I know this is very crazy as we haven’t known each other long but when I try to sleep without you, a part of me feels missing. You’re the first person I have met who understands me, my sense of humour, when quiet is good and calls me out when I am being a dick. It also makes me smile how the second we are parted you text me, I am usually that one, but you my darling are something else. I know earlier when I was talking about a career change because I wanted to earn more so that I could move out but then mentioned how I always wanted to live with my significant other, you didn’t freak. You just said it may be possible. You’re just someone that makes me so happy, and I think maybe I had to kiss all the frogs before I found someone who got me. What I’m trying to say is, well you’re super special to me already and I can’t wait to see what happens in the future.

… And yes, before you roll your eyes, this is me doing the hoping thing. 


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Your earlier anon talked about an interview where David mentions his favorite part on a woman is where her legs meet her ass - I remember this interview, but cannot find it. I think he even says something about "you can fit a truck under there". Am I making this up? Do you have a link/source for this interview?

It was in Playgirl. This whole interview was a gem… I can’t find the official source, but here’s the interview on a fan site.

PG: What’s your favorite part of a woman?

DD: The part like right where the back of the upper thigh turns into the rear end. It’s soft. It’s fragrant. It’s got everything you need. You could just build a house there and be happy.

Into the Void: part 1

A/N Hey ya’ll, so this is a fic I started a couple months ago and finally got around to finishing. There will def be more than 1 part but idk how long it’ll be. This part is a little over 2,000 words, but not a lot happened, so we’ll see. Let ya girl know whatchya think. -Er

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“This is dumb.” I said, looking out of Derek’s dark, tinted car window, at Beacon Hill High School. “I don’t want to go back to school.” Derek placed a hand on my shoulder and sighed. “It’s bad enough that you were missing for two years, Reilly, I can’t have people questioning it because they see you running around town. As far as they know, you’ve been staying with our aunt in Oregon since the fire…” He trailed off when he mentioned the fire our family had passed away in two years earlier. When I found out, something inside of me snapped and I transformed into a full wolf. I took off immediately afterwards, but had recently just returned to look for my brother. I rolled my eyes at him at how stupid and unbelievable his story sounded. “It’s either school or back to the woods.” He smiled his ‘I know I’m right’ smile. I hate to admit it, but he was right. Running off was a bad decision. It’s dangerous to be a lone wolf without a pack. Being alone signifies weakness- you either get dragged into another pack or you get killed. After a minute of hesitation, I snatched my backpack from the floor by my feet and threw the car door open. I slammed the door shut as Derek rolled down the window. “Reilly.” I turned around and met my brothers stern gaze. “Be careful and let Scott help you if you need it,” he instructed. I gave him a half smile before turning back to the brick box that towered over me. With a sigh, I walked on up the cement stairs and pushed through the large, iron doors.

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‘I believe her’. That was my first thought. And I still believe some of her claims if someone may notice (and I beg nobody did. lol) that I never used any hashtags to support Johnny because I don’t know if he’s innocent or not. So I decide to just looking for the facts, talking about this story with sensible reasons and facts. However, as I read more and more of her accuasations, more and more of those leaked incident that spreading through the media all over the internet, less and less I believe her. I don’t think he’s no capable of being abusive because everyone can be abusive. And as mentioned earlier, I believe some of her claims, but I don’t think she’s 100% innocent as she and her camp want others to believe. I wasn’t there. I know neither of them personally. But from what I’ve seen, I can’t help but think that she’s being exaggerated here.

From her court document :

But…this is from a blogger that met them in Singapore last year. Of course, someone who can’t question her husband’s authority or disagree with him would act out that she wasn’t pleased with the delay because her husband just wanted to stop and take a picture with his fan.

And here’s a video from last year at Haneda Airport, Japan. Johnny wanted to greet his fans, but his (soon-to-be-ex) wife pulled him back, so he had to ask for her permission by pointing to a little girl that was waiting for him in the crowd. She has been a woman who can’t question her husband’s authority in entirety of their relationship, yet she can decide whether or not her husband can give his autographs to fans. And I noticed this since that day, but because I really loved them as a couple so I just left it there.
And I also notice that the same things happen almost every occasions.

These are from Overhaulin’. Are these look like something that a woman who can’t question her husband’s authority would do? I know she hit him in a playful mood. But if, even in the playful mood, he was the one who hit her, would people still think that it’s okay to do this? And imagine if she did this in an opposite mood, is it still okay to do it?

And this was last year. Johnny didn’t finish talking with his friends, but Amber pulled him to follow her when she left.

