Companions react to Sole having been Captain America before the war and Sole asking them if they can take up the shield if anything were to happen to him

This one took ages to write. Longer than any other I’ve ever written (which is saying something). I altered it more times than I can count. Took well over a month… almost two. But here it is! The longest ones are the most recently written ones. So hope you like it @waywardkingdomsoldier! :)

Extra: first outing as Captain America


Sole had walked to their room, their favourite companion, hell, favourite person in tow. “ I think it’s about time I show you this…” Sole grabbed the shield, still chipped from Peggy’s bullets. Still with thousands of memories attached to it, good and bad. “ A very long time ago I was part of an experiment. To become a super-soldier so I could defend the country and… the people I care about. I became quite well-known… as captain America.”


You are some sort of superhero? Ya couldn’t even look after yerself if ya didn’t have me to cover ya when you run out into a hail o’ bullets again!”
Sole sighed. “ This shield stops nearly everything. Bullets, explosions, you name it. “
“ So it’s a damn good shield, congrats.”
“ I want you to become ‘a sort of superhero’, using these things, if something were to happen to me.” 
“ What? No.” 
“ Cait…”
“ I’m havin’ enough trouble keepin’ myself and you alive in this horrid world. I can’t take on everyone else in it. “
“ I’m not expecting you to, just..; to help when people need you to.” 
Cait lifted the shield, murmuring “ This thing better be good”.

Piper raised her eyebrows a little bit too long to actually look surprised. As Sole tilted their head Piper caved. “Yes, I know that.”  
“ How did you…?”
Piper sat down, rubbing her temple with her finger. “ Really? You need to ask that? I’m a reporter, a good one. When I saw you at Nick’s … I did some research. Nobody pops up out of nowhere. I thought I’d seen your face before somewhere and turns out I was right. “
Sole knew Piper was good at what she did but had no idea to which extent that could reach until that very moment. 
“ Blue… I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner but I figured you’d tell me when you were ready and turns out that you are now?”
Sole tried to focus on what they wanted to tell her, inhaling and exhaling. 
“ You want to try the shield?”
She raised one eyebrow. “If this is some sort of innuendo …” 
“It’s not.” Piper got up reluctantly and grabbed onto the shield. She managed to lift it but had to put in more effort than them. She inspected it from the back. “So this can stop anything huh?”
Sole nodded. “And I want you to have it in case anything happens to me. And the suit. And the name.” Piper put the shield back into their hands. 
“ I’m flattered but… I’m not that kinda person. More Lois Lane kinda girl ya know? I love my job, I can’t take this on as well. But… If something were to happen to you… I will guard it until someone who can remotely follow in your footsteps comes along.”

“ Oh, zhat is wonderful! Zhey made a soldier to help people! Zhey made you strong so your body would match your mind. Zhe wonders of science!”
” Yeah… I’m telling you this now for one reason though. You probably noticed it’s a dangerous world out there… and I’m not invulnerable or immortal. When I… can’t anymore… I want you to take on the shield, the name. I want you to continue the legacy.” Curie looked at the ground, eyebrows frowned like she did when some calculation didn’t turn out as expected. 
She inhaled before she started speaking. “ I have zhis one problem with zhat zugghestion.”
Sole wanted to bring up possible training in case she’d think she couldn’t handle the weight of the shield. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t be capable of transforming her into a super soldier artificially but that didn’t matter. She was a genius in her own way, as long as the shield wouldn’t be too heavy, she too could use her mind instead of brawn. “ What is it?”
“ You can’t ever save everyone, non? I’d just feel guilty… all zhe time. How do you make it stop?” 
Sole hadn’t expected that question.
“ You save who you can. If you don’t… many more are lost. But if you don’t try to save people, there’s no hope. People need hope.” 
She nodded. “Zhat zhey do. I accept zhe offer… but I do wish to learn from you what it means. “

Desdemona sized Sole up and tilted her head a little. “ You’re a crazy person… Or a liar or both.” Sole was slightly dissapointed that the expected answer turned out to be her actual reply to the revelation. 
“ Why do you think that? Haven’t I been trusthworthy so far?”
“ However I recognize the impact such a hero can have on moral, I highly doubt you are a comic book figure come to life.” Sole sighed.
“ I can prove it; have glory shoot at my shield with the most pack-a-punch weapon she has.” Desdemona immediately shook her head. “No. Did Deacon put you up to this?”
“ How else can I prove it?”
“ I refuse to use a great warrior and second-in-command due to this insane notion. I can’t take the risk.”
Sole decided to ask her to do a background check, and ask them anything about Captain America, as a means to show it was really them. 

