“Why do you keep waiting on him?” she asked me. She brushed my tear-soaked hair out of my face.

“I think it’s because if I give up on him, if I give up on my first love, then my belief in love will be shattered. It’s like, I thought love would conquer all. So if I stop waiting for him—if I stop waiting for him to come back, then love is breakable,” I told her. My eyes were still welling with tears. “I don’t want love to be breakable. I don’t want my heart to become pessimistic. I want love to be forever, and I want forever to be with him.”

—  excerpt from an unfinished book // “breaking up is hard to do”

For this one I had an old russian cosmonaut suit front view photograph as reference, used a soft brush to block the proportions and pose, then a sharper brush for the lines. For studies I copy the photograph for practice but for stuff like this I don’t copy the pose or angle in the photo, instead I rotate it and change it, add some of my own designs and think about the form, shapes and flow. It’s a cool mind/creativity exercise to do. -Gabo

ok scary story time i suppose

cos shit man am i scared

i think i was just in a horror film and i felt like i was gonna get stabbed to death. i went to down to brush my teeth and since it’s 6 am and no one’s up, it’s still dark around the apartment and i brought my phone as a flashlight. anyway so when i’d brushed my teeth and opened the door to walk out of the bathroom, i heard voices from the living room. it’s still dark in there so that’s already creepy as it is. since i have to walk by the entrance to the living room on my way up the stairs i stood outside and recorded this.

it’s probably a toy or something that’s lying on a button but like how did that happen when no one’s been in there for five hours and it JUST started making noise when i was in the living room? dude i ain’t going back out there i recorded this and ran up the stairs, locked my door and now i’m not going out until someone else’s taken care of whatever that thing is.

safe to say i’m not gonna be able to sleep. hahahahaha ha. :)

Tayvin Fanfic

Taylor’s Point of View
I sat alone on the floor of my living room, notebook in lap and pen pressed lightly between my pursed lips. My mind was spinning one thousand times a second as I fastened my icy blue eyes on the blank page before me. There were so many things that I wanted to say, and infinitely many ways it could go wrong if I didn’t piece them together in just the right way. I gently brushed my blond hair behind my ear, thinking the situation over one more time. Mixed emotions flooded over me - sadness that someone would say that kind of thing, disappointment and regret that I had ever forgiven him, and anger that he would betray me like he did. I gripped my pencil firmly between my pointer and index fingers and pressed it to the clean white page. “Kanye-” I scrawled on the top line.
The lock abruptly clicked in the next room over, and the door was jarred open swiftly and quickly. My eyes darted upwards towards the front door, reality flooding back to me. “Hello?” I stood up, brushing off my sweatpants and meticulously placing my journal back on the coffee table next to my favorite mug. Startled, Meredith leapt from the couch, nudging my legs. I reached down to pet her before I heard someone taking off their coat and boots in the foyer. Sleep deprived, I stumbled through the archway wistfully.
“Babe?” My face lit up at the sound of Adam’s voice. “What are you doing up so late?”. I read the small antique clock by the door; 2:07. “ I just got out of the studio, you should be in bed”. I always loved how serious he got when it came to my well being. He furrowed his brow, as if in deep concern. Parting my lips in a slight grin, I let out a giggle, pulling Adam in by his shirt collar. His warm body brushed up against mine and I gazed into his deep blue-green eyes. I felt comfort in the way he looks at me - like I’m his whole world. “I missed you.”, I whispered, my lips barely grazing his cheek. He smiled, “I missed you, too”. He brushed my hair behind my ear and pulled me in closer, his soft lips meeting mine. I found safety in the way Adam treated me so gently, and I loved how he desperately tried to shield me from harm, like I was some sort of innocence that he didn’t want to corrupted. I wondered if he had heard about Kanye yet - he must’ve. Someone had to have told him. I can’t imagine how mad he must be.
“Did you hear?” I stuttered, studying his features intently.
Adam’s toothy grin dropped immediately, his jaw clenching. I could tell he was trying to refrain himself. “There’s no way to avoid it,” he growled. He reminded me of a little kid when he was mad. “If I could just-”
“Adam.” I warned him, “we both know that saying something will only make the situation worse.” His eyes were still fixated on my lips.
“I know that” he grumbled, as if convincing himself more than anyone else. “I’m just worried about you,” he ran his hand gently down my arm. “Can I make you feel better?” He wrapped his arms around waist, kissing my neck. I felt his heavy breath and his smooth, warm skin. I ran my fingers through his hair, the corners of my lips tilting slightly upwards. I grabbed his tough hand, intertwining our fingers. “I can’t say no to that.”


