Talks Machina Highlights (Episodes 92 & 93)
  • Denise message: “With every breath the world takes my power increases.”
  • Asked which of her episodes was the most intense, Noelle: “Well, the first one, I was on the edge of my seat a lot wondering when they were gonna stop shopping…”
  • Everyone admits that episode 93 should’ve been the most intense episode yet, but they were all so ignorant of the potential consequences that it didn’t really sink in until afterwards.
  • Noelle talks about a really fun D&D campaign she had where everybody played teenagers in high school (she was a tiefling warlock). She wanted something different than the high-charisma, low-strength build she’d had there, so when Matt suggested the blood hunter class, she was 100% on board. “I like my D&D characters extra.”
  • Sam agrees with a question-asker that Taryon is mostly just emulating what he thinks brave people ought to do; it remains to be seen whether or not he’s actually brave.
  • Liam as a player was freaking out over how close the campaign came to ending, but in-character, Vax is pretty convinced they’re all destined to get to the end of the road at this point and that there’s a bigger plan in play.
  • Travis and Sam both expected the Nine Hells to be worse than they were. Sam: “I think you build up hell in your mind…”
  • Tova would totally have turned Grog into a werebear if he’d asked.
  • A question-asker points out that Trinket wound up lasting years longer than Doty. Sam: “…yes, there’s something inherently wrong with that. […] You know what? Matt’s game is broken.” Brian: “Doty vs. Trinket: The end of Critical Role.” (Laura immediately tweets in outrage.)
  • Someone asks if Vax was disappointed that he didn’t get the killing blow on Hotis, and Liam points out that the only kill that had any emotional meaning for Vax personally was Thordak–other than that, it’s all about the team.
  • At one point, Tova was down to 15 HP. Travis: “We’re not very good at tracking how low everybody gets.” Noelle: “…no. No, you’re not.”
  • Sam, summing up an extended D&D legal discussion: “I’m not sure that contract would’ve been legal in the state of California.”
  • Losing Doty hasn’t sunk in yet for Taryon. “Doty is a big brother, a mom, a little brother…”
  • New episode of All Work No Play (Sam and Liam’s podcast) is going up tomorrow! Sam: “It’s really not our best episode.” Liam: “That’s ludicrous, it’s the best.”
  • Tova’s friends all had names and a bit of connection pre-built with Tova’s backstory.
  • Vax thinks Tary has potential but lacks confidence. Grog, in the middle of the fight, kept seeing him huddled in a ball casting Sanctuary and thinking “…fucking Tary.” 
  • Travis: “Especially now that you don’t have a nanny anymore, Grog’s gonna have to step in and take that role.” Sam: “Honestly, I’m not even sure Taryon can put on his own armor.”
  • Noelle felt like it was a necessary character choice for Tova to stay behind, and also thinks that she’s so driven that a lot of hell’s torture wouldn’t really sink in as long as she still had a sense of duty and purpose. The biggest thing that would be an impediment to her survival would be finding out that her friends had been killed. Wanting to return Vax’s ring would also be a driving force that could keep her going.
  • Vax worked for the Clasp for a while and got into the attitude of doing jobs without fully understanding why, so he’s not too worried about tracking down the anonymous person who requested the rakshasa parts at the Slayer’s Take–as far as he’s concerned, it’s over.
  • Everyone talks about how right up-his-alley the contract is for Percy. Brian: “If Taliesin summoned an army of the damned in real life, that would be the least surprising thing Taliesin has ever done.”
  • Liam: “The lawyer on the other side might argue that [Doty] is less of a party member and more of a Zune.” Sam: “Shut your mouth! He is not a Zune. He’s a Palm Pilot or better.”
  • Noelle: “I think things went pretty well. I killed a pit fiend, I turned into an invisible bear, I airplaned Vax around.” Brian: “You pushed Keyleth out a window.” Noelle: “I did do that.”
  • Sam on Doty: “I’m unreasonably attached to that robot, he’s pretty great. He’s a cutie.”
  • Travis suggests that Grog could take over writing Tary’s exploits, since he knows two letters now.
  • Liam has no expectations for what’s going to happen in the next episode. No idea what’s gonna happen. Sam points out that there aren’t a lot of loose ends anymore.
  • Travis: “I kept asking how my stomach was feeling, to Matt, as one does in a D&D game. If I shit an imp, we’ll know.”