“ Right. Good one! You’re gonna need more than one of Deacon’s costumes to convince me. I’ve been around him for a while longer than you and I know better.”
Sole sighed. “ I swear I am.”
“ Got an identity crisis on your hands it seems.”
“ You know, Glory, iI’d choose you to take over the shield from me if anything were to happen. I’d pick you first.” Glory barely even looked up.
“ Of course you would, I’m awesome.” 
“ And I AM Captain America.” 
“ Look, I ain’t gonna shatter your dreams. But no you’re not.”
“ Try to destroy the shield. Give it your best shot. “ That got her attention. “ I can do some weapon testing on that thing. And you think it’s gonna survive me?”
“ Yeah,, that’s the whole point.” Glory nodded. “Okay. I won’t pass up on that. And ya know what if this doesn’t turn out to be total bullshit I’ll take over. Then we’ve both been augmentented anyway I suppose.”

Scribe Haylen:
I can’t honestly say I’m surprised. To be honest it was getting slightly on my nerves that you casually managed to do anything I had to train for since I got here without even losing your breath. “ She winked and nudged sole. ” But I’ll be honest… Comics aren’t really part of the training regime so I only vaguely know who you are.“
Sole smiled before murmuring ‘I think I prefer that actually…’ Sole inhaled ” There’s a reason why I’m telling you this now though… It’s a dangerous world out there. Chaos, racial hatred on different levels… When you defended danse I knew that you have what it takes to make right decisions when it comes down to it. “
Haylen looked away, thinking about that time she had no clue if maxsons new favorite had killed her mentor "I protected a friend.”
Sole nodded “Even when he turned out to be what you were taught to hate.”
Haylen slitted her eyes “ What are you getting at here?”
“ I want you to take over if… Something happens.”
Haylen shook her head. “ I can’t do that. My training isn’t that of an agent in the field. It simply wouldn’t work. Not to mention…” She looked down “ It would be a constant reminder of your death. I couldn’t deal with that. I won’t.”


“ I must say this does explain all of those absences. So I presume that suit as no so-called ‘cosplay’ then?”
Sole grinned. “No, it wasn’t.”
“ Well of course, I believe you sir/mum. But I must ask, why didn’t you tell me about this before? Surely you know I would’ve gladly kept your secret.” Sole ran their hand through their hair. “ I didn’t know who to tell, I figured it would just put people I care about in danger.”
“ Oh, I understand. I used to keep data on what you told me, to better serve you, but that would entail a safety risk as any Mister Handy could potentially be hacked…  “
“ No, that’s not the reason. You’re people to me. You became part of my family.”  Codsworth smiled. “And now you’re continuing the good cause and saving the world. Even though your methods seem to have gotten a little bit more… unorthodox perhaps. Does there happen to be a reason as to why you decided to tell me this now? “ 
“ In the time you’ve spent with me in the wasteland… you’ve learnt a lot. You have gained some tactical insight. You’re a very fast learner. Codsworth, I am telling you this now because I want you to follow in my footsteps if anything were to happen. “
“ I don’t mean to dissapoint you but I’m afraid I cannot accept such an honour. Besides the fact that I am no warrior or hero… I do remember how lost I felt when I lost all of you. I tried to hold on to hope of seeing you, young Shaun and Sir/Mum again but this time I wouldn’t even be able to hold on to such hope. So… no. Sorry, I can’t.” 

“ I must admit that I’m not sure if I’m supposed to know who ‘Captain America’ is.”  Sole looked down at their feet. “Before your time I guess’ they murmered.
” I would like to know, however. Are you saying that you’re a genetically modified super soldier?”
“ Yes, I am.”
“ How many of you are there? Is this technology which could be used for the Brotherhood? It could prevent a lot of deaths if people would immediately get your enhanced … wait does this make you some sort of synth? ”
Sole shook their head. “ No, I’m the only one. As far as I know, anyway. I was… chosen. Based on intellect and morals more than strength. That was something they could give me. And I was born and grew up so I’m no synth, Danse. Although… that’s irrelevant right now.”
 Danse nodded. “ You’re right. I know you have quite an extensive skillset, and am glad to have introduced you to the Brotherhood. Together I’m certain you can make a difference.” 
Sole looked up. “ I want you to take up the mantle if anything ever … happened to me out there. Maybe even sooner. Due to my other responsibilities… taking up the shield has become harder. That’s why I want you to take over from me.” 
Danse looked puzzled. “But… you know what I am. I’m not even…”
” You were one of the best soldiers the Brotherhood had. You could inspire people to do good and save lives. I know you’ve got a lot of tactical insight, a lot of heart. You’re more human than most humans I know, Danse. I couldn’t think of a better person to take over.”
Danse flashed one of his rare smiles. “ In that case… I’ll do it. It would be my honor. Although the roles have changed now. You’ll need to teach me what it means to be a hero. Like I taught you how to be part of the Brotherhood.”
Sole smiled as they handed him the shield. “You’re already a hero to me.”

