let love bleed red (preview)

Words: 1,521.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader.

Genre: Vampire!au.

Summary: She is beautiful’, Jungkook thinks, but most certainly not as beautiful as the taste he loves so much.

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alexia-prilipceanu  asked:

Hi.I was looking for a fic in which dan and phil find each other in different time periods and always end up together.They go from tribes to present day I think.It was a long oneshot.Sometimes it was platonic,other times not so much.Help,please?

The only one I can find is 

And So It Shall Be - “Do you believe in soulmates?” All lives are stories, and in every possible way, in every possible time, Dan and Phil find each other.

but it’s chaptered. There used to be another one by dannihowell but it’s been deleted :(

- Eliza

munchkinmom77  asked:

What if the baby's contract is up, and they've deleted the Instagram account as an excuse to avoid having to post pics of Freddie?

Omg I would celebrate with lots of champagne and cookies. And also, I wouldn’t be surprised. But I’m thinking it’s more to do with he crying hack and Instagram not playing along. I guess we shall see! xx

It’s been a while...

Well hello everyone… this seems to be turning into a habit of mine, saying I’ll be more committed to this blog and then disappearing not long after. Yikes. I’m going to give this another go, we’ll see how long this burst lasts and play it from ear. The only thing I can promise you guys is that I will never permanently leave or delete this blog. Thank you all for sticking through and for always supporting me after my hiatuses… You guys are amazing.

Now with that said, I think I shall get to work on some requests… While one shots are not currently open (I don’t blame you guys for requesting so many, they can be so fulfilling… sadly I am only human and do need sleep), gif imagines are open! So if you have any ideas, please send them in :)

And one more thing- I’ll be taking any and all questions/comments for the next hour. Got anything on your mind? I’ll be online.



Writing out what’s inside your heart and hitting “Post” makes it real. I think that’s why I want to delete an ugly post after it goes up. Too naked, too exposed.

I would like to have objectives for this here blog. I will think more about it this weekend. For now, though, here’s one:

Thou shall not delete posts.
Thou shall choose instead to acknowlege the material, examine thyself, and grow from the writing.
In doing so, thou shall also come to humbling, sobering insights, such as, “Why were you engaged in soul-baring discussions with a married man offline, anyhow?”
“Why didn’t you shut him down at the first indication that this was going beyond friendly banter?”

I am guilty of the crime against myself and against the woman he promised to cherish above all others. And I’m a finger pointer. Not a nice combo.

Not wallowing. I just want to start off as clear-eyed as possible, on level ground.

So over the last week i have had a few people tell me that they dont understand why i get upset about my loose skin, or that they dont think i have as much as i think i do. I understand it is people being kind but it has inspired me to share a photo of what loosing 60kgs has done to my body. Hopefully this will help me build confidence in my body and to feel comfortable showing my arms when we finally have some nice weather… OR i will delete in it about 5 minutes because i get shy and scared… we shall see!!!! Thank you to mattjosephdiaz for helping me realise that loose skin happens and not to be ashamed!

Some deleted lines should stay deleted.

Let’s see if we can start a sh**storm of controversy shall we?  I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that I am the only person in the known universe who doesn’t like the line seen in the picture above, and thinks that PJ was right to cut it.

I think it HORRIBLY oversimplifies what is an incredibly complex set of situations/circumstances and makes Thranduil (even more of) an avaricious ass - just as he is - bottom line - portrayed in the script of the movie adaptation.

Yes there are mitigation, and before I get accused of being a movie hater, no actually I LOVE the movies, I just don’t agree with the way Thranduil has been presented on the surface - though Lee Pace… F***ing perfect!

But hey ho - that’s what Fanfiction is for, right?

Something is up.

This in no way means anything concrete for Team D, but I was curious about the event in Miami that Emily tweeted and deleted about, so I did some digging.

The event is today.  It started at 12 noon eastern and ends at 8 PM.

HOWEVER, Emily tweeted at 1:30-ish eastern time that she was happy to be home in NYC, acting like she just woke up and was all thrown off from jet lag.

I’m waiting to see if any pictures come out of this event, but until they do, I think our girl is screwing with us.  And why would she need to screw with us if she’s got nothing to hide?

Why I love Wendy so much

Ok, so @powermaxwax sent me an ask (which tumblr flippin deleted while I was in the middle of formatting my answer) so I’m gonna recreate it here.

Why do you love Wendy so much?

As promised: this is what I will redirect anyone who asks this to. I follow my word.

But if that’s not enough proof of Wendy’s awesomeness, this is all (that I can think of at the moment) of the reasons that I love Wendy so much: 

(I had to put a read-more because I don’t think non-Fallers would appreciate this much badass on their dash)

  • She’s a flippin badass.
  • Despite that, and despite being a teenager, she still values her younger friends as peers and equals, never claiming that she’s better or pointing out things they have yet to do
  • She’s a female role model who is in to (and succeeds at) typically masculine activities (and does so without coming across as a “I only live for sports and can’t be seen near another girl” tomboy)
  • Despite being into manly things (and being raised by Manly Dan) she has childhood stuffed animals and isn’t afraid to cuddle with them in front of friends (Into the Bunker)
  • She’s canonically lazy and successful, which given how much pressure in every part of culture tells teens that they have to do everything perfect is incredible

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