August 31 2017
Here’s a “mind map” for a project in my classic civilizations class about Heracles, I’ve also decided that I’d be doing all of my notes only on a computer and not computer to handwritten notes since it takes up so much time away from studying, but I do plan on customizing my notes to make them look good 🤗

I'm feeling emotional

In a year or two well be sitting in front of our tv screens and watch the Grammy’s as they announce the nominees for an award. They’ll say “Troye Sivan” and then well all remember the past. Well remember green screen paint. Well laugh as we remember his love for china. We’ll remember the Spud Movies. Well squeal as we remember his first ever video. Well squirm as we remember rushing to make gifs of “the 2012 Song” and “We’re My OTP.” Well remember Troyler being born through one picture at Playlist Live. We’ll remember his beautiful song about a book that made us all cry. We’ll remember Troye signing a contract that will start his successful career, but how he wasn’t allowed to tell us until a year later. We’ll remember giving him endless support after he came out as gay. Well remember our Troyler feels starting to kick in when we watched them scroll through the tumblr tag and tattoo their arms. Well remember “The 2013 Song.” We’ll remember him starting to travel more and more with YouTubers. We’ll remember fangirling even more when he painted Tyler’s face. We’ll remember May 4th (the day all the Troyler shippers died). Well remember when he tweeted “oops” and pulled a Beyoncé. We’ll remember his sneaky Instagram videos leading up to his announcement of “TRXYE” at Vidcon. We’ll remember crashing troyesivan.com. Well remember crashing districtlines.com/troyesivan. We’ll remember getting excited when he filmed the “Happy Little Pill” music video. We’ll remember dying when he dropped the song on us two days before it was really suppose to come out. We’ll remember crying when the song went on the radio for the first time ever. We’ll remember crying when we finally watch the video. We’ll remember crying when we’re FINALLY able to listen to “TRXYE.” We’ll remember watching as celebrities begin to tweet how amazing the EP is, as he goes on his first tour, as his popularity skyrockets. We’ll remember the whole journey, all the amazing people we met, all the laughs and cries we had, all the GIFs, text posts, and screenshots. We’ll remember how we’ll never be able to look at hummus the same, how we’ll always see Beyonce as Troye, how we’ll always eat and love Nutella and chicken nuggets, how we’ll never be as big as a Troyler shipper as Shaun Mellet is, how we’ll forever call Tyler “Tilly” all because of Troye. We’ll remember it all.
And then, as we watch them announce Troye Sivan as the winner and as he walks up with his huge, innocent, childlike grin with his quiff game the strongest, we’ll be prouder than even Laurelle will be.
So I would like to just thank you guys for giving me the privilege of allowing me to go on this journey with you all and Troye. Cheers to TRXYE and all of what will come next. I love you all and I’ll see you all at his sold out concert at Madison Square garden-I’ll be the one holding up the sign that says “I love you, China.”


In the Studio: Fleet Foxes 

There are some people who are popular; they have a lot of friends, and half friends and people they only meet at parties. They might drink and they might not, they might smoke and they might not. There isn’t a special person for these “groups”. But there are those people and then there are those, who have a handful of truly good friends, just enough. Those who don’t go to parties, and who thinks alcohol taste like shit. There are those that are emotional committed to TV – series and are called nerds because of it. I am the last one. I watch far too much TV series, I follow about three, that I’m really obsessed about. Supernatural, Doctor Who and Sherlock. And I know that I’m not the only one, there are a lot of people like me. I don’t know why everyone watches these series, perhaps because it’s good entertaining, perhaps because your favorite actor/actress is in it. I cannot answer for everyone. I just know that I watch it to forget for 40 minutes about real life. To go away in to the realm of ghosts, aliens and murders and I let the TV series take me far away from real life. And it’s kind of stupid because I often feel like, compared to the TV series I watch, my life suck. I will never ride in a black 1967 chevy Impala and ride around in America and save people and hunt things. I will never travel in space and time in the TARDIS with The Doctor and see amazing things no one else will see. And I will never live on 221b Baker Street with Sherlock and John and solve amazing crimes. Because life isn’t like that, it’s normal. You live, you die. And everything in between, that’s kind of up to you, what you want to do with it. But you have to be realistic, you can’t think that a 900 year old alien will come and change your life for the better. But I still believe that it’s not all bad, because when I watch my TV series, it makes me want to do something with my life. I don’t want to become someone that works nine to five in an office. I want to travel and see the world, I want to do and see things. But it breaks my heart to know that my life will never be like my favorite TV series. It’s very often like I’m homesick for a place that doesn’t even exist.