the edge of seventeen tag by @alwaysimming!

rules: reimagine your founder (or a sim you made as an adult) as a teen!

Angela & Lilith Pleasant

though they’re both spoiled to an extent, Lilith always considered herself to be treated unfairly as her parents have always preferred Angela, the overachiever and overall nicer one over Lilith, causing her to rebel against everyone and completely despising her sister!

i tag @cherrysimblr, @lemonh2o, @loniden, @citrontart, @grimcookies, @butterscotchsims, @buttersim! (everyone really because I wanna see everyone’s sims as teens omg)


After two whole weeks she’s finally done ! Sure she has a few flaws here and there. But I think I did pretty good for a first time figure!!!

I’m actually super in love with her! It was fun making her!

I’ve been wanting to make a Colorsplash figure forever now and now that I did it I’m happy! She’s been my character for 5 years now! Hopefully if in improve I’d like to re-make her. But now I’m just really pleased oh how she came out ! I hope you guys like it!

Enjoy !

Hi everyone! I did the description of the dress on @nitewrighter Gency prompt dancing. ((Follow her she makes amazing fanfics and her writing style is great!!)) But anyway yeah so I drew the dress…I don’t rlly draw people since I draw mostly fashion but yeah… okay hope you like the dress everyone


Nick’s eyes caught the sunlight and almost made Kelly forget what he’d been saying.

“Kelly,” Nick tried. His voice faltered, and he had to stop to swallow.

“I’ve already got more with you than I’ve ever had anywhere,” Kelly said in a rush, trying to beat Nick to whatever he’d been about to say. He took a deep breath to calm himself. “And after last night?”

“It would be easy.” Nick sighed and ran his thumb along Kelly’s knuckles.
Kelly dropped his hand away from Nick’s chin. “But you’re still going to say no, aren’t you?”

“I will never say no to you,” Nick said, his voice soft.”

Nick pushed his nose against Kelly’s, kissing him gently as warmth spread through his entire body.

“You feel like home,” Kelly said as he wrapped his arms around Nick’s neck.

- Shock & Awe || Abigail Roux