Favorite Wonwoo Outfits

Boys Be Diary Series. 


Don’t think of this scene in the context of Will being madly in love with Hannibal, and believing Hannibal incapable of reciprocating. Don’t think of this scene in the context of Will feeling dirty and ashamed for finding the deepest connection of his life with an unfeeling monster. Don’t think of how badly Will wanted, and how deeply he knew all he could not have.

Just don’t think about this scene at all because it’s 1000x more painful now that Hugh Dancy decided to ruin our lives.

Feels Like Flying (James Potter x Reader)

Harry Potter: Marauder’s Era

James Potter x Reader

Plot; The reader and James are in 5th year, and the reader is a muggleborn who has been taking ballet since six years old. James finds her in the astronomy tower dancing, after a night of werewolf protecting, and develops an interest for her. 

a/n; ok, so just to get this out of the way, I don’t know anything about ballet/dancing at all. (I took it for about two years when i was like five whoops.) but I had this idea and thought it was cute. so i apologize if i got anything wrong, or wrote something that didn’t make much sense to you dance people out there. I actually had to go and google search a lot of the names and stuff for this but I think it turned out alright. also, the gif is NOT mine, i just pulled it off the internet. anyway, enjoy!

Warnings; fluff

(Y/h) = your house

(Y/n) = your name

(L/n) = last name

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