I am crying so hard right now, and I can’t breathe and shit..

I came out to someone i know irl, she’s a Christian, and I—this. I never expected this reaction. I don’t even know what to say…

(pls excuse my crude language, i’m very rude here…and I have a bad habit of calling myself terrible things when I’m upset…)

helloimfalloutgirl you were right, she did understand…

anonymous asked:

One time, my friend asked me who the most attractive person I know was because he was looking for a date and I showed him you and he was stunned you actually existed bc you're so pretty and if that's not a concrete ass sign that you're beautiful then I don't know what is tbh

holy shit, is this true because wow holy shit?? that is one hell of a confidence-booster, my friend. wow. haha, thank you so much for sharing. you are very very kind :)