Oh hey look 53 followers, all of whom aren’t spam blogs! (I cleaned house a little.) Well, one blog is completely blank, at least three or four are probably organization-run blogs that automatically follow anybody who reblogs one or more of their posts, and a couple look like they might be actual people but they only ever reblog stuff, never do any creative tagging, and never add their own comments, so idk. One follower is a porn gif blog that may or may not be run by a person (I’m suspicious for the same reasons as the prior group), but they’re good gifs, so I’ve left it be for the moment.

The rest of y'all are either Boingo people, Batman people, Star Wars people, Hannibal people, Psych people, general-geekery fandom people, queer/trans people, people with similar politics, or the tumblrs of people I’ve met at cons and/or otherwise know IRL, and most of y'all fit into more than one of those categories.

Anyways…hi! Sorry for all the Oingo Boingo/Danny Elfman spam, non-Boingo people. I can’t promise that’s gonna change, tho; tbh it’s probably at least 85% of the reason I’m actually active on here. (Batjokes stuff is at least another 8-10% of it, and that’s probably not gonna change any time soon either, but it’s more likely to change than the Boingo thing.) Just so you know.