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I've been thinking about this for a while and i need to let it out. Everyone thinks its suuuper cute when dan And phil are in a youtube event/party/or just with friends and they choose to be together, away from everyone but i think thats terrible.+

its pretty easy to see that for dan is really hard to socialize without being Awkward ans weird, even with friends. It looks like he cant live by himself, its like he’s addicted to phil. What if they are just friends? One of them is going to  move out and i honestly dont think d is going to handle it. I know they re adults but yeah.

let’s not forget the moments when d&p are together at parties/events/etc are (most of the time) literally 5 seconds long, we don’t know what goes on before those split seconds, nor after, and whilst dan does ‘lean on’ phil as a social crutch some of the time, i don’t think he’s as cripplingly socially awkward as he tries to make out, dan’s audience (for the most part) though - they are. a lot of this fanbase is socially awkward, and dan needs to be as ‘relatable’ as possible, i’m not saying he doesn’t suffer from being socially awkward, because he obviously does to some degree, but i think he over exaggerates it a lot in order to draw his audience in.

and actually - at least in my opinion - dan is fiercely independent. he’d 100% be able to look after himself if they ever decided to part ways. eventually the ‘emotional dependence’ he has towards phil would fade away…

i spent an unnecessary amount of time picking a picture that was tasteful enough for the internet that still showed my tattoo. its two minutes to 10am and im exhausted. im thinking about the iminence of having to let go of the things that no longer shape us; like hollow skins. we can’t grow past anything if we hold on. and i know these things and yet there is a hesitancy to let go of everything i’ve known these past few months. im such a mess and i told my counselor that and she told me im not. and maybe theres some wisdom in even those semblances of self-talk but i really just mean im a tangle of a lot of things, i guess i mean im just human. love is still fucking scary to me. but i love Indiana and waking up early and thinking about intrinsic motivation and creativity. i love being in a place and dressing to color palettes and existing on my own. i don’t care so much about my old days of ‘in love’. i believe i was in it when i was in it but it all feels flaky and dissesembled now. ive been thinking about that, too. dissembling old love to get somewhere new. most of the time i just look at old things with the both of us and chuckle and swear because what had i gotten myself into. the sky is greying and my professor brought me coffee; its finals week and i have nothing to do. look how cute my tattoo is.

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Awww, SH here, I *love* what you did with my prompt. Also laughing at Anton who has probably been thinking that he has to sneak a girl into the locker room and go down on her, but he doesn't find locker rooms a turn on. D: Plus he was not looking forward to the chirping from Vinny that would've resulted. (Also imagining how they both totally miss all the times Marc loudly talks about how sex doesn't have to be the intimate shared experience re: words, no one listens to Marc, poor darling.)

Your prompt was solid gold, I only let my fingers follow its lead.

Vladimir had his suspicions about those words – look, he’s a goalie, he hears ‘bench’ he thinks that bench. When he meets Thomas, his suspicions intensify exponentially.

Marc would absolutely – even though his words are the typical post-sex.

I just went back to see what some of the words would be and it is hilarious:

David: “Heading out?”
Jake: “Curfew.” (he was SO confused he got through his teenage years without hearing it.)

Dan: “Dan, you think too much.” (Sarah teases him relentlessly because she argues he doesn’t think at all)
Marc: “Go to sleep, asshole.” (BEST.)

Liam: “This is not going to become a thing.”
Mike: “Okay.” (And this is the least helpful ever, so Mike says his line, and Liam says ‘okay’, peaceful as anything, because Mike just said his words, so he KNOWS it’s a thing. And Mike just continues to sit happily grumpily in denial. Of course this makes all the following events ten times more heartbreaking. I don’t like this game anymore :( )

Luke’s blank. 


I should explain…..

I had too much coffee and I can’t sleep, so I made awful scribbles of the main SOS bachelors/ bachelorettes reaction to seeing someone attractive (like ibuki/minori) naked. Not sure how cannon these are as my brain was fried. I’m trash and my art is trash. Sorry not sorry if this is lame.

You could tell I have a easier time drawing girls than guys. This is very true. I think. Lets go over the characters:

Klaus: He would loose his shit for a minute, okay, lets be serious. 
Cam: Would freeze
Fritz: all the nose bleed
Mistel: Would be the calmest out of all of them, but internally freaking out
Raeger: Would act like its no big deal
Nadi: Would look away, and act like he isn’t interested or whatever.

Elise: Would flip a flying fuck
Angela: Would be calm about it, she’s a nurse and used to seeing stuff…but still
Agate: Question why.
Lillie: It would be her first naked man she’s ever seen, probably.
Iris: Shocked, then would write all about it later~
Licorice: Looks, haha. But realize she is being a perv, and will look away.

