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Would it be offensive if I bought a "life is not a white privilege" shirt? I'm white

No, not at all. I wanted to create a shirt for everyone to wear. I think its extremely important for white people to be visible with their work & support.

[goes on vacation] [follows friends to work and works on coding project i haven’t touched since november]



Album Art Wallpapers: Muse

Panic! at the Disco version

Fall Out Boy version

My Chemical Romance version

twenty one pilots version

Pierce The Veil version

Sleeping With Sirens version

Of Mice & Men version

All Time Low version

Bring Me The Horizon version

Please feel free to use these ^-^


It’s either embarrassing or hilarious, and I choose the latter

shut up Ned, with your naming sense you’d probably name it ‘New Holland’


Take a moment. Think of an artist. One here on tumblr or DA. Send them a fan mail. Tell them that you think they are really hard workers. Tell them how much they’ve accomplished. Tell them something you think is really special about their work. 

Tell them they have been true inspiration and a drive. Let them know that you see that they’ve been extremely productive, even if they don’t have much to show for it, because artists are CONSTANTLY working on improving.