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Request: I really love your blog and your writing it’s super cool! Could you do an outsiders gang imagine with 17. “This is the worst game of Uno I’ve ever played.” And if possible could you make the reader gender neutral or a guy, your choice really, thank you!

A/n: I’m so glad I’m getting back to writing!!!! I’m thinking about writing for Young Justice, so characters like Red Arrow, Dick Grayson, Superboy, Kid Flash….. So tell me if guys would like that..

“Come Y/n why won’t you play?” Two bit whines.

I turn around and put my hands on my hips, “Well for one thing, you guys always cheat.”

Two bit starts shaking his head violently, “Nah we don’t Y/n. Come on Dally do we cheat?”

“All day, everyday.” Dally starts to laugh. I raise my eyebrows at Two but he is more focused with sending hate to Dally.

Johnny comes up to me and has a puppy dog look on his face, “Come on Y/n, would you please just do it for me?” I stare into his eyes and take a deep breath. No not again, I can’t let his eyes work on me for a second time.

“Fine. ” I call out and I roll my eyes, mentally preparing myself for the time I’m about to waste.

“Do you even know what uno means?” Dally asks Two who kept randomly shouting the word.

“The real question is do you?” Two bit raised one of his eyebrows and let out a laugh. He started to roll around the floor and he bumped into Pony who let out a yelp.

“Watch where your going.” Pony called out.

“Ok who’s turn is it?” I ask and Steve’s arm snakes around my waist and he pulls me down so I’m basically on his lap.

“I think it’s yours gorgeous.” I roll my eyes and I lean forward so I can grab a card and then I sit back down so I’m fully touching the ground instead of Steve’s lap. I try my best to hide my smile as I go to put my last card down.

“No, Y/n you can’t win!” Soda yells.

“EARTHQUAKE!” The cards go flying left and right. Ponyboy stands up and throws his cards down on the ground and stomps away.

“Well that was fun.” I get up and head to the kitchen.

“You know Y/n,” I feel arms snake around my waist. “That was fun. But I have a few other games in mind.”

I wiggle out of his hold, “As if Randle!” I grab a piece of cake and walk over to Pony.


Ah yes. The book that started it all. 

Reading Redwall is like returning to the warm familiarity of a house that you’ve lived in for years, even if you spend time away from it. Everything is so familiar that it’s easy to settle in, even if you notice a few things differently than last time you visited. 

Sometimes I wonder how the series would have turned out if the books had been more like this one, where the existence of humans is implied and there are larger animals, such as the horse and mentions of cattle, goats, and a dog. Additionally, more sophisticated weaponry like the siege tower, along with the catapult mentioned in Mossflower, would greatly change how the rest of these books go. Additionally, Redwall itself more closely mimics a Christian monastery, which raises some interesting questions that I’ve wondered for a lot of my life (if they have an abbey and an order of monks, does that mean that there’s mouse Christianity? A mouse Jesus?) 

It’s difficult to sum up my feelings for this book, as there are so many different aspects that I could discuss or explore, so I won’t try to do that in this post. But I will mention that one of my favorite things about this book is how it really creates the abbey in a way that none of the other books really do. From the top of the highest roof to the very foundation (and below), this book has a richer description of the building itself than any of the others, and that careful construction and exploration just adds to the timeless mystery that Redwall has always stood for in my mind. Redwall stands apart from the rest of the series for many reasons, but I feel like this one is part of why it will always be one of my favorites. 


@becausedragonage posted about doing an OC day as a nice distraction so here’s my warden, Ithlen Mahariel.

Ithlen is near and dear to my heart because she’s the first character I ever made in a game that didn’t just run around choosing all the nice options. She was complex. I knew how she would think and how that would lead to good and bad choices. I replayed her as a Warden Inquisitor and was surprised at how some of my views on her (as well as her looks) changed now that I’m a little older, and so is she. It was a nice evolution.

