Apriltello vs. Capril

If you please, allow me to explain why I think that Donnie, despite his tendency to be creepy in the past, still has a better shot with April than Casey does. 

I’ll mainly be focusing here on the interactions between Casey and April.

This may get lengthy, because I have alot of feels. So I’ll put this under a ‘read more’ so as not to spam those of you who don’t care. :) 

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Princess Marie is this month’s cover model of Costume and they have asked her 13 quick questions. Read here when she laughs the most, and what amazes her most:

In Costumes November issue you can read a great interview with Princess Marie. Here she tells us, among other things, the challenges of life as a princess, and how she can miss the anonymity, and just walk around without makeup and having messy hair. I will soon have the interview up and translated, so you may read it. Get a sneak peak here, where Costume has asked Marie 13 quick questions.

The first thing I think of when I get up is: "to kiss my children.“

It makes me happy: "when people around me are happy.”

I laugh the most when: "oh, there are SO many times, I laugh. I just laughed with my husband, but when my girl, Athena, repeat something I said, it’s really fun. “

Prince Joachim is: "my soulmate.”

I feel the most comfortable in: "jeans and T-shirt.“

I would never put on: "one should never say never.”

My children are: “my absolute pride.”

I can not sit still when I listen to: “Alors on dance by Stromae.”

I could have dug myself down when: "I held my first Danish speech.“

It makes me sad: "when people do not understand each other.”

It amazes me that: "people bother to read SE & HØR.“

The Danes are: "happy.”

I dream: “as everyone else. About the Prince.”



This initially was supposed to be a response to Squisherific’s and Kanarenee’s posts, but Tumblr did not behave and I lost it twice. In a nutshell, I said the following:

I may be in the minority of Gruvia shippers, but I really don’t think canon soon is a bad thing and here is why:

Sure, I like the tease, tension, and build-up of shipping. It peaks my interest and keeps me going. I’d like to see it last a little bit longer. However, in my years as a shipper, I have also found enjoyment of my ships being canon as well in some cases. I truly believe that Mashima-sensei can pull it off, and I think that Gruvia has the ability to be just as interesting in a relationship due to distinct personalities. Imagine the two of them trying to navigate their different levels of comfort when it comes to expressing emotions. Imagine Gray trying to keep “cool” when he is in love. Imagine Juvia attempting to tone down. Yeah, there’s still room for humor. As long as Mashima-sensei doesn’t shove early canon couples on the back burner like in Rave, it could actually be nice.

I’ve noticed in forums that even nonshippers considered the moment to have romantic implications. A lot have already said its past time for them to “get together already.” I don’t really agree, and I know the Japanese enjoy the humor of the chase. I guess it all depends on whether sensei is tired of writing it.

I can also see how this could possibly fit in for character development at this part in the story. With Gray we have someone who has gained power in the past from the grief of losing those he loved, but the demons still followed. Gray has gotten into deep shit before when hyperfocused; Juvia can keep him grounded. More importantly, perhaps love is the piece that he needs to finally be at peace with a tortured past. That peace and love came from a girl who was eternally tortured by loneliness before Gray stopped her rain.

Canon or not, I feel like Juvia and Gray are going to be companions for the rest of the series. I would not be shocked if Juvia gains the ability to freeze her water and provide energy for Gray. Moreover, their teamwork, compatible magic, and unspoken bond speak volumes. If Nakama power is strong and Juvia’s power of love is strong, I can only imagine the power of reciprocal love to be mind blowing.

Do I think it’s going to happen soon? I’m not totally sure, but I think it may within the year. The Tartaros Arc, 413 days chapter, the moment in 416 without fluff or comedy, Gray’s magazine, Juvia’s magazine being released around Valentine’s Day, 413 days being animated on Valentine’s, and sensei openly retweeting Gruvia things tells me we are building up for the last push to canon. As I’ve said before, I believe the GMG rejection was slamming on the breaks to delay canon. I have a feeling he’s about to proceed forward developing a bit of romance in Fairy Tail, and with the amount we’ve gotten compared to other ships, we very well may be the first of the “big 4”.

There’s still a little way Mashima could go on the build-up, but with so much going on in the story, I don’t know if he will dedicate that much time to developing Gray’s side. In all likelihood, time skip or not, we won’t see implicit canon, but a period where we aren’t really sure what their relationship is. I think time will tell, especially if a time skip comes in play. For certain though, I don’t think he will off panel canon them in a timeskip without a flashback or explanation. Whenever it happens, I do want to see it. What is for certain is that he can’t really go back to the previous dynamic after the chapter we just saw.

Whether 416 is viewed from a romantic standpoint or not, Gray’s icy shell around his heart cracked and Juvia was there to pick up the pieces. That means something.