneki and most likely keep him locked up in a tube in the same manner as Rize for the rest of his life - not to mention killing all his friends and loved ones. I really can’t blame Kaneki, or any of Goat, for acting in self-defence. 

@hamliet very eloquently makes the argument here that Kaneki’s unforgivable action was allowing himself to end up in this situation in the first place, but I would counter that by raising the point that even if he didn’t kill the Oggai in this exact scenario, he and his army would inevitably have to kill them at some point, simply because they’re the opposing army. Far more so than Kaneki, the people really to blame for the tragedy of the Oggai are Furuta and Kanou for weaponising children in the first place. Goat really didn’t have a choice here - Furuta forced their hands, as an Author of Tragedy well might.

Additionally, we’re never given any reason to sympathise with the Oggai beyond the simple fact of their age. They never show much human emotion beyond crazed bloodlust, which makes it pretty hard to see them as people at all and not caricatures, or to honestly shed any tears for them - very much unlike Shio and Rikai, killed at their hands. With Yamori, we were told about the torture he went through and we pitied him even while despising him. Maybe if we saw a child go through the process of Oggaification, or if we saw them playing around like normal children in their spare time, I might be more shocked at Kaneki’s behaviour here; but as it is, if we were meant to feel sorry for them, it’s not very effective.

I feel much more pain for this perfectly innocent, nameless man who got his head sliced open by Kaneki. But even Kaneki’s dragon rampage is not his fault; he’s non compos mentis, driven mad by his kakuja, pushed to that state by the desire to survive - a desire that is completely natural and justified, and if it weren’t, then Ghouls would have no right to exist at all. How could Kaneki possibly have predicted that this is what would happen if he came back to the base? Worry for his wife, child and friends is hardly a fatal flaw that justifies his transformation into a city-terrorising monster - and indeed, it was his actions that saved their lives…at least for now.

I can’t in good faith blame Kaneki for this outcome. So rather than trying to find tragedy in the flaws of the protagonist in the modern understanding of the genre, here it might be better to look to the classical definition of tragedy. In Aristotle’s Poetics, he argues that tragedy should serve the function of evoking pity and fear in the audience.

“The one [pity] is to do with the man brought to disaster undeservedly; the other [fear] is to do with [what happens to] men like us.”

The word hamartia didn’t refer to a fatal flaw as it is currently understood nowadays, but rather just a mistake. Here his mistake was going back to the base, a decision which, while rooted in his character, did not spring out of a flaw. The mistake is supposed to be blameless; it’s important that he is brought to disaster underservedly, just like with Rize.

Aristotle uses Oedipus Rex as his prime example for tragic format, whose hamartia was killing his father - he didn’t know it was his father, and in Ancient Greece it was considered fair enough to kill a stranger for splashing you with dirty water. Modern readings try to point to Oedipus’ rage or pride as the reasons for his downfall, but the way Aristotle read it was that Oedipus didn’t deserve his downfall at all. The purpose of tragedy was to remind us of our mortal weakness in the face of the power of the gods. The futile struggle of an individual against the author of his existence. 

Kaneki suffers like Job, clay in the hands of his maker, nothing more than a penstroke of the tragedian. 

He inspires our pity in waves, stumbling upon this tragedy by sheer misfortune. He tries to rationalise it by attributing the blame to himself with arguments that he hasn’t been strong enough, but that’s just a man trying to understand a classically tragic world through the lens of modern tragedy, and his efforts to become stronger only lead to greater tragedy.

He inspires our terror by just provoking the thought that all Kaneki has gone through could have happened to any one of us in that world. Indeed, Kaneki’s initial character design is meant to look as much like a typical Japanese teenage boy as you can get, and most readers of the series can relate to Kaneki’s shyness and bookishness. Like your typical everyman, Kaneki doesn’t care for much more than his loved ones. He hasn’t received this lot because of ambition, or jealousy, or wrath - just because of the divine will of the world he lives in. 

Now, TG doesn’t fit with many of Aristotle’s other rules for tragic format - it has unity of neither time, place, nor action (and a good thing too, if every tragedy followed Aristotle’s format they would get very boring very quickly) - but I think this outlook is definitely worth considering, given the number of times the words “This world is wrong” are repeated throughout the series. If this holds true, then that would make Tokyo Ghoul not just a tragedy, but a Postmodern, Neo-Classical Tragedy. Which is a cool enough concept in itself, but if there’s still room for hope - if Kaneki can yet triumph over his genre, and man can at long last defeat the gods - then TG would truly be a landmark in the evolution of Tragedy. Recent events have shaken my optimistic outlook a little, but whichever direction it goes from here, it’s still a literary tour-de-force of phenomenal proportions.

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I think Victor and Yuuri are too different to be together. The only thing that unites them is figure skating, but their characters are completely different. Victor needs someone more confident, someone who is more honest with his own feelings, someone more open-minded. They're together only because the authors want them to be, but in real life such different people would only torment each other

i apologize for the really short and boring answer, i had a good reply written for you but my laptop decided to crash and i just asghlkfj

so, basically: i never really saw them being all that different from each other? sure, yuuri’s in a really bad place in ep1 (and so is vitya), but as he regains his confidence throughout the episodes their similarities become more clear! they’re both extremely competitive and always surprise everyone, they’re stubborn, they hate to lose and love dogs (important!!) to name a few! you mention vitya needs someone more confident, more honest with their feelings and more open-minded… but i think yuuri is all of those? and i mean the Real Yuuri he grows into during the series? it’s kind of the main thing in his character arc!

i think those are the most important basics of what i had written? i’m just going to post this quickly before the bsod happens again asffakh feel free to add to this everyone!

