I think the most boring part about adulthood so far is that im trying to eat fruit as a snack every time i get hungry to replace unhealthy snacks but I can only really afford those big bags of apples and sometimes pears but God apples are so fucking boring I should put peanut butter on them but I also like the easiness of apples

@my followers and mutuals

pls dont get bored or think that these pics i tagged with “made with love” are just baseless/mindless pictures/posts bcs i DO make them while thinking of the one im making it for and with sincere hope that you DO feel better in any way possible. I always go to your blog (and hope that it can give me some clues to your favorite chara/things) before making anything. Yes i kinda stalk u im sorry hahaha

i apologize for the very simple art and i know it’s far from perfect n it might not be to your taste, but i just wanna remind you that i read, remember, and care about you. Im not just an url on your screen that have no emotion but im another human being on the other side of the screen, like you. And while it may not do much, but my feeling and wishes for u are valid and i hope that it reach you my friends ♡♡♡♡

When u have a bad day, going through some rough times, or just feeling oddly blue; dont let the negative side of your brain consume you and pls remember that ppl care about u ♡♡♡♡

have a nice day ^^

  • Me:Okay, i worked on this art really hard and i think that i am satisfied with how it works. *posts it*
  • Art:*gets 0 notes*
  • Me:Ok.
  • Me:I got sorta bored and doodled something. I'm not that proud of it but no ones gonna look at it anyway. *posts it*
  • Art:*gets 30 notes*
Haikyuu Games Part 1

Hi guys! So I’m like seriously bored and they started doing a Hunger Games thing so of course I had to do it for hq lol. Anyway let’s begin the (kind of) ship war!! Who do you think will survive???

Please ignore the really bad quality of like all of the photos haha. So please place your bets! Comment below. Who do you think will win?

kiara does ships

hello! im currently exhausted (after reading like 6hours worth of fics) and im bored and i wanna do something w you guys so here’s a ship thingy!!!

i feel so awkward aw but thats fine i think :’) lets do this!

what you gotta do:

- reblog this
- have a face/about page
- vote for one of these urls (stay w malumst/outerespace/wastethenightes)
- leave any messages in my inbox!!! (ship me, mlt, wyr, fic recs, malum, or whatever the hell you want im up)
- smile and have a great fucking day babies ♡

what you will get:

- things that remind me of your name:
- ship:
- bestie:
- cuddle buddy:
- partner-in-crime:
- summer fling:
- who dropped the L-bomb first: you | him
- first date location:
- you and your ship song:
- random AU: (bc im a hoe for AUs)
- a compliment!  ♡

blacklist kiara does ships if you dont want to see any of the ship posts bc i’ll be tagging them all!

anyway no notes this never happened

anonymous asked:

Matsuri: ….woman who doesnt understand my job is boring……. you are not getting married? Urie: No…… but I am thinking, if I have the chance…. (am I really thinking?) This part is so important. I cri our son doesn't know that he has Mutsuki already. Urie stop hiding your feels we all know you will marry mutsuki anyway

I’m just going to leave this here, Anon. I believe Urie boy is painting Mutsuki okay (As one mutual pointed out). IF THAT IS NOT LOVE I DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT IS!

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U like to kiss assess like all teenagers without a life who kiss celebrity gfs assess. Kit will be with a stupid slut model or a UK singer without brain or a second-hand actress like rose .Bcuz Rose is a ugly spoiled bitch daddy s girl who never starved. But you teenie without brain think if u say if kit is happy u are happy too .Happy for a guy who don't give a damn on u

Its funny cause i actually dont like Rose at all nor have i ever said if Kits happy im happy - i actually quit frankly dont say much on that subject to begin with cause its none of my damn bussiness - you obviously have no clue who i am or have to right to tell me what im thinking or who i talk to an about!

Get a life anon - ur getting boring

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Is this blog dead?

Not dead. I’ve been quite busy with a few other things, and drawing an update can take anywhere from 1-3 hours. If its multiple panels, longer.

It really sucks because Disastral is a fun character. 

I felt it must be boring to get update after update of Disastral standing in a single panel answering a question, so my standard became multiple-panel stuff. Doing magic gone wrong stuff (the multiple panel updates) usually take at least 5ish panels and that can be a huge time sink, especially since im unemployed and have hardly any income. Maybe i should go back to the simple updates.

If i could find a way to support myself with my art, id do updates everyday. I just don’t think im at that standard.