February 12 & 13: Teaching Myself to Draw

Yesterday I went to the botanical gardens and took my sketchbook. I did some, very, rough sketches of tree trunks and shapes. Nothing special, but I wanted to stay in the habit.

Today I painted a tree in Photoshop. I’m pretty happy with it. Next time I may not use quite as soft a brush on the trunk. I’m not sure about the brush I used for the leaves. It kind of makes the tree look blurry. I think it would work better for background brush than something that’s supposed to be the focus. Still, I like this better than my first attempt at a tree.

I also worked on a portrait. I need to practice drawing faces digitally more, because this was much more difficult than with pencil. Tomorrow she’s getting a body.

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Taylor stans are literally the most whiney, ignorant and annoying. These people cant tolerate that ppl can have Other opinions than theirs

ok like i like taylor and i am friends with a lot of her fans but to me personally, the taylor swift fandom is really fucked up because they like to place themselves in a bubble away from everyone who doesn’t think that taylor is perfect in every way. they can’t take any criticism about taylor and they just brush it all off as hate. like i spent hours with my bff making costumes and posters for her shows because i love her but i do realise that she’s just like everyone else, a person, and she does fuck up sometimes and when that happens we should call her out for it so we can learn. even some of my close friends who are taylor swift fans are annoying and attack me when i bring up some bad and annoying stuff she’s done, just idk its a mess, they need to stop sending me death threats and attacking me over nothing

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Okay so my dream bellarke confrontation starts with both getting really angry, maybe Clarke is judging Bellamy's choices, trying to argue with him about it, and he brushes her off at first and tries to walk away because he doesn't want to deal with her, and she's all like "don't you walk away [from this conversation]" and then whirls around and is like "why can't I. How many times have you walked away Clarke". And then that leads into this whole argument which ends with the hug. Sigh.

I don’t think Clarke will necessarily initially judge him. I think she’ll want to try to understand him and his decisions because she’s always been able to before. I can see Bellamy trying to push her away by saying angrily that it doesn’t matter and her responding that it matters to her. Then he could go off on her for leaving or that it didn’t matter enough to her to come home when he tried to get her to or whatever, but mostly I think he’d probably just blurt out the truth in the end. Just unload completely and she’d be stunned at everything he’s been through without her and realize how much better it would have been if they’d dealt with everything together rather than trying to deal with it separately. And then maybe she could apologize for running away and for leaving him to take care of things and I would LOVE for her to tell him that she won’t be leaving again.  Which, of course, could lead to the tearful hug.

I think I could remember your love in a thousand different ways. I always start with remembering you as pain. I always have that initial drop-gut feeling, where I remember sobbing into pillow sheets, sobbing into your old t-shirts, sobbing into the phone.

But after? I remember our love in light. I remember guilty teasing and lips that brushed and your hand in mine. I remember our love in the steady beat of your heart under my ear. Your shampoo smell in my clothes. I think the crinkles you get by your eyes when you smile are imprinted into the back of my brain. I remember our love as heat, as skimming fingertips and whispering “I love you’s" into your throat and your palm and your mouth. I remember our love like as if it was tattooed into my skin.

I hope you remember our love in light. I hope you don’t remember me in drunken voicemails and angry words thrown at closed doors or in the taste of another girl’s mouth. I hope you remember me in light the way I remember you in sunshine. I know that I loved you with a fire in my heart that needed to announce its love to every inch of your skin, but maybe you’ve always been burned out.

—  You told me you’d remember us in all our best parts, and then you forgot to remember.

I think this is my first drawing of the year omg, one thing after another happened, tablet broke… phone broke … so all my hobbies pretty much just stopped in that first week of January, despite my tablet still being broke, i powered on through this drawing lol 

sometimes you fall down in life and it sucks!!!!!! like it’s actually terrible but… hey. u gotta get back up champ bc u r a STAR. in other words, i have fallen down recently and this is how i plan on getting back up. bc i am a star.