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You were really accurate when you said that V really liked hands. I dont know if its a cap thing? But my mom has a very similar chart to V and she is also cap dominated and I always see her staring at her hands and inspecting them whenever she needs a manicure. She's always staring left and right.

i think so too! saturn, capricorn’s ruling planet, is all about structure and rules the bones, joints, skin and nails. i’ve never seen a cap without a nice manicure tbh 😂

The Houses as Fairies
  • Gryffindor: has the biggest eyes always full of wonder, their hair seems to change colours in the sunlight and is so long it goes down to their bums, is super curious about the world and always wants to know more, the best flyers, can be super charming and funny but terrifying if you get on their bad side
  • Hufflepuff: definitely can speak to animals, is always bare footed, small and cute with a brilliant smile, their hair is light and flowy and always a mess, loves to play cheeky little pranks but would hate to really hurt someone’s feelings, is smarter than they first appear to be, so relaxed to a point that it could be a problem.
  • Ravenclaw: is obsessed with colours and sunshine and art, aren’t able to lie, they’re tall and willowy with hair that curls in the wind, doesn’t mind embracing human technology, probably wants to save the world, doesn’t have magic but doesn’t need it because they can get by on wit alone,
  • Slytherin: tend to stick with themselves and don’t enjoy mingling with other creatures, their hair changes depending on their mood, is in love with music to the point where they are fully versed in the language of melodies, accidentally creates storms when they’re upset.

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do we hate them now or what? i have mixed feelings but i think i love them too much

I definitely don’t hate them. I’m disappointed in them for this, and I’ll continue to be disappointed in them for this, but it’s possible to still appreciate something about someone while also not appreciating another facet of them. 

If this is a breaking point for anyone then I respect that, though. 

Personally, I think our generation puts far too much emphasis on love and relationships and hooking up and never being alone. It’s like an entire group of humans who don’t know how to function on their own because of cell phones and social media. Like, I hate to break it to you, but at the end of the day you’re born alone and you die alone, so you better learn how to be on your own, and be ok with yourself.

I love when towards the end of Our Man Bashir, Garak gives Bashir that speech about real intelligence agents having no ego and knowing when to quit. Especially when you consider that in The Die Is Cast, Garak had to be knocked unconscious and carried to the runabout by Odo because he insisted on going back for Tain. If Garak truly only wanted to make sure that he and Bashir survived OMB, he would have knocked Bashir unconscious before attempting to leave.

Obviously there’s a lot more going on those two moments:

In The Die Is Cast, leaving Tain behind means giving up on his father, his mentor, the Obsidian Order, and his only chance to return to Cardassia, so to an extent not rescuing Tain means giving up on everything important in Garak’s life other than Bashir.

In Our Man Bashir, Garak must know that Bashir will probably not agree to give up and leave, but Garak tries to convince him rather than settle the matter by knocking Bashir unconscious. Partially, I think it’s because he wants to see how far Bashir will go to stop him. But I think it’s also because he believes that if he knocks Bashir unconscious and takes him out of the simulation, even if everyone survives, his friendship with Bashir will be destroyed, because Bashir does not believe in unnecessarily risking lives (except his own).

Garak still risked their friendship by being willing to risk the rest of the crew (we don’t know what would happen if Garak and Bashir try to leave the holosuite) but if he’d taken that opportunity to act away from Bashir, their friendship would have been over in that instant. Their friendship was more important to Garak than securing their survival.

i’m p sure thor ragnarok will at the very least a good movie but from all the footage i’ve seen i think they’re settling too much on the comedic aspect of it. don’t get me wrong i love comedy but i hope the movie doesn’t disregard potentially serious or wholesome interactions

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(regarding your poll) from a foreigner's perspective it's easier to follow and go back on a text tutorial to check certain things / use google translator to figure out words etc. :)

that’s what I was thinking too but then I also thought if it’s a video you just sort of follow where the mouse it going and you can really follow step by step, I feel like there are pros and cons to each, that’s why I am having a hard time figuring out which is best, the poll is 27 to 27 which is dead even so that doesn’t help haha :P 


I see SO many posts lately saying things like “Taylor doesn’t know I exist”, “Taylor ignores me”, “Taylor doesn’t want to meet me”. Honestly, I’m here to say I WHOLEHEARTEDLY believe those thoughts are WRONG. I’m not saying I’m perfect… I think those things too if I’m not careful. But NEGATIVITY gets you nowhere and only makes you feel awful. We have enough evidence from Tay’s likes that she DOES want to know everyone. I haven’t met her yet myself but I’m choosing to believe one day I will. Just BELIEVE everyone. Taylor loves us!! I just know it. 😘

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Are there other women blogs who run it of themselves that you like or talk with? It would be cool if you did and probably hot to get all of you together for a photo shoot. Talk about a dream. I ask because there are a few blogs who say they are women but post porn and not their own stuff like you. I like real women.

Yes, I cannot speak for all, I am sure there are many who are true and post their own photos and message with followers. As for me I message with @lisa-i-am she is by far the sweetest, sexiest and most wonderful blog I follow. She is amazing so make sure you follow, Also she posts regularly and it just gets better and better. As for a photo shoot, I think we live too far, also I would be intimidated as she is stunningly  beautiful 

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What do you think the Mario crew would dress up as for Halloween?

the princesses and Mario/ Luigi would probably do something non threatening, so not to scare babs. I think Wario is too lazy to come up with something, he probably does a tp mummy every year.  Waluigi would go all fucking out, probably dresses in wearable pyrotechnics and flashy robotics

also I imagine Mario dressing up as a clown as he isn’t hip and with it and wondering why ppl are giving him dirty looks lmao