I like you wielding a gun. Did it feel good?

coffee shop au where louis likes to keep the baristas on their toes and gets complicated orders whenever he sees a new one (egged on by niall, of course). he drops his weirdest order yet when he first sees harry getting carried away and distracted. unfortunately for him harry is meticulous and prides himself in his craft and nails it, and remembers his order. so next time louis shows up he makes the same disgusting coffee drink and louis doesn’t have the heart to tell him it was a joke order. 

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It's true that Star Trek is impressive with its makeup and prosthetics, but mostly everyone knows there's going to be a bunch of aliens in Star Trek and are looking for something different. Star Trek's makeup and prosthetics are nothing new nowadays. That's why Suicide Squad won.

ur telling me u went into su|cide squad thinking the joker and harley were gonna be bare faced, and that killer croc was gonna be human, enchantress was gonna have neatly combed hair w/ no smudged eyeliner or anything else, etc….? everyone knew going into su|cide squad that killer croc was gonna be there, they knew the joker would hve white face paint, they knew harley wouldnt just have everyday makeup….no one looked for something different there? also in star trek beyond there was different…there was over 50 original, new designs of aliens.

also………………no……..star trek: beyonds makeup artists created a new “bulletproof” makeup that stopped black and white makeup from running, they took a huge amount of time to develop a light weight prosthetic for natalia that involved an actresses face, chest and arms being covered so she could not only look original (new) and alien, but could also express emotion and move easily for the five seconds she had in the film. krall??? had so many different looks throughout the film as he changed forms… all different designs, all of them needing to enhance the villain while also allowing idris elba to move and act…. to enhance the different changes in his character they embedded fucking tiny lights into his prosthetic……………like pls stop star trek beyond had a lot better makeup and a lot better ingenuity than su|cide squad.

just bc ppl know its a lot of aliens doesnt mean the aliens didnt take a fuckton of work and skill to create

heres a cool article that shows off some aliens it doesnt really give a huge boost to my point but its cool so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (it also shows off some of the subtle work that really made the aliens in beyond stand out)

Exi is so fat after winter that we really, really need to start moving and losing some weight. Fortunately, it’s almost spring now so we can finally go for long walks and start riding the bicycle… He gained 3 kilos and weighs 20kg now, when his ideal weight is 17kg… oh well.


Imagine Woozi smiling to himself as he pulls the covers over the both of you after you fell asleep while you two were cuddling during a movie session.

Sitting in an armchair in the corner of this empty library café has me feeling like a Nancy Drew character. There would be an award for getting candy out of that dispenser on the right X amount of times. I would tell Nancy that I can’t help her until she helps me finish my research by finding a book I need. I’d go to the restroom, and Nancy would snoop through my bag and phone. Eventually I’d start angrily saying, “not now, Nancy.”

i cant believe the lego batman movie cured my depression

So, is OtaYuri canon now?

As far as I understood Kubo-san, Otabek is definitely head over heels with Yuri. She didn’t mention if his feelings are reciprocated. 

Your opinion? Did I get anything wrong? 

It would go well with the late official art, picturing Yuri and Otabek in that restaurant/café in Saint Petersburg together, dont you think?

Welp, it’s me xD I dunno if someone ever wondered what I look like but you know it now xD