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Hello! For your request thing, I’d really love to see one of the boys (don’t mind which) sleeping on the other’s stomach. Either in the dorm or outside by the lake or something. I just think that’d be really cute, if you have a chance :)

Here you go, Albus and Scorpius enjoying an afternoon nap beside the lake! I thoroughly enjoyed painting this, thanks for requesting *v* <3  

(I hope you don’t mind me posting your ask as a photo post - adding photos directly to an ask reply downgrades the image quality;; )

does the fact that john and paul loved each other ever just.. hit you? like these were two lads from liverpool, they learned guitar together, they wrote together, they had all of these incredible experiences, they traveled, they had a totally unique and extraordinary life together, they shared that with each other. they grew as people, as friends, as lovers, competitors, muses. they turned each other on. and we know such a tiny fragment. we are privy to a tiny part. i am so happy they had each other. i am so happy they had one another.

  • friend: so what do u think of namjoon?
  • me: I love hi- *trips* *hundreds of namjoon photos pour out of jacket* lol these are mine *gathering them up while smiling* he's my baby boy *thousands of pictures of kim namjoon scatter the floor* so beautiful

This is my second Tatttoo and I’m in love with it!
It’s still a bit red and swollen, but IT’S AWESOME!!!

And I decided to call him Remus, because I love Remus Lupin and this tattoo is dedicated to him. Arrrg I’M SOO IN LOVE!!

I don’t think anyone realizes how much I love the idea of JJ/Phichit/Seung-Gil like could you I m a g i n e

JJ and Phichit being social media menaces and constantly roping Seung-Gil into cute cheesy photos and Seung-Gil pretending to hate it but he really loves it

Phichit and Seung-Gil being able to tolerate the spiciest of foods and white trash JJ trying to eat their food but he’s fucking dying “chill Jean it’s barely a spoonful you don’t need that much water Mapo Tofu isn’t that bad” “fuck you babe”

Trans guy Phichit who gets bad days and his bf’s who cuddle him and love him to death. Cis guy JJ who just doesn’t give a fuck when it comes to clothes wearing the shortest shorts and the prettiest skirts and his bf’s dying cause how can one person be this cute????? Seung-Gil who has the worst fashion sense and is surrounded by these two ethereal beings.

JJ pouting and being like “because you two are in Asia you’re closer to each other than I am to you! It’s not fair!!!” And Phichit and Seung-Gil dying because he’s adorable what the fuck

JJ and Phichit and Seung-Gil being confident in their skating and just being supportive of each other

Seung-Gil blushing and Phichit and JJ losing it

Phichit being an beautiful human that JJ and Seung-Gil fucking worship

They’re SeungRoyChuChu, that’s their ship name I have decided


Risha: This is my adopted sister, and her adopted sister, and her adopted sister’s adopted sister

Featuring Risha snapping a selfie, Vette trying to make sure Gimrizh doesn’t run away, the rare happy Gimrizh, and Yaina who came back from the dead to take this photo sorry Yaina I love you but your character has some problems 


My belly might be getting bigger but so is my butt so it’s fine

Honestly months ago if I was loosing ab definition like this I’d be freaking out and thinking I was fat and that is just crazy, I look amazing and I’m so glad my mindset has changed so I’m able to appreciate and love my body the way that I do now