A bit (or a lot, I got rambly) more about her under the cut, if you’re curious.

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deanwinchesterforpromqueen  asked:

FMK: demon!dean, MOC!dean, EndVerse!dean

Oooh, I like the way you think!! This is a toughy!

Marry: I’m gonna marry EndVerse!Dean

Despite the crazy shit that goes on, I feel like Endvere!dean is the closest to normal Dean, and could probably hold a normal relationship.

Fuck: MOC!Dean

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No particular reason, I just prefer MOC!Dean. He was still pretty normal, just with a bit of a dark side.

Kill: Demon!Dean

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Can I cheat and cure him instead of kill him? I mean, technically I’d be killing the demon part of him, right?? Oh well. Kill Demon!Dean, even though I loved him so much. I’d probably kill him when he got too crazy and went after Sam with a hammer.

Come Join Me For Sleepover Sunday!!

Another Post about the Mystic Messenger Update

Daaang guys first of all i am glad that are still so many people who still support Cheritz and Mystic Messenger , i was surprised that my Opinion/rant post is getting reblogged/faved lololol

Anyway what i wanted to say since this was something that really bothered me while going through tumblr …

… stop trying to justify your game abuses

. Seriously I have read many post already about people who try to reason their wrong doing. I can understand that some don’t have the time to attend every Chat or don’t have money to purchase Hourglasses but there are better solutions for this then cheating.Also those points don’t justify your cheating. Let me tell you an example:

If you go to a store and steal something. Thats something bad and against the law right ?

So do you think by telling the employee that you only stole it because you didn’t had money … do you really think that it will be suddenly ok and the staff will let you go?

No. Just No, it’s not ok.

and that’s how it exactly is with People doing Time cheats and heart farming. There is honestly not a single reason you can tell me that will justify your abuse of this game. You did it knowing that Cheritz wouldn’t earn a single dollar for your actions so you got to take up those consequences now. 

Solutions for those who don’t have time to attend every chat:

- Use the save and load options. Cheritz add it to the game so people who missed chats can load the last save file and start from the last time you saved to not miss those chats.

- Just buy hourglasses. You only need to pay 3$. That’s nothing compared to other games and you get 100 HG for that , that’s already so much !! You can’t tell me that you don’t have 3$ dollars while you probably have a smartphone to play MM right now. And if you really don’t have the money then you should save up your money or something like that. Or for those who want to play without using money , you can get 1 HG from every guest from Guest list in the Menu when you go on Extra. Only avaible tho if you have completed one route.

- try to save up hourglasses and not attend to many chats ? I know that you still can get a good ending even if you only have like 40 or 50 % per day.

Sorry for this long post but i really hope that people understand the situation and don’t bash Cheritz only for trying to earn money. I mean they are also just humans who need to pay rent, eat and live. I’m sure right now workers are working right now to fix something in game so appreciate their work and don’t cheat and respect the rules of the game. Don’t be selfish.

Also the last point i want to mention. Mystic Messenger was never intended to be 100% Free to play. So don’t expect them to give everything out for free. That is not how business works. 

Thanks for reading , Have a nice day and continue to support Mystic Messenger and Cheritz !

From Popolo 2002/10

- As we talk, I’d like to hear about your first impression of each other… -

S: I met Matsujun maybe at Playzone rehearsal. I think it was Aoyama Theatre. I thought someone who looks like an insect came. Because he was thin and had big eyes.

M: Don’t say things like insect… As for me, when I saw Sho-kun I thought, “There’s a cute kid with a large forehead.” (laughs) That time, there are some  Air Force (sneaker) soles that had enamel, Sho-kun was wearing North Carolina color.

S: (laughs) Those shoes, I still have them. The other day when I was planning to wear them, they were too small so I couldn’t wear them (laughs). Around that time, during the sneaker boom, Air Max, Air Zoom Flight, and the likes were really booming.

M: After I appeared in Ai Love Junior, we came to interact a lot, huh.