” Yeah, and I’m the princess. “
Sole burried their face in their hands. Of course he wouldn’t believe them.
Grunting, Sole managed to brings out “No Deacon I’m serious.”
Deacon merely responded with faking being insulted and proclaimed that he, too, was being serious he put on a crown. “ Can’t you see how amzing I look in a crown? Bow down to me Captain!” Usually Sole would enjoy this kind of typical Deacon behaviour but now they were trying really hard to remain serious, to have the kind of conversation nobody would believe. They walked up to Deacon, plucked the crown from his head -under heavy protest- and tossed it to the side. “Deacon. I am Captain America.”  
Deacon just started grinning “Ah, I taught ya well! Always believe what you’re selling and the rest will follow.” He winked. “ Not bad young grashopper, not bad at all. Where did you get that costume by the way? That thing’s quality work, really. Hard to find someone who can make ‘em this good anymore. Also, that shield actually looks somewhat decent. “ As he was inspecting the dents from agent Carter’s shots, Deacon started having a moment of realisation. Sole hoped he was a closeted Captain America fan and that this might make him believe them but…
“ Did you put so much detail in this to make me proud? You know, I never took ya for being the sentimental one.”
“ I. Am. Captain. America.” 
“ It’s okay, you can drop the act. Done pretty well though.” Sole felt like they had hit a wall. Wonderful. As Sole dropped to the floor Deacon got concerned and sat down next to them. “Hey, what’s up? Said you did good. I mean, obviously, you cannot outcon the master but …” Sole looked at him, completely unamused. “ Holy shit, you’re serious.”
“ Yeah, I am. And I wanted to tell you to take over, to become the new Captain America, if anything were to happen to me. But it looks like you can barely believe me as is.”
Deacon made a face. “Actually… as you might’ve noticed I’m not that interested in being ‘one’ person alone. I like to switch around, make people forget who I am. Also the whole ‘saving the world’ thing… that’s more her kinda thing.” He pointed at Desdemona. 
“ Why? It’s a good story, Princess by day, superhero by night.”
“ How ‘bout I stay the princess and you stay the superhero?”
“ Fair enough.”

Hancock just started to laugh. “Okay, you got me. i hadn’t heard that one before! “ He dropped himself in a couch and put his feet on the table while pointing at them. “ I do know a comic hero story when I hear it. Tell me, why Captain America though? “
” I’m not joking. Think about it… stuck in cryo, known affiliation with the military…”  He sat up straight, intruiged. 
” Still, you’re not gonna tell me that the entirety of the Brotherhood of Steel is built out of misguided ‘ Capain America’s are ya?”
” No. Just me unless they’ve managed to find a way to recover what it took to turn me like this. Then… who knows. “ 
Hancock stood up, grabbed a shotgun and shot the shield at close quarters. He barely managed to dodge the bullet coming right back at him and drilling a hole in the ceiling.
” Slightly more convinced now… How do I know you didn’t just pick a new identity? I sure did. I wasn’t born as John Hancock. You already know my story. The clothes of this man alone inspired me to raise a militia, to bring down the corrupt previous major. What’s yours?”
” You got a couple of hours? ” Sole grimaced. Not all fond memories. Images of Bucky came flashing by for one.
“ ‘kay, I wanna see you in the star-spangled suit. Entertain me.” 
Sole raised one eyebrow at him. “ You just wanna see me change.” 
” Such self-confidence! I like that about you. Nah, I wanna see if you have that. I’ll believe you when I see it.” Sole walked off and put on the suit. 
” Wow, not bad. So what did you say happened? You got genetically modified to to look as damn good as you do?” Sole smiled. “ To be a supersoldier, more like.” 
He looked at his hand. “Well, looks like you got lucky with your change from just human to ‘somethin’ else. You sure kept well.” 
” Funny for you to say that… I’m saying this now because I want to act as the Captain again. Save people, give them something to believe in.”
” You gave me something brand new to believe in.”
” Yeah? Well you showed me there are good men left in goodneighbour. Bit rough around the edges maybe… Hancock. I wanted to ask you to take over in case something happens to me out there.”
Hancock clenched his jaw, thinking of that possibility. “ Why?” 
” You’re a lot like me, but more of a natural leader. “
” We both just know a little about a lot of things. Just enough to make us dangerous. “ 
” So… what do you say?”
” Sure, why the hell not. But only ‘cause you’ll eventually get too old to run around like ya do. And at that age, I’ll do what you need me to. I’ll be who you want. But I won’t allow you to get hurt so it won’t be ‘cause something happened, gorgeous.”


