Hi im gonna gush for a bit because for the last 4 years I’ve said I was gonna quote @mrtrohman for my senior quote and I did! I dont wanna be super lame and sappy bbbut I think just about everyone knows how important @falloutboy and Joe are to me. (Or at least anyone who has seen how many damn FOB shirts I own.) They conveniently came back from their hiatus around the time I started high school and honestly seeing as how shitty it’s been they’ve pretty much been my motivation for not being like dead and stuff. 😬👌🏻
Joe has been the more specific impact on me. He’s pretty much the most important person in the world to me and I just love him so much. I’ve had the privlege to meet FOB twice and embarrassingly enough I can say both times I just talked to Joe and cried a lot in front of him. It’s really hard to put it into words but he’s one of the most amazing human beings alive and he’s such an all around great person. To wrap it all up I’m a huge sappy baby and even though it’s just a dumb year book quote I honestly never thought I’d make it to senior year. Shout out to Fall Out Boy for being my life force and Joe for existing. (Also I look like I work at Lush and condescendingly call everyone ‘sweety’! 😭 What’s the point of letting me pick my senior photos if you’re just gonna use the one where I look like a gremlin?)

((Also not to be even lamer but if he saw this I would die and I dunno how possible it is to do that but he’s just so important to me ok. ;-;))

Ferguson got me thinking that America needs a Ranger Corps to monitor the police and put anyone down who breaks the law and gets away with it. I’m livid and I hope all you rangers are too. Be a true ranger and do not tolerate this kind of behavior. Do what you can to be mindful and stay informed. I can’t think of any ranger who wouldn’t be behind this.

hiatus notice

im stuck in an emotional rut right now. everything around me is falling apart, it seems. I need as much support as I can get but I just need a break from everything right now, i dont know how long i’ll be gone but i’ll put stuff in the queue regularly. if you’d still like to contact me outside of tumblr, you can send me an ask or all my forms of social media are in my about. thank you guys,

i think i’ll be back around the 13th

anonymous asked:

nice to see you're back, thilk! iirc you took a hiatus? how have you been? :D

hey anon, i guess you could call it a hiatus yeah. i think the reason i left was mostly because tumblr was no longer improving my life so there was no real reason to stay.
during my leave from tumblr, i took some steps towards improving my life, dropping bad habits, picking up good ones, etc. after a while i figured i did kind of miss my time on tumblr, so now im back to try to figure out how i can make tumblr add to my life in a positive way. for now im trying posting about minecraft but i might try other things if i end up not liking it.