Today I was pushing my friend in his wheelchair when suddenly the wheel got trapped in the middle of the road. I was freaking out because my noodle arms couldn’t push hard enough but outta nowhere this buff ass ex military lookin dude came running up!!! And he LIFTED THE WHEELCHAIR OUT OF THE CRACK!!!! And ran away!!!!! I was so happy and thankful I almost cried like aaaa my faith in humanity was restored 100%


i am my mom screenshots & topaz Pearl kinda confirmed what i didnt want to be confirmed. I wanted there NOT TO BE. A color coordination with diamonds. The color u are should not be the diamond ur made for. (Blue diamond shouldnt have all the blue sapphires) BUT it looks like the crewniverse are being boring and giving (yellow) topaz to YELLOW diamond and (blue) aquamarine to BLUE diamond. Its kinda cliche and expected but whatever

I really hate when movies and shows give us gay characters and make them cheat on their partners I mean like if it’s 2 men they make one of them sleep with a woman and if it’s 2 women they make one of them sleep with a man. It’s shitty for both gay ppl and bi/pan ppl. It just enforces those harmful “gay ppl are faking their homosexuality” and “bisexuals are dirty cheaters” stereotypes just….god I hate that and I hate how some ppl think that’s good representation


Bill finds Twelve’s little social cue cards and asks him about them, he explains how sometimes he needs a bit of help with stuff like that

a bit later she finds out what he did at Coal Hill 

aka create a super dangerous problem and leave four human teenagers, a very morally questionable alien slave, and a morally grey (tho good-hearted) alien prince (with a weapon of mass destruction) to deal with it


the “I’m sorry that I created a huge problem in this area and then left you, a probably not entirely qualified group of people I don’t know very well, in charge of dealing with it” card