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What do you think about em now? Lots of people saying his new stuff is bad, hes boring/got no personality and that he looks old. I'm in two minds about it. I obviously dont want him back on drugs but I wish his charismatic self would show more. I think he is focusing too much on lyrics than making good beats and nice flow too. Im still a die hard stan tho dont get me wrong

but i feel like you grow with the artists, people’s taste evolve and some are gonna like his new stuff and others are gonna hate it and they’ll prefer his older stuff, i don’t think he needs to prove anything at this point so he’s just making music that he likes and he shares it with us, and i personally loooove his new stuff and older stuff so im good lol

and i feel like since he’s so private now, he doesn’t do a lot of interviews, so when he does them he gets so awkward because he’s just not used to them, and drugs helped him in the past with that, that’s why he was so charismatic i think, but now that he’s sober he’s more awkward….yeah i’d love to see him more chill in interviews and less awkward but as long as he is healthy and good, then im happy

and with the beats yess i agree, he used to do a lot of beats and now he’s been working with different producers, but it’s been different in every album, so i guess we just have to wait and see what he does for he’s next project and hopefully he’ll do more beats, that’d be awesome….actually at this point i don’t mind what he does…i just want new music from him! lol

[[blows dust off this heckin tumblr]] hey hi hello its been a long time??? it is drew and im gonna be taking over i think??? @necile just sent me vespertine since @thathorrorbat hasnt been around (no judgement, life gets in the way and sometimes sims just gets boring) and we dont want this thing to die on its feet.  im p excited, i have been so apathetic abt anything sims related lately so maybe this will get me interested again. anyway.

i feel so good 

zoioey deschanel As A Concept gets on my nerves and here’s why

  • always supposed to play quirky (re: vaguely unappealing) character
  • is beautiful in a boring +symmetrical way ? idk
  • annoying voice
  • i dont know im j ust pissy bc like im brown +fat +when i dont go full femme people think i look like Actual Shit but if ms zooiey or some other actor who is always typecast as a yt feminist wet dream decides to *~look grungy~* it’s brave +rebellious
  • u could also include the trainwreck of jen/nifer l*wrence too
  • lol if u pat urself on the head for not thinking that someone who wears a size 8 or below is fat , go fart directly into ur own mouth
  • this isnt abt zyoeyi this is abt how the only “unattractive” non-male roles i saw growing up were all played by people whose appeal required a very particular (re: colonized) set of standards +even at what was meant to be perceived as their worst, they were still seen as incomporably more desireable than i could ever have been
  • fat brown queer kids are delicate and gentle and precious and elegant and lots of other adjectives i see associated w yt-ness and yall dont fucking believe that so fuck u all
  • im mad

Tagged by @sasuke4prez to say 6 random facts about me–uh hmmm uhh erm uh so uhm.

1.  i have 11 tattoos

2. i’m all about playing video games looooool (add me on ps4 ok lets play jstars so Gob and I can slay your life)

3. i taught myself japanese fufufu (i know enough to get by and read/understand things. but *whines* i need to get back into iiiiiit, i suuuck now)

4. i have a hello kitty skateboard

5. i’m really fukcign impulsive. and obsessed with cute snacks. (i cheated. that was two fufufu).

6. i’m killua.

fufu i tag: @therealgonzoldyck @e-ck @talk-kaneki-to-me @naiesu @rozuken @killuanotlonely @that-girl-arivael @tfwhxh (wooo thats a lot of people who wont do this HA. HA. HA.)

im thinking about sg strika and lugnut– and tbh i don’t even know. just swapping everything about them is boring, and not even how sg works half the time so like…..maybe sg tfa strika gets a similar personality/moral compass to her beast machines or idw self? or…whatever continuity she’s an autobot in? 


lugnut though. man, i don’t even know. 

anonymous asked:

i know that you updated your blog a whole lot with art, and how do u do it? do you queue a lot of your work, or do you just draw that often? your work and style are also amazing, and you're my absolute favorite artist!

ehhh im not sure lol! I try to not waste time and draw as much as i can when im able to bc sometimes i think i wont be able to do it in the future… i still dont draw much as i want tbh i am super lazy. Also i just doodle a lot and try to finish thing super fast bc i get bored of drawing the same picture :( anyway thank you so much!

ocaenea asked:

YOUR BLOG IS AMAZING OMG. (i followed!) anyway haha, hello! my dash has gotten real boring and i think im in need for a new one. i was wondering if you could give me a short list of your fav blogs. anything similar to urs would be perfect, ur blog is beautiful hun. thanks heaps xx ((:

Thank you so much! Yeah it gets like that but I follow so many intriguing blogs it doesn’t last long haha. Well there’s so many, I’ve just looked at who I mainly reblog from so here goes haha (they’re amazing tho):
- clubaii
- nudisth
- fahdes
- fauhxy
- florxlist
- svvshi
- flahei
- ksubi-ksubi
- calmeh
- bakchic
Hope it helps 🤗