ok so I still have to read a lot of asks, but I don’t want to answer a load about the photoshoot so I’ll address it in one go.

1) beautiful photos.

2) I wish I had an ass like Lauren’s.

3) The MTV piece was very obviously constructed by the 5H team and I can only think that they are explicitly letting everyone know that Lauren is ‘single’ for a reason. I think this means that soon Lauren must be dropping the collab with Halsey (and I guess Steve Aoki) so she needs to be single so that she can be shipped with Halsey for promo.  That’s my guess anyway. I was actually wondering when they were going to ‘put Lauren back on the market’ following the coming out. From a PR stand-point its good for promo and gossip. It’s also good timing as the girls are away working for a while so this punctuated a potential quiet time (along with DWTS).

4) I honestly find it slightly worrying. Most of the time when the PR campaigns have used the girls’ personal lives its mostly worked through guess work and hints (with maybe a couple of exceptions e.g. Austin). This time they are giving specific info and stories. I’m just worried that their PR stuff is going to go into one direction/Taylor swift kind of territory. When you have articles revealing and talking about your romantic history (real or not) in actual specific terms, and not just rumours, thats when I feel it starts getting a bit dark. I hope Lauren can handle having stories about her personal life being purposefully fed to the general public for publicity narratives. My feeling is that she has been able to negotiate quite a lot about the nature of her PR campaigns (e.g. coming out, being able to be politically active, being able to do a stunt with an artsy photo shoot rather than a trashy pap shot). In other words, i think she has a handle on things. But I still worry. 

Now I got you in my space, I won’t let go of you… [x]

anonymous asked:

How do I stop comparing myself to others and feeling like I'm not enough?

That’s a hard one! It’s something I think we all struggle with. I know I do at least from time to time, it’s hard not to when you do youtube. I feel like I’m not doing enough with youtube and I see what others are doing and it makes me feel worse about it.

What I usually try to do is reaffirm the accomplishments I have done or try to reaffirm my belief in myself. That what I’m doing is good in its own right and try to eliminate the though of what others are doing in comparison to myself. I look to you guys and to my friends for support and validation in times of need.

Another good method is to use what others are doing to try motivate you to do more and try harder. It’s easy to sit back and think “Man they’re doing it all and have so many interesting things going on” and let that defeat you but sometimes it’s good to use that as a drive in yourself to do more. 

Time isn’t going to wait for any of us. Our time is right now to do what we can and what we want so we should use that time the best we can. It’s not easy and sometimes it feels damn near impossible but anything can be done if you set your mind to it. 

Okay, let me be the one to say what we’re all low-key thinking about episode 8:

It didn’t have enough Victuri moments.

And not only that, but also the fact that you could probably pass the ones that we did get all off as ‘acting for the cameras’.

Or the fact that the kiss from ep 7 was never mentioned or otherwise acknowledged in the story.

And I think all of us may worry: Did YOI finally reach its limit? Did episode 7 have no significance to Victor and Yuuri’s relationship at all? Did they mark the kiss off their list and went “good enough, let’s forget about their mutual attraction now”?

In my opinion? No.

Is Victuri still canon? Yes, very much so.

Why did episode 8 focus on them so little then?

I think this much is apparent by now: Yuri on Ice has very little time left. We literally have only 4 episodes to go, one of which will be Rostelecom Free Skate, and at least two of which will be the Grand Prix Final. This time around, Victor and Yuuri’s screentime was taken by the 4 new skaters (not sure if it was entirely necessary) and Yurio (which was absolutely necessary and I’d argue that we didn’t get enough of him). And trust me when I say that I love the creators’ ambitions and their desire to show that each skater is unique and the world of figure skating is diverse and interesting, and their dedication is admirable but we just don’t have enough time for all of that.

However, I also don’t think that the focus will stay away from Victor and Yuuri for long now. This episode was important in terms of establishing the new skaters, but I believe that in ep 9, Victor and Yuuri will be in the main picture once more (even without Victor being physically there, and God, this can go in so many directions).

