I hate being around cute girls because I’m so gay and I just wanna grab them by their cute faces and kiss them but you just cant do that to any girl and all the cute girls I’m around are never gay too

I’ve been reading a lot about self-pubbing books and I’m starting to feel better about it. If I accept that I won’t be making a ton of money – maybe just enough to help pay off some student loans – then I might be able to go ahead with this. It’s the kind of hobby you can take at your own pace, so long as you keep going. I’ve got to wrangle up my thoughts and see if I can’t get a book or two e-pubbed. 

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People shipping A and red coat and dont even know who they are or if they are related are people seriously shipping them or is it just them working together?i dont ship crazy but hey

lol i think its more of like amazed with these two evil people working together

like seeing them two together was awesome and unexpected. 

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Your apartment living CC list... where did you find the granite counter tops in your kitchen? I don't see it listed. Beautiful work, by the way!

Hi. Thank you :)
I think its this one HERE. There is no link in description so its hard to find out where they are from. I like THIS recolor too.
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2 hours, 37 minutes, 21 seconds

That is the length of the first season of Carmilla, the Christmas special included.

37 episodes, and it totals up to the length of a long film.

As a web series, instead of a television show actual, Carmilla has several other characteristics in common with movies, almost making it a hybrid of sorts. There’s one main writer, with a story editor, instead of a writer’s room doling out scripts like a creative writing Santa. Every last inch of dialogue was finished before filming; every last bit of filming has been finished, and no amount of fan feedback changes what will be aired.

Jordan and Ellen, as well as the entire crew, have done a fantastic job of trying to make each episode its own thing. Seriously, hats off. But there’s only so much you can pack into a four-minute episode. The transmedia is a huge help, but even with the assist, the show cannot stand on the strength of an entire episode. The series as a whole is a holistic experience.

Carmilla is much, much more like a movie.

Speaking of movies, you know that one person you go see the latest blockbuster ( or maybe it’s thriller season), and at every single dramatic turn, they gasp and turn to you. “I can’t BELIEVE that character did that! Why do you think they did that?!?!?!” Maybe you blink for a few seconds, murmur that the character is an asshole, and grab a handful of popcorn as you turn back to the screen. Two minutes later, “Ugh, I hate them! Don’t you hate them?! Why is this happening?!?!?!” You’d really like to stare at them for a few minutes, because honestly, but really you just turn back to the screen because that’s what you’re trying to find out.

Now back to Carmilla. The show does air in episodic form, so clearly there are designated breaks and discussion is encouraged. Even critique, so long as it’s not nasty.


Getting up in arms that characters are being abusive, that they’re out of character, that the plot is boring, that you’re only watching because of fanservice, is the equivalent of being that person. That person who doesn’t understand that you’re watching a film to find out the creative choices. To find out what happens. 

Don’t be that person.


here is a bit of a merthur sketchdump because i have come across a scanner and i didn’t want this opportunity to go to waste (lol); anyways here are the better few of the many, many merthur sketches i have in my sketchbook

- the first one is inspired by ingberry’s fic “when you’re not watching”

- the one with aithusa was drawn with the idea that arthur would get jealous of all the attention merlin would give her and pout ‘till merlin snuggled him too hehe

  • Aziraphale:oh my darling love did it hurt?
  • Crowley:did what hurt?
  • Aziraphale:when you fell from heaven?
  • Crowley:YES IT DID OH MY G--S--INEFFABILITY LIKE OKAY IT WAS MOSTLY SAUNTERING DOWN BUT I HAVE THIS CRICK IN MY BACK THAT I. JUST. CANT. FIX--Aziraphale? Azi where you going? Did I. Did I do bad--what do you mean not appreciating pick up lines--? Aziraphale we're married.