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More Than Friends - Weasley Twin Imagine


Hey could you do weasley twins imagine where both of them have crush on you and both being very flirty and touchy with you for somedays till one of the other guy flirt with her due to which both of them get angry and then tell her? Ps.your master-list is awesome!

~(Y/n)’s POV~

I was enjoying my breakfast in the Great Hall like any other morning but, something disturbed my peace, even though I didn’t mind it “Hey beautiful” I felt an arm wrap around my shoulder “Um. Hi…. George?” I said awkwardly “Really? I’m Fred! I’m obviously the better looking one!” Fred said angrily “Oh, I’m sorry Fred. I didn’t know. you both look the same!” I laughed “We do not!” He exclaimed “Yes you do!” I giggled. “Hey guys!” I looked to the side of Fred to see George standing close behind him “Oh hi Fred!” I joked “Are you serious?” George said shocked. I laughed loudly and almost fell of the bench, I held my stomach it was starting to hurt “I was just joking! But, Honestly you both look the same!” I sighed retuning to my bowl of cereal.

“No we don’t!” They said angrily together as George sat next to me. Fred was on the right side of me while George was on my left side. I felt an arm wrap around my shoulder and saw that it was George, I really didn’t mind it because the twins did that all the time. Then I gasped loudly as I felt Fred’s arm wrap around my waist tightly taking me by surprise. I looked at Fred to see him smirking in his plate, what was up with them today. “Excuse me” I mumbled before standing and leaving the Great Hall quickly.

~A Few Days Later~

Okay, that’s it! Fred and George have been acting very very strange around me. They’ve been flirting with me a lot and they’ve been very touch just like yesterday George grabbed my ass during Herbology in which I had to leave the classroom because I told Professor Sprout I couldn’t breath. But today was way worst than any other day. I was sitting in the Transfiguration courtyard just watching the beauties of nature and the sunset that was gleaming over Hogwarts Ground. “Hey (Y/n)!” I looked to my left to see one of the twins standing there with a huge smile on their face “Hi Fred!” I said returning the smile “Finally! You know the difference!” He chuckled sitting next to me.

“I’ve been practicing” I bit my bottom lip. “Can you come with me?” He asked all of a sudden “Um. Where?” I asked “Just somewhere” he smirked “Okay” I said. He quickly grabbed my hand in his, locking our fingers together. He helped me off the stone bench and lead me down an empty corridor, we walked for only a few seconds before something crazy happened. I heard a “Poof” and there was white smoke surrounding me and Fred. “Fred! What’s going on?!” I screamed getting scared, I felt someone grab my hand and lead me out of the smoke.

“George? What’s going on? Where’s Fred?” I said worried still looking at the heap of smoke that was on the side of me. “Fred’s fine. Quick we have to go” George said grabbing my hand and dragging me away from the smoke “George! Where are we going?” I asked still worried about Fred and a little shaken from the smoke attack. George was going to answer my question but, didn’t because a loud voice stopped him. “George! You bloody bastard! Let go of her!” It was Fred.

“Stay here” George said before whipping out his wand from his robe pockets and making his way towards Fred. I saw that Fred did the same exact thing and had a look of pure anger on his face exactly like George. I was shocked, I had no idea what was going on. I didn’t even know what they were fighting about. “Expelliarmus!” They both said, both of their wands flew out of their hands and they were out of reach. That was way too easy. They didn’t even think twice about what to do. They both ran straight forward at each other and fell down, George was able to get up first, and punched Fred on the face really hard.

Fred flipped them over, now Fred was on top. Fred punched George brutally on the cheek making him bleed a little. “She’s mine!” Fred yelled in George’s face, but after he said those words George lost it. He pushed Fred off of him and kicked him in the stomach “No! She’s mine!”. “Stop” I whispered but they kept punching, yelling and kicking the living life out of each other. I cant believe they were fighting over me, they were both getting badly injured because of me! I finally found my voice and my courage to stop the fight myself, because if I didn’t stop it one of them would probably be dead in a few seconds.

“Stop it! Stop this instance!” I screamed pulling them both away from each other. Once I did they both looked down and crossed their arms. “What is wrong with the two of you! You’ve both been acting crazy these past few days! Tell me! What’s wrong?!” I yelled maybe a little angry myself. “I well we -” George started but Fred finished “Like you” I just sat there on the floor with them, my mouth opened widely. There was an awkward silence only for a few seconds before someone spoke up. “We want to be more than friends” Fred said quietly, I took a deep breath in. “Well you should have told me something! You guys were freaking me out these past few days Doofs!” I laughed shaking my head.

They laughed with me “Were sorry it’s just that. We were scared to tell you. what happens if you didn’t want to be our friend anymore” George said sadly “Yeah. We rather have you as a friend then nothing at all” Fred added “You guys. I would never ever leave your side. Plus I like both of you very dearly.” I smiled “Well if you do. Would you like to go to Hogsmead with us this weekend?” They both said together with a smug grin attached to their faces. “That would be lovely” I agreed.


✨"Don’t, Ginny, we’ll send you loads of owls!“ Fred yelled.
“We’ll send you a Hogwarts toilet seat!” George added “George!” Mrs. Weasley said Dangerously.✨


I know I make a lot of posts about daddies, mainly because I have a daddy, but this is for all the caregivers, and I mean literally anyone, you don’t have to fit into the image of what a mommy/daddy/caregiver/etc ‘should’ look like to be valid and loved and appreciated.

So I just want to take a minute to tell you that you are so amazing, being a genuine caregiver must be super hard work sometimes, and it’s rare to see posts to say how great you all are.

So thank you to all the caregivers for everything you do, keep it up, you’re doing amazing, and making many littles feel safe and happy and special.

Thank you *hugs and kissies*

Ps- littles, remember that every once in a while, your caregiver might need looking after too, and being reminded of how much you love and need them

anonymous asked:

I've come to realize how Diana was popular in the world. Today, as I was coming from a long day at the backyard sale, my father upon seeing me with a summery blue hat, said that I looked like "Princess Diana", which surprised as he is not into celebs/royals culture. Yet, he remembered her hats. Amazing to me and I had to tell you. Frenchie. PS: love bearded Harry spam <3 Good job to you (and the other spams are great as well).

Diana went beyond the celeb or royal world and really was an icon that transcended all countries, cultures and people

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Babe, look, I don't know what exactly it is that's bothering you about your ex. But, if it's an abusive relationship, please, for the sake of your followers, tell somebody. Get out. Just get away from your ex. But hey, I could be completely wrong. Basically, just please keep yourself happy. Because as great as your ass looks, I think your happiness is more important, okay? And if you ever need someone to talk to, just say so and I'll message you off anon :-) have a great day! Love you xx

Yeah you’re exactly right & I’ve told people but, that’s not going to help any so I really don’t want too talk about that stuff anymore.

ps just bc I’m sad doesn’t mean it’s about him all the time.