An 8.5x11 poster I was going to print off and hang up on my wall.  I decided to go with something else, but I think this came out decently in the end though.  Feel free to use/print this off if you like… might also make a dandy cellphone / iPhone / etc. wallpaper, too.

(If anyone needs that transparent Spyro image I used here, let me know and I’ll post it.)

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I want to punch any and all men who "love lesbians" and most likely "love bi women" because he think bi =3some.

ugh tell me about it. I came out as bi to my mostly cishet dude coworkers (there was a gay joke opportunity ok, can you blame me) and I kinda really regret it because all I got were a bunch of comments like 

“mm I’m bisexual too! I love TWO women all over me!” (I WILL MURDER YOU)

and ‘your boyfriend must love that!!1!” (he doesn’t give a fuck because he’s a decent human being!)

and “so have you ever fucked a woman?????” (WHY WOULD I EVER TELL YOU IF I DID)

and oh my god it makes me wanna slap em all across the head with a skillet. 

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Is it better to talk to a therapist before going on T? I found a doctor who doesn't require a letter or anything before giving T but I honestly have no idea how to start transitioning and I can't seem to find a decent therapist in my area.

Hey anon,

I think therapy is a total personal preference. When I first came out, the first time, I wanted to see a therapist. Not because I needed someone to talk to but because I knew insurance would need a therapist letter for things like surgery and hormones (most cases). If you found a place that will put you on T with no hassle, that’s awesome! I would suggest therapy, just to have someone to talk to completely openly about any sort of concerns or struggles you’re going through!

Completely up to you!


So I just finished watching the thriller that Alycia Debnam Carey was in and did y’all realise the guy who played Finn is in it as well? 

Me: ‘oh, what a funny coincidence, both of Clarke’s love interests in the same movie’

Me *after realising they are probably each others love interests*: ‘ohhh. Nope. Nope, this is weird’

(spoilers below the cut)

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A little concerned about SNC, and hoping he will come back in for some food soon. I haven’t seen him for hours, since before we went out shopping.

He got upset enough with the disruption that he spent most of the day outside. I wasn’t awake yet when the plumbers started ripping the floor up, but Mr. C had to get a laugh at SNC’s reaction. He was so obviously offended that they were in HIS HOUSE making a racket, and stalked off. Made it even more obvious that he does firmly consider this his house now, yeah.

He came back in and gobbled some dry food after they stopped making as much noise. Then acted disgusted some more, and went back out.

But, I guess he will come back when he wants to. Don’t think we’re shed of the cat that easily ;) He also no doubt has some decent hidey-holes out there, with the way his official humans were just leaving him out in all weather for years. He just got more upset than I would have expected. Even Feist has mostly calmed down by now.

Not looking forward to more of it for any of them tomorrow, though. Or us humans, but at least we have a much better idea of what’s going on.

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thoughts on dk's latest cover of ryewook's "the little prince" on sukira?

not much has changed in terms of his technique but other than that i really loved his cover i jsut love Dk’s voice anyways….if u want me to go super in depth here lmao

0:05 to 0:12 his support of notes was inconsistent, breathy. 

  0:16 i was surprised at the “naema” sound it was well supported but overall i think u could tell at times he was excessively breathy other times his support was nice. 

0:51 good support

0:54 to 1:03 good support, as usual very smooth transitions in and out of falsetto although falsetto itself seemed slightly pushed

1:16 moderate resonance bintcchhhhh

1:34  slight improvement of support on lower notes

2:29  another moment of slight resonance 

3:10 slightly unstable larynx, support lagged, note still came out decent 

3:41 small resonance again!

overall another good performance from DK m’son

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Hey, I'm newer to the game and I have found that I really enjoy flying the T70 X-wing. Do you think an all T70 list is viable as either a 3 ship ace list (poe, ello, blue/red ace) or would a 4 ship (3 rookies + blue ace) be better suited for the current environment? I'm not looking for an ultra competitive squad, just one that I know allows me to have a decent chance against the fel, brobots, stresshog lists out there. Thanks.

You could try this Flachette Storm list I came up with. You have Poe who is obviously strong, and you have stress placement and agility disruption with the Veterans that are useful tools against aces. You’ll have to be smart against swarms though, since you lack the punching power to go toe-to-toe.

T-70 X-Wing: · Poe Dameron (31)
Veteran Instincts (1)
Flechette Torpedoes (2)
· R2-D2 (4)
Autothrusters (2)
T-70 X-Wing: Red Squadron Veteran (26)
Crack Shot (1)
Flechette Torpedoes (2)
R2 Astromech (1)
Integrated Astromech (0)
T-70 X-Wing: Red Squadron Veteran (26)
Crack Shot (1)
Flechette Torpedoes (2)
R2 Astromech (1)
Integrated Astromech (0)


“It’s not that I don’t want to be seen with you. You’re decent arm candy, honey.” Minkyu tried to reason, a nervous little grin on his lips. He didn’t want a scene, here of all places. “It’s just… I don’t think we should be seen together. My parents expect me to have standards– and wow, that came out wrong.” 