Is YOI trying to do more than it has the time for? Yes, absolutely, and it might just be a shot in the leg for the production team.

But does that mean that we should worry? No.

Yuri on Ice has taught us many times that it can surpass our expectations. I think we can trust it to impress us again.

one of my fav tropes of all time is when characters float or fall from somewhere and meet up and embrace lovingly……. one of my fav animes EVER did this a lot, look at escaflowne… i recommend it dearly, 90 anime is where my heart is at 100%!!! its got such heart & soul to it. lots of love in it

anyway heres some. fierrochase… im just thinking abt magnus flying around with his sword and its so goofy but im also always lowkey worried abt him like boy please dont let go while in the middle of swishing through bad guys. it must be scary. i would cry probably


the calendar // panic! at the disco

Best scenes of Ch.126

1. Can Kaminari never stop playing with Ojiro’s tail ‘cas its friggggggin’ adorable. And Ojiro doesn’t object so win win??!!!?!

2. I can’t even imagine Ectoplasm singing…like think about how after work the heroes just go to the nearest Karaoke bar and sing along to ‘My Heart Will Go On’

3. I swear Momo, you are the best. Momo-sensei. Please let this be a weekly thing so everyone can gather around the lobby and just listen to her ramble on and on about literature and calculus. I want Todoroki to be there just staring at her in awe


