Got Doctor Who #469 magazine today and I’m eye-rolling through the Moffat interview. Some bits others have already pointed out in separate posts (messing with clara, what she remembers from the other bits of herself, the characterisation of twelve, ‘good boyfriend’ eleven) but a few other things that caught my eye:

  • Not telling the other writers for series 7B that he was revising the character of Modern!Clara/Oswin/Governess!Clara until they had finished their scripts now makes it obvious why she was written so OOC or sketchily throughout (see Nightmare in Silver).
  • Matt Smith and Alex Kingston looked 'strange’ as a couple (because she was so much older than him *gasp*. Whereas Twelve and River would look like a couple). He seems to be wrestling with the idea of bringing River back, even though he acknowledges that there probably isn’t anything new he could do with her (leave her in the Eleven era please Moffat!).
  • A lot of stories under Moffat’s era focuses on the Doctor as this important figure and Moffat says “I think I quite liked it…” “And I think I probably should now stop it!”. God help us.
  • “The great thing about Doctor Who is that you can have your cake and eat it.” Erm…
  • “Why do some facts of continuity change in Doctor Who? Well, the ultimate answer is because it’s made up. It just is.” (Sounds like the Moff doth protest too much.)
  • When the Doctor slips away from his companions to go on adventures alone for hundreds of years its because the Doctor doesn’t want to see them die yet. He thinks: “I’m using them up so fast”. Using them up? Barf.