This is from Elizabeth Cline, she is a published writer for ACityzine, Sphinex Magazine, EK One and InsideKent Magazine, and has worked for several projects and studios. even though I myself have a doubt if this is true or not but anyway.

As mentioned above, He can be abusive, but it’s clearly that it’s not ‘during the entirety of their relationship’.

UPDATE: Sugar Free

As I have already mentioned in an earlier post, I am taking refined sugars and artificial sweeteners out of my diet. When I first made this switch I was a little bit skeptical as to whether I would be able to succeed. However, I have good news: It has been extremely easy for me to do this. Throughout the weekend, when I was working at the cafe, I didn’t give into the temptation of eating all the delicious baked goods (as I usually do), even though there was a strawberry swirl cheesecake! 

Part of what I think has made it so easy for me is that I am not doing this as a punishment. When I was younger I would get mad at myself post binge and be like “that’s it, no more candy… EVER”… But of course that only lasted 15 minutes. Now it is different because I am doing it for my health. I want to feel better and have more energy. I keep reading articles about the effects of it and you never find a bad side effect of giving up processed sugar. 

Now, for anyone else who might be interested in trying this out I’ll give you the basics of what I eat in a day (be warned: I also don’t consume gluten or dairy). 

  • Breakfast: 2 medium eggs scrambled, 1 cup of oatmeal (rolled or steel cut oats), 2 servings of fruit, 2 cups of water (I like to add lemon to my water, it helps my skin clear up because I’m 21 and still get a ton of zits).
  • Coffee Break: Black coffee, a green apple with some PB (read the label to make sure it is sugar free, I think my PB is Kirkland brand)
  • Lunch: Spinach salad with tons of veggies (tomato, cucumber, carrots, sprouts, beets, avocado) and a balsamic dressing (make sure to read the label to make sure there is no added sugar to the balsamic, then just mix it with some olive oil)
  • Snack: Some veggies with humus (make sure you read the label)
  • Dinner: Chicken breast with a mixed greens salad
  • Dessert: A serving of whatever fruit I can find around the house. 

Remember: the first few days will be the hardest, and you won’t see any changes over night. Give it a solid month before you decide whether it is for you or not!

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Hey, I'm not sure if you've heard but they've cast a new Lucifer, do you know why they wouldn't just recast MP again as Lucifer? Like don't get me wrong, I liked Misha's performance & all, but I just think it would kind of ruin Lucifer as a character, not to mention the plot holes like strong vessel, demon blood etc (cas didn't need that, since he was an angel & the vessel was for him).


Yes, I read something about it earlier today! I honestly don’t know why, I have to admit that I’m not keeping up with S12 news that closely. :p 

From the looks of MP’s twitter I’d say that it wasn’t his choice to leave though…

About plot holes; they’ll probably just let Buckleming write the episode where he’s introduced, and we’ll all just go “oh well, that explains” like we always do, and move on. *shrugs*

Daiya no Ace Act II Chapter 42: What Are You Doing?

What are you doing?

That title really sums everything up happening in this chapter, and most importantly Eijun’s feelings towards Furuya’s lackluster performance. Okay, let’s start from the beginning.

Damn, giving up 5 (five) runs? In one inning? That is definitely the worst performance Furuya has to date, and if I recall correctly it is also the worst performance of Seidou’s pitcher. I don’t think Sawamura or Kawakami has given up so many runs in their turn, more so in one inning.

That’s… kinda huge. From Furuya’s expression, it seems only then it truly sinks in that despite his burning determination, he can’t perform as well as he should. It painfully reminds me of Eijun back when he cannot throw inside. I’ve mentioned this before in (much) earlier chapter, the fire in his eyes is still there, but somehow he just can’t pitch the way he wants to. 

Does Furuya have yips?

I cannot find the exact definition of yips, but one article describe the players who suffer from it “They start to judge themselves. They start to tense themselves up. The end result is that the ball is not going where it’s supposed to go.”

*insert various cuss words here*

I don’t want to get through that again. It’s enough to see Eijun suffering through those dark days, I don’t want to see Furuya enduring that too. 

Regardless, the similarity is uncanny. 

Furuya taken off from the mound only to be replaced by Eijun is much like when Eijun taken off the mound only to be replaced by Furuya who went on to perform his best when Eijun was at his worst during practice game against Yakushi. If Eijun ends up turning the game around with bases loaded and behind by three runs, it’ll be a perfect parallel with their positions switched.

