Guys. I just want a minute to be proud because for the first time I figured something out on this show.
I was rewatching the season 3 finale (lodge fire) and it makes much more sense now that we know about the dollhouse.

I think A(/red coat) thought Ali died on that night before Labor Day and since they could no longer take her to their dollhouse (reasons unknown) they took Sara instead. At this point, I think the dollhouse was only for Ali but would later be for the liars too. Later, A ends up “hiring” Mona but doesn’t reveal her identity. Mona is desperate to know who she is. So I think Mona makes her an offer; she tells A that she knows Ali is alive (since she is the only one who knows and helped her fake her death) and promises to give Ali to A in exchange of finding out A’s identity. A wants the real Ali because Sara was just always a substitute.
On the phone, Mona is talking to Ali when she says “they’re all here. It’s safe for you to land.” She has tracked down Ali and given her a “safe” chance to see her friends. This is a ploy to bring Ali to the lodge. In reality, Mona has plans to hand over Ali AND the 4 liars for A’s dollhouse, which was recently finished up for the 5 guests.
But Mona’s plans go awry when Melissa/Shana/Jenna (later Melissa claims it was Wilden taking orders from someone [doesnt make sense because it couldn’t be A who told him]) start the fire and pin it on Toby (he WAS wearing the hoodie…they don’t trust him).
Notice what Mona says when she sees the fire. “Now I’ll never get to know who she is!”
A asked Mona to give her her dolls for her dollhouse, and now Mona had failed.
So, it’s at this point that A starts turning on Mona and basically drops her from the game.
AND eventually, Mona gets her ultimate punishment. SHE plays the role of Ali in the dollhouse.

Now I know this doesn’t explain who A/Charles is (I’m betting on CeCe) it DOES finally make that episode make more sense to me. Also, it solidifies that A never wanted to kill Ali. They wanted her in the dollhouse all along. But why?

Here’s what else we know. Melissa/Shana/Jenna were working together (Melissa in charge because we know J & S were scared of her) along with Nigel Wright to find out if Ali was alive & keep her from coming back. Jenna has obvious reasons to help with this and Shana would do anything for Jenna. But it’s Melissa who has the most to gain from Ali staying dead because if Ali turns up alive, police will figure out it was Bethany in that grave and the investigation could lead them to finding out “Spencer” hit her and Melissa buried her. So Mona was trying to bring Ali in on that plane but M didn’t want that. This is all (in her mind) to protect Spencer because she still thinks Spencer killed Bethany. (“I’ve been protecting you since it all started. Since BEFORE it started!”) However, M/J/S couldn’t have Caleb & Toby finding that out so they had Nigel hack the flight plans. Nigel tells Caleb & Toby that CeCe paid him to change the flight, but I think that was a lie given to him by Jenna. This also explains why Nigel was with Jenna at Wildens funeral and they made it a point to show us that. Everything Melissa, Jenna, and Shana did was to keep The girls from finding out Ali was alive and therefore bring her back. Wilden, I’m still confused about. Did he really start the fire? Whose orders was he taking? Why was he on the trains why did he and Melissa try to kill Aria?

correct me if i am wrong - but did emily say aunt carol died when ali was 10? 

Ali is now 18 (i think) so carol died 8 years ago

jason is currently 24 and if charles is 15 months older then he’d be 25

charles allegedly died at age 16 right? 

8 years ago he would have been 16/17 (depending on when his birthday was) so what if Charles killed Carol and put her in the grave - so it is a real grave and if they were to dig it up they’d find someone’s remains in there at least 

perhaps charles killed carol for her money or something

and in the meantime, he pretends to have died, assuming with help from Mrs D, and can continue life in secret

my only questions are then

1.) why wait until Ali was much older than 10 to start torturing her - unless he’s been planning this all out for at least 6 years which is scary af

2.) what does he possibly have against the other girls 

3.) every other question that we don’t know the answer to yet haha