Celeborn needs some serious appreciation for his deeds after the fall of Sauron..

It just occurred to me that he did care about the fate of his people when he let Middle Earth. I say this because he is typically lumped in with his wife, who left Loth Lorien and its people to wither away, giving them one of two options: A) Go to Valinor with her b) Stay and fade. They were reluctant to leave for Valinor, but at the same time, they did not want to die in Loth Lorien.

(And I understand that she was weary, but she left them with awful options and didn’t really think of them when she left. I suppose she put in all in Celeborn’s hands, but as their ruler as well, she should have had their greater good in mind when she left)

These are silvan elves who are not used to Valinor, they are not Noldor so they don’t feel the same way as Galadriel. They love the woods and the trees, but at the same time, the do not know a realm where their woods are not protected by Galadriel’s ring power.  

So her leaving them puts them in an awful position.

Enter Celeborn, who doesn’t get enough credit for this.

He purifies Mirkwood, which turns into Greenwood. Mirkwood is ruled by King Thranduil, and happens to be a large territory of Silvan elves, whose Silvan culture is preserved, as opposed to Loth Lorien. When Celebron leaves, many of his people go to Mirkwood.

But he purifies it first. He purifies it so his people can go to a realm similar to Loth Lorien in that it is protected, and so when he leaves, they will be safe. He purifies a place that is primarily Silvan, for his people who are Silvan. Not only that, but if they lost any of their culture in Loth Lorien, they now have the opportunity to get it back.

When he leaves Middle Earth, he doesn’t leave his people with an impossible choices. He leaves them with a home and a place they will be accepted in, where their culture primarily thrives.

And we all tend to see Celebron as just Galadriel’s husband and the lesser ruler of Loth Lorien, when at the end he does a pretty amazing thing for the Silvan elves. Celeborn is swept under the rug far too much and just seen as the silent, brooding elf that is Galadriel’s husband and nothing else.

But he’s so much more, and he does such a good thing for his people.  And I know it’s never said specifically that he does it for the Silvan, but it makes so much sense when you put it into perspective. 

So yeah, some Celeborn and Sindar Elf  appreciation.

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"Okay, Caddy. <3 It's, eh, a bit easy for us to go overboard, I think (or maybe that's just me), so thanks for letting us know. c: And now, for a totally different question, going back to video games. Have you ever played/heard of OFF? That's another one I would recommend, if just for the interesting questions about morality it poses to players."

“It’s no problem! I just wish I could do something in return for you guys, y’know? Stuff seems to get through the barrier just fine from the outside, but whatever’s in here can’t go out.”

“And I have heard of OFF, I think? It has a pretty interesting art style, but I’ve never played it. I’ll have to add it to my to-do list!”

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Aaa I used to really enjoy doing self ship art and just self ship stuff in general but recently I've been going through a rough patch and its been harder to do it because I feel gross. Do you have any advice for getting over something like that? I just want to feel okay again.

I feel this a lot, darling, I’m so sorry you’re having such a rough time that you can’t even enjoy something that used to make you happy :C

My best advice I think would be to really actively try to give yourself time to relax, especially if you’re going through a tough time right now. Give yourself times where you’re gonna let yourself unwind, and maybe make your drawing stuff available to you… but don’t force art to happen if it feels bad. 

Something that helps me in times like that, when it comes to selfship art, is drawing myself/my self insert (who is usually…… myself ohohoh…) feeling the way I do, and then my fave(s) comforting me or telling me I’ll be okay. Maybe you can try that? 

I hope everything starts going smoother for you, dear, it’s no fun to be in such a dark place… :c I love you a lot and I’m cheering for you!! <3

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I really really want to go to sweden to see my friend but i cant fly on my own because im 14 and im p sure i can go if i go w my 18 year friend. I live w my dad but he thinks its really strange and shady and wont let me :( i love my best friend and want to see him again and i need to convince my dad do u have advice?💖💖love u girl

Aw babe:( could you get your friend to speak to your dad about it? If not you could internet call each other or face time until your a bit older? His probs just looking out for you as tour young xx

There was this one war table mission, where you were supposed to boost the soldiers’ morale at the keep in the Western Approach. The suggestions gave me some pause. This is how I imagine it all played out at the table XD.


Regina protectively and clumsily reaching over to grab Henry and him moving over to let her.

I wonder why I can never take my own advice. How I can look at people like the sun shines out of them and then look at myself and wonder how I can hold so many storm clouds in my fists. The most terrifying thing about unhappiness is when it becomes an old friend. You hear it knock and you just let it in. I’m trying to think of these moods as old clothes these days. One day I’ll grow out of it. One day it won’t be mine anymore. One day I’ll look in the mirror and wonder how that could have even fit who I was once upon a time. But you can’t wait for that day to come like you’re sitting at the train station with your bags packed, ready to go as soon as it pulls up. Its like walking the same distance the train would go with the bags on your shoulders until you gain the strength to realize they aren’t heavy anymore.
—  K.P.K

Meant to get this out sooner but @nightsofllyn ‘s amazing fic Our Fragile Co-commandership ended and boy was it a wild ride. I’m sad its over but at the same time the ending just hit me really hard

So here’s a totally hilarious exchange between Kylo and Hux that was probably my favorite in the whole story, I think the funniest scenarios in this chapter where the ones that may or may not have happened (especially the bit with Phasma at a cantina) 

Honestly this whole fic was like reading three different fics. the styles and plots were so different but tied together really well regardless so I wanted this comic to be in a different style than the other ones I did. So if u haven’t read this work of art yet go do that I will never stop plugging this fic


the calendar // panic! at the disco


I believe that it wasn’t just by chance that we met but that it was written in our plan long before anyone knew. I think that by [God] placing us together was his way of letting us know that we needed each other. Looking back to the day we were formed I would have never thought even in my wildest imagination that we would make it to this point. I love you all for each of your own reasons. I love you for making my dreams come true. 
                                                                                       -Normani Kordei Hamilton

“Don’t you forget about me, Max”

 a pricefield mix for sacrificing chloe to save arcadia bay, for all the moments they’ve spent together that no memory will hold, for one last kiss before the end of the world (listen here)

i. goodbye - apparat | ii. alive - gabrielle aplin | iii. remains - bastille & rag'n’bone man & skunk snansie | iv. silhouettes - of monsters and men | v. here with me - susie suh x robot koch | vi. this is gospel (piano version) - panic! ath the disco | vii. you - keaton henson | viii. i love you (quintet version) - woodkid | ix. saturn - sleeping at last


imagine these two ridiculous nerds, unsupervised, in a fancy restaurant

(kind of a continuation to this? bc i was thinking about how the actual date would go lmao)

peri s looking at the camera like shes on the office

Yeah. ┐(ಠ___ಠ)┌