5. Can’t forget the PLUS ULTRA face of UA

Garrett and Marian - Legacy Banters
  • Marian: Well... not quite how I imagined this family reunion going. I was envisioning more hugs and maybe some wine over dinner. Not attempted assassinations
  • Carver: Really? You think this is so abnormal for our family?
  • Marian: Well you got me there
  • ---
  • Bethany: What could our father have to do with this mess? The Carta have had more than enough time to try and find us
  • Garrett: I imagine that having two Champions of Kirkwall with the last name Hawke may have tipped them off
  • Bethany: But it's been three years since you and sis defeated the Arishok. Why wait that long?
  • Marian: Well I don't know about you, but if I was going to go after the people who killed an Arishok then I'd probably want to make a little time for planning, wouldn't you?
  • Carver: Do these morons strike you as the sensible type?
  • Marian: Two points in one day Carver? Don't tell me the Templars are actually drilling some wit into that skull of yours
  • Carver: *laughs* At least /my/ wit makes a point, dear sister
  • Bethany: Ooh, that had to hurt
  • Garrett: Do you need some healing for that one, Marian?
  • Marian: Oh shove off, all of you
  • ---
  • Garrett: And we're back in the Deep Roads
  • Marian: Oh it's not that bad. I mean... Look at all the... Ugh, no, you're right this is terrible. Let's all promise never to go to the Deep Roads after this. Three times is enough
  • Garrett: Three times? When was the second?
  • Marian: Um... well...
  • Carver and Bethany: *sing song voices* Somebody's in trouble
  • ---
  • Bethany: Varric wrote to me the other day
  • Garrett: Telling another of his stories, I bet. Was it the one about the high dragon, because that didn't really-
  • Bethany: No. He was giving me an update. On you, actually. I was... worried, so I wrote to him and asked
  • Garrett: I'm fine Beth. Really
  • Bethany: No you're not. Not yet. But I know you, and if anyone can get past it, you can
  • Garrett: Thank you
  • ---
  • Carver: You might want to be watch yourself, Garrett
  • Garrett: How come?
  • Carver: Ever since you sided with Orsino the other day, there's been... Rumours. Meredith isn't happy with you, and it's only because she allows it that you're still free
  • Garrett: So is she going to have me dragged to the Circle, or is she getting the Brand ready now?
  • Fenris: Don't say that
  • Carver: I would never let it get that far. But I thought I'd warn you, just in case you were thinking about making her mad
  • Garrett: I appreciate you telling me Carver. Don't worry. I'll be careful
  • ---
  • *after completing Malcolm's Will*
  • Marian: So... the stonework down here is... lovely, isn't it?
  • Carver: Not now, Mary
  • Marian: I was only... Alright
  • ---
  • Marian: Are you okay, Gary?
  • Garrett: I'm fine... Just...
  • Marian: He loved you. And Bethany. He'd be so proud of you
  • Garrett: You sound so sure of that
  • Marian: Of course I am. Because it's true. And don't let that nasty shit in your head tell you otherwise - it's a liar, remember
  • Garrett: *chuckles* Alright
  • Bethany: Be careful sister, people might think you've got a heart after all
  • Marian: *dramatically* Oh no! *clutches chest* I think... I think I'm getting feelings! Quick, someone beat them out of me!
  • Carver: *laughs* You be careful what you wish for sister
  • Isabela: I'd rather ride them out of you
  • Garrett: Ah, and there's the dirty line. I was starting to worry something was wrong Bela
  • Isabela: And you're as sweet as ever, Garrett
  • ---
  • Varric: Twenty silvers, that's my final offer. Take it or leave it Elf
  • Marian: What are you betting on, and why am I getting left out of it?
  • Varric: You want in? We're betting on what it'll take to get Junior and Waffles to hug
  • Garrett: *groans* You're not calling me 'Waffles' again, are you?
  • Varric: I have to. Every time I say 'Hawke' all four of you turn around. I'm being considerate
  • Carver: I bet there's /someone/ here who'd like to see him covered in syrup
  • Garrett: Carver!
  • Fenris: *embarrassed noises*
  • Isabela: Ooh, new friend-fiction idea!
  • Garrett: Don't you even dare!
  • Isabela: Too late, already dared. Can we make camp? I need to make notes
  • ---
  • Varric: Hey, Rivaini, I'm expecting royalties if that friend-fiction of yours gets published
  • Carver: When you didn't even come up with it?
  • Varric: You wouldn't have brought up syrup if I didn't call him Waffles
  • Garrett: Maker save me...
  • Bethany: And me...
  • Marian: Usually I like dirty things... But this is too far, even for me
  • Isabela: Are you saying you wouldn't like it if /I/ were covered in syrup?
  • Marian: Oh I'm sorry. I didn't realise you were my very hairy twin brother, Bela
  • Isabela: Well when you put it that way...
  • ---
  • Isabela: I always thought we were the loud ones, you know
  • Fenris: What?
  • Marian: I know right. Maybe they're just less shy about it now
  • Garrett: Do I want to know?
  • Isabela: You already know. Or did you deafen yourself?
  • Marian: To think, they don't need us shouting encouragement through the wall anymore. I'm so proud
  • Isabela: Our boys are growing up so fast. Maybe next they'll master foreplay
  • Carver: Oh Maker, I do not want to hear this
  • Bethany: Neither do I
  • Garrett: *loudly* And I would be very happy if we could stop talking about this. Right now
  • Isabela: Yeah, see. That kind of loud
  • Fenris: *deadpan* If you're so fascinated by Garrett being loud, then you must not be doing a very good job at making Marian scream, Isabela
  • Marian: Oooooooo
  • Isabela: Oh, you snarky little shit
  • Bethany: *loudly* If we could stop discussing my older brother's and sister's sex lives, I would appreciate it
  • Carver: *loudly* Oh look, more darkspawn. Let's kill them so we can stop talking about this
  • ---
  • Marian: So our choices are the nice, Tainted madman, or the mage who wants to let a darkspawn magister out of his hole in the ground? Why can we never make nice decisions, like what kind of wine to have with dinner?
  • Fenris: I agree. It is the only decision worth making
  • Marian: When you're not throwing it at the walls, I assume?
  • Fenris: That was six years ago
  • Marian: And you never offered me a glass
  • Fenris: You are recycling jokes now? Has the great Marian Hawke's wit finally lost it's edge?
  • Marian: Ooh, you are just asking for it now
  • ---
  • Varric: You okay Garrett? You've been a bit quiet since-
  • Garrett: I'm fine Varric. There's more important things to be worried about right now
  • Varric: It's not easy to realise that someone you looked up to wasn't quite what you imagined. You ever need to talk, you know where my suite is
  • ---
  • Isabela: So... is no one going to bring up the fact that Varric called Garrett by his name earlier?
  • Varric: What are you talking about Rivaini? Waffles and I were just having a friendly chat
  • Isabela: Don't bullshit me. You called him Garrett. I heard you
  • Varric: That doesn't sound like me, Rivaini
  • Marian: He called you by your name when Velasco carted you off to Castillon
  • Isabela: What?! No fair, I didn't get to hear!
  • ---
  • Bethany: Are you sure about this, brother?
  • Garrett: It has to be done
  • Bethany: I could do it. I am a Hawke after all, and a mage. You don't need to-
  • Garrett: No, Bethany
  • Bethany: But-!
  • Garrett: Bethy, if I let you use blood magic, I'd never be able to live with myself
  • Bethany: And if you do it, will you be able to live with it?
  • Garrett: I'd rather it be me than you
  • ---
  • Varric: If he pulls a dragon out of his ass, I'm leaving!
  • Marian: Oh great, and now he's almost certain to pull a dragon out of his arse! Way to go Varric
  • ---
  • Bethany: Here, you didn't get a chance to close that wound earlier
  • Garrett: Thank you
  • Fenris: I just hope it was worth it
  • Marian: Well we /did/ just kill a darkspawn magister. I can't wait to hear how Varric tells this one
  • Varric: Well I doubt I'll have to exaggerate a damn thing, considering how weird this shit is
  • Fenris: That isn't what I meant...
  • Garrett: I'd have avoided it if I could, but someone had to. And if it meant sparing my little sister from that...
  • Fenris: I understand. But... Please, just be more careful from now on
  • Garrett: I will, I promise
  • Isabela: You two are so sappy... It's actually rather cute

