I love how the entire Martin fandom is simaltaniously freaking out over his appearence today.

Like, I like to think I live a normal life and then BAM! Martin makes like. his first public appearence in what feels like forever and all of a sudden it’s like… CHRISTMAS or something!! Sooooo many new photos, I LOVE THEM ALL!

Then he has to go be his adorable self and not be able to open an envelope.

It’s been a good day, hopefully it’s a sign of more things to come :D :D

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we just finished decorating our tree and i’m happy with how it looks! decorating is always stressful for me when it shouldn’t be lol but it was fun too. we have ornaments of our pets and also of my brother and i when we were babies. my mom’s minion ornament is on the tree and i personally think it’s an abomination but i love her so i accepted it /shot


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because i miss you…

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Can you believe it? After 5 years, he is still so smitten towards the boy with blue eyes that he loved since he was 16? Unbelievable. God, sorry, I’ve been thinking about this the whole day at work, I just had to draw it while listening to the ship’s national anthem. :((

@senshibyne asked:

Hello! For your request thing, I’d really love to see one of the boys (don’t mind which) sleeping on the other’s stomach. Either in the dorm or outside by the lake or something. I just think that’d be really cute, if you have a chance :)

Here you go, Albus and Scorpius enjoying an afternoon nap beside the lake! I thoroughly enjoyed painting this, thanks for requesting *v* <3  

(I hope you don’t mind me posting your ask as a photo post - adding photos directly to an ask reply downgrades the image quality;; )


“Forgot about my new toys”


more photos of me as Holtzmann! aka the most confident i’ve ever been. god bless this costume & all the girls i ended up flustering.