Talks Machine in the Dark:

  • Travis mentions the K’varn fight as the first time he really felt like things were getting terribly out-of-hand. Liam and Sam both mention getting stuck inside the dragon.
  • Noelle, as a writer, likes the narrative ambiguity of Schrodinger’s Tova and thought that, either way, it was a cool way to go out.
  • My new favorite question: “Does Grog know Minxie is Keyleth?” Travis has to answer that, unfortunately, Grog is fully aware that they’re the same because he was the one who named her back in the home game.
  • Liam thinks the only option if Keyleth had failed that roll would be for Percy to invoke the contract. Travis also brings up the Deck.
  • Noelle tells amazing stories about the graphic novel bible she had growing up. “I’m pretty sure Jezebel isn’t supposed to be your favorite character in the bible, but she had amazing eyeshadow…”
  • Liam tells Travis that next campaign, they’re gonna have to be the note-takers to pay Marisha back for this one. Travis: “I’m gonna have to learn how to write.”
  • Vax will finally stop wearing the armor all the time now that Hotis is out of the picture. “Don’t need to worry about Mercer shanking me in my most intimate moments.”

loadingcutepeople  asked:

Can you tell us more about Jinwey and Kitzom? Because they are both tol, smol and beautiful

Jinwey my smol son

species design inspired by the jumping spider. average size of an adult of the species is 80-100cm. Jinweys kind have shorter life spans than Alteans. Jinwey is the oldest in maturity in the Voltron squad. He’s got like a dozen grand kids (cute grubs they are, Coran has babysat them a couple of times).

Kind and Honest that can be very blunt (his whole species are a honest bunch. like they can lie, but don’t see the point. this is probably because their ancestors used to be a hive mind based species. i came up with a whole history of that and i’m just like //weeps//).

Being the smollest in the gang, he starts liking being picked up and carried around. there’s just something pleasant about it. Is an inventor, makes all kind of junk. 

His species head butt in greetings with friends and family and they do this yelling screeching when they are happy >:3c

Jinwey is the strongest in the squad

this is result of the incredible strong gravity on his planet.

he can lift the whole squad if he wanted to

plus his lion (yellow lion also likes to be carried)

Kitzom, my bootiful toll fish son. Though only the 2nd tallest in the squad (Vaamal beats all there)

From a planet where the water is like in zero gravity mode, so literally floating oceans (i need to draw it). He’s the small type of his species, which are colourful with variation patterns, where the bigger types don’t have as complex colours and patterns (so imagine like birds of paradise, where the pretty males gotta attract the ladies with their style).

Coran nominates Kitzom as the Blue Lions substitute pilot and later on takes the position full time when Coran retires.

Kitzom is an expertise in the medical field and is hella flamboyant. Loves to help peeps up in fashion department and style his (well its fins not hair) and others hairs (he’s the one who was able to finally tame Coran’s hair in his youth. man i got a comic about it that need to be finished :)))))).

Extremely loyal and man i just love my bootiful toll fish alien son.


They’ll Be Calling You a Radical

So @gryffindorkwinchester and @endgame-sterek were talking about protester!Derek trying to save the wolves, and my little biologist heart couldn’t resist, so I wrote a little something. I have no idea how local government works, so just pretend with me, please. While we’re at it, let’s also pretend wolves still live in northern California. 

(On AO3)

“Hey, son,” his dad says when he picks up. “I’m going to be home a little late, I’m still at the station right now.”

Stiles hesitates, gripping the door handle of the jeep. “Why? What’s going on?”

“There’s some protest going on in the town square, I’m about to head over,” his dad says.