i think it’s pretty obvious that lapis made the ‘which one is she?’ joke bc she was making fun of how much peridot talks about amethyst and how much she likes her lets be real

like a guy i know is going to paris for valentines and he hasn’t shut up about it for 2 weeks so every time he brings it up i’m like ‘wait, you’re going to paris?’ or ‘wait, where are you going again?’ and it’s exactly like that so

that was pure undeniable amedot fuel right there

I’ve been thinking a lot and I need to let this out somewhere, bear with me this is going to be long

soooo the first time we see the trolls, they are carrying the princess all the way to the king.

and King Peppy is not worried about his daughter, he’s not worried about where she might be or if she’s safe or not, because he TRUSTS his people and knows they’ll keep her safe, he knows she’ll find a way back to him during the run or after

I think the fact that THIS is the first view we have of the trolls tells us something, and it’s that the trolls are like one big family. They all know each other by name, they all help and support each other, they hug each other every hour?? no matter who’s next to you, when hug time strikes you can bet you’re gonna be part of a big group hug.

And this makes me think a lot, especially in regards of Branch and Creek.

Because if Branch hadn’t left the village and isolated himself, the trolls would have totally taken care of him. This little kid with no family, he probably would have been adopted by the whole village. Everyone would’ve made sure he was always well fed and had everything he needed, practically AND emotionally. Unfortunately, Branch didn’t ask for help, and having lost his positive emotions all that was left was sadness and anger and the personality we all can see when he’s first introduced. BUT even as a grumpy hermit troll, he still cares about the others. He cares enough to show up quite often and warn them, either quietly or panicking, but he still wants everyone to be safe. He still has a bit of that “no troll left behind” attitude.

Creek though, Creek does not. Through the movie he seems to be perfectly fitting in the troll society: he joins the group hug, he parties hard, he’s one of Poppy’s closest friends. But as we find out later on, he doesn’t care about his people that much. He is selfish enough to sell everyone out just to survive. His decision goes completely against the troll philosophy. Poppy, the Snack Pack, THE ENTIRE VILLAGE trusted him, and he broke that trust. No wonder Poppy is devastated when she finds out: Creek did something no troll would ever even consider doing. Not even Branch, who seems to hate the other trolls and their “cupcakes and rainbows” view of life, would consider doing that. But Creek did, and I think that’s the reason he actually makes a better villain than Chef. He does a terrible thing, but it’s even worse if you consider where he comes from, and what that action means for his people.