MacCready had read a couple of Captain America comics. His jaw dropped when he realised he appearantly had been befriending a living legend. Given, their actions up to that point were nothing short but heroic but nevertheless he did not see this one coming. “ You don’t look like the guy from the comics exactly?” Sole grinned “ They never could get my nose right.” MacCready shook his head. “Oh I get this, you’re messing me with right? Nice try.”
Sole sighed and showed him the shield he had hidden in his home. 
“ Woah .. is… is this is for real?” 
Sole nodded. “And I want you to take up my shield if anything were to happen to me.”  MacCready shook his head. “I can’t do that. I’m no superhero. I was a bad guy.”
Sole put a hand on MacCready’s arm. “ You’re trying to help people now. You said you wanted to make amends for the bad things you’ve done. This is a pretty good way to do that.”
“I don’t have the, ahum, body for it.”
“ You have the eye and the heart for it. I know you could do it. I started off scrawny as well.” MacCready touched the shield and looked up at Sole. “Well, I’ll just have to keep covering your ass so I’ll never have to.”

Maxson looked utterly unimpressed as he let his hand graze the shield.
“ I will believe you as I have no reason to distrust my own Sentinel… however you must understand this is a rather unlikely story.” His eyes drilled into those of Sole, stripping them down to the soul as usual. He seemed to attempt to intimidate them into the truth. “ I do. But it is the truth nonetheless.”
Maxson looked up and sighed as if this was yet another inconvenience that asked for his attention. “ Why did you choose to tell me this now?”
“ Because I need two things from you. Firstly, I want to improve the Brotherhood’s reputation by alligning this to the Brotherhood. “
Maxson rubbed his temples and closed his eyes. “ This is no longer the kind of world you knew. I was convinced you were aware of this. There are plenty of madmen and fools dressing up to either trick people into believing them or trick themself into the belief that they are relevant. Don’t forget that this place is built on bad blood. They may not accept you.”
Sole got up. “ They will when I start to save lives. If it makes you feel better I will gladly wait until people respect me again before I link me to the Brotherhood.”
Maxson nodded. “ Fine. I can agree to those terms. We could use some positive publicity. You mention a second ‘thing’?”
Sole inhaled deeply. “ As you know this is a survival of the fittest kind of place nowadays. Someday I might not be the fittest. Something might… happen to me.” 
 Maxson clenched his jaw as he nearly growled “Nothing will happen to you. I won’t let it.” Sole simply ignored the statement.
“ When it does, I want you to take over from me. To protect my legacy as I would yours.”  Maxson seemed hesitant. 
“ As I said, this place is built on bad blood. It doesn’t fit who I’m supposed to be. I’d rather keep your memory alive as a hero than pretend you’re not gone. I am very well aware of the fact that this remains a constant war, and that nobody is irreplacable. But you’re different.” 
“ Different how?” Maxson put down the shield and left. 
“ Different how?! .” Sole yelled again, but he kept his determined tred and headed towards his office.  

