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I spend so much time making art and fanworks and I just -- I get 3 likes and no reblogs. I work so hard, and practice, and think so hard about what I'm going to make. But no one cares. I feel so discouraged and sad. Its been so amazing to watch the two of you grow and gain all the recognition you both deserve. How did you deal with this feeling?

One of the hardest lessons of posting art online was learning to not let the attention (or lack thereof) get to us. It can be really difficult when you put a lot of time an energy into a piece that gets crickets (we’ve been there) and then something you didn’t put a lot of thought or care into gets a ton. There’s really no way to tell what will and will not resonate with other people.

What we’ve come to learn is that, while seeing others enjoy what we create is nice, ultimately we need to satisfy ourselves first. I know that this can be hard, especially in an online environment where thoughts and communication are shared quickly and easily, but keeping ourselves happy with the content we created helped when we got discouraged. It still existed, it still mattered, even if it was only to ourselves.

It’s okay to be feeling discouraged and sad. There’s nothing wrong with that. Those emotions are honest and valid, and god knows we’ve have a history with feeling inadequate with our art. What’s important is to acknowledge those feelings and not let them stop you from doing something you enjoy.

As long as you’re happy with it, others will follow. It may take time (it certainly did for us), but that’s okay. I know that feel that lack of recognition can be trying, but it shouldn’t stop you from creating. I think fanwork is an act of love that the creator has with the source material, and eventually you will see other people share that love with your creations.


Oh darling, what you think is clinging is only there because it won’t melt away super quick. It takes time, it takes patience and I promise you you’re not actually gaining. If you’re eating less than 1,200 calories the body naturally retains water, and that will go away on its own time hon’ i promise you. You’re going to be alright. Take a deep breath in, let it out. You’re alright.

I hate the phrase “let that sink in”

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I've been getting misgendered a lot more than usual lately, or maybe I'm just around to notice it, but I'm starting to realize I'm sort of numb to it? It happens and I correct them when I can, but a lot of the time I just let it go because I don't want to deal with it. I think I'm just tired and weary of dealing with it all, but I guess I just wanted to tell someone who knows what it's like and get their opinion..

Honestly? That’s So Common. After so long its just something you’re used to.

There was this one war table mission, where you were supposed to boost the soldiers’ morale at the keep in the Western Approach. The suggestions gave me some pause. This is how I imagine it all played out at the table XD.


Regina protectively and clumsily reaching over to grab Henry and him moving over to let her.

Okay, let me be the one to say what we’re all low-key thinking about episode 8:

It didn’t have enough Victuri moments.

And not only that, but also the fact that you could probably pass the ones that we did get all off as ‘acting for the cameras’.

Or the fact that the kiss from ep 7 was never mentioned or otherwise acknowledged in the story.

And I think all of us may worry: Did YOI finally reach its limit? Did episode 7 have no significance to Victor and Yuuri’s relationship at all? Did they mark the kiss off their list and went “good enough, let’s forget about their mutual attraction now”?

In my opinion? No.

Is Victuri still canon? Yes, very much so.

Why did episode 8 focus on them so little then?

I think this much is apparent by now: Yuri on Ice has very little time left. We literally have only 4 episodes to go, one of which will be Rostelecom Free Skate, and at least two of which will be the Grand Prix Final. This time around, Victor and Yuuri’s screentime was taken by the 4 new skaters (not sure if it was entirely necessary) and Yurio (which was absolutely necessary and I’d argue that we didn’t get enough of him). And trust me when I say that I love the creators’ ambitions and their desire to show that each skater is unique and the world of figure skating is diverse and interesting, and their dedication is admirable but we just don’t have enough time for all of that.

However, I also don’t think that the focus will stay away from Victor and Yuuri for long now. This episode was important in terms of establishing the new skaters, but I believe that in ep 9, Victor and Yuuri will be in the main picture once more (even without Victor being physically there, and God, this can go in so many directions).

Is YOI trying to do more than it has the time for? Yes, absolutely, and it might just be a shot in the leg for the production team.

But does that mean that we should worry? No.

Yuri on Ice has taught us many times that it can surpass our expectations. I think we can trust it to impress us again.


the calendar // panic! at the disco


Meant to get this out sooner but @nightsofllyn ‘s amazing fic Our Fragile Co-commandership ended and boy was it a wild ride. I’m sad its over but at the same time the ending just hit me really hard

So here’s a totally hilarious exchange between Kylo and Hux that was probably my favorite in the whole story, I think the funniest scenarios in this chapter where the ones that may or may not have happened (especially the bit with Phasma at a cantina) 

Honestly this whole fic was like reading three different fics. the styles and plots were so different but tied together really well regardless so I wanted this comic to be in a different style than the other ones I did. So if u haven’t read this work of art yet go do that I will never stop plugging this fic


