Prompt #1. Being caught under the mistletoe with Eric. And #15. You love the Christmas season, but Eric absolutely hates it. You spend the day forcing him/her to be festive. AND #20. Annoying Eric by singing Christmas Carols, but by the end of the day he/she has them stuck in his/her head and can’t stop singing them either.  

For: @gari-budi

A/N: @gari-budi requested a lot of prompts so I decided to combine a few of them into one imagine. Also, I accidentally did prompt #1 twice for Eric, so whoops…

Later on, we’ll conspire, as we dream by the fire!” You sing, as you put up last minute decorations in your apartment on Christmas Eve.

“Will you stop singing Y/N,” Your best friend, Eric, groans.

“Oh shut up Eric, you may not like Christmas, but I love it!” Eric groans louder, and runs his hands through his hair. Eric has always hated Christmas, but because you won a bet on this year’s initiates, Eric was forced to spend the day with you for Christmas.

“It’s only Christmas Eve, the bet doesn’t start until Christmas day, so please shut up.”

“Fine,” You give up, falling onto the couch next him. This wasn’t the first time you and Eric were spending the night together, but you two were just friends, nothing more, nothing less.

“Rise and shine sleepy-head! It’s Christmas!” You yell in Eric’s ear first thing in the morning, he startles awake and swears at you. You pull him up and rip the curtains open, “Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?”

“Y/N, let me sleep!”

In the lane, snow is glistening,” You drag Eric off the couch and take him into the kitchen, he finally wakes up at the sight of food, “A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight! Sing with me Eric!”


“Sing or you don’t get any food,” He raises his eyebrows at you, “A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight…

Walking in a winter wonderland,” He deadpans.

“That’s the spirit!” You pass him a Santa hat.

“Y/N no!”

“Eric yes! Is the big bad Eric really backing out of a bet?” He yanks the hat out of your hand and puts it on his head. After breakfast, the two of you open a few gifts, and spend the rest of the day watching classic Christmas movies. For the first half of the day, Eric keeps questioning the logic of the movies, however, as time goes on, he really starts enjoying them. By the end of the night Eric excuses himself to go to the bathroom, he comes back with on hand in his pocket as if he was hiding something. As he walks into the room you hear him humming the lyrics to Winter Wonderland, you chuckle to yourself knowing you go it stuck in your head.

You look up at him curiously, and he sits down next to you without saying a word, “What?”

“Y/N, there’s actually one thing that I think I like about Christmas,” He brushes your hair away from your face, and your heart flutters. What’s happening?

“And what’s that?”

“This,” He pulls out a mistletoe from his pocket, you gasp, he takes advantage of the moment and kisses you. You’re too shocked to react, and he pulls away, “I-I’m sorry Y/N, shit, I shouldn’t have done that! I’m sorry!”

“No! Don’t be,” You say before pulling him back towards you, he instantly responds and you feel sparks flying all around you.

“You know, maybe Christmas isn’t that bad,” He says once you two pull away. You mumble a response and cuddle next to him. You giggle as he runs his fingers through your hair, absentmindedly humming the tune of Winter Wonderland.

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I meant custom pens you can make in the software.

Oh brush settings you mean ? I think I use like 4 basic brushes haha

I use the marker tool for sketching/doodles and also do skin highlights

I use the basic brush tool for lining, flatting, shading

I use the watercolor tool for blending colors when I have to make gradients or patchy areas. Sometimes blush too

And I occasionally use the airbrush tool (but nearly at its maximum size so it’s just a soft gradient/blush spot just to give a hint/tint of something. I do nipples with that too nowadays and use the marker tool for highlights

Sorry I didn’t get it at first ! I thought you were asking me what brand of pen I was using like I was drawing on an ipad haha

November 15th, 2014 - X Marks the Spot

AUTHOR: Anonymous

15th of November, 2014 - X Marks the Spot

“Care for something to drink?” Arthur asked with a casual tone. He gracefully rolled the rum around in his glass, making the ice clink together. The strong taste of the rum would mask the sour taste of the sleeping draught he had poured into the glass earlier.

Alfred looked up from the map and his papers. He removed his glasses with one hand and rubbed his eyes. He gave Arthur a weary smile and accepted the offered rum. “I suppose one glass wouldn’t hurt.”

“That’s the spirit,” Arthur agreed. “So… any luck figuring out this little puzzler?” he asked as he set his glass down on the table and stared at the treasure map, hoping it would reveal its secrets. He knew that the compass in Alfred’s luggage held the necessary clues, but the American wasn’t willing to share. And for good reason; even the naive American could tell that the English con artist couldn’t be trusted. After all, Arthur had stolen Alfred’s wallet the first time they met. He would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn’t been for the other thieves.

“No, not yet.” Alfred sighed and sipped the rum. He coughed as the alcohol burned the back of his throat. He frowned at the map, nursing his drink in silence. Alfred wasn’t good at keeping secrets, so Arthur could tell that he was genuinely puzzled by the map and the compass. Eventually Alfred placed his empty glass next to Arthur’s. “I think I have an idea, but it’s too early to tell. I should know more by morning.”

“I’m sure a good night’s sleep will make everything clearer,” Arthur suggested.

“But it’s still early!” Alfred protested, even as he began to yawn. He stretched his arms and blinked tiredly. “Maybe you’re right,” he admitted as he stood up, swaying from side to side. Arthur guided him over to his bed, helping him as he began to stumble.

Alfred sat down heavily and pulled the other man with him. He grabbed Arthur’s wrist and gave him a strange look. “Hey, do you ever feel… kind of odd?”

“What do you mean?” Arthur asked, feigning innocence as he his head to the side. He wondered if he should have added even more sleeping draught to the glass. It was taking Alfred an eternity to fall asleep.

Oblivious to Arthur’s plot, Alfred continued to stare thoughtfully into the distance. Finally, he turned and gave Arthur a hopeless shrug. “Like you’re not the way you’re supposed to be.”

Arthur smirked. “No. I tend not to care much what society thinks of me.”

“Yeah, I like that about you.” Alfred smiled fondly and leaned forward. He stared deeply into Arthur’s eyes and blinked dreamily. “I think I like you.”

His lips gently brushed against Arthur’s, sending a pleasant shock down Arthur’s spine. But before they could even begin a proper kiss, the entire weight of Alfred’s body slumped against the smaller man. Arthur huffed in disappointment. He had been impatiently waiting for the sleeping draught to take effect and now he found himself wishing that it hadn’t. Frowning to himself, he pushed Alfred back onto the bed, guiding the young man’s head down to the pillow and lifting his feet up onto the mattress. He took off Alfred’s shoes and then wondered why he was wasting time.

As he stole away with the map and the compass, Arthur felt a uncomfortable knot start to form in his gut. He hadn’t actually been drinking, so he knew he couldn’t blame the alcohol.

Really, it was for the best that he left. Poor sweet Alfred was reminding him of feelings he hadn’t felt in years, and a con artist couldn’t afford to have a conscience.