I feel for you, Eijun. I can see where he is coming from. He has endured being set aside in favor of the ace and accepted that Furuya is the better/needed pitcher, then Furuya goes and gives a performance unworthy of the ace. It feels like a slap to the face. He knows Furuya can do better, he has seen him do better. So, it’s no wonder that Eijun is so mad at Furuya right now. Still, I am so proud how well he takes it. He is undeniably angry and disappointed, but still thinks positively of Furuya. He remains understanding that his rival performs badly not by choice and guesses that Furuya is struggling with something. 

Eijun does not hide his feelings (it won’t be Eijun if he does), but he does not lose sight of what is important. He still has his head in the game. Right now, Furuya is aiming too high and too far that he loses sight of what is right in front of him. Being the kind of pitcher he is (and the yips), Eijun learns to take small, sure steps instead of huge, uncertain leap and savor each success as it comes. He learns to accept what he can do now while still looking beyond. 

I am really, really, really proud of you, Eijun. Even Miyuki looks completely taken aback with your first pitch. You have always performed beyond expectations.

…And is it just me or is it a repeated pattern whenever Furuya is not up to par, Eijun is always the one to make up for it? I can’t recall Kawakami being called in to sub in for Furuya. (Though I kinda want to see Kawakami saving the day)

It does sort of speak of Coach Kataoka high regard for Eijun by always choosing Eijun to put in in difficult and tense situation, but at the same time, this is the same person who chose Furuya to be the closer for Fall tournament finals despite consistent and reliable performance from Eijun and didn’t seem to play Eijun much in Koshien even only to gain experience. Back then I tried to reason for the first that he just wanted to finish the final as quickly as possible, especially with Miyuki injured and the latter that Eijun didn’t perform well with him slipping and falling in his first official game, but this is the man who constantly gives chances to his players to prove themselves. 

Since Act II started, I have the impression he does not give as much chances to Eijun as before while he has shown to be more reliable and consistent than before. He is as bad as Miyuki by giving more chances (priority) to Furuya. Yup, Furuya is the ace, but he won’t be the ace he is now without the rivalry he has with Eijun. Kataoka is the one who points that out so he should have known that better than anyone that paying attention to Eijun will do Furuya good, and most importantly, the team good by having two ace-level pitchers.

It is an odd role reversal that Coach Ochiai (Ochiai everyone! The Ochiai who didn’t think much of Eijun and thought the team should revolve around the ace! I am still wrapping my head around that) who still has clear sight of everything and holds true to Kataoka’s own principle whom the very person fails to hold up. For the first time, I see the coach openly and obviously favor one player above the team (he shows favor but never above the team, his favor that often appears as a gamble tends to pay off for the team, but not this time). I wonder why.

We did see him reading notebooks of the players in the team that reveal their innermost thoughts and feelings. He might have the best understanding of his players, including Furuya. He was shown to be affected by Furuya’s in particular. My speculation is that he sees more of himself in Furuya, him being ace pitcher himself and having to carry the team and failing after Koshien win. It is understandable that he might unconsciously root for Furuya and forgets to be fair and neutral if that is the reason. But well, that’s still (wild) speculation.. I am probably seeing things that aren’t there :D I am an Eijun fan, so yeah I might be biased however much I try not to be. XDD

Then again, we’ll be seeing former Seidou and Kataoka’s coach, so maybe I am not so far off mark that we’ll understand the coach and his reasons better?

Another great chapter to look forward to. I bow to you Terajima-sensei, and reliablesenpai for the translation.

I am up to discussing this chapter! I think it’ll be nice if we can use the reply feature in this post so we can involve more people. 

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Oh anon, I’m so sorry, I didn’t see your ask earlier D:

And yes, Arieto, I know its kind awkward since they didn’t have so much interaction but I started to think in them as a ship in the end of TG. I love the “opposites who attract each other” and since they’re (aren’t anymore :/) like pillars, the most powerful characters but in the opposites sides I liked the idea of them being together.

Both character were mentioned in the first part and just appeared in the end, Arima with all the glory as the CCG’s prodigy and Eto for her father’s narration, as the One Eyed Owl and also as Takatsuki Sen, and for Eto all of that in negative ways, the exactly opposite that Arima.

Two big plot twists, the revelation of the owl and the “death of Kaneki” was showed in the end, it was the determination of the two bases, which is against each other but is extremely important for the narrative.

