we have a problem


the right foot in louis’s latest ig photo is bigger than the left one

but it might be a perspective problem, right? okay. then let’s fix the perspective of the ground.

the right foot is still bigger

could it still be perspective? if so, why did the elevated ground make the right foot 2 sizes bigger, but make the ankle SMALLER? 

as well as the logo?

why is the right foot bigger, when adjusting the perspective made both the ankle and the logo smaller? what is making the right foot so big while everything else is the same size?

and speaking of perspective,

the right leg is coming from a much lower angle than the left one. you can see what when you adjust the perspective to make it come from a higher angle like the left foot.

BUT it COULD mean louis’s right hip is just shifted to the side, making the right leg come at a further angle from being extended. but then WHY IS THE RIGHT FOOT MORE FORWARD THAN THE LEFT ONE?
unless the right foot is coming from a completely different body.
which might explain the contrasting conditions of the shoes. left being more wrinkly and bent at the toes, right being more smooth and flat. and notice also how the laces are tied differently.
and if all that isn’t enough to convince you that the feet are coming from two different people, maybe the different skin tones will.
left is more yellow. right is more pink.  and to prove it isn’t a brightness thing, here is the comparison of the skin tones of both legs with the right leg darkened.
if anything, it emphasized the changes even more.  and if THAT wasn’t enough. there is significantly less leg hair on what little skin we can see on the right leg.
while left leg has long thick straight hairs, the right leg has much finer, sparse leg hair that… isn’t so straight. so either louis has a longer, skinnier leg with a bigger foot, warmer skin tone and finer leg hair. or the right foot belongs to someone else. i wonder who.


best surprise ever: a happy Mark popping on the screen throwing confetti 🎉🎁

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Youre actually fucking disgusting if you think you can call straight people "toxic sludge" as if straight people as a whole are the issue, and if you do fuck you. This is coming from a gay woman. Youre not a good ally in the LGBT community if you think straight people are the problem you fucking dumbass.

straight people are toxic sludge and this fake ask proves it 

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Are there any birds that eat humans? Where can they be found, and by hat are some things I should know?

Well, not to rain on your parade, but the the first and most important thing you need to know on this subject is that there are no birds that primarily predate on humans. 

We’re very big, very heavy, are very relatively good at defending ourselves, and have a tendency to hang out in groups. Not only that, but we have the audacity to cover most of our vulnerable points with stuff, and we’ve built these extremely non-bird-friendly zones in which we like to live. How unconscionably rude of us, amirite? 

Golden eagles have been recorded taking down sika deer and other medium-sized ungulates, and African crowned eagles have been known to attack children, so there is no question that large birds of prey could kill a human. Carrion birds and scavengers would undoubtedly eat bits off of an already-dead human (sky burials are a good example), but, again, we are not the chosen prey of any extant bird species.

As for extinct birds, even early modern humans were likely preyed upon by strictly non-avian predators. There are Maori oral traditions of the Haast’s Eagle - the females of which could reach up to 15kg (compared to the largest wild birds of prey now at ~9kg) - that state that they “seized and carried off men, women, and children”. However, while they were large enough to hunt their chosen prey, the (also extinct) moa, carrying off adult humans was likely outside of their capabilities

So, tl;dr: humans are really annoying to eat. 0/10, would not recommend.

nooooo nooooooooo no. nooooo.

in ‘tin man’ when that telepathic dude tells data “i can’t read you at all, it’s like you’re not there” dATA’S FACE DROPS EVER SO SLIGHTLY.

it’s so quick and so subtle, i had to slow it down so we can see it better and nOW I WISH I HADN’T BECAUSE IT’S MAKING ME SAD

pretty sure i’m from outer space because when i was 5 years old i was running and ran right into a cement pole, hit my head, and passed out. when i woke up a few minutes later the first thing i said was “i’m from jupiter.”
the next week at school i had to draw a picture of my favorite thing and i drew a picture of an alien and a spaceship with the caption “i love aliens. the aliens are mean. they have cool spaceships. they like to shoot their lasers.”