starting easy

  • clean your room bc outer peace brings inner peace
  • clean yourself bc outer peace brings inner peace and this means removing your makeup washing your face brushing your teeth combing your hair wearing nice-smelling clothes
  • drink a glass of water because hydration. important.
  • play a happy song like rlly whatever u want that makes u happy and want to dance
  • i know this might sound hard but like u got this i believe in u

moving on

  • ok this is hard part but u still got this love
  • think about everything that is wrong literally like EVERYTHING but maybe not everything bc maybe it will stress you out but maybe writing it will be cathartic whatever works for u
  • find solutions for those problems
    • i know i make it sound super easy and i know it’s actually really hard but usually u know what the solution is just something is holding u back
    • so rlly decide that that is the solution
    • tell urself, “this is how i am going to fix this”
  • to make this very hard and difficult step, please be nice to yourself by listening to cool tunes and rocking eyeliner
  • it rlly helps
  • organising your thoughts is also useful bc organisation
    • i have heard a bullet journal is rlly gr8 for this because like u get to plan ur days but also write random crap that’s not actually random crap but instead very good crap like “how to cheer up when sad” it’s all there in one notebook !!! radical eh

the step where you get back up

  • set urself up for success by sleeping early and waking up early bc sleep is like soooOo important u have no idea
  • exercise bc endorphins and all that good stuff and drink water and eat yo vegetables
  • do the shit that u planned to do in the previous step even if it’s hard i know it’s hard life is hard but u r hardier u r a star

stay on track

  • k so a lot of ppl r like “discipline > motivation” which i 100% agree but like motivation is also nice
  • have someone believe in u/someone u can talk to and be ur ray of sunshine like this is rlly helpful
  • find a purpose for whatever u want to do like what is ur reason for going through the shitty path of life and choosing this hard decision
  • typical motivational quotes like idk about u but i fall for those every single time
  • pep talk urself and fake enthusiasm even if u don’t want to like isn’t it radical how the only person holding u back is u

forgive yourself

  • ur life will go on track and then back off again!!! bc u r a human and humans make mistakes
  • don’t u get all mopey on urself and be like “i have ruined my life” like stop being so dramatic tough love ik but like U R ALIVE AND THAT MEANS U GTA KEEP KICKIN AT SMTHING
  • u can mope for a bit and when u do mope mope ur heart out like cry and use tissues and whatever u need but like limit ur moping period bc u need to move on
  • bad things will happen to u bc life and no matter how much ppl want to help u only u can rlly help urself
  • ur life ur decisions. forgive urself and start over again (refer to beginning of this post)

fun little reminders

  • u have the most beautiful smile
  • my inbox is always open if u need a pep talk and i will always fight ur negativity with my jaw-dropping, amazing, radiant positivity
  • u! r! a! star!!!!11!11!!1111!!!!!!!!3
  • cake makes everything better
  • leonardo dicaprio is still single
  • i love u unless ur mean don’t be mean plS
  • <3
The Signs as Things I Have Heard the Signs I Know Say
  • Aries:*is fighting w brother on facetime bc he wants to use her brush; convinces him she has no idea where it is; he leaves* its literally right on my dresser i just dont feel like getting up
  • Taurus:*grunts extremly loudly for no apparent reason*
  • Gemini:what gender do you think instagram is
  • Cancer:what if a dog and a human breeded, would the offspring come out adorable or terrifying?
  • Leo:honestly i love this album more than i love my fucking self literally every sobg is fire af
  • Virgo:who the hell came up w the word "fuck" like ??
  • Libra:why isnt libras animal thinv a zebra i mean cmon it rhymes
  • Scorpio:*talking about american horror story* tates gonna fuck you bitch-aND YOUR MOM
  • Saggitarius:sometimes i attempt to chill down my fangirling but its like part of my soul
  • Aquarius:i swear to the motha fuckin lord jesus that i dont even beleive in, that i will smack you if you say that again
  • Capricorn:*runs into door* sorry
  • Pices:*dancing crazily* *hits arm on bedpost* oW THIS MOTHER FUCKER HAD NO GODDAMN RIGHT FUUUUUUUUUUCK

“How do I know it was actually love?”

“I think it comes down to whether or not it was worth it. Was knowing them, having memories of them, sharing Sunday evenings with them and learning that story about the scar on their knee worth the pain of them walking away?

If it was, if you wouldn’t trade all of those memories of them - of the moments when they would laugh at something on the radio or brush your hair out of your eyes - to make the pain that’s ripping through your heart like a natural disaster right now stop, then I think yes, you could call that love.”

—  You were worth it, 01/02/2016

glosnaps asked:

Hi! If it isn't too much of a bother, would you mind sharing your brush settings?