is there a miraculous ladybug/ Doctor Who crossover yet. is Adrien a Captain Jack Harkness type character who has a time watch thing and drags his human companion Nino across time and space doing ridiculous shit all over the place for no other real reason then they are curious and having fun. Nino is from 2021 Paris and Adrien is from the 3021 equivalent of france that isnt called france anymore and they hang out. and when adrien first pops the hell in Nino obviously thinks he’s bullshitting him so Adrien grabs him by the shoulder and just fucking zaps them into medieval times and Adrien flawlessly grabs a goblet and pretends like they are supposed to be there while Nino is dead fucking still staring up at the castle walls and panicking. Then after that Adrien is just like “Lets go do shit, its boring being by myself” and Nino is like “Dude i have stuff to do” and Adrien is like, “I have a time thing its literally impossible for you to be late ever no matter how long we’re gone. Time is nebulous now man.” and Nino is like “You know what fuck it sure” 

Plagg is a ancient space faring unattached consciousness that possessed a cat and got stuck in it so he just hangs out in it cause whatever. Adrien decided he loved him and keeps him with him all the time. Nino is creeped out by what he dubs a ‘talking cat’ and is so thoroughly confused by the correction that he’s actually a separate consciousness that he just goes “Okay sure, whatever” and deals with it cause honestly fuck it at this point.

Adrien admires Nino’s ability to just go ‘freaking sure, okay, fine why not. why SHOULDNT that exist’ that he is instantly reaffirmed that Nino would make a great traveling companion. However he also has the silent challenge to himself to find something that Nino doesn’t immediately cope with because its stunning how much that guy can just roll with shit. Acidic aliens that operate a space gas station two thousand years after the earth collapses? Yeah whatever, fine. I’d like a kitkat please. 

They dont have anywhere they live exactly so they just con their way into staying places all the time and it takes them a really long time to realize that… no, its not possible. I mean, how could those be the same two girls? I mean sure it looked just like them but… this isnt even the same star system and this is 35,000 years before that other time so like, nah. No way. But its Nino who goes, “Well, how the fuck is THIS even possible? Why cant it be them? Like its not any more unlikely.” and Adrien is like “…shit you’re right lets talk to them”

Nobody should ever let me near Roadhog ships because I tend to go crazy with them. 

Some guy from Reddit sent an e-mail to Blizzard to ask if he could marry Mercy and they replied that he couldn’t because her heart belonged to Roadhog. [X]

It’s obviously a joke, or fake. Regardless, I think I have a new ship ;A;

Here’s ‘their’ song [X] and here’s the actual MercyHog drawing I spent way too much time on [X]

Here’s something I want you to do for me  :  go to a blog that you appreciate, or someone you see on your dash right now, or someone who you think could use some cheering up. On or off anon, tell them something  nice.  Spread positivity  because we’re a  community  of writers. Let’s not make drama and hate make us forget that  !  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


• Rory’s and Logan’s characters were off but not completely. Logan was ready to marry Rory so I think it’s a shock that he would want to carry something on with her but at the same time, Logan was known for having a couple of girls on the go. Morover, I think Rory always changed when she was with Logan, she was nasty and didn’t seem like the same Rory we knew. (She was so cautious and didn’t want to hurt anyone like remember how she wouldn’t let Jess kiss her in public because she was worried about dean but now she can cheat with logan and its all fine???)
• RORY WAS A DICK TO PAUL! SHE DRAGGED OUT A 2 YEAR RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM! And when we first meet him, he sounds like he really cared and tried to impress Luke and Lorelai by taking notes of the small things they said.
• Luke saw Rory as his own daughter
• Luke also saw Jess has his
• EMILY GILMORE HAS GIVEN ME LIFE – her character development was the best by far and I’m so happy they touched on so many subjects like grief and her maids and the society which she always had to be happy in
• JESS. Jess is still in love with her after all these years and he wants nothing more for her to succeed and get all her goals even if that means pretending like he doesn’t love her anymore
• I’m so glad they paid richard all the respect he deserves – plus Lorelai’s story about when she was 13 had me balling
• Michel having a husband and them not making a big deal about it was nice - it felt natural
• SOME OF THE SCENES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL – like the secret wedding and the Life and Death scene (plus colin, finn and robert are back)
• I’m not a fan of the ending – that was not closure and it hurts my heart
• The dean scene made me so happy – it was just perfect and it felt natural
• I don’t think they needed the Christopher scene. They’ve touched on him being absence loads of times and every time he said he felt guilty about it
• I love that Lane’s band is still together
• Kirk and Lulu wanted kids
• I don’t like how absent Sookie was – remember when she was pregnant and she came and stayed at the Inn to make sure Luke’s food was okay, she was in love with the Inn I just don’t see how she could leave it for 2 years