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Jackson Imagine - Baby

A/N - A nice little Jackson imagine for you all today. I had my first of 9 exams this morning and I think it actually went pretty well! Keep on sending in any requests you have~

Hi I’m note sure if you’ve written something similar already but can you please write a scenario about Jackson and his girlfriend when they’re expecting? And how he’d take care of his pregnant gf? <3

“Are you okay, love? Do you need me to get you anything?”
“I’m fine, Jackson. Nothing’s changed since you last asked me 10 minutes ago.” 
“Okay, just checking.” Jackson had been so protective over you ever since the two of you found out that you were pregnant. It was endearing to see how much he cared but sometimes he did go a little overboard. Towards the beginning of the pregnancy when you still had morning sickness, it had been nice to have Jackson be so caring and protective over you but now the pregnancy was a few months in, the morning sickness had gone and you were happy to just go about your day as usual. Jackson, however, was still in the protective phase, especially since your bump had grown a bit and he could actually see the signs that his little baby was in there. He was always willing to cook food for you or go out and buy something you were craving that you didn’t have at home. He would also get very clingy and would love to cuddle you and rest his head on your belly, something that you knew you wouldn’t grow tired of, even if he did worry too much about you.

Feeling hungry for some instant ramen, you moved to get up from the sofa, only to have Jackson shout, “No! Want do you need? Let me get it for you.”
“Jackson, I can do it myself.”
“No, you just rest up and I’ll do it.”
“Jackson, please. I’m only a few months pregnant, I am perfectly capable of standing up and walking into the kitchen.”
“Sorry, (Y/N). I know you’re capable, I just worry about you and the baby, y’know?”
“I know, love. But you don’t need to worry about us, we’re both doing perfectly fine. Why wouldn’t we when you’re around?” You asked, giggling as you put your arms around Jackson’s neck.
“You’re too good, putting up with me,” Jackson said as he gently placed his hands on your waist, his thumbs brushing your little bump. 
“Not got much of a choice have I? Especially after you got me knocked up,” you teased, giving Jackson a quick kiss so he knew you weren’t serious. He laughed at your comment and let you go into the kitchen to get yourself some food, keeping close by out of habit.

As Jackson watched you cooking the ramen, he noticed how the light illuminated your face and couldn’t help but fall in love over again. The way your hair fell in front of your face, the way your belly was growing, the way you got so caught up in cooking that you hadn’t noticed the smile he had on his face. Taking advantage of your concentration, Jackson quietly walked up behind you and wrapped his arms around your stomach, gently resting them on your belly, his chin sitting on your shoulder. He kissed your cheek as he hugged you close, making you smile with his affectionate mood.
“Hey, (Y/N), guess what.”
“You look beautiful, and I love you. I love seeing our little baby growing in there. I just loved everything about you.”
“I love you too, Jackson. But what’s got you so emotional?”
“Just, the fact that in a few months time, our gorgeous baby will be in the world with us. It reminds me of how special you are to me. We’ve created a little fusion of the two of us.”
“It is pretty amazing to think about. And I wouldn’t want that with anyone else but you.”
“Good, because I don’t plan on letting you leave anytime soon.”


Pairing: BTS Jimin X Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1585

A/N thanks for the request! Sorry it took a while, exams are coming up scarily fast and I’m trying to make revision my priority lol (it still won’t happen)


Your heels clatter untidily along the concrete ground as you do a half-jog up to the modern building. You were supposed to meet the team almost half an hour ago to prepare for the star’s – Jimin’s – photoshoot but had ended up at the wrong location. Dragging your suitcase full of makeup behind you, you stop at the glass doors of the modern building.

Jimin’s fussy, he only allows you to do his makeup for photoshoots and music videos because he believes “just no one else could do it right”. Being late meant the director will try to find another makeup artist and Jimin would be refusing like a frilly child. Which means chaos.

You impatiently try to scan your guest card on the sensor but it just flashes red at you and retorts with an angry beep. You peer through the glass and knock irritably at the door.

A young woman looks up from her desk and annoyingly slowly makes her way to the door to buzz you in.

“Can I help?” she asks.

“Uh, yes. I’m Y/N, here as Park Jimin’s makeup artist for the photo shoot.” The woman’s eyes flash.

“The photo shoot is due to start any minute.”

“Yes, I’m aware of that. So where can I find the dressing room?” you press.