I wish i could give you some specifics on this, but unfortunately i mostly use this 6B pencil brush that i think i got in a free pack of brushes for photoshop cs6 a while back. so there are some things about it i dont think you will be able to replicate without having the brush, such as the texture it uses (which allows it to be used like a regular pencil depending on pressure without having transfer on). I tweaked it a bit to my liking by changing the brush shape to the slanted rectangular one (which i think is a standard ps brush if you load all natural brushes) this is what it looks like

Lemme tell you though, i do use that rectangular brush for almost EVERYTHING. when i want something that looks like a crappy marker/cray pas, i select that brush and turn on the shape dynamics, and under shape dynamics, set the minimum diameter to its lowest setting, and set the angle jitter to “pen pressure.” This is going to sound weird but i turn on the dual brush and mix in the single-bladed grass brush (i find it makes the brush more crisp). And maybe I’ll turn on the noise.This is what it looks like

This is also the brush i use to paint with. I just take off all of the extra settings and turn on only the transfer and set the opacity to “pen pressure”. It looks like this

I really hope this has been helpful!

4 hours into my study session at the coffee shop, my barista boyfriend– as my mom likes to call him– approaches me with a small disposable cup. I already had my large iced sugar-free vanilla latte with almond milk of the day (I hate saying this out loud, it sounds so obnoxious), so I just assumed he was having me try a new drink on the menu. I paused my music and took off my headphones as he set it in front of me on the bar top. Needless to say, I gasped with joy when I saw that he had taken the time to write “I love you” in some steamed milk. I’m still thinking about it, hours later. I tell him all the time, but I don’t think he understands how much these little gestures mean to me. Like when I take my beanie off my head and he brushes the hair out of my face or puts my coat on. For the longest time I thought he opened my car door because his car wouldn’t unlock any other way… Turns out he’s just a gentleman who knows I find joy and beauty in the details.

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sorry if you've been asked this before, but what are your brush settings?

haha i have, but i dont think ive tagged them properly so i dont mind answering again, besides ive changed some since last time so:

i like usin that brush for both sketch and lineart (all i do is change the opacity)

i occasionally use these two for sketch but usually they’re for lineart

and theres my normal pen settings, i use this for most(if not all) of my coloring, i use the ink pen for lineart, its the same settings but i usually have its individual stabilizer set anywhere from 15 to s-3, depends on what im trying to do and how difficult the line is being

outside of that i usually have my overall stabilizer set to either 6 or 10 (usually 10)

Habit Tracker Ideas

Hey, hey, hey!! This is my first official helpful post ever so yikes. Hope people like it.

Basically, I remember when I was first making my bullet journal, I knew I wanted a monthly habit tracker, but, I couldn’t think of what to put on it, so, I thought I’d leave some suggestions to help you guys out!!

Basic Health Things: Mine includes brushing my teeth, eating fruit, exercising. taking my birth control and vitamins, washing my face, and eating breakfast, but, there’s a million other things you could include! I didn’t include drinking water because I have a water tracker on my daily spread, but, you totally could! If you want to be more specific about the kind of exercise, go for it! Include what you think you need to be healthy!

Brain Stuff: This can include school stuff or just stuff you think will help you keep your mind sharp and active! I included reading, studying, writing, duolingo, and ACT/SAT prep.

Practice!: If you do something that requires practice, include this! I’m a singer and actress, so, I put that down, but, if you’re a dancer, or athlete, or musician, or anything really, put this down! Practicing your craft is so important and it’s a good habit to get into.

Good Person Stuff: These can either be habits that you currently don’t do that would help you be a better person, or things you do, but feel like you could do more! I included not skipping class, doing chores, and appreciating my friends, but, you could put down anything you think would make you feel like a great person! Whether that means complimenting people, or helping someone, or taking out the recycling, the world is your oyster!

So, here’s some beginning ideas for your habit trackers! Sorry it wasn’t super specific or crazy helpful, but, if you want more specific ideas, feel free to message me. 

BTS Reaction To You Pretending Not To Understand What They’re Saying When You Get Into A Fight


Originally posted by jungkooksarms

“Oh jagi…you don’t honestly think you can pull that one with me,” he commented, rolling his eyes as he stepped closer to you. 

You furrowed your eyebrows, feigning innocence and ignorance. Jin placed his thumb against the middle area in between your eyebrows, and brushed it over your left brow and down your cheek, causing your act to soften, almost turning timid. 

He leaned forward, pressing his lips against your ear lobe. Jin began to murmur, “Surely you’ll at least understand this.” He paused, now looking you dead in the eyes, irritation still present in his eyes, but now darker, a mix of agitation and desire, before lacing his fingers around your wrist and dragging you to the bedroom. 


Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

His head head tilted to the side quizzically as you started to speak in English, as you pretended to have difficulty understanding what he was saying. He would have dropped it, waiting until both of your’s tempers had cooled and you were willing to actually face the matter instead of pretending you don’t understand what he was saying.

But you were stubborn and he just as much. Seeing as you refused to drop the matter, continuing on with your little act even as he started to walk away, he now refused to drop the matter as well. 

Turning back to face you, his strides started out small before getting longer and faster and finally forcefully pushing you into the wall behind you. 

“Oh Y/N, you should really be more careful when playing these little “games” with me.” His lips were inches from your. He let out a low growl along with a trail of harsh curses. “You know I can’t stand losing,” he murmured, before crashing his lips to yours.


Originally posted by asdfghobi

Unsure of whether you were serious, joking, or simply acting, a sheepish, uncertain grin would form on his face as he mumbled out, “Are you serious?” 

He knew your Korean wasn’t perfect, but for your understanding to be lacking now of all times, when you just so happened to be having a bit of a quarrel, seemed suspicious to say the least. You tried your best to suppress the light chuckle ready to escape your lips, but it was no use. 

Hoseok’s head snapped towards you, his unsure, confused persona immediately melting. His gaze turning dark, he ran his tongue across the entirety of the inside of his mouth, trying his best to stay calm.

Originally posted by whereisuniq

Of course it wasn’t a coincidence. Y/N is too sly, too cunning for it to be just that, he thought to himself. Briefly closing his eyes to maintain his composure, he stepped towards you. You had played this card before, he had just never realized it until now. 

Hoseok dramatically sighed, pursing his lips together, making small tsking noises with the roof of his mouth as if he were getting ready to scold a child. 

Just how many times had you played this card before? Just how many times had you gotten away with it? Just how many times did he have to punish you tonight…

Rap Monster

At first his expression was slightly flustered. Your Korean was nearly flawless, why now were you messing up of all times? His expression was completely and utterly puzzled, that is, until he realized exactly what you were doing.

Originally posted by hongshiyoung

A sly grin formed on his face. You knew exactly what he had said earlier. You weren’t struggling with your Korean skills, you were just trying to dodge the situation. Oh, but he wouldn’t let you, far from it. He would have to “correct” this little act of yours with a helping hand.

Placing a strong hand on the inside of your thigh he squeezed lightly, patronizing you with both his touch and his words.

“Oh, sweetheart, you know your little tricks won’t work with me. Even if you can’t understand me, I can understand you perfectly,” he continued to speak in Korean; why bother putting in the extra effort to use English when he already knew you understood completely? You mentally cursed, realizing just how dumb it had been of you to attempt this method with Namjoon. How could you have been so stupid as to forget Namjoon was fluent in English.

Gently rubbing up and down your thigh, you let out a small whimper. His smirk widened. He had you exactly where he wanted you.

“Good, now why don’t we continue this little discussion of ours in the bedroom, hmm?”


You knew you were in the wrong. You knew you were at fault in this situation. You knew you should have apologized or given in earlier, when you still had a chance. But you were stubborn and refused to admit that you were at fault instead of Jimin for once.

Originally posted by forjimin

“Y/Nnnn….Jagiii…” Jimin teasingly whined, dragging out the last syllables in a sing-song lilt. “Just admit you were wrong for once.” He bit his lip, no doubt imagining exactly what he was going to do to you tonight. “Just admit you were wrong…” he paused for effect, “and I’ll go easy on you tonight.” His hot breath trickled down your ear and against your throat. “I won’t punish you… at least not as much as I should…" 

God he was so close, already pressing his chest to yours and your back against the wall. You let out a shaky breath, barely being able to respond to him.


Oh, but what a mistake you had made. You had responded in English. A weakness Jimin had always had, a weakness you knew would only encourage Jimin in his endeavors, in his endeavors of teasing. Oh, what a mistake it was indeed…

Originally posted by suga-com

Jimin tilted his head to one side, his already wide smile turning into a Cheshire grin, a mischievous glint building in his eyes. 

He tucked a loose strand from your ponytail behind your ear, his nose now centimeters from your own. "Fine by me. I wasn’t really in the mood for immediate cooperation anyways,“ he breathed.

And with that, Jimin threw you over his shoulder, thrusted the bedroom door open and tossed you onto the mattress, ready to have you in every possible way he wanted tonight.


