Kylux Great Gatsby AU

While living with his father in 1917, a chance encounter leads Ben Solo to begin a whirlwind courtship with a young officer by the name of Armitage. Tragically, this romance comes to an abrupt end with the unexpected death of Ben’s father and Armitage subsequently being drafted overseas.

Years later, after moving to live with his mother in New York City, a new figure emerges; a mysterious man going only by the name of “Hux”, throwing extravagant parties across the lake from Ben’s estate in an attempt to catch the attention of someone who never notices.

whenever I play online games without a voice chat dudes assume I’m a guy named ben, I think I’ve told y'all that already, but lately I’ve been leaning into it and making a sort of fun cool life for Ben to live. he’s in Colorado with his boyfriend and two cats and he’s pretty sure his bf is gonna propose on New Years but he’s not sure…….

Benedick: I bet he has your name saved to his phone with little hearts around it. I bet it says, “My Hero,” but he’s put A’s at the front of it so it’ll go to the top of his list and he’s tried to make it look like it was totally an aesthetic decision.

Hero: Oh my gosh! She’s got Ben’s number saved. Well, she’d never call anyone else “Dickface,” right? 

  • So what I’m getting here is that Bea saving Ben as “Dickface” is her way of putting hearts and A’s. 
  • Who wants to bet that his name to this very day is still saved in her phone as “Dickface” 
  • Also what d’ya think Ben saved Bea’s number as
Random Name Thought

So “The Force Awakens” has a lot of stuff going on with names. Finn doesn’t have one at all until he meets Poe, Rey has just one and doesn’t know anything about her family. Kylo Ren replaced his while trying to convince himself he can be as badass as Vader. (Good luck with that.) Poe Dameron is the only person in the younger generation with two names - even Hux and Phasma have just the one we know - and he’s also the only one who knows who he is, what he’s doing, and in general has his shit together. 

Meanwhile, Leia is still explicitly Leia Organa, no ‘Solo’ hanging off it. A lot of people assume that Ben’s original name is Solo, and yet there’s no actual evidence for that. When we meet Han, Rey asks if he’s really Han Solo, and his response is “Well, I was.”  Sooooooo…. I think what I’m trying to get here is that, if anyone took the other’s name in that marriage, it was Han. People just keep calling him Solo because that’s what he’s famous by.

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What do you think Martin has named his penis? What about Rupert? Ben?

Ahhhh! Nonnie! You’re the best!

Okay, so, Martin definitely has named his penis Captain. You can fight me on this but you will not win. 

Rupert probably just calls it cock. Like, he’s cheeky but I doubt he names his bits. 

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And Ben? Oh, let me tell you. Benny boy just giggles. He can’t contain himself. He didn’t name his penis, Sophie did. She calls it Boo just to make him laugh. 

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Things I learned while listening to The Black:
  • Ben wants Danny to Fight Him™️
  • Denis needs a fockin drink
  • I need to make sure I’m high
  • Ben hates Danny
  • Ben thinks tonight he’ll cross the line
  • Ben has become a Man™️
  • Ben has spent too many years in this House Of Pain™️
  • AA are armed with a license to Sin™️
  • Ben/Denis prayed for you to blindfold them
  • AA are the voices of this generation
  • AA came to stay
  • AA don’t run fucker, they kill motherfucker
  • You can’t fuck with AA
  • AA don’t care
  • Denis wants you to say his name

name: kathleen
age: 22
character parallels: jess day from new girl, ben wyatt from parks and rec, noah foster from scream
your favourite kind of plots: friends who become lovers when one finally confesses their love to the other, giant families who love each other, bad boy changes to good thanks to their partner
what would you like to see on the site: lots of fun jokes, characters that have depth
a gif to describe you:

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@Squad: We've already established Steven & Connie, Dipper & Wendy, and Kim & Ron. I'm gonna toss out a few other names and see if they ring a bell. Danny Fenton, Sam Manson (possibly Fenton), Tucker Foley, Ferb Flynn-Fletcher, Phineas Flynn-Fletcher, Isabella Shapiro-Garcia, Ben Tennyson, & Gwen Tennyson. Also we've talked about Dipper, but what about his sister Mabel? I know in a few realities she ends up with Pacifica, does it happen here too?