The lady guides you up the lift and down endless corridors until she shows you the door of the dressing room. You burst through the door, flustered and embarrassed. In front of the mirror sits Jimin, his head tilted up towards another young woman who was speaking softly to him. Their eyes look connected, locked, while she bites her lip in concentration.

Any sense of serenity is disrupted as Jimin’s head jerks towards you in the doorway.

“Ah! Jimin!” the young woman exclaims, a streak of dusky orange eyeshadow now adorning Jimin’s right cheek.

“Y/N!” Jimin calls. “You’re here.” You’re about to reply when a plump manager pokes his head through the doorway.

“Can we hurry things up a bit here? We’re meant to start right now.” He turns to acknowledge you standing next to your case of makeup. “Ah. You’re here. It’s very unprofessional to be this late,” he says, looking down at his watch. “If it weren’t for Jimin being so obsessed with you doing his makeup, last week would be the last time I hired you.” The manager narrows his eyes at you.

“I understand – I’m sorry,” you say, bowing your head in apology. “It won’t happen again.”

“I’m sure she has a reason for being late,” Jimin pipes up, although the manager had already left. His eyes meet yours while the makeup artist then leaves another accidental streak of eyeliner under his eye.

“Jimin! You weren’t supposed to open your eyes!” she whines. “You know what, Y/N can do this since it’s so blatantly obvious of her envy. God, they’re right, stars are impossible to work with,” she snaps and slams the eyeliner back on the dressing table, before whirling away and following the manager’s exit.

You stand with your arms crossed and stare at Jimin. “I thought you only let me do your makeup,” you say. You knew it was petty, but you couldn’t help feeling threatened by the other good-looking makeup artist.

“Y/N,” Jimin sighs. “You were late. What happened anyway?” he asks. You make your way over to him.

“Um… I ended up at the wrong building,” you murmur, embarrassed. Jimin laughs.

“Okay well, I’m supposed to be getting photos of me done right now… So, could you do my makeup please? Pretty please?” He brings his two slender hands under his chin to form a V-shape and blinks his big eyes up at you.

“Just so I don’t lose my job,” you huff, giving in and crossing the room to retrieve your makeup suitcase. After a few more warnings from Jimin’s manager, and completely re-doing Jimin’s face, you’re finally finished. “There. Done.” You stand back and marvel at the makeup look you’d done on him.

“Right!” The manager hurries Jimin from behind and whisks him out the room.

As you usually do, you watch the photoshoot take place, sitting on a bench at the side of the room. The room is painted plain white, and Jimin looks up sultrily to the camera. He steals a few glances towards you, causing you to blush and look away.

“Eyes at the camera please, Jimin!” the cameraman says. You can’t help but study his features. His structured cheekbones that you had enhanced ever so slightly, his tousled light pinkish hair, his dark eyes. Somewhere inside you, you’d been aware of your attraction to him that had seemed to be growing over time. You’d ignored it and tossed the thought away, thinking a star like Jimin would never go for a silly makeup artist. But encountering that other makeup artist had surely made you jealous. You groan internally at yourself.

They decide to take a break and Jimin makes his way over to the table of snacks. You watch him slink over and then begin to make his way over towards you. He crouches down in front of you.

“How do you think it’s going?” he asks, popping some fruit in his mouth.

“Fine,” you state.

“Do I look alright?” He grins.

“Of course you do. More than alright.” You avert your eyes from him and allow them to dance over your surroundings. Jimin’s grin only extends.

“That’s because you did my makeup. And it’s why I only like you doing it for me.” You keep your eyes away from him until he cocks his head into your view so there’s nowhere else to look but his soft, dark eyes.

“Whatever,” you sigh, attempting to look away but Jimin’s hand comes up to your chin and holds you firmly in place. Your eyes widen in shock.

“Why do you have to do this to me?” he whispers. “Even when you’re annoyed at me I can’t help feeling so attracted to you.” He smirks. You’re too shocked to even string a normal sentence together.