Update: I now get the importance of the Chris scene - It was actually well done then AND THE ENDING WOULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH BETTER IF LORELAI TURNED TO RORY AND WENT ‘can’t wait to meet the new gilmore’ I’d have been happy then Update: I love all the Paris scenes. Remember the episode where Rory has a dream about Paris being married and owning the house, it reminded me so much of that and all her scenes just worked. Plus the stairs joke (relatable) Update: If they could only get Sookie for one episode, they could have wrote her out better. It’s just not in her character to have upped and left the Inn and there’s no way in hell she would have gone that long without staying in touch. Like her and Jackson and the kids could have gone on a long holiday and I would have liked that better.
Happy NOT so Birthday

Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader

Request: Can you do a poly! Hamilsquad x reader? Were its the reader’s birthday and the boys forget and its just angst then smut or fluff??(of course only if you feel comfortable) ~ Anonymous

AN: Originally I was going to have a fluffy ending but this time I’m letting you reader to think of the ending yourself this time.

Words: 875

Warnings: Angst; drabble


Waking up alone this morning, you felt a bit disappointed, wanting nothing but to cuddle and sleep in with your favorite boys. You couldn’t help but smile as you stretched. Today was your birthday. The first birthday you’ll be spending with your boyfriends and luckily for you it fell on a Saturday this year so they didn’t have work.

Walking out of the bedroom you saw Hercules and John playing Mario Kart and Lafayette reading the newspaper.

“Good morning!” You tell them. Hercules and John grunted in response, too invested in the game to pay attention to anything else. Lafayette smiled at you.

“Good morning mon amour.” Was all he said to you before going back to the paper. You looked at him slightly confuzzled.

“Where’s Alex?” You asked.

“He is in his office working as usual.” He casually responded, turning the paper over to read the back.

“Oh, okay.” You tried to hide the disappointment in your voice but obviously not well enough.

“Mon amour are you all right?” Lafayette asked you.

“Yeah, I’m fine…uh is there anything good to eat?” You asked as you strolled into the kitchen.

“No and we’re out of milk.” Laf told you. After searching through the kitchen you went with left over Chinese food from the night before. Heating the food up you sat besides Lafayette on the love seat, eating your food.

“So what are the plans for today?” You asked the boys as John groaned in annoyance as he came in last and Hercules won in 1st. Hercules looked over at you.

“Kick John’s ass again in Mario cart.” Hercules responded with a grin as John glared at him.

“Hey you cheated, you knocked me off of the track.” John said, trying to defend himself. You chuckled.

“But seriously though.” You said. “Anything?”

“No just the usual.” Hercules stated with a shrug. “Why what’s today?” He asked you. You gaped at him at the confused expressions on both his face and John’s.

“N-nothing.” You stuttered before standing up. They forgot, they forgot your birthday.

“What’s up with them this morning?” John asked they guys but all they did was shrug.

You couldn’t believe this. It actually kind of hurt. How could they forget this day? Out of everything they could have forgot they forgot this? Quietly you opened the door to Alexander’s office. He’d never forget right? Alex has an excellent mind and for the most part a great memory as well so he wouldn’t forget also, right?

“Why don’t you come take a break Alex.” You suggested, massaging his shoulders slightly. Alex relaxed into your touch.

