Repeating History

Hey, hey, hey! I’m trying a new approach on this story, hopefully isn’t as bad as I think it is. No pairings, just Mot and Alyssa. Feedback and (polite) opinions are treasured!


Screams were all she heard as her mother placed her in the cupboard. Smoke invaded her lungs, dragging coughs out of her already sore throat. Looking up, she saw her mothers face streaked in tears, fear clouding her eyes.

“Alyssa, do not come out of this cupboard until I come for you! I’m going to go see if any others are in need of my help!” She yelled over the panic outside. Looking at her child once more, she drew her in quickly for a last kissing her forehead. “I love you so much darling.” Shutting the door to where only a sliver was left open, she rushed out of her home, knowing, some how, that this would be the last time she saw her home. And her child.


Mot had just been coming down to Katsir for a quick meeting with one of his suppliers when the fire had finally ended. She had healing drafts she made that benefitted him and his clients in many ways. However, when he saw the smoke rising from the forest town, he knew. He knew that something terribly wrong had happened and he wasn’t there to help. Taking off at a sprint, he just hoped that something was left.

Running into the town and seeing the damage had his well trained stomach revolting against him. The sight of charred homes, the bodies that lingered around the city streets, the simple devastation of the land had pulled at his heart. He all to well remembered another village that bore similar looks to the one in front of him.

Mot shook his head. Dead memories served nothing anymore. Keeping his eyes ahead of him, he pulled his scarf over his nose to block out the scent of burnt flesh and wood. He looked inside every home, hoping to find someone, anyone who could explain what had happened.

He had no luck.

Coming to the outskirts of the city, he hoped for a miracle. These houses only bore some damage to them, nothing like the ones in the village center. He looked for what seemed like ages until he came across his partners home.

He pushed open the door looking into a kitchen that had herbs placed all around it, a pot over a firepit that had been left unattended to, even though the beginnings of what looked like a dinner still lingered. Taking a step back he surveyed the room, seeing nothing that could point him to his partner. Turning around, ready to head out of the door, he stopped when he heard sniffling that came from behind him. Spinning around, he looked for the source.

“Hello?” He called out to the area before him. A creak turned his head to the left. A cupboard he had glanced over before was now cracked open, a set of brown eyes looking back at him.

He creeped forward, kneeling before the door.

“Hi,” he said again, “I’m Mot.”

The door opened wider, revealing more of the child. Now Mot could see that this child, this girl, could not be any older the five years old. Brown eyes held a look of weariness, her face covered by her light brown hair.

“I’m Alyssa” the girl whispered.

‘Ah yes,’ Mot mused in his mind, 'Alea did talk about a daughter named Alyssa whenever I came by’

“Alyssa,” he said slowly, “Where is your mother?”

As soon as those words left his mouth, he knew that he had said something stupid. He watched in horror was Alyssa’s eyes welled with tears, her bottom lip trembling.

“I don’t know!” She wailed, tears leaving tracks on her soot covered face, “She said she would be back but it’s been so long and she hasn’t came and I’m scared, where’s my mommy?!” She threw herself at the mottled man, arms around his neck as she sobbed into his chest.

Absolutely stunned by the child’s outburst, Mot kneeled there, arms out to his sides as the girl cried herself dry. Eyes wide, he looked down at the girl. Suddenly, he had memories of another young child, who’s family was also gone, taken by a disaster no one saw coming. He saw as the child struggling to understand what had happened, who could only watch in horror as a green epidermis started to cover his face, who sold himself to buy the needed medicine, food, shelter for eleven years. He saw the boy grow to trust no one, who kept everyone at an arms length away. He watched as the boy turn from a happy child into an hard adult in a matter of days.

He would never let that happen to anyone ever again.

Slowly, uncertain of how the child would react, he put his arms around the girl and stood. Alyssa had cried herself into a stupor, simply letting Mot carry out of her home, out of her town. She took one last glance at her childhood home, as Mot held her close and whispered,

“Do not worry, child. I will protect you.”