“I- I…” you stutter. Jimin leans in and presses his lips against yours.  He tastes strangely of peaches, and smells of peppermint. You gasp into the kiss but begin to move your lips against his. At first, your hands throw out to wildly grip onto the bench you’re sitting on for support, until they snake their way to tangle in his hair. He moves his hand from your chin to cup your cheek instead. As the two of your lips move together rhythmically, you forget that you’re not the only two people in the room. At sudden realisation that people are probably staring, your cheeks flush a dangerous red and you gently push Jimin away.

“Jimin!” you hiss, but the hope in your eyes probably gave your excitement away completely. Jimin smiles.


“Right, if you’ve got time for that, we should get back to the photos!” Someone from the team exclaims and you only blush more. Jimin pushes up from his knees and begins backing away from you.

“Can we stop being petty now? And maybe admit how we both really feel?” He spins away from you before you can reply, your lips still parted.

Before returning to pose for the photos, two girls run in and adjust his hair after you’d made a mess of it. You can’t help the small feeling of excited flames dancing in the pit of your stomach when you watch him. This time he doesn’t give you any attention and focuses his full attention on the camera. You’re aware he knows he’s secretly torturing you.

Finally, it finishes and the team are left to begin packing away the equipment. Feeling slightly nervous for your next interaction with Jimin, you silently make your way back to the dressing room where you begin tidying away your own products. You’re unsure how you feel, surely this is what you wanted?

Jimin opens the door.

“There you are.” You don’t reply and keep your back facing him, keeping yourself busy. “I think that shoot went pretty well, don’t you? The break was particularly successful.” He continues behind you. “Y/N?” He comes up from behind you, placing a hand on both your arms. You jump slightly.

“Yeah?” you ask, turning in his grasp.

“Are… You alright?” he asks, dangerously close to you.

“I just… I feel…”

“Hey, if what I did earlier isn’t what you wanted… That’s fine, you can just say.” Jimin smiles encouragingly.

“It is, of course it is. That’s what I’m worried about. I certainly like you Jimin… But what would make you go for me, just a makeup artist?” you ask, bravely staring straight into his irises.

“Y/N… Your job is regardless to me. What’s wrong with being a makeup artist anyway? I like you and that’s that.” He squeezes your arms gently.

“But… There’s girls out there far more appealing than me… Singers, for example.” Jimin sighs.

“Y/N, you always doubt yourself. I hate it. Listen, I like you, a lot, and I’d love to be able to take you out to dinner one night. What do you say?” You smile at him, confidence rising in you. Instead of replying, you tip his chin down to you and press your lips against his. Surely that would substitute as an I would love to?


{ March 28th 2017 } - 9/100 Days of Productivity!

I had a C1 mock exam today, and I think it went pretty well! To celebrate, I bought Strange The Dreamer by Laini Taylor and I can’t wait to get started with it ^_^ I also have my C2 mock tomorrow, so I decided to go over the proofs one last time because they’re the ones that I’m stuck on the most. 

Wish me luck!

It was my last counselling session today. I think it went pretty well. No tears, but still exhausting. My mood is pretty good, at least it has been the last few days, the weather being warm and sunny has helped a lot.

My therapist gave me a lot of info about what happens next. What options I have for continuing therapy somewhere else. The NHS likes a three month gap so I can start the process over again at any time that I feel the need to talk through things. I have a safety net to fall back on if I need it.

I’m getting there, where there is I’m never really sure, but I’m better than I have been for a number of years. It’s recovery and it’s not a quick thing, it’s slow with a lot of back and forth along the way.

I need to work on the language of my internal monologue. Prune out the shoulds and the tries.

Me: So the Yoda thing.
My Therapist: ???
Me: Do or do not, there is no try.
My therapist: …
Me: …

He gave me a lot to think about. Some exercises to do, writing and mindfulness etc. I showed him the BoosterBuddy app on my phone and explained that it’s a good little app to help you get through the day and do little bits of self care along the way.

I’m tired now, I’m always tired, but I’ve gotten through the day and not been fighting too much with my own brain. It’s all that I can ask for. I’ll write more tomorrow, but for now it’s time to curl up and try to sleep.

Mini-lyricstuck Splickedy and I thought of today!

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