I.. I’ve been thinking about this other side of myself that, always seems to rear their head when I’m upset or feel threatened or feel the need to protect someone (like, an extreme urge to; like I HAVE to do something), and I think I’m just going to refer to them as Renee. I think, having that will help me differentiate myself from them so I can observe how we interact together better.

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Do you think they should do a remake of First Blood that would be closer to the book (I accept I don't know/I don't care as an answer)?

Not really. The character’s Stallone’s; let it end with him. You could reboot it, sure, give Rambo the Casino Royale treatment, but I think Bond is malleable enough to go from volcano lairs to merely exploding buildings. Doing a Rambo movie without a body count in the triple digits would just seem pointless. And I think the cultural conversation now is different regarding veterans. It’s hard to see a small town turning the guns on an Armed Forces veteran, and doing a story about an Iraq vet going on a (even semi-justified) rampage seems more exploitative than necessary. Let it be an artifact of its time.

i feel u. i do not understand, because I am not u and dont know ur position, but i do know that i feel u. i do. school fukn sucks. ur family can be dicks. its hard to like yourself all the time. but i can feel some rly good vibes coming from u. maybe ur in a shitty place rn and i know i often feel hopeless enough to believe its not going to get better, but i think that we can do it together. but i urge u, do not let urself forget how it feels to be happy and laughing, and know soon youll be there!!! drink water, go for a walk, have a laugh, let people love u. i do!!

I can’t believe I’m saying this but with every new thing I learn about Scott Darling he’s slowly becoming one of my favorite hawks already


周觅MI : The last super show in Indonesia. I saw fans crying during the concert. Every single time i see everyone, it makes me think just how much courage does someone need to go to a foreign country,listen to an unfamiliar language,under the hot sun or rain just to see a performance that they like. You guys are even more awesome ! even though its not my concert , i was touched by everyone. Thanks you ss for letting me go to different countries to meet my mitangs. thank you members ♡ Siwon, i stole your picture. (c)

Little Mix have got some really nice lyrics

I don’t think we appreciate how great little mix song lyrics are, they’ve gone through lots of hate and I feel like its distracted people from how meaningful and passionate they are. like look:

“Don’t let what they say keep you up at night, and if they give shhh, then they can walk on by” wow

“You think we’re just pretty things, you couldn’t be more wrong (we stand strong, we carry on) knock us but we keep moving on, can’t stop a hurricane, ladies its time to awake” LIKE SALUTE IS SO GOOD GO LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE SONG AND FEEL IMPOWERED.

“But there’s just one problem I’m a bit old school, when it comes to lovin’ I ain’t chasing you” yeah you show ‘em!

“You gotta speak up, you gotta shout out, and know that right here, right now, you can be beautiful, wonderful, anything you wanna be” I have no words for this

“His body starts to flicker like nobody wants to know his name, just another soul with feelings but nobody’s there to feel the pain, they can rip you bring you down, down to their size, but they’ll will never get to the hear you hold inside, you’re not the only one so let them criticize you’re untouchable when you realize” just wow that is so greatly written.

“Ain’t got no time for what you think can be described as love, I’ve cut your hold on  me, you’re missing me, I’ve had enough, its been so long since you have treated me like I deserved, so long, baby, I’m gone, you can leave the message for me after the tone” slay

“release your curse, cause I know my worth, those wounds you made are gone, you ain’t seen nothing yet, your love wore thin” O_O

“does it burn knowing I used all the pain, does it hurt knowing you fuel my flame? don’t look back don’t need your regrets thank God you left my love behind couldn’t change me if you tried” this song is so beautifully written

“girl don’t you know you set the tone? i’ll make you stop that, fight back he won’t get away with that, look who’s ringing up your phone, you wanna call back, leave that, ain’t nobody got time for that, its funny how the tables turned when he’s the one who’s left at home you’ll find your own real man” yeah dump his ass

“forget that boy forget that boy, you know a bad boy ain’t good enough for you, you’re holding back tears in your eyes, bad boy wanna fight but I never see him fighting for you, he’ll never realize what’s he lose you forever, girl you’ll be alright, forget that boy”

“see what you’re worth girl look what you’ve go, he knows you’re out of his league if he likes it or not” yes

“I got my ambitions, yes I dream so big, while I’m ticking boxes you’ll be counting sheep, so you, do you, and i’ll be me time for me to move on nothing left to see” oh my goodness

“momma momma momma made me the way I am, my face, my eyes, someone turn me up, I’m speaking my mind, and I, and I, I’ve been wasting a lot of time, looking in mirrors, and hating on me but now I like what I see” you bet ya