I believe that it wasn’t just by chance that we met but that it was written in our plan long before anyone knew. I think that by [God] placing us together was his way of letting us know that we needed each other. Looking back to the day we were formed I would have never thought even in my wildest imagination that we would make it to this point. I love you all for each of your own reasons. I love you for making my dreams come true. 
                                                                                       -Normani Kordei Hamilton

“Don’t you forget about me, Max”

 a pricefield mix for sacrificing chloe to save arcadia bay, for all the moments they’ve spent together that no memory will hold, for one last kiss before the end of the world (listen here)

i. goodbye - apparat | ii. alive - gabrielle aplin | iii. remains - bastille & rag'n’bone man & skunk snansie | iv. silhouettes - of monsters and men | v. here with me - susie suh x robot koch | vi. this is gospel (piano version) - panic! ath the disco | vii. you - keaton henson | viii. i love you (quintet version) - woodkid | ix. saturn - sleeping at last

My Seventeen Kcon Hi Touch Experience

DK: he was first and he was so sweet his smile takes up his whole face also he’s taller than I expected!! A true ray of sunshine his smile is emplanted in my mind and it makes me so happy when I think of it sweetheart
Joshua: I was,,,struck okay like I had things I wanted to say to him but I was so Struck by his beauty that all that came out was “oh my you’re so pretty.” And he laughed and said thaNKS and he said something else like enjoy kcon or something I can’t remember he’s too pretty (rly pretTY HES SO PRETTY ITS )
Woozi: Woozi seemed a little angry the whole time he was at kcon fhakdjw I held his hands for like a second and he let go. the person in front of me wasnt even done w boo but oh well it was still great
Boo Seungkwan: I Just
Let me start by expressing the Charm he radiates. Seungkwan is my 12th but after holding his hand and talking to him for even a bit im shook. When I got to him, he grabbed my hands and I said “you’re english is so good! Keep going!” And he did his cute joking sassy ‘I know’ face and said “its easy, no problem” AND HE WAS SO FUNNY AND ADORABLE IM SHOOK SEUNGKWAN WHY ARE YOU SO CHARMING
Jeonghan: I didnt get much time w him my fault bc minguu was next OOPS anyway he is rly pretty irl too !!
Mingyu: I’M GOING TO CRY OKAY HERE GOES STARTING im 5'9 and Mingyu was tall to me! He has such a sweet smile,,,pictures could never capture how actually flawlessly gorgeous he is okay like his skin tone is so amazing and that black hair but also his cute little nose and His Eyes His Eyes are pools of magic I was so,,,stuck in his pretty pretty eyes oh my god his eyes. I was at mingyu for the longest (not *long* bc kcon but longest) and I told him he was my favorite and I love him so much he makes me so happy AND HE BOWED TO ME IDK IF HE UNDERSTOOD ALL I SAID BUT MY FACE MUST HAVE GIVEN OFF THAT BEING IN HIS PRESENCE WAS HUGE FOR ME SO HIS SMILE WAS SO SWEET AND HIS EXPRESSION AND I hes such a sweetheart. Also he held my hands the best out of everyone I can still feel his hands rjwkfuskrje bye
S.coups: can you say dad fjakfhsjdjs he really is a dad. He grabbed my hands kinda weird but it was cute and I have an ear piercing like his so I showed it to him and said I love it and he was like “OOOOOOO” I love s.coups
Vernon: lets start this off with one v important piece of info: vernon is a bro. He is such a chill kid like just from a bit being near him I can tell hes such a chill cool kid and really really really really handsome not like in a mingyu flawless way but like Handsome. I forgot what I said to him fusjdhs but I gave him a thumbs up and he gave me one back. his face while doing it saved me sweet kid.
Minghao: m i n g h a o i s g o r g e o u s. Ooooohhh my god hes gorgeous hes gorgeous gjsmdhsks I told him he was cute and hE SEEMED RLY HAPPY A sweetheart a gorgeous sweetheart
Dino: I was fbxjsusmdusie surprised at how short he was its obviously not bad but. Anyway this kid has such nice hair and such a cute smile made my life and hes a sweetheart.
Jun: I know ive said this about a lot of them but Jun Is Handsome hes so handsome and taller than I thought. like rly tall and handsome. anyway I told him he was handsome and he said thank you and it was so fhskdhske cute I love
*cries bc wonwoo,,,*

I got off the stage with my hands shaking after the hi touch and a security man said “ya good girl you did it” and

Add on: So with me yelling mingyus name and waving my light stick at Kclub, Hi Touch, AND red carpet, by the time it was red carpet, he literally looked at me with recognition in his eyes fjwkrueke “she’s The Mingyu Stan”
ALSO AT HI TOUCH I didnt have my phone out but I was at v front like against the railing for the hi touch and I was waving my stick and my hand and saying mingyu and he looked at me gave me the most genuine smile and waved back and then I screeched just a little and he just looked cjskduskd happy? After I screeched a little bless him


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