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Just curious, but what ethnicity are your ocs? Do any of them have cultural backgrounds?

All my ocs have the same face but here we go

Ok so as a disclaimer basically NONE of my ocs live in actual real world scenarios, so this is what they WOULD be (or what i headcanon them to be at least) if they lived in an Earth setting :’>

for this same reason i cant talk much about cultural backgrounds but they all had their different upbringings, some more turbulent than others

The ones with the most cultural background in their own settings would have been Riptide (his family and him were technically foreign), Alex (hes straight up from another planet), Engel (his place where he was trained had a lot of people from all over the world and each one wove a piece of their culture into the others before tragedies started to happen) and Hal (back when he used to be human still he was from ancient greece so his ‘upbringing’ as a human would have been different from the others lmfao. Then got adopted by death and got taught a bunch of stuff idk if that counts as a cultural background)

Bonus!! The main jaj cast ;0c  


I did this thing where I spontaneously decided to record myself singing some John Mayer in my car with my phone and while I didn’t do as well as I had hoped, I think it came out pretty decent for being a spur of the moment thing!

I have a knack for speaking up when I shouldn’t, and that can be blamed on my stupid mouth.

Actually don’t mind me I’m just sitting here thinking about what it would be like to have Krosmaster figurines of my OC yes thank you

Even though my copycat skills in trying to imitate another persons style are lacking I think this one came out pretty decent if I do say so myself


Woohoo, finally posting pictures! If you don’t remember I had a giveaway a while back and the winner, Lordfruitloop, won a mug. They asked for Vlad’s ‘number 1 fruitloop’ mug from Chicky’s wonderful immortal husbands AU and I was happy to oblige. Since Fruitloop should’ve gotten their mug last thursday (I wanted them to see it first), I thought it’s about time I posted some pictures. I hope ya like it Fruitloop!!!


I tried to make a sprite edit of Ruby in the current Muse set. I think they came out somewhat decent considering this was my first try at making a sprite edit… Anyways this was consuming my time for the past few days and that’s why I was not fulfilling any of the requests. Tomorrow I’ll try and queue some. (Also thank you @lovelivespriteedits for your awesome tutorials! They were extremely helpful!)

I put together Nishinoyas grand entry from episode 7… Cause apparently I have nothing better to do at 3 am… I’m pretty sure someone already did this but whatever. I just wanted to dick around in Photoshop and try to get better at doing stuff like this. So yeah, here ya go.

Told my friends to give me some animals. They gave me goat and french bull dog. Drew these 2 gals afterwards.

Okay, I’ve had this sitting around on my computer for a while now, so I might as well upload it. XD This is a WiDan (Dantaliam) Gag comic by mineo on Pixiv that I found ages ago… and that took forever to translate and scanlate because a) I’m horrible at reading kanji, and b) I don’t exactly know the “proper” way of scanlating (if there is one) so I’ve literally been using Paintbrush (the Mac version of MS Paint) to do the few scanlations that I’ve done. XD;;; All-in-all, though, I think it came out fairly decent to say the least, so I hope you all enjoy it! ^^

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@hallow17 told me that there wasn’t much rivamika christmas/winter cuteness, so uh… here!

merry christmas my love <3

im still new to this digital art thing how do you background how do shade idek