I love, love how Arima is so monochromatic, disciplined, silent and Eto is colorful, insane and depreciate others all the time and how much they’re impress all the persons around them. They are gods (he was forced and she is after it), he represents the order and she represents the chaos, both mythological creatures that were condemned to fight eternally. And even if all that antagonism that’s already the possibility they know each other and is collaborating in secret, the way Eto says “You’re here” with Arima’s apprehensive expression, in a way or other they’re connected and they know this.

Aaaand, I think Arima is the one that can really deal with Eto, not exactly about strength, but also psychologically.

Sorry if it’s turned kind big, this is just my thoughts XD

At first I thought about not doing the whole introducing yourself thing, but I thought why the heck not :3

My name is Sujitra, but you can call me Rosey! If you knew me for a long time, then you would know that my humor tends to get really dark or just plain old random and silly. 

I love watching animes and cartoons, and I tend to have ideas based off a few of them.

My favorite Vocaloid character is Rin-chan! (Mostly because I love characters with bows), and I love making Len a tsundere (and a yandere).

Even though I’m pretty shy when it comes to talking to people, especially new people, I don’t mind talking to anyone and being friends, so you’ll have to excuse me if I’m not much of a conversation starter :3

I’m currently 17 and I’m like 5′7″ (I like feeling tall, especially when I’m with my boyfriend because he’s a bit shorter than me :3)

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I keep seeing people saying that everyone did shots before the panel?

Like that’s fine and all (even though that’s illegal considering there are multiple cast members there who aren’t of age by US law) but the fact that these shippers are literally blaming Sophie’s comments on her being DRUNK is ridiculous. You think that girl can’t handle her liquor enough to be that tipsy after a shot of vodka? Please. Not to mention she’s been shipping Sansa and Petyr and wanted them on the throne since season four like lmao y’all, pull the wool further over your eyes, maybe you’ll find the darkness u belong in


As promised, here’s those eyes from the earlier teaser. These are conversion of @pralinesims‘s Eyes 95, also called “Eleth”. Like I mentioned earlier the shine wasn’t cooperating with me so I had to make my own but I think it turned out decent enough. Comes in insane 91 colors, all are pictured in the swatch.

Download Praline 95 Eyes Eleth “conversion” from Simfileshare / Mediafire

Credits & other info:

  • PralineSims for the original eyes
  • Sclera is mix of Pooklet’s sclera and Ephemera’s sclera
  • colors are the original 40 from Praline and rest were recolored with Trapping’s, mine, Pooklet’s and Aweeshie’s actions.
  • Comes in geneticized and custom flavor, only install one.

Hair will be uploaded later, I need to fix something about the mesh first.

DBZ - Luck is in Soul at Home - Luck 11 Page 15 by RedViolett

Lol… Oh Vegeta, that woman is your personal doom, I swear ^^“
Anyway, I think Bulma sometimes forgots (and even we…) that he´s still an alien and not so used to our idioms etc´s. I mentioned it maybe earlier in this comic but it´s always a little detail I want to build into my stories as well.
Hope you like so far, next follows asap.

Yours Red

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hi :) can you do a reaction a BTS reaction when they say you (idol) are their ideal type and they get to meet you ?

Seokjin: I think he’d probably hide the fact that you were his ideal type. He’d be ridiculously polite- if you debuted earlier, he’d explain how he was a massive fan of yours and mention his favourite song. If you debuted later, he’d be caring and offer a lot of advice to you. He’d imprint himself in your mind as the perfect gentleman, and you’d slowly find yourself thinking about himself more and more. (can you tell I love him omg) 

Yoongi: I think he’d actually be the smoothest. He’d go straight up to you and introduce himself and explain that he was a fan of yours. I see his ideal type as someone with a passion for music, so he’d probably suggest a duet or feature in the future, wanting to spend a little more time with you. 

Hoseok: I think he’d act a little different to his image and become a little more serious. He’d want to prove that he was Actual Boyfriend Material™ and would show a lot of interest in you. As you got closer, he’d release his fun side and would probably ask to do a dance collab and dance alongside you.  

Namjoon: Surprisingly, I don’t think he’d act all ~swag~ but would actually be pretty shy. If he ever met his ideal type in real life, he’d smile so massively to show his dimples. He’d gradually release his cuteness (like his adorable clumsiness) to attract you, whether subconsciously or knowingly. 

Jimin: He’d have such a wide smile all around, knowing that his eye smile was one of his most attractive features. He’d giggle a lot as well, frequently alternating between a cold city guy and a cute neighbour. I think he’d be incredibly flustered, but would be the best at hiding it. 