S: There were times when we went back together, but from that time we got close and were together everyday, huh.

M: From around that time, I hung out with older kids. Going to Shibuya everyday…

S: Going to the game center everyday (laughs). Everyday up to the point of {making me wonder}, “Is it okay like this?” By the way, this guy once said, “I’m not going to high school.” I’m sure it was inside a taxi we rode from Dougenzaka. I still remember it even now. I said, “You have to go to high school.”

M: If I had to say, I wanted him to give me a push and say, “It’s fine even if you don’t go.” (laughs) Well, now I’m glad it happened.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, I wanted to ask you for some advice, it's chill if you just ignore it though. So recently I've gotten into this relationship after a bit of drama. I'm really happy with this new guy but he's REALLY close friends with this one girl who's shattered all of my confidence and has actually made someone cheat on me before. I don't want to make him stop being friends with her but I feel scared that I'll lose him. I'm just so paranoid that she's going to do everything in her power to break us apart.

Well, that’s certainly a problem…let mama/papa Opi think for a sec…hmmm.

I certainly can relate to have someone shattering someone’s confidence, my advice to that is reenacting a scene from Angel-A to help slowly build that confidence back up.

Secondly, I’d be honest with your boyfriend about how you’re feeling and the relationship you have with this girl.

I’ve said it before but communication is key in every relationship, talk things out in a calm like fashion.

That’s all I have, unfortunately, but I hope I could be of some help.

i don’t remember the scene perfectly just now (fucking hug man, it erased everything) but when john was “confessing” to “mary” that he “cheated” on her, but that it was just texting, to me it felt a bit like that could also apply to sherlock? as in john feeling bad about being in love with sherlock when he is supposed to be with mary? but that nothing ever happened, just texting (talking)? i don’t know, that’s the feeling i got. 
and i think it works the other way round as well. john apologizing to sherlock that he was “cheating” on him with someone he doesn’t actually love? when he should totally be with sherlock? 

ahhhhgghh so today i had like an 8 hr long training day at work since we have a bunch of new hires & they had lunch catered and i ate SO fucking much… i felt really guilty so i made myself go to the gym a few hours later but towards the end of a mile i started feeling like i was gonna puke and i had to leave bc i honestly thought i was gonna throw up in front of everyone if i kept working out… so now i feel extra shitty but figured today can be my cheat/binge day and if i’m gonna eat over my limit i may as well ball out! i look super bloated but honestly going to the gym really helped and letting myself indulge a little bit feels so good. it took a lot of mentally convincing myself but i think just having one night where i can not worry about calories is what i need. i can stress about weight and restricting tomorrow, but for now i’m getting my life together for the new semester to start and a few chips won’t kill me ((even though it definitely set my progress back and i am very upset about it (but i’ll just keep pushing that down and ignoring it))) – recovery & acceptance after a binge is super, super important guys

anonymous asked:

right now my identity is pretty much one huge question mark. can you give this shy anon any advice on how i can start figuring it out? cause u seem to have your identity mostly settled. sorry for bothering you

WELL “settled” is one word for it, haha. i pretty much dropped myself straight into the huge “nonbinary” category and i feel very comfortable there, which i think is a bit of a cheat on my part!

i read an article last year or so on the thing you describe, though, when i was going through it myself. One thing it suggested was googling lists of terms for various identities and making a note of any that feel good to you. I think the best thing you can do for yourself at this stage is to just kind of think of yourself as a big scratchboard, and to just start feeling around for things that ring true to you. It can feel very urgent and scary, but it’s not a race and there’s no rush. You have as long as you need, and you dont HAVE TO pick a label, either, if none of them fit quite right. You can just be. You have permission to exist as whatever you are.

Looking Up

A/N: So I think this turned out a teeny bit more angsty than I wanted, but it’s all good. I hope you like it!

