Zayn’s solo album tracklist #confirmed

1. Stole My Hair

2. Where Did Zayn’s Hair Go? 

3. Hair Changes

4. No More Hair 

5. Change Your Hair 

6. Story Of My Hair

6. Don’t Forget Where Your Hair Belongs

7. Does He Know? (He Should Grow His Hair Back)

8. Little Things (as in his hair… they’re little things now…)

9. Your Hair Gave Me A Heart Attack

10. He’s Not Afraid (To Cut His Hair)

11. Your Hair Was What Makes You Beautiful 

12. More Hair Than This

13. I Wish You Would Grow Your Hair Back 

14. Tell Me A Lie (That You Didn’t Cut It All Off)


I just… remembered I did these like… more than a year ago at least? idk anymore.

I honestly never watched all of Rock and Rule but this crossed my mind to do at some point (they already look so close to people and obviously rotorscoped and it was bugging me since it looks like they just slapped the noses and ears on most of the designs haha). I def like some of the songs and animation though.

Figured I’d shared after all.


the exciting saga

fictional couples who are on a permanent last name basis

fictional couples who only ever use each other’s title or rank

fictional couples who then use each other’s first names in times of high stress or really intimate, heartwarming moments


John starts complimenting Sherlock more often because he thinks the blinky thing is cute.