Originally posted by taestylips

His expression was blank as it always was whenever the two of you had a fight. He looked at you with near indifference. The only sign of his anger was the darkening of his eyes that were once a soft hazel brown, but were now black with a flame ablaze behind them.

He didn’t speak. He stayed completely silent as you mumbled forced apologies, even though it wasn’t your fault. Actually, the whole reason you fighting was completely unreasonable. Both of you had been, and were, being utterly irrational.

The reason you were fighting was irrelevant, Tae’s agitation was becoming frightening, and you weren’t particularly fond of conflict in the first place. That’s why originally you mumbled out small apologies, hoping to avoid any further battles.

Ah, but you couldn’t take it any longer. His silence was deafening. He wouldn’t look at you. You were trying to smooth things over and prevent conflict and here he was, refusing to even look you in the eye, even look in your general direction.

Your soft murmurs slowly grew in volume. As your "I’m sorry’s” grew in volume so did your agitation, so did the amount of English you used. It was a continuous loop, the louder you got, the sharper cut your words were and the more you started to slip back into using English. 

Your tone became agitated, contradicting your original purpose of avoiding further conflict.  Ah, your voice just kept getting louder and louder until you were full out screaming at him in English. And now you were the one who couldn’t look him in the eyes.

Abruptly you stopped yelling, realizing it wasn’t going to change the situation. You bet he still had that blank look on his face as he avoided looking at you, as you were now doing to him.

You turned to leave the room. You’d deal with damage control tomorrow, you were too mentally exhausted to deal with anything of the sort right now. You looked towards the ground and started to walk out of the room, unable to keep your chin high after screaming at Tae like that, only to be met with strong arms slithering around your waist, preventing you from taking another step.

Originally posted by bangts

“Please don’t be angry, darling.” Tae’s bottom lip jutted out as he bent down slightly to place his chin on your shoulder and began to pout. You tightly closed your eyes. He was knowingly using his puppy dog eyes against you. He knew you couldn’t resist him, especially with such a look of innocence in his face. “Please, oh please, don’t be mad at me." 

You let out a short groan as Tae’s lips had found their way to your upper jaw, his tongue now lightly tracing your jawline. 

"I promise… I’ll make it up to you.” And then you gave in, opening your eyes, whirling around to face him, wrapping your arms around Taehyung’s neck, and allowing him to do as he pleased with you. 


In all honesty, it wasn’t a fight. It was never a fight. It was always just a one sided screaming match caused by Jungkook’s idiocy. 

He was an adult, for Christ’s sake. He was an adult with the logic of a four year old. God, you were younger than him and here you were scolding him, or attempting to, like a mother.

As if having to scold him wasn’t enough, he wouldn’t listen. Whenever you yelled, he didn’t even flinch. Only a playful expression would be present on his face, like he was amused by your vexation, like he had acted like an utter imbecile just to see that agitated expression on your face. For fuck’s sake, couldn’t he feel at least a little bad for making you worry?!

“Goddamn it, Jungkook,” you gritted out, your voice rasping and raising the longer you spoke. “Can’t you think of the possible consequences…for once in your life?!” 

Your breath hitched a bit as you continued to speak, saying anything and everything in an attempt to make him realize how idiotic he had been, how much he had made you worry.

You found yourself becoming more flustered as you continued to speak, gradually switching to English, unable to think clear enough to use Korean any longer.

You turned your head sharply to look him in the eyes. You had been so engrossed in everything you were saying, you hadn’t even bothered to look at him. Oh, and what a mistake looking at him was… 

Originally posted by jungxook

A look you only ever saw when he was in one of his moods was etched into his features. The type of mood that would make you scream, but not out of anger like just seconds ago. 

Jungkook’s usual mischievous glint and playful eye roll was now replaced with a sharp look and a lazy grin. It just now hit you. 

You swore. You had swore. You never swore, at least not out loud, at least not around him.

He took a step towards you and you instinctively took one back. He did it again only for you to follow suit. Oh, he was toying with you, and he was enjoying it, his grin widening with every second that passed. 

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

“Oh baby girl, don’t be like that. Don’t be so angry with little ol’ me…” His voice trailed off as he gently caressed your cheek with the back side of his hand.

“You scold me as if you’re my noona, as if I’m the only one the wrong here.” Jungkook’s gentle caresses began trailing down your neck, your chest, your waist, your entire body.

“Don’t forget, my darling, I am your oppa, and you are in need of punishment yourself.”

-Admin S