Nova; Well I think knows about the name fenton.

Connor; hmm well yeah Fenton works is one of the most well know businesses in the world. I think it’s ran by a danny and his wife sam. I can’t really remember. I think Tucker is the head of their R and D department.

Nova; Phineas and Isabella are our next door neighbors. mom knows them pretty well. Ben Tennyson? hmm i dunno, isn’t that the astronaut that was sent into space with his cousin?

Connor: *shrugs* and of course I know Mabel, i’m not sure who she’s dating though. I heard she has twin girls named Aria and Melodic. THough there’s rumors she’s been saying Pacifica, there’s also rumors that one Gideon Gleeful has invited her to some of his shows in Gravity falls. 

i bet sulu is the type to always add ‘my husband’ immediately after or before saying his husband’s name. at first his friends and the crew think it’s because he’s really excited about having gotten married but then 3 years later he’s still doing it like

sulu: yeah so, ben, my husband was telling me that he took demora to the park the other day and she saw some dogs-

sulu: im really excited to see my husband, ben, when we land i’ve missed him so much-

sulu: ben-

literally everyone he’s ever talked to ever: WE KNOW HE’S YOUR HUSBAND YOU’VE BEEN MARRIED FOR LIKE 4 YEARS


Guys I just found that Mendo was in this SBS programme called Who Do You Think You Are in 2009,which is about discovering family history.In the episode there are:

·piles of baby Mendo’s photos!!!(i’ll do more screencaps later)
·a pic from his parents wedding(he looks soooo much like his dad)
·a chance to see Mendo with his dad(and this antique cute monkey),his dad is rlly funny and I liked him immediately
·ben’s first name is actually paul????I didn’t know that

The vid is on YouTube and I dunno if you have seen it. It is a gift to fangirls, indeed.

I have a proposal to make

*sweats nervously*

Umm hi I’m here to present my ugly child.

It’s name is Tidal Lock AU. It has sith!Rey and muggle!Ben Solo.

Okay hear me out I brought diagrams (sorta)

So basically, poor dear Ben here has about as much Force sensitivity as a cactus, Uncle Luke tried teaching him but after several years he like managed to levitate a small rock for tweleve seconds after concentrating for seven hours, so everybody just gave up on him.

His occupation is Resistance supply pilot and Skywalker family disappointment.

He’s a cutiepie who’s generally quite nice unless you piss him off (in which case you’ll end up with a hole in you from one of the six or seven blasters he carries). He’s a coward, prone to panicing, running first and asking questions later. He’s pretty used to weird.

His only probably Force-related talent is that he speaks about five million languages, including the garbled, accented communitation of the Falcon, so they usually send him out with it. For some reason he can perfectly manage the ship’s spaghetti-engineered Frankenstein’d garange-boosted systems and drives her with a near unheard-of precision.

Despite his language skills, he insists on speaking a weird mix of slang and smuggler lingo that usually renders him totally incomprehensible.

Rey however is a hella strong Force user, whose terrified parents left her on Jakku to fend for herself. Who found her? Yeah you guessed right. Snoke’s been the voice in her head for as long as she could remember, training her from a distance, waiting for the right moment to get her to him to complete her training.

She’s a tough survivor with enough aggression to fill three people, wicked staff skills, and zero tolerance for bullshit.

Her darksider power is drawing energy from sunlight, to be a better figher, have better focus, more strength, more stamina, to heal quicker. She can also light small fires, glow in the dark at will, and defeat her enemies with the power of irony. Also, when her solar batteries are drained from sitting too long in the dark, she crumples and has to be brought back into the light (Hah.)

She’s angry, easy to piss off, has little patience, and an almost religious devotion to Snoke.

Ain’t they cute.

