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tbch i don't remember all of it so bits & pieces are blank but basically it's a couple years from now & there's this award show that I probably made up but boy was it a big deal. I somehow got to go & dnp were apparently performing? I had no idea & was so shook like here I was in my mid 20s hadn't really followed them too closely in years & they were going to be right before my eyes in just a few minutes?? they had kinda lost some relevancy, apparently, idk so everyone was a bit taken aback-

“here u have these two people that were a huge part of a lot of people’s growing up/maturing so everyone who knew them in the audience was older & didn’t know what to expect. They come on stage & perform a duet, that actually shows of their vocal talents (no memes attached), & they were these new people w no branding, just purity that u can’t explain, they were happy. (not to say they aren’t now, a diff happy’s all) so we’re reaching the end & the crowd goes quiet as the spotlight hits the two

dans playing the piano, phil in a wooden stool nearby, the softest harmony exchanged as they smile (i swear this isn’t a fan ficfion this was just a vivid dream leave me alone) somehow incorporated into this song is some choreography towards the very last bit as they’re getting up & walking towards center stage “without the Internet we never would’ve met” is sung by phil & he like strengthens his palms into a fist & jerks for a second as if he’s decided he’s ab to do something but almost seems like he won’t but very quickly he gives dan this real quick peck on the cheek & like they both freeze almost flinching, expecting screams ig, even tho u know this was planned, but there’s silence. We’re not all 16 anymore & there’s just this silence in the room they finish their song with a final note and everyone cheers there’s roses thrown and they just look stunned and over joyed I can’t explain it but it felt like a secret was out and it was worth while to wait so long bc we didn’t get excited or scream, which I feel is fine yknow this is a fandom after all everyone would want to, there was just this short moment of expectance that only seemed to last two seconds & then it was over & everyone was just /there/ they were there we were there no line in between just two people who put on a show & left behind their worries & secrets they were so afraid of sharing for so long & a group of people who couldn’t of loved them more & everyone left feeling content & relieved idk

I feel like if they were to come out they were to do it in that lowkey way everyone’s already predicted this is like the most demon I’ve been in so long like I lock her up and she comes out at night apparently but thank u for letting me rant ly binch”


“Thank you for all your service”
“If it takes fighting a war for us to meet, it will have been worth it”

I love Eliza ❤ ❤ ❤

  • ichi////rukis:kubo never showed ichigo falling in love with orihime!!!
  • kubo:100% never showed ichigo falling in love with rukia

Ok, it’s driving me absolutely up the wall trying to figure out what secret the Imelda woman (that’s all I call her in my head, I’m well aware she has a second name but that’s what she is to me) is bringing on Tuesday. 😬

(& how exactly it leads to Serena finally making the leap to calling Bernie?)

Is Tristan getting his mits near AAU after screwing up pretty much everything else? Is Guy making another play for CEO now Serena isn’t there to back Hanssen? Are they combining to take AAU away from Serena? WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING TO MY PRECIOUS CINNAMON ROLL OF LEOPARD PRINT, SASS & SAPPHIC CUTENESS???

Inktober Day #20: Worried

It’s not even that cold outside, but Mob is still kinda getting over a cold and his friends/brother are…a bit worried…

Tumblr wouldn’t let me upload this last night so you’re getting this now :P

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u mentioned that Hollande said something positive about Benzema as well and the journalists didn't include it? do u care to share the complete info with us pls!

Yes, sorry I didn’t elaborate, so whatever was quoted from Hollande was from the book “the president shouldn’t say this” and the media conveniently “forgot” to spread the positive thing he said about Benzema, and they just cut it and made it look like he said something entirely bad, nobody went and checked in the book, here it is: 

He (Hollande) said from the players in the France NT, some were ill mannered and “not smart” whom had left France early (in their career/young age) but in them only Benzema was the exception (not bad mannered nor unintelligent), because he sent him a message and kept in touch with France (his words). For the rest of the team he encourages a musculation of the brain..

All in the book, thanks to @antoinebenzema for pointing this out. No media (besides Mediapart) mentions it, which is pretty crazy, and tells you a lot about how they handle anything that has to do with Benzema. 

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Tell us a few headcanons for Goth Jon's behaviour perhaps?

  • he’s a little shit, but only because he feels closeted by his parent’s expectations of him being a Good and Honest Boy
  • he’s only in full on flirt mode w/ tom- he tends to tone it down in front of his friends and acts like an absolute angel in front of his parents

  • tom takes him home one night in the police car (around the first time they crossed paths) and all the the way home jon is firting w/ him and kinda being an asshole, but then once they’re at the door and jon’s parents answer, jon is in Ultimate Pure Boy mode and makes up a story that tom saved him or smth and tom is too surprised at his sudden change in attitude to correct him
  • of course now jon’s parent’s are now forever grateful for’s tom’s supposed act of heroism and insist he comes and visits when he can, which gives jon the perfect opportunity to test how far he can go w/ teasing tom in public (y’know like footjobs under the table and stuff)



i can’t believe, season 8…,,, was so Unbelievable like you had Dean, who was like, happy (happy?!) and showed signs of recovery from alcoholism and self-hate and had…?? friends?? a male friend (benny) that he cuddled and loved, went on?? shopping trips?? with his gay friend Charlie???  Sam had a prominent role in the season and got the redemption arc he’d always deserved. Kevin, a poc, had a pivotal role and was treated with respect.  every destiel moment one-upped the last, most explicit destiel moment to make a Destiel Tower of moments that kept building and building and?? the finale was so good?? season 8 was so so good what even was it

@naga-chika imagine this
(Steven Universe AU, Hide and Kaneki are like 12-13 in this)

A world where half-gems/humans are more common than in SU but they’re looked down upon by some humans and most gems because its’s seen as taboo for a human and gem to get together.
To avoid being bullied are looked down upon some half-gems like to hide their gems.
Unfortunately, Hide’s gem is right in the middle of his forehead so it’s kinda hard to hide something like that.
Good thing he wouldn’t ever think of it!

Kaneki on the other hand is different. The placement of his gem is much more convenient. It’s on his lower back so he could easily hide it with a jumper or baggy shirt.

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