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I mean I feel like it's weird to ship people if they're not ok with it or if they have spouse who aren't ok with it but if the people are fine it's all good

yeah bruh like jensen and misha are for sure aware that cockles is a thing, misha has blatantly poked fun at it, both of them have subtly poked fun at it, they are both super chill about signing shippy artwork of the two of them, and they don’t do anything to try to calm shippers down (that we know of). if anything, they feed into our ridiculousness by making stupid videos together all the time. 

and we know if jensen had a problem with it, he’d say something. we have his reaction to destiel as a litmus test for that. but like he’s chilled out so much over the years i don’t think he gives a frick frack about anything anymore. 

it escalated quickly
  • me, march 2016:*after watching the force awakens for the first time* ok but this kylo ren guy doesn't look half as ugly as many people say
  • me, april 2016:*in the midst of a full-immersion into adam driver's filmography and sobbing over his arms and voice and hair and height* good lord do nOT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THIS MAN, I'D LIKE TO KEEP MY LAST SHRED OF DIGNITY INTACT