Taehyung As A Boyfriend (Gender Neutral)

•I wanna cry thinking about how perfect he is
•so fucking cute and cuddly and perfect
•have you seen the video of TAE and that dog from when has purple hair and is kissing the dog. Yes he is that
•hugs everywhere
•cute box smiles for centuries
•tickle fights
•so much skinship it makes people sick.
•I feel like TAE isn’t the matching couple outfit person but he would want your style to be matching?
•Like if he is wearing a ripped shirt he would want you wearing one or like if he is wearing sweats he wants you to also
•Omg imagine TAE wearing a white comfy oversized sweater and like sweat pants as you snuggle on the couch he just engulfs you in his coziness. OMG literally crying
•"I love you Jagiiiiiiiii you’re so beautifulllllllll~~~“
•he will yell that happily while you two are in other rooms
•fights aren’t a thing
•yes TAE is goofy and cute but he knows when he has to be serious
•your mother loves him so much that they have lunch without you sometimes and they talk about you
•good things of course
•you guys are super close with each other’s family
•his mom makes you feel at home immediately with a large hug when you two first meet.
•his mom is like the most beautiful human ever and you cherish her cooking skills
•He watches you and his mom and dad talk and laugh and get along and one day he just knows you’re the one
•He sometimes needs you to tell him that you love him because he may be insecure sometimes and he needs to know you love him as much as he loves you
•sticky notes on everything from you two leaving cute and motivational notes on each other’s stuff.
•You like singing with him and he loves singing near you because you praise him so much for his beautiful voice
•he is always here for you and is your biggest fan
•a shoulder to cry on, someone who will always be there to make you laugh when you’re down and will hug and kiss you till you feel better.

Sexy time
• So you know how Tae is all cute and perfect outside of bed right?
•He goes from cute to sexy in a matter of nanoseconds.
•That dark and lustful look in his eyes makes you smirk as you drag him over to you.
•too needy to split from each other long enough to go to the bedroom
•You thought “maybe we should take our clothes o-”
•oh they’re already gone
•He is using every way he can into making you feel so perfect. He will focus more on you during sex because he wants you to get as much as he does out of it
•most of the time the first climax is just a warm up
•Sex is a mixture of rough and soft
•He would whisper dirty things in your ear and occasionally tell you how much he loves you
•He would want to be as close as possible to you
•He moans more than you do
•not like you’re complaining
•He wants you to tell him when you are close so that you both can cum at the same time
•When he finishes his moan would come out broken and long.
•He would roll over beside you
• Jagi you’re so perfect
•You would get close to him, sweat not bothering you
•You would kiss him and he would stare at you with all of the love in the world

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Reid is being a grumpy shit but hey if Bear’s gonna use his height against them, he deserves their wrath XD

Waddup @starlightsupernova is yo boi Bear
he;s cute

@princeofmints / @tentacle-feast and also i think @gooey-draws-shit started a craze for the Wings AU and now everyone is doing it
Bear is a Hyacinth Macaws and Reid is a Finch

Pros of dating me: i will send you this picture everyday

Cons of dating me: youd have to date me

Snake and the Moon by shadowgirl

This is based off of a Native American legend: the snake (first snake, so it’s HUGE) falls in love with the moon, and keeps trying to find another tall hill, and then another, to see how close he can get to her. Ends up pissing off the sun and the sun breaks him into many little snakes.

The things you find on Deviantart when you’re looking for moon-related images! The legend (read it here) isn’t super heartwarming, of course (as is the wont with Native American tales :P), but this snake is surprisingly cute and oddly enough, the idea of a snake falling in love with the moon made me think of WtM!Everlark (i.e., Peeta feeling like the lowest thing in creation and daring to love the most magnificent thing in the heavens).


Huhu lookit my lil alidae I made for myself. It’s been so long since I could sit down and really focus. I think he came out pretty cute. I’m trying to get better at shading and lighting. 

Gosh I need to work on art I owe peeps now.

No. I hate you. Bring her back. You’re destroying her.

Him telling the sad part of myself to stop wrecking the girl in me who’s happy and childlike and that he loves. 

I think it was cute how he tried to cheer me up. It worked. He made me smile. He always does. 


Choose your dans! inspired by this beautiful sketch by tomska!!I really loved the video and thought I might draw some dans (ノ*゚▽゚*)

I can’t fit “cant understand human body dan” in the box so have him just wondering about the whereabouts of the penis.