Clueless Ben is sent alone in the Falcon for a routine supply run to Jakku. Shit hits the fan when Snoke recognizes him through Rey, and decides it’s time for her to go. So Rey attempts to commandeer the Falcon, except she’s such a weird junky zombie-ship she has trouble even doing the startup sequence, which is how Ben survives the ordeal

And that is how Ben Solo ends up lying to the entire Resistance and all her family about an errand he has to run for a really nice girl, while becoming the glorified space-chaffeur and sweet-talking grunt to the decidedly not nice lunatic with a voice in her head telling her to do things. Hilarity ensues. Especially since Rey does NOT like Ben (he pisses her off), and Ben, after the initial shock, thinks Rey is pretty weird, and is being kept hostage on his own ship. Angry bickering! Uneasy companionship! Maybe sexytimes…? 

*leaves ugly child here to be judged*

some smol facts about Ben that I’ve been thinking about…I don’t know his True Age so I’ll mostly likely play him anywhere from 16 to 19 or so. I’ll probably never find out his True Age. I view him as being pansexual tbqh because despite the fact that I’m p sure he has no idea what any sexuality means…he falls in love with people regardless of anything. I just feel it in my bones. also he totally had a dog before the outbreak. named…….brad or something human like because he’s weird


OK, so come with me on this…..

When Ben held up the sign reading “Sherrinford,” it got me thinking.

What if this is Sherrinford Holmes?

In HLV, Mycroft refers to a third sibling, but does not mention a gender:   “You know what happened to the other one. “

And if the Holmes parents were willing to give Sherlock a girl’s name (like Sherlock tells John just before his exile), then perhaps they gave their daughter a boy’s name?

Don’t worry, everybody. We have until 2017 to roll this stuff around in our brains…   :-|

10 Wild Star Wars Theories (filled with spoilers)

In case you missed the title, this is filled with spoilers about Star Wars Episode VII. Thanks to those who discussed some of these with me.

1. Rey is not a Skywalker.

It is what most people expect, but I think it is too easy. (Kind of like how many thought Luke would be Kylo Ren…but he wasn’t.) I think Abrams has more depth planned. See below.

2. Ben Solo killed Rey’s father as part of becoming Kylo Ren.

Which leads into number 3…

3. Luke is standing next to Rey’s father’s grave at the end of Episode VII.

This is how I imagine it played out. As Luke was training his next generation of Jedi, he came across a man with significant gifts who was already married and had a daughter (named Rey). Luke agrees to train the man, so long as he leaves behind the family. (Jedi cannot get attached, you know.) 

Rey’s dad leaves her with her mother and heads off to train, becoming friends with Ben Solo along the way. Ben’s draw to the dark side leads him to kill Rey’s mother. Rey’s dad then flies off with Rey to Jakku to ensure her safety and anonymity. Rey’s dad confronts Kylo Ren and loses. 

Luke rescues Rey’s dad’s body and brings it with him into hiding, burying him with dignity. Sensing that Rey is coming, Luke hikes to her dad’s grave to pay his respects and tell her the story when she arrives. 

4. Finn’s backstory is insignificant.

I’ve heard a few people trying to connect Finn to Mace Windu or Lando Calrissian. Yeah. No. Jedi are known for not having attachment…so they generally don’t have kids, which means the Jedi that arise and are prevalent in Episodes I-III are born with the gift/midichlorians. Finn was taken from a random family. We will never see them. Forget it. Bigger mysteries to unravel.

5. Poe Dameron is Rey’s uncle.

Poe and Rey never appear on screen together during Episode VII. However, Rey does hear Poe’s name without reaction. It could be Rey does not know her own last name, but it’s more likely she doesn’t know her mother’s maiden name. My guess is that Poe is the younger brother of Rey’s mother. 

6. Supreme Leader Snoke is Darth Plagueis.

I’m not the only one to think this, but allow me to present my reasoning.

In Episode III, Darth Sidious explains the Sith Tragedy of Darth Plagueis. Plagueis knew how to stop people from dying and create life with midichlorians. Some have guessed it is Darth Plagueis who created/fathered Anakin from the midichlorians. Remember how Shmi Skywalker says there was no father.

