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holy moley, ive never even seen mention of the edge chronicles on here without specifically going to the tag (which was very small, but it's been awhile) i really appreciate you drawing fanart for it!! im ecstatic tbh; i love those books

same!! it’s a shame more people don’t seem to know about these books because they have some of my favourite ever worldbuilding - plus the illustrations have such a look to them. a real aesthetic, you know?

and because I don’t like answering things w/o stickin’ a pic somewhere, and also b/c hot dang someone else knows about the Edge Chronicles, here’s a tiny Maris!

and thank you so much!! I can make art for any obscure fandom I want (it’s a lot of power) but it’s so, so encouraging to know that someone out there is enjoying it!


Lapidot and flowers. Very original. But you got to admit, flower crowns never get old (Overdid the length of Peri’ s left arm though.)

  • *after Shinachiku is born*
  • Sakura: I think I'm finished having children.
  • Naruto: Can we have just one more? I swear I'll do anything.
  • *second child is born*
  • Sakura: Last one.
  • Naruto: I think... it wouldn't hurt to have one more. Pleaseeee?
  • *third child*
  • Sakura: Alright, that's enough.
  • Naruto: But-
  • Sakura: I said no!
  • *fourth child is born*
  • Naruto: Well-
  • Sakura: Naruto, I swear, I wont' fall for it this time.
  • *fifth child arrives*
  • Naruto: Now I think we're set.

kastle week | day four | alternate universes | are you the one who sings?

There are rumors about the waters of Rightcap Bay. Rightcap Bay and the sharp piercing squeal of the screams, as their teeth sink into warm flesh. There are rumors about the supernatural strength that they carry in their dainty arms. Vast ships being pulled off of their bellies, to their sides, and sunk in the flash of an eye. Rumors of the magic that makes them what they are. Haunting magic. 

So, Frank doesn’t necessarily want to be here, in this tiny long boat just off shore - where the Colonel watches them impatiently, on this fucking suicide mission. Because, mark his words, that’s what this is. Battle he’s good at. Battle he can do. Put him up against a filthy maggot piece of shit pirate and he’ll gun him down without blinking an eye. One shot, one kill. Put him up against those fucking scum twaddlers and he’ll drive his sword straight through their hearts and claim their vessel for the crown, just like he’s been been taught. Just like he knows. This here, though? This here is insanity of the rich and well-to-do all boiled down into something foolish, that the Royal Navy get to die for.

I was bored and I noticed an even teenier rick in the rickstaverse?? so I drew him with babby pines stop me pls

AU: Pines twins never had friends (other than each other) before so they’re both tryin to impress babby rick as much as possible ending in a bit of a spite between each other it’s a mess