“Not now, I’m busy.” He told you as he continued to type away on his computer.

“Did you forget too?” You asked quietly as your eyes begun to burn.

“Forget what?” He asked but you never answered him as you stormed out of his office and going back to your room. The boys saw you and looked at each other.

“I’m going out.” You announced the guys, leaving before they could utter a word out.


You sobbed on Angelica’s shoulder as her and her sisters embraced you into a group hug.

“I wasn’t asking for much, just wanting them to say ‘happy birthday’ its not like I wanted anything, I just wanted to be with them today but they didn’t even remember, not even Alexander.” You sobbed. Angelica comfortingly rubbed your back soothingly.

“I’m going to give those idiots a piece of my mind.” Peggy fumed standing up from her seat.

“No.” Angelica said. “I’ll do it.” Peggy and Eliza looked at one another before nodding. You sat up straighter as Angelica stood and Eliza took her place. Grabbing her coat Angelica grabbed her keys and left her apartment leaving you with her sisters who would cheer you up while she was away.


Alexander was taking a small break, sitting in the living room with the guys when the front door opened. When Alex looked up and saw Angelica he jumped. She did not look happy and all the boys felt scared.

“What the hell is wrong with you idiot?!” Angelica snapped, glaring at all of them. John visibly shrunk down.

“Wh-What are you talking about?” Alex bravely spoke up and asked her.

“It comes one day every year. All Y/N wanted was one day to spend time with their boyfriends. They weren’t asking for much! Out of everything you guys just had to forget this day!”

“Wait what’s today?” John asked her. She glared at him. Angelica stomped her way towards the kitchen, ripping the calendar off the fridge and stomped back holding it out for them to see.

“It’s Y/N’s birthday! One day. That’s all they wanted was one day and you guys couldn’t even bother with them.” She shook her head in aggravation.

“We didn’t know-” Lafayette was cut off with a sharp, pointed glare from Angelica.

“Save it.” Dropping the calendar on the table before leaving the apartment, getting the rant out of her system.

“How could we forget their birthday?” John asked the guys as he dropped his head into his hands.

“I don’t know.” Hercules responded. They all felt extremely guilty.

What were they going to do now?


By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, talks of death (minor characters) and torture

Summary: The team tries to get you to smile after a rough mission.

Requested by: Anon - Hope you like this!  I decided to make it Team Cap cause I just watched Civil War (again). I hope you don’t mind. 

Hi! i was wondering if you could do a buckyxreader kinda thing where she’s an avenger and something bad happens, and the reader thinks its her fault so she stays in her room for a really long time and while thats going, the rest of the Avengers team plays little competitions like “who can get (Y/N) out of their room” and when they do, the reader is still sad so then they play “who can get (Y/N) to smile” and bucky is the one to finally do it.

A/n:  Requests and tagging are open!  Also please let me know what you think!


The mission had been a tough one. A couple civilian lives lost and some of your teammates injured.  You knew it was your fault, you didn’t need them to tell you.  You had let your guard down and got captured,  you had even been tortured for a good hour before they got to you.  While they were saving you, civilians got hurt.   You had only been on intense missions like this a few times before, you knew now you wouldn’t be going again for sometime.

Not that Steve or the team was going to keep you from the missions but because you refused to go on any more missions till you had perfected your training.   The thing that upset you the most was the fact that a man had lost his life because of you and now two kids wouldn’t have their father.

Steve had already told you that you couldn’t resign from the team.  He even tore up your resignation letter.  So you decided to be a child, despite your age and locked yourself in your room.  You had refused to come out.   Locking the door you got under the covers of your bed and stared at the wall.  So far you had been there for 4 days.  You hadn’t muttered a word to anyone despite their best efforts to get you out.

They had even made it a bit of a game.   Steve was first.  He decided to pull the fire alarm.  He had a tablet in his hand and was standing next to your door with a smug grin on his face, pressing the button on the tablet, the loud beep of the alarm filled every reach of the hall.  He stood waiting for you to come out, you never did.  Over the loudness of the alarm all Steve heard was “LET ME BURN TO DEATH!”

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