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Soooooo... dying to know how Bruce reacts to seeing Jason with a kid no less. Does Bruce take to the streets to painstakingly search for his son, hack the school system, none of that?


bruce doesn’t ever really expect trouble out of tim – something that is hilarious on several levels because tim’s the kid who walked up to his front door and made bruce take him on as robin, and also the kid who won’t sleep for three days and is known to pour energy drinks in his coffee, tim, what are you doing, please stop that right now, just go to sleep – which is why it’s a little surprising that bruce wayne is being called to gotham academy because his adopted son got into a fight

bruce is very sure he gave tim the standard “you have a secret identity to protect and Cannot Fight People at school or otherwise in your public life” lecture. he just sighs and has to hope that tim was discrete and that it was for a good reason

(it almost definitely was. tim’s a robin; they’re all about fighting for good reasons)

bruce has to make his excuses to work before he can leave, so he ends up being a little late. tim’s sitting in the front office under the eyes of the secretary. tim quietly informs him that the others are already inside the principal’s office – and yes, bruce can hear a faint murmur of conversation beyond those walls – and then he’s just starting to explain what happened when the principal’s voice filters through the secretary’s intercom and she waves them in.

“–absolute shit,” someone is saying as they walk in. “i’ve eaten better brownies out of a dumpster, deborah, that’s how bad your brownies are.”

the woman lets out an overdramatic and affronted gasp, but bruce can’t pay any attention to her. he’s sucking in his own sharp breath, because he knows that face.

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when she won’t give you the green light 

when she won’t walk your way


when she drags you up the stairs but it ends there 

when she stops doing what she’s doing  

when tomorrow dies 

when she takes the short way home 

when she’s out of your limit 

when she won’t tell you where she’s hiding her voodoo doll 

when she won’t be unpredictable 

when you’re stuck in the friend zone again and again

Too hot, Hot damn


Pairing: Calum & Y/N 

Words: 600+ 

Warning: sfw

A wonderful anon gave me this beautiful idea, it’s not very long bc it’s straight to the point, but i hope i did it justice!! Feedback is appreciated! xx


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Happy 100th Once Upon a Time!!

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The Gym

Pairing: Calum & Y/N

Words: 1500+

Warning: nsfw 

Boxer Calum + thigh riding is a really hot combination js


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