Taehyung: I think he’d try to become your friend first, because he’d want to be cautious. Sure, you were his ideal type, but often dreams and reality don’t coincide. He’d want to make sure he really felt attracted to you, and not your media personality. 

Jungkook: Ensue awkwardness. There’s no doubt about it, he wouldn’t even look you in the eye whilst the rest of the group were introducing themselves. You’d probably think that he hated you because of how cold he was acting and it would take another member to whisper to you that he was just shy. 

im not sure if this has been pointed out before but i thought it was interesting .. im not entirely sure wat this may hint at but i thought it was worth mentioning

take a good look at this photo, esp in the top right corner. thats the date & it reads “03/09″. given the format neither of these numbers seem 2 represent the year which is unfortunate, however they do represent a month & a date

the thing we need 2 figure out is which is which. i think its v likely that this is a mm/dd format. how do i figure ?? well, in the united states the most common format for days is month day, year. this applies to numbers as well. this would mean this photo was taken on the 9th of march in an unknown year.

another thing to suggest this date is, when the bears were chasing after the raccoon, it started to rain.

the date format mentioned earlier makes a lot of sense if the 03 stood for the month ((which would be march)) as march is a spring season and it tends to rain a lot during spring, moreso than during other seasons.

its also worth noting that san francisco’s rainy seasons usually lasts from november to april. even when there r minor deviations ((such as the season lasting until march)), march still gets caught during the rainy season most of the time. its not concrete evidence but it definitely is enough to strengthen the march theory

the last thing i want 2 point out is the environment. if the photo was taken during september, the environment would probably be a bit different. though the bears r mainly surrounded by evergreens in the photo, there are glimpses of non-evergreen trees. these trees dont appear to be dying & their leaves r very green and plentiful. if it were autumn, at this point in time the leaves definitely would’ve gotten rather far into turning brown and falling off the trees.

other than the trees, the environment still looks lively, even the grass. not to mention, september generally isn’t under san fran’s usual rainy season

from this were able to conclude that the bears had discovered the cave on March 8th and moved into it the following morning on March 9th. the only thing we still dont kno is the year.

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Sam's definitely in Scotland. A video on IG shows him doing Muay Thai fighting in the gym. I'm dying as he is really sweaty and his muscles are bulging!!! 😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

I think someone else mentioned that but it’s a repost from earlier in the week (still an excellent video of Sam - go watch it! Everyday Athlete’s IG!)

It honestly does not matter in the slightest where he is.  Here, there, on the moon, under the sea, Sam is where Sam needs to be.  It isn’t of the slightest consequence to us :)

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I've seen a lot of people complaining about the Mysterio fight and Spidey, but I've not seen anyone post tips about him. Spider-Man is useless against Toxic, which is what Mysterio is. If you're P2P, use 2099. He can one-shot Mysterio up to streak 4 (had to hit him twice then). If you're F2P, your best bet is to stockpile items and wait for Gwen. She can one-shot him as well. Using Spidey allows Mysterio to do double damage against your team so best not to send him at all.

I think someone had mentioned he was toxic earlier so Spidey alone is useless against him, but it got lost. Thanks for the tip! Adding to the masterpost tag. :)

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Can you please tell us about the strange experiences you mentioned earlier?! 👻👹☠

Oh sure no problem, I’m surprised you’re interested actually aha.

I suffer from sleep paralysis. Basically sometimes I’ll wake up but still be in R.E.M cycle I guess? I’m not exactly sure, but usually it just goes that I’ll be awake but can’t move my body or open my eyes. Usually like thinking about moving my body kinda works?

But anyways, usually it just starts and ends there. I can’t move and eventually can. But on two occasions I had weird experiences happen. The first one I can’t remember so much but I remember feeling like I was being dragged off the bed. Then I woke up and was so terrified. The second time was what made me super scared. I remember hearing actual whispers while stuck in this state of sleep paralysis. And felt like I saw something? But idk cause my eyes were closed. And then when I woke up I felt an overwhelming sadness, and some weird ass feeling like it was my grandfather? Like a intuition I guess. Anyways, yeah those are my experiences. It’s not something super crazy but ever since then I haven’t been able to sleep with the TV off. Because it emits light and some noise I haven’t had the experiences recently. And those instances happened about a year or two ago. Also lately I’ve been falling asleep like early mornings anyways haha.

Heres a video that my friend in college showed me about another person explaining their sleep paralysis experience and she does a really good job of explaining it, better than I can. It’s a bit scary though, maybe don’t watch it to late?