.I was trying to convert a friend to Voltron and talking about Allura I just remember that scene

and I can’t stop myself. Go girl! You are great!

(Ps: the gif is not mine, I’d found it on google and while being a tumblr post when I try to go to the page it says “no post found”. I looked in the tag allura but nothing. If someone know who is the original source feel free to tell me so I can put a link.)


So I’ve just been looking through some of my old youtube videos (oh lord, yes I used to make videos) and I remembered my friends watching them and telling me that, despite my terrible video quality, I made it interesting. So I suddenly thought of something, though it’s a little weird, so I’d like your opinions on it: would it be interesting to see me make vlogs on writing or literature and things? Or would that just be too far from the blog. I’ll only thinking about it really because it would look great on my CAS, but let me know what you think!

(PS. I would link you to one of my decent old videos, but they are so embarrassing that I just can’t do it >_< )