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Nick Valentine:
“ So you are, huh. Got a lot of secrets don’t cha?”
Sole smiled at their feet.  “ Pretty sure that was the biggest one to be honest.” Nick abadoned the papers he was leafing through for yet another bit of detective work to sit next to them. “Do you ever get tired of carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders like that all the time?”
“ I dunno Nick, you tell me. Do you? “
He smiled, yellow eyes revealing that he understood what they meant by that. if anyone knew what it was like to be the person everyone came to with their problems, it’d be him. But he didn’t mind it. “ Touché.”
After they sat in silence for a little while he said “ There’s somethin’ else you want to tell me, isn’t there?”
“ Well… tell isn’t the right word for it. Ask would be better.”
“ Okay, spit it out already. “
“ I want you to take over from me when I’m no longer around. It’s a dangerous world out there and I still stand behind the Captain America initiative.”
Nick inspected the suit. “ Pretty sure I won’t fit into the required outfit, kid. What do you expect me to do? Paint myself in the correct colours?”
Sole smiled. “ Just… take the shield and do what you can to help people. Kind of like now but a bit more action-packed.”
“ You know that my line of work can be quite action packed. But I prefer to do things my way. Tell ya what though, when that time comes around I’ll look for a young, idealistic wanderer such as yourself to take over the shield. That an idea?”
Sole smiled a little. “Guess it’s the best deal I’m gonna get.” 

Preston grabbed the shield. “ You are…” Sole nodded as he dropped himself down in a chair. “ Intense.” 
Sole let out a sigh of relief. “Does that mean you believe me?”
“ Well… yeah. Why shouldn’t I? You’ve saved my life, defended our people. I have no reason not to believe you. That being said, I’ve always heard those stories used to be real. Hoped they were. It’s hard to believe we got so lucky as to having Captain America as our boss.” 
Sole smiled. “ That means a lot to me Preston.” 
“ I’m gonna need a minute to process all that though. Damn. “
“ I’m gonna need a minute from you first Preston. I’m telling you all this now because… well I want to make sure there’s someone to look after the commonwealth after I’m gone. Take over my duties as Captain America. And … well I had you in mind.” 
“ What? Man, good thing I’m sitting down. I’m not as good as you. You know that. Also, what do you mean with ‘after I’m gone’?” 
Sole threw up their hands “ ‘c mon Preston… we both know this world isn’t the safest place. Sometimes things get bad. I want to know someone’s there to take over in case … “
“ I got it. I’m pretty damn sure I won’t be anywhere near as good as you but yeah. Of course I will. Hell, those stories of you inspired me to help people to whichever way I could as a kid.” 

“ Well I guess we could always use some heroic figures for kids to look up to. Maybe get ‘em to wanna be like us when they get older. I thought you started being a force of good when you joined us but man, it’s been your entire life huh?”
Sole looked at him. “ I just can’t really walk away from people who need my help. The commonwealth has so much misery… I like to make a difference in whichever slight way I can.” 
Sturges smiled. “Yeah… I get what you mean. Sometimes I regret just being the resident greasemonkey but hey, you and Preston ensured me my work is important. And I did manage to fix a lot of problems ‘round here. “
“It is… but about that being tempted thing. I’m kinda looking for someone to take over from me in case something ever really goes south out there.” 
Sturges shrugs. “I guess Preston ‘d make a good fit.” 
“ I was thinking of you, actually.” 
Sturges eyes widened; “ You’re joking right? I’m not fit to be out there in the field, I like tinkering around with stuff. I’m no leader or loner. So I’m plattered but… yOu should get someone else. Literally anyone else.”

X6 looked at sole like they had officially lost their mind. “ If your superheroes were powerful enough to make a difference we would not be standing in a wasteland”.
“ But they can make a difference. I’m proud of every life I saved. And to be honest the institute could use some positive publicity for once. With all of the people you’ve replaced and impersonated. You could take up the shield with me. Show that synths are not just out there to replace their own.” X6 shook his head.
“ I’m not interested in being a hero. Quite frankly I am convinced this world’s only chance of survival lays within controlling some of it’s people rather than saving them from their self-caused misery. The strongest will remain and allow the institute to rebuild what their warmongering forefathers brought to ruin. We both simply have more important duties." 

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So now that Hero Hype has been here for 2 years with 100+ chapters, I think now is an appropriate time to ask this question... What are your top 10 (or 5, whichever you like) favorite fights so far in the story? I constantly see people talk about their favorite characters, which is nice and all, but I'm interested in knowing about fights, too, since there's quite bit that are worth gushing about!

I read your ask like two hours ago and at first I thought to myself, “Oh that’s a neat question, something different! I’ll only do 5 fave fights then since I remember my favorite ones”, but I’ve been switching around number placements and remembering other fights that were amazing and they’re all so damn awesome and long, story short: choosing has been the most difficult thing ever haha! But after a good while of pondering and flipping through the manga to refresh my memory and how I felt when first reading each fight, I think I finally got a list of my top 7 favorite BNHA fights.

(Manga spoilers and loooong discussions under read more)

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