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Vodkanon here - Devi, I kind of spluttered when I saw the "hardcore Russian person who likes squishy bara poly" bc seriously, you are mostly right (even tho the russian part isn't, but who cares? I don't and the image was nice xD)

Hhaaaa I’m glad you were ok with it, tbh I was slightly worried you’d be offended or something >.>

Anyway I’ve decided to hijack this ask with some headcanons so it’ll have some content.

Consider UshiBoKuroIwaDai going shopping. Ushijima is practical, of course. People think he has a good fashion sense but that’s not true at all. He takes exactly what he needs to in the same colors: Either white, black, or blue. Kuroo is responsible for creating this false image. He always goes around with him, making him try on a bunch of stuff he thinks will look good, basically just dressing him up in different combinations for hours and making him model for him. Ushi likes all the attention, and he likes seeing Kuroo so invested in it, so he indulges him.

Iwa and Bokuto go together, and can usually be found asking the helpers for “just one size bigger?” Or “I’m so sorry, I was trying it on and the button just popped out??”

Daichi is alternating between the pairs, making sure Kuroo won’t make Ushi buy unnecessarily expensive shit “for fashion”, and “helping” Bokuto and Iwa pick clothes, aka oggling their biceps and making sure they buy stuff that fit them /just right/ and aren’t too big.

No presidential candidate has ever behaved and spoken the way Trump did. The rest of the country was entitled to assume his vulgarity, lies, bias and cruelty would be disqualifying. That they were not, but instead were rationalized, minimized or even lauded does not mean the anti-Trump side of America was dense. It means they thought better of their fellow Americans.

In short, Republican “elites” and Democrats would have disagreed with Trump’s policy prescriptions (which they took seriously — silly them!) but not been shocked or horrified by his win had this been a battle of policy plans. They were shocked and horrified because Trump won these people over by playing to their worst instincts. He dealt out xenophobia, racism, misogyny and contempt for science — and the Trumpkins ate it up. Trump defenders, and defenders of Trump supporters, argue this wasn’t about white nationalism or male resentment. If so, why were these the main tools Trump used to amp up his support?

Remember, a good deal of the opposition to Trump on the right went to his character and the noxious hatreds he was stirring up in the populace. Objecting to his appeals does not make one culturally insensitive; it makes one a decent person.

The way Trump won the race — with zero respect for the truth, with contempt for nonwhite voters, with assaults on our democracy — the #NeverTrump forces fear will now be the rule, not the exception, in presidential politics. That he won (it worked!) is no cause for recriminations against the #NeverTrump forces. It actually proves their point: Public figures who behave this way tear the fabric of our country and undermine democratic values. And Trump has done just that — because it was the only way he knew to get the approval of the Trumpkins. He was certain they were not above vile tactics; he was right. Congratulations, Trumpkins: You never go wrong underestimating the American people.

—  Trump voters: We did hear you; we just thought better of you by Jennifer Rubin | Washinton Post


Okay, since this issue has been out for a long, long time, I feel I can post a better, unedited reference that doesn’t involve blurry artichokes. Still gonna tag this as spoilers. Behold, Whirl’s fine manipulators, or, as I like to think of them, his secret deedly-boppers.

The first picture seems to suggest that each one has three fingers, and they are also plainly capable of swiveling, folding, or extending as needed to accomplish tasks requiring manual dexterity. I mean, Whirl successfully eased open a spark case and successfully implanted a spark using them. He might not be the craftsman he was, but I bet he still has a deft touch. 

The bottom picture is the ref I really wanted, to show the way his claw splits and slides back. 


maybe since i think ive found my style, i might do daily art posts? or at least try to

would you guys like that?

(also thats felix’s hand on the far left, i forgot it initially and i got lazy when i had to add it in sorry)

screenshot below the cut

and please read tags before attacking me

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Mystery & Art

by rodryges

Kara Danvers is full of secrets and Lena Luthor has always loved a mystery.
Lena Luthor is beautiful and Kara Danvers has always loved art.

Words: 689, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

from AO3 works tagged ‘Kara Danvers/Lena Luthor’ http://ift.tt/2gnDE7Z
song game tag

@babydontpcy tagged me to spell out my url in kpop song titles which was suprisingly difficult to do off the top of my head

B - Bo Peep Bo Peep by T-ara
A - Adore U by Seventeen
B - Bad by Infinite
Y - You’re the Best by Mamamoo
H - Hello by Shinee
Y - You Think by SNSD
U - Unfair by EXO
N - NoNoNo by Apink
N - No More Dream by BTS
I - Ice Cream Cake by Red Velvet
E - El Dorado by EXO

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Gillian becomes vocal against slavery & child trafficking, along comes the uneducated tumblr teen brigade. I can't believe some of the posts they write in the Gillian anderson tag. How on earth does GA working against slavery and child trafficking equate with "she is against sex workers, she ruins their lives, she has a platform why isn't she saving this particular girl that I read about in my state". Come fucking on, their rhetorics are baseless & so retarded. They srsly think they are heroes😂

For the life of me, I do not understand the argument that if Gillian speaks out against sex trafficking that somehow thats against the 1% of men and women who CHOOSE to be sex workers. If anything, those are the people who should be pushing the hardest for anti-trafficking campaigns because they probably see victims constantly. The college-educated high-end call girl? She probably chooses to go into sex work. I have zero issue with that. The BARELY legal crack-addicted corner prostitute? I doubt there was much choice in her decision….between poverty and addiction and a pimp taking your earnings….

We have to work TOGETHER to end this problem. It’s not global. It’s next door. It’s middle and upper class neighborhoods, not just poor neighborhoods. Girls are recruiting their friends, you guys. “Come hang out with us…” They get involved with the wrong group…with drugs…and then they’re stuck.

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um, i dont mean to cause stress or anything, but... it seems that the coiner of chire isnt a very good person. will you be taking on a different term/disallowing chire, when its made?

hm…thats a good question ive been contemplating…

at first i had thoughts of deleting the blog, because there are people following this blog who Shouldn’t be, and it’d take me a while to find them all and block them (this blog has 450+ followers).

but now i think i’ll just find a new community and leave ChiRe, i might go back and re-tag all of my posts. (i might bail on that idea since i have alot of posts…)

ChiReb are still welcome! since it was the Creator and not the community itself.

i just need a bit of time to figure things out before i see where i want to go with this blog.

( this doesnt cause me stress at all, you’re okay nonnie ♡♡ )

EDIT: if people have more info to send me on this that would be SUPER helpful! thank you!!!

RPGs, or relentlessly persistent girls by cassandrha