Sidious tells Anakin that Plagueis taught his apprentice everything he knew, then the apprentice killed the master. Sidious remarks, “Ironic. He could save others from death, but not himself.”

Such a remark echoes a biblical quotation: “So also the chief priests, with the scribes and elders, mocked [Jesus], saying, ‘He saved others; he cannot save himself’” (Matthew 27:41-42a, ESV).    

Anakin is more like Jesus in the virgin birth category, but it makes sense that a Sith Lord who can create life with midichlorians could also resurrect life with midichlorians.

7. Darth Plagueis killed Padme.

I recently saw a post speculating that Darth Sidious had killed Padme with the force. It was a compelling argument. The droids attending to Padme as she gave birth could not detect why she was dying. Droids cannot detect the force, so that makes sense. Sidious also has a sinister grin after he tells Darth Vader about the death and Vader yells in pain and hatred.

I know Darth Sidious is a liar and he could very well be lying to Vader, but what if Sidious actually thought Vader did kill Padme with his hate (as he says). Perhaps Sidious could detect the force in the killing, perhaps not. If he could, he probably attributed it to Vader. If he could not, he probably thought it was a childbirth death, such things happen, even in a galaxy far, far away.

But what if it wasn’t Sidious, and it wasn’t Vader. What other being could do such a thing? Only Darth Plagueis. Imagine him taking the life from Padme to resurrect his own. 

Also, think about the time frame of Padme’s death. Dozens, if not hundreds of Jedi had just been killed. With all that midichlorian-infused blood being spilled, what a perfect time for a master-midichlorian-manipulator to rise from the dead. 

8. The Knights of Ren are the younglings Kylo Ren didn’t kill.

Anakin Skywalker murdered dozens of children. Kylo Ren could have had opportunity to do the same in his turn to the dark side, but I imagine he did not go through with it. While the Sith always follow the rule of two - a master and an apprentice - it’s not clear if the First Order are following the rule of two. The lack of the “darth” title to Snoke and Kylo Ren leads me to believe this is the case. 

The younglings Kylo Ren refused to kill have become his followers: the Knights of Ren. This would explain part of his fear that he is not as powerful as Darth Vader, who was able to kill when he was not.

9.  Maz Kanata is a time traveler.

We don’t seem to know who anybody is in Star Wars VII. Rey, Finn, Poe, Snoke, Lor San Tekka, and Maz all have backstories we can’t figure out. But there is one person’s backstory I know: J.J. Abrams. Guess what? He’s a sucker for time travel. Who better to be a time traveler among this group than 1000 year old Maz. Which leads me to number 10: 

10. Maz Kanata is Leia Organa.

They have a few things in common. Most importantly, they both know the force, but are not Jedi. 

One of the questions about Maz is: “How did she get Luke’s lightsaber?” Remember when Luke lost that lightsaber? It was when Vader chopped his hand off in Episode V. Who was on board the ship that picked Luke up right after that? Leia Organa. 

Maz also makes a comment about people’s eyes, saying different people have the same eyes. 

I might be beyond crazy, but I see a similarity. Not only that, but the outfit looks a bit like what General Organa wears in Episode VII. 

So there you have it, few random theories to ponder. I’ll be happy if one of them is correct. What do you think?

anyway I’ve been thinking a lot about trans guy Ben Solo 

Birth name Breha Padme Solo, after both Leia’s mothers. 

And almost as soon as he could speak he told them there’d been a mistake, he was a boy and he didn’t want that name. 

And he’d grown up the darling of the Rebels-turned-Resistance, and ESPECIALLY his parents and uncles. So he’d heard the story of the rebellion a thousand times, but every single time he listened quietly with shining eyes. 

And maybe he’d leaned up against Uncle Chewy’s soft, warm side, and been told about how Obi Wan had sacrificed himself for the sake of losing the Death Star, because Uncle Chewy was frank and honest and told him about the world as it was. And told him about the people who’d been lost so that he could come to be. 

