the end of an era

over the past 5.5 years, i’ve lived and grew up on this site. its been a memorable time; like i’ve met some of my best friends on here. but seeing as i’m graduating university this year, i cant dedicate myself to keep running this blog. its been slowly going inactive ever since i started university 3 years ago and i think its time to finally let go and start a new chapter of my life (as cliche as it is lmao) if you wanna stay in contact or just see what i’m up to, follow me on twitter (magdafying) or instagram (magdafy). thanks for being here for the past few years and supporting this blog. 

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I have a problem
  • parents: Sophia can you explain this? *Holds up my tablet and it's filled with Thomas, Newt, and minho's pictures including the actor
  • Me: how do you know my password?!
  • Parents: Look we are concerned about your obsession with them and I think it's time for you to let go
  • Me: *Snatches back my tablet* Don't touch my child or speak to me and my children ever again! *Runs to bedroom*
  • Parents: we tried to tell her that she is going to die from the lack of food and water. And she been in her room more 1 week
  • Doctor: that's not my problem that's your problem

im so sorry

muse-multiverse  asked:

do you think we'd be so hard on ben affleck if he WASN'T in gigli or daredevil? And for that matter, why are people still bringing up gigli? It's just about 13 years old, I was seven when that film came out. I think it's time to let it go XD

Why do we still bring up Plan 9 from Outer Space, Battlefield Earth, Batman and Robin, the Star Wars Holiday Special, Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny, or any of the hundreds of terrible movies ever made?

Because they’re terrible movies and they’ve stuck with us because they’re so terrible.

anonymous asked:

"I've been in love with you for too long...I think it's time I let go." Root said softly while stepping away from Shaw's touch.

She started to walk away, but Shaw’s voice stopped her, “Root.” Her voice softened as she rattled the chains that were holding her to the wall of the underground sewer shaft that Root had locked her to. “Come back. We can talk about this.”

Root paused in the doorway. She knew that Shaw wasn’t her Shaw anymore and the woman chained to the wall would kill her in a second, but she still sounded like Shaw.

“I love you too,” Shaw said, relaxing in her chains. 

Root quickly took a step toward Shaw and pressed a gun to the underside of Shaw’s jaw, gritting out as tears filled her eyes, “Don’t you ever say that to me again.”

Shaw dropped the front and smiled wickedly, “God you’re easy.”

Root stared hard at Shaw, angry because that wasn’t her Shaw and that the woman who was different, but somehow kind of the same, was taunting her with her own feelings that she couldn’t seem to control.

Finally, Root took the keys to the locks on the chain out of her pocket. She threw them into the corner of the room, well out of Shaw’s reach, “If you don’t die down here, come find me. I’ll happily put a bullet in your head.”

“No you won’t,” Shaw called back as Root walked away, “Or you’d do it right now.”

Root couldn’t argue with that so she just kept walking away, trying to get a grip on herself and get a handle on the loss of the woman she had loved.

Is for real this Bonnie x Alaric spoiler?

WTF? They really hate Bonnie thats the only explanation.

I think its time to let TVD go, for good. Call me negative, but I dont understand their Bonnie hate, really. Alaric? Fuck. They were never close, who gives a shit about Alaric? Fuck. I still cant believe. I needed to rant.