Seriously though like. Jade Harley. Definitely one of the most capable out of the four beta kids. They were all pretty fucking decent fighters in the end, but like. Holy shit, Jade.

I remember she was really dark skinned, I think it came from Jake or something, and like. She was honestly goofy looking with her prominent front teeth and the gap in between them but. Really pretty. She was kind of taller than Dave and Rose during their game (I remember watching them over Trollian and shit, which makes me feel creepy but hey), and around the same height as John, which makes sense considering they were related or whatever. I think John was a little lighter skinned than her though? Like I think I remember Dave and him joking about how John could pass as “white with a really good tan” honestly. Which is pretty funny.

But Jade like. She was trans, I’m pretty sure? Dave mentioned he trusted her to talk about his stuff with that, so I think she was too. And she didn’t bother shaving her legs, and she wore long skirts all the time even when not in her god tier outfit I think. I don’t actually remember… Meeting her after the meteor? So I remember how she looked as a 13 year old. I don’t remember John or her when they were older as well as Rose and Dave.

I think both those Harley-Egberts got really tall, though. Like way taller than the other two humans. And I was like half a head taller than Dave and Rose, although I think Dave might have worn lifts or been a little taller than he claims to remember now, but like. Those two were taller than all three of us by a good bit, like I had to look up to look them in the eye.

Jade had really… Thick and kind of coarse hair? I think? It would stick up everywhere and it was really long. And her eyes were definitely very green. I think she also had really thick eyebrows and eyelashes and shit. I don’t know if I’m fabricating or what but. Fucking.

Jade was just. Pretty and too nice to me with how much of a dick I was to her, and a good shot with her fucking guns and really strong and a really good space player and I hope she doesn’t hate me now but I really wouldn’t blame her at all????? God.

Yeah, but the thing is. Senran Kagura is quite obviously fanservice hell, and the devs made absolutely no attempt at hiding it. 
AE on the other hand, was not even remotely promoted like that. It just looked like a standard TPS with a “gripping” story. 
Which was obviously bullshit even before release, but hey, gameplay wise it looked somewhat decent. Then it came out and it was
like “surprise! Here’s some unnecessary pedophiliac content to make sure you don’t have any sort of fun” Which is fucking horrible
and that’s a major factor  in why i hate the franchise so much now. The first two games were shit, then AE pushed things to
incredibly horrific levels i didn’t even think was possible at the time.


Got into a Twitter argument with the OP of that last post. and wrote a long wall of text that i felt needed to be posted here.

Some time ago I saw some Sonic FC that was just a poorly made recolors of original Sonic artworks. I was kind of surprised that some people have no idea how to do that at least accurately.

So I made myself a challenge: to make a decent-looking Sonic FC using original Sonic artwork. I’ve used an artwork of Amy for that.

So this albino echidna character came out of that challenge.

And, to be honest, it wasn’t really that difficult.
The design is not really that original-looking, the idea of it came to me fast (I was inspired by design of Tikal) and I wasn’t really thinking about changing it much… But still, if I’ll think about some redesigning, it could be a not bad looking character!

Such way of making yourself a character can be not bad if you’re trying to make a concept of the character. You can make a fast concept of your idea, then you can edit or remove some parts of it, and then draw it yourself.

Here are some tips that I’m using myself. They might help you if you ARE thinking about using an original Sonic artworks for making your character:

  1. It will be much better if you’ll use a black-and-white picture (like coloring pages). It’s not a problem to find it.
  2. To make it normally colorable in MS Paint, re-save it as monochrome BMP and save it back to 24-bit BMP (THEN you can save it in whatever format you want). Now you can color it without any problem.
  3. If you want to change some elements of the picture (like changing clothes, adding hairstyle, etc), it’s better to use “line” and “curve” tools instead of “pencil” and “brush”. It’ll make your edits look more accurate.

More MS Paint tips: For Windows 98/XP ; For Windows 7

Also, it’ll be much better and more creative if you won’t be using standard MS Paint colors. You can look for some color palletes at some websites, like COLOURlovers (I know there’s lots more websites, but it’s the only one I know and using), or you can even use photos and take colors from them to make your own color pallete.

If you’re thinking about designs of clothes, hairstyle, etc, you can look up some on the web instead of making something primitive. You’ll have lots of choices and ideas.

Also, I would suggest you to look for more animal species instead of using hedgehogs/foxes/bats/cats only. There’s lots of other good species to use, just check them out. No, I’m not telling you that you CAN’T use those species, I’m just telling you to look for more. What if you’ll like a seal instead of hedgehog, for example?

Well, that’s all.
(And if you found any grammatical or any other mistakes, I’m sorry)