And maybe he’d sat on Uncle Luke’s knee and been told about the man who trained him, who brought back the Jedi legacy with his uncle. And been told that that legacy would carry on with him. 

Maybe he’d waved sticks around making wooshing noises, pretending they were lightsabers. Maybe he’d grown up enamored of the Jedi legacy, of the Force that thrummed around and within him. 

So he told them, chin high and shoulders squared, that his name was Ben. And they’d kissed his chubby cheeks and told him that he could be anything and anyone that he wanted, but especially who he was on the inside. 

And Luke had held him close and told him how proud he was, how it’d taken HIM longer to realize. Luke smiled at him and told him that he was living proof that he’d be okay. 

And maybe later on he’d regretted his choice, and wished that he’d chosen Anakin. 

But he was Kylo Ren by then. So it really didn’t matter anymore. 



(because I have yet to see anything vampire related in the Kylux fandom and I am honestly surprised?)

(don’t take this too seriously)

  • Ben Solo is the 17yo emo, loner who has no real friends
  • Everyone thinks he’s weird because he’s OBSESSED with vampires and full-heartedly believes they exist
  • He does extensive research on vampires, and believes all the common tropes
  • He has been known to get into very heated arguments of anything vampire related
  • He’s part of an online chat-room for “vampires” or other emo kids like him
  • He believes vampirism was meant for him, because “no one gets him” except for his “vampire” friends online
  • He calls himself Kylo Ren because, “that’s his vampire name”
  • He wears all black, and tries not to go out in the sun so he can maintain his pale “vampire” skin
  • he tried to drink blood one time but got sick, he was very sad
  • Hux is the new-in-town, 18 year old exchange student from Europe
  • Hes very pale with striking bright orange hair
  • He’s always dressed to the highest perfection, never a hair out of place
  • People try to befriend him at first, but he gives off creepy vibes, therefore, everyone steers clear of him
  • He mostly keeps to himself, never outwardly drawing attention
  • Kylo knows from the second he sees him that Hux is a vampire
  • He’s right
  • He begins to stalk Hux, following him around and taking notes in hopes to fully understand what a vampire is
  • He keeps all of his “findings” in a journal, its pretty much blank
  • Kylo think’s he’s being sneaky
  • He’s not
  • Hux knows about the lankly, emo boy following him from the very first day
  • He makes sure to act as any other normal 18yo would
  • Kylo starts to question himself, nevertheless, keeps the investigation up
  • After a couple weeks and no suspicious activity from Hux, Kylo is very frustrated, and is about to give up, when- 
  • He is sitting in some bushes, spying on Hux through binoculars. He puts the binoculars down for one moment to rub his eyes, when he looks again, HUX IS GONE.
  • He hurries to find him, in doing so, falls right out of the bushes, onto the sidewalk
  • Hux is standing on the sidewalk, watching him
  • Kylo starts to freak out, scrambling away and reaching for the makeshift cross stake he keeps in his back pocket
  • He threatens Hux, backing against the wall
  • Hux watches bemused, then easily plucks the stake from Kylo’s hands, tossing it away
  • Kylo freaks, and figures this is where he dies
  • Hux drags Kylo up by the collar, hearing him audibly swallow
  • He questions Kylo, “Why do you keep spying on me?”
  • Kylo tries to stammer out some lie, but there is no use, he finally admits it
  • “I want to become a vampire!”
  • Hux releases his grip in surprise, Kylo drops to the ground on his knees, and begins to beg Hux to make him into a vampire
  • Hux of course says “no”
  • Kylo pleads, and pleads, almost on the brink of tears, 
  • Hux takes pity on him, and allows Kylo to befriend him
  • They become one of the hot gossip topics of the school
  • Someway, somehow, these two fall in looooovvvvvveeeee

Lilith is one of my favorite demons and I think that her different desings are interesting to compare (I included SMT, Soul Hackers and SMTIV). SMT AND SMTIV SPOILERS:


