It's Not Like In The Movies

TITLE: It’s Not Like In The Movies


AUTHOR: winterheart17


GENRE: Comedy, Fluff, Romance

FIC SUMMARY: Tom plans a little something but as people say…things don’t quite happen like in the movies.

Rating: T

Author’s Note: Mild swearing and mentions of period.  Dedicated to sharonsas because it’s her birthday or anyone having a bad day! Please do tell me what you think :)


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Things I like in my RPs
  • Consistency–don’t write one action in an RP, then do something else in another. Don’t make it the middle of the night, and in the next reply it’s the middle of the day. Don’t have your character go to one place, only to infer it’s another setting entirely. Please don’t.
  • Capitalization/proper punctuation–I’m not exactly sure when the fad began, but people writing all lower case letters, and skipping punctuation entirely in such things as dialogue isn’t fancy or pretty. 
  • Quality over quantity–Give me something to work with in a response. It doesn’t have to be 8 paragraphs detailing the action, but do give me something more than two lines if I’ve given you twenty. Ask questions. Give the character some action. Follow-up. Keep it going.
  • An equal partnership–Let’s progress the story together. Let’s talk ooc and get this rolling. Even if we’re winging a thread, let’s keep in touch and both throw out action and dialogue to move our characters along. Don’t just leave the RP and its actions in the hands of your partner.
  • Interaction–If I’m RPing with you, that means I want our characters to do stuff. Having your character isolate themselves in a thread, doing action separate from your partner. is a no. Don’t have your muse wander around and do things elsewhere when your partners character is doing action specially targeted to give your muse a reason to interact. Alternatively, give and ye shall receive. Have your character be open to interaction and don’t close them off (i.e. constantly telling muse to leave them alone, go away, or further indication that interaction is not welcome). We’re here to bring characters together, regardless of muse personalities, dispositions, or attitudes.
  • Readable text–tiny text is very difficult for many RPers, including myself, to read. If I can’t read your response, I probably won’t reply to it.