Warnings: infidelity, dino violence, angst

This had been the worst month. You were five months pregnant and had just found out that the father of your child was cheating on you, two weeks before your wedding. So you had to go on what was supposed to be your honeymoon alone. You didn’t know what you and your baby were going to do when you got home from Jurassic World, because now your baby was fatherless as well as homeless, and you were jobless. And now, thanks to this genetically modified nightmare, you didn’t even know if you would make it home from Jurassic World. Scratch that, you were almost positive you wouldn’t be making it home. You had gotten VIP passes from your cousin, Claire, and had been looking at the new dinosaur with this very cute trainer whose name you had yet to catch when everyone had begun panicking about “an asset out of containment”. Because of your condition, you were escorted out of the paddock by a guard while the cute trainer went to investigate how the creature could have gotten out. As you were almost to the car, you heard people screaming and running. You turned to see the trainer running out of the paddock as fast as he could, tailed by that horrible creature. You stood, frozen as they both got closer. The next thing you knew, the trainer had grabbed you and pulled you under a jeep. He pulled you close to his side, almost covering your body with his, between you and the dinosaur. “Close your mouth,” he whispered before cutting the fuel line, covering you both in gas to hide your scent. You tried not to breathe too much, as you didn’t want to take in the fumes. You heard the creature stomp past you, pausing for a moment to sniff under the car. The trainer pulled you closer to him and you buried your face into his shirt, praying that you and your baby would make it out of this alive. As the monster moved on, he helped you out from under the car. “Sorry, I tried to be careful of your baby, but I had to save you,” he said with a shy smile, and his green eyes made your heart melt. “Oh no, it’s fine. Thank you so much. I’m y/n,” you told him, offering him your hand. “Owen. Owen Grady,” he said, shaking your hand and holding it just a little too long. “So where’s his daddy?” he asked, gesturing to your belly. “Hers. And he’s no longer in the picture,” you said, trying to keep the bitterness out of your voice. “Ahh. Well, come on. Let’s get you two lovely ladies to safety,” he said with a wink, and even though you had promised that you would never date again, you could see yourself with this guy. You looked into each other’s eyes for a minute, and then you turned and went on your way.

The rest of the day was hellish. You had stayed inside the control center until they evacuated the park, but you saw enough carnage on the screens to last a lifetime. The next morning you sat with Claire and her nephews, waiting on their parents, when you heard a voice behind you. “You made it out okay,” Owen told you, and you smiled at him. “So did you.” He offered you his hand, helping you up. “Can we go for a walk?” You obliged, one hand on your stomach and one arm linked through his. As you got outside, he led you to a bench and sat down with you. “So,” he said with a heavy sigh. “I know this is going to sound crazy, but yesterday all I could think about was you and your little girl. I could only hope that you made it out, and when I saw you this morning I was filled with so much relief it was unreal. I don’t know what happened with her father, but I’m so captivated by you. Can I at least take you on a date? I don’t want to give you any promises, because I understand that you may be really hurt right now, but I really want to get to know you, and eventually her, better.” You were shocked at his words, and you felt tears begin to well up. “Yeah, I think I’d like that,” you smiled at him. “Do you have a name for her yet?” Owen asked, referring to your baby. “I was thinking Juliet Blue. What do you think?” For some reason you couldn’t place, his eyes misted over and he smiled at you. “I think that’s beautiful.”


Nikko looks very empty in the evening and I didn’t know where to go for food so I opted for a small greasy spoon close to the famous bridge. I had chicken in lemon sauce chinese style with rice and pickles, the owner was very nice and offered me a beer and more pickles (by this point I thought I was going to explode as the portion was enormous) but it was kind. I think it was my first meal alone in Japan, it is a bit weird especially since I’m a tourist.
Anyway, I wanted to see the bridge at night so I did and then went back to the guesthouse where I watched The Cheat (1915). I loved this film it is well-made (and the Japanese actor is terribly sexy). I had two asian girls in my room and they were very quiet so I had a good rest.