Your passions give you strength. And through strength you gain power. You’ve seen it, you feel it.You must break your chains.

I wish there were women only coffee shops like I wanna study in a coffee shop w out being stared at by creeps who are formulating how to start a convo with me u know? like also being surrounded by women is comforting and like if u needed a hair tie like everyone would be like “here ya go!” or like if u needed menstrual products they’d probs be provided for free and like maybe if ur on ur period you get free chocolate or pastries with ur drink order. I just rly wish there were more spaces where women could feel safe. 

WestAllen Honeymoon Headcanons

1. Consistent with this idea before, Barry and Iris visit several different cities on their honeymoon, because Iris couldn’t pick a single place when she was browsing a top ten honeymoon destination list before the wedding, and Barry loves her that much that he promised he would take her to every city on the list. Iris had bitten back a smile at the suggestion, and Barry had smirked because he knew she wanted to say yes, but didn’t want to seem too eager. “Won’t that be expensive?” Iris had pulled herself together sensibly to ask, always the practical one to ground Barry when he gets too caught up in romance (and she was trying to hide that she loved the idea). Barry had pointed out that they’ve been putting money aside for an epic honeymoon anyway, and they save on time and airfare with his speed, so, “Why not have the kind of unique honeymoon that only someone married to The Flash could have?” he wiggles his eyebrows cockily. Iris beams at him: she’s sold.

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justhanderspositive  asked:

I look at it a certain way. As someone who has sought lgbt+ relationships in a lot of media. Sormik can't really be 'fetishized' all that much. And let me explain why. Sorey and Mikleo have a Colloyd type relationship. Colloyd is childhood friends, sweet to the point of sappy gooey relationship. Sormik fits this in a lot of ways, despite their ONE fight all game. Sorey is very innocent, almost clueless. Mikleo hides his feelings and yet cares so much about Sorey. (part 1)

Now if I compare this to other popular lgbt+ couples in media. We have Sorey and Mikleo who on all accounts had a pretty good childhood, got along, and are healthy. And we’re getting other couples that are good in other media as well. But then I look over the past couples. Let’s for example bring Tales of ACTUAL queerbaiting Jade and Dist in Tales of the Abyss as a past couple. Dist is treated horribly by Jade, but there’s this lingering awful tension between them, and queerbaiting all over
And we can bring up Flynn x Yuri in Vesperia which was queerbaiting. But other media as well. We got Niles this year in Fire Emblem Fates, and I love Niles, but he’s a bit of a sadist, and he has a dark past, and his relationship with a male Corrin if you choose it, shows his inner darkness but also longing to be loved. Sorey and Mikleo may have some darkness to their characters, but nothing major. Sormik being ‘fetishized’ or being seen as queerbaiting, honestly seems like an insult to me.
Because I’ve seen queerbaiting, I’ve seen fetishization of lgbt+ characters. Sormik isn’t doing this, it just isn’t up front about what Sormik is. And I love Niles, don’t get me wrong, but he is a center of fetishization in Fire Emblem: Fates. [end]

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Hey, so I am really scared and the reason for that is because I lost like 30kg in weight (because I didn't love my self and I was overweight) and I want to be in a relationship with a guy. The problem is that I am uncomfortable with taking off my cloths infront of someone because of my stretch marks and basically my body is not the twinky 12pack abs that I see mostly in the LGBT pictures... Advice? ☹️

You’re not alone. As a chunky yet funky gay myself honestly it’s hard to see people with “perfect” bodies all the time and countless profiles on dating apps that say “no fats” or “take care of your body if you want to talk to me” (which is even more malicious imo) etc. I think those people are disgusting anyways and you don’t even need to talk to people like that.

 The best advice I can give you is to start complimenting yourself on things that you like about yourself (for example, I really like my beautiful legs). Like first off, congratulate yourself on that hard work of losing that weight, as I am sure it wasn’t easy. I have stretch marks too and I think they’re cute. It’s hard to give advice that basically just is like “just start liking yourself!!” but it really does come from within when you start realizing that you’re great the way you are. Don’t beat yourself up for not having a six-pack and there are sooooo many guys who don’t have that and honestly don’t give a shit about that. 

Also, through personal experience (about wanting to be in a relationship), when I lost a bunch of weight I thought I was doing it so I would be more desirable to people, but it turns out in the end that it didn’t really matter and I think I was actually just doing it for myself…and that’s a great feeling. I am soooo happy being single (except for when I have spurts of loneliness but I think that happens to everyone) and when you realize you’re doing stuff for yourself and not to please others it is a very gratifying feeling. You’ll find someone who doesn’t care about what you look like with your shirt off and they’ll love you for who you are. <3 

You can say all you want about animal programs but the shit you learn is the greatest conversation starters for example have you ever heard about the mimic octopus that can imitate 15 other species or the fact that hyenas give birth through a pseudo-penis? Also, there’s a lizard that shoots blood from its eye to protect itself. The possibilities are endless and never have I been so equipped to break the ice since my remote broke two weeks ago just as I reached Nat Geo Wild 

Aikoto Week, Day 6

What kind of things would you expect from Aigis and Makoto had he lived? What do you think their future would’ve been like?

I think they would have stayed together, and they would have made sure to live in a way that honors what they fought for and the choice Ryoji gave them. Aigis would have probably been hesitant to accept Makoto staying with her rather than finding a human girlfriend, but Makoto would have worn her down eventually.

Just like @fewrules, I totally see Aigis wanting to go to Yakushima during the break in their third year to find out more about herself and Makoto tagging along to support her (one of my favorite headcanons!). And similarly to @jinandtakaya, I see Makoto going to college (and majoring on Sociology) while being a part of the Shadow Operatives on the side. I can see Aigis either enrolling with Makoto at first (though not necessarily in the same major), if only to continue experiencing more sides of Life, or choosing to work full time with the Shadow Operatives, knowing full well that one of her sisters is out there and they may help find her. All in all, I definitely see them being the secret triumph cards of the team, and Makoto would get number ‘0’ as the ace of the team and the person who managed to seal Nyx and lived to tell the tale.

I like to think they would have moved in together either after graduation, or a few years after starting college. It’s more practical that way because they can keep each other updated and move in tandem to answer Mitsuru’s calls, and it’s also more comfortable for both; they are too used to each other’s company, and this way Aigis doesn’t have to keep up human appearances in any dorm. In the eyes of their neighbors, they are engaged—an impression neither of them bothers to correct, to the point they forget neither of them never proposed outright. They know Aigis’s I’ll never leave you goes both ways but neither of them thinks of marriage, so they just naturally ease into the situation. 

Some years down the road, once they feel the world is peaceful enough, I also see them adopting a kid (with the help of Mitsuru’s contacts, who take care of all the paperwork) and getting a pet. If it’s a boy, I can see them calling him Ryoji.  

Legends of Tomorrow set report from 25/07/16 under the cut - very mild SPOILERS, I only saw one scene and couldn’t hear most of the dialogue. I also don’t watch the show so I have no context whatsoever haha

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