“now I’m done with all your negativity and I'm  not going let it wash all over me, I’m stronger than your words baby I’m harder my smile lights up the world I’m flying higher” MY GOODNESS THESE GIRLS ARE AMAZE

I said I was done. And I’ve been feeling good about it. But I still want to talk to him. I just want to know how a guy I barely know, dated briefly, has such a hold on me? I’ve dated quite a few guys and I’ve “talked” to even more and there is no one, no one, that has put me through this. (Maybe there was one guy that was similar but not in the same way as this one). And I fucking love that I’m in my car on the way to work begging for a sign about this guy and then I’m constantly surrounded by Penn State shit throughout the day. And his random ass name is everywhere. Maybe I’m just noticing it because I’m sensitive but come on. And Voracek is ruined for me…forever. Because of him. Whatever I just needed to get this off my chest. I’ll get over him eventually. Hopefully the stud at the gym doing power cleans will help with that.

Best and worst song of the 1980′s  - #67 Jump - Van Halen

Yeah yeah, Panama is the perfect song. We all know this. It’s no surprise. But lets think about Jump, by Van Halen. It’s so wrong its right. That’s what makes it sublime. That’s what makes it so 1984.

Do you know how wonderful it is? Not having to be anything. For anyone? Oh sure we all have to pretend. We! Us. The pillars of dancing light and sound. We have to be serious. We have to relate to one another about work and television shows. Remember that one time? Yes. I do my dear friend. It was a funny time we had together alone in the blessed orgy of laughtracks, but lets let it all go now and sit with each other.

Lets contemplate the whole significant insignificance and eat baloney.

My baloney has a first name. It’s like the body of Christ except gluten free. Also don’t worry, it’s not real meat. The slaughter and tears are just tasty tasty chemicals that taste a bit off. We couldn’t afford the authentic expensive European stuff, but this stuff is pretty good if you’re wasted and need to be made whole.

Hey what were we talking about? Oh yeah, not being nothing with each other. That’s nice isn’t it? Getting strange. How good it feels to soak in the essential weirdness of existence. No money. No karma. No exchange. No point. Just a goofy old song that’s fun to sing along.


I don’t regret much. Its something I do my best to do without. However, something that happened with rikkipoynter​, filled me with a lot of it. Now, what it is, is nothing serious or damaging to anyone, its not something that anyone could get in trouble for, but it is something that I will think about until the next time I see her in person.

When we were saying good bye in the airport there was a lot of tears and emotions, as you could imagine. We would hug and hold each other, then let off, say good bye, and go right back to hugging. This happened numerous times. Its hard to see someone, that means so much, walk away. 

After we finally composed ourselves for long enough to say our “See yas” and “Good Byes”, she walked through these doors and started going through security. A few minutes went by as she waited for the line to move, and right as it started to move she turned around, reached out an arm, and grabbed in my direction. I was so upset and just stood there motionless, I pretty much broke down. The thing I regret, as small as it may be, was not reaching back. I feel like I didn’t show how I felt and I regret that. I wish I could go back to that moment and reach back.

Which Hannibal moment/scene/episode do you find increasingly interesting each time you rewatch it?

*using this opportunity to talk about Bedelia again*

The scene in Sorbet where Hannibal is in a session with Bedelia, speaking about friendship. I originally let that scene go by without thinking much about it, but after a few rewatches I came to realize I had mistaken its meaning.

Hannibal has refused Frankin’s friendship, and is seeking Will’s. Hannibal says, roughly “I have friends, and the opportunity for friends. You and I are friendly.”

Bedelia responds, “I am your psychiatrist, and your colleague, not your friend.”

Originally I had seen this scene as a parallel to Hannibal’s scene with Franklin. Bedelia is rejecting Hannibal’s friendship in the same way Hannibal rejected Franklin, and for the same reasons.

But that’s not it.

Bedelia continues, “At the end of your session I will pour you a glass of wine, but nevertheless you will be drinking it on the other side of the veil.”

Bedelia is very much willing to offer friendship to Hannibal. Even though she knows more about him (at that point it’s unclear how much) than any other character, she still says she likes him. And it’s not a lie. I believe she does like him at this point. But they are not friends. Not because of their professional relationship, not because she doesn’t want it, but because Hannibal is not capable of the kind of honesty and openness that friendship requires. He keeps himself distant in an essential way. He may say he wants friendship but he is too busy deceiving her, and everyone else, to create that.

Which makes Hannibal’s offer of wine to Will in the next scene so important. He offers Will friendship, in the way Bedelia shows him to.

It probably seems super obvious to others, but when I realized I had misinterpreted that scene it became one of my favs