From the 8th–10th century Alphabet of Ben Sira onwards, Lilit(h) (לילית‎)becomes Adam’s first wife, who was created at the same time and from the same earth as him. She is his equal. Lilith left Adam since she didn’t want to be subservient to him (she particularly didn’t want to lie at the bottom during intercourse).
She uttered God’s name and flew away to the Red Sea and then would not return to the Garden of Eden despite Adam and the angels (Sanvi, Sansanvi und Semangelaf) asking her to return. Her new mate was the archangel Samael (angel of death and seventh heaven) who is sometimes described as good and as evil and is very often connected to Satan and the snake, henceforth the snake Lilith carries around. Asmodeus is sometimes also said to be her new mate. Later on Lilith is described as a child-eating demon similar to the Greek Lamia.

SMT’s Lilith is based on this due to the Adam and Eve/Genesis plot of SMT which is why she is after the protagonist and which is why she cooperates with Louis/Lucifer kinda mirroring her connection with Samael in legend.

Her design is based on the Lilith picture by John Collier and resembles Gozer from Ghost Busters.

There are also two possible other influences namely from the movie Blade Runner.

Lilith’s demon form resembles Zhora who carries around a snake and basically wears very little except glitter as well.

Her Yuriko form resembles Rachel from Blade Runner with a very similar dress and hairstyle. The name Yuriko means Lily which can be seen as a wordplay with her true name Lilith.

Blade Runner is a cult dystopian film from 1982 with cyberpunk themes, religious, literature themes etc. It is also known in Japan and has inspired several anime so it wouldn’t surprise me if Kaneko has seen it.

Her Rie form/Chaos Heroine form looks like an evil form of the Heroine. She uses the wish of Chaos Hero for a female partner since the Hero/Kazuya has Heroine/Yuka and Law Hero had his deceased girlfriend Yuka. She does this to get closer to the Hero via using Chaos Hero.


Pretty much the same as in SMT however Kaneko redrew her for Soul Hackers.


It’s said that in the desert, Lilith spawned a hundred of demons (I liked how SMTIV included the Lilims as The Black Samurai’s company which I see as a reference to this).

The storyline of the Black Samurai/Yuriko/Lilith is being the one who offers the fruit of knowledge. Black Samurai spreading books and words of wisdom is based on the thought of Lilith being the snake that offers the fruit of knowledge to Eve.

This is also mentioned in Lilith’s SMTIV demon description.

“Adam’s first wife in apocryphal Biblical scripture. She became a demon after leaving Eden. Adam’s wife Eve, according to popular belief, is born in Genesis 2:22. However, in Genesis 1:22, because it says God created woman there, it is believed this is Lilith. Although she is often depicted as a symbol of infidelity, she originally was a Babylonian goddess. According to one legend, she is Samael’s wife and was the one who sent the snake at Eve, and is usually depicted with snakes.”
—Shin Megami Tensei IV Compendium

This can be seen in several artworks (in Christian art the snake sometimes has feminine features)

The scene in which Yuriko is to be executed is the reverse version of the Heroine/Eve almost being executed in SMT:

Her human design isn’t that bad and I like the twist with her and Gabby/Gabriel looking the same. However I preferred the original Yuriko somehow.
As for her demon form:

Just like with the archangel design I don’t know what the guest designer was thinking about when designing this. Sure Lilith is very often connected to owls but it doesn’t look owl like at all.
Lilith is also said to derive from a class of female demons called Līlītu in Mesopotamian texts of Assyria and Babylonia. There is a story about a female demon called Lilitu living in a branch of the Huluppu Tree but after Inanna asked to fell the tree she had to flee. Sometimes Lilith in Babylonian sources is also said to be a handmaiden of Inanna.

Since SMTIV also mentions Lilith’s Babylonian origin let’s take a look at the Burney relief:
This relief is sometimes said to depict Lilith. However the SMTIV design looks nothing like this and I don’t think that this design would be the best choice for Lilith anyway considering that it is debated whether the relief is depicting Inanna/Ishtar or Lilith etc. I would have preferred a redrawing of Lilith’s original design or a reference to her